Film Theory: Zootopia's DARK Conspiracy!

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Zootopia, has something for everyone: cute bunnies, a positive message, and CRACK COCAINE! How much do you really know about this new Disney classic? I got way more than I bargained for after comparing this story to actual historical events and outlining the real themes of race, drugs, and crime that you can see in the movie. Take a look and see how far down the rabbit hole of Zootopia really goes...
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  1. Brittany Wynn

    Brittany Wynn14 時間 前

    Your telling it wrong

  2. Zoey Rylen

    Zoey Rylen15 時間 前

    am i the only one whooo lovvves the intro as much as the intro for avatar the last airbender and friends

  3. Corinne the random Corinne

    Corinne the random Corinne23 時間 前

    How did this not get demonetized yet you have said coke like 100 times

  4. John Carcher

    John Carcher日 前

    Hold up. Doesn't the night howlers only affect predators whereas normal crack cocaine affects everyone?

  5. AK - 05JS - Mount Pleasant Village PS (1534)

    AK - 05JS - Mount Pleasant Village PS (1534)2 日 前

    u rote game theory XD

  6. Dogeymcdogeface

    Dogeymcdogeface2 日 前

    Because of the racist but I’m so glad that I’m British and only killed thousands to colonise places and used to own about half of the world until they finally became free.... oh ok Nevermind

  7. Decadunce

    Decadunce22 時間 前


  8. Jude Kilcrease

    Jude Kilcrease2 日 前

    He might as well just make a Disney movie

  9. maayan magal

    maayan magal3 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="433">7:13</a> is it what i think it is matpat

  10. juelle9179

    juelle91793 日 前

    Crack !!

  11. Rigel Badger

    Rigel Badger3 日 前

    I think you've angered a lot of furries with this video

  12. Decadunce

    Decadunce22 時間 前

    Why would he?

  13. WendigoWantNuggets

    WendigoWantNuggets3 日 前

    I came here to watch a video about zootopia. And now I’ve learned how crack is made. Huh. What a quarantine this is. :)

  14. 「PredLandStreet」

    「PredLandStreet」3 日 前

    lmao chill Bruh. Like did you really had to bring The theory *crack?* like Disney gon hate you and your gonna ruin kids childhood

  15. Decadunce

    Decadunce22 時間 前

    @「PredLandStreet」 Viruses don't work that way tho.

  16. 「PredLandStreet」

    「PredLandStreet」3 日 前

    and first. Night howlers Isnt *crack* Its a ball that contains a virus which makes People go Savage or mentally Raging Evil or Crazy, not *crack* like dont bring that up. and crack doesnt make you evil. Welllll some does but like it usually makes your Heart beats 10x more and makes you Crazy fast and Crazy. dont bring up *crack* its poison. Wait is *crack* poison? No its not. Its A fricking VIRUS V-I-R-U-S not *CRACK* MAN.

  17. WikiWiki109

    WikiWiki1093 日 前

    "predators and pray live together PEACEFULLY" _Shows Tom and Jerry, who constantly try and murder each other_

  18. AwesomePotato2

    AwesomePotato24 日 前

    OML I actually did think that the things making the animals crazy was drugs

  19. Josie And the gamers

    Josie And the gamers4 日 前

    I think there is an official war between Disney and Mat Pat.

  20. Gamer Noko

    Gamer Noko4 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="86">1:26</a>- personally, I feel like that joke was intentional, ‘cause, ya know, CrAcK cOcAiNe!!

  21. zman gamer

    zman gamer4 日 前

    The PC baby's must have cried during this movie

  22. donny

    donny4 日 前

    why exactly do you have to ruin a movie with non true facts and yes its a serious question

  23. donny

    donny3 日 前

    @Syed Mahmood Mehdi well at least you admit it and apologize i dont like matpat for the stuff he did but that was old drama we can get over

  24. donny

    donny3 日 前

    @Syed Mahmood Mehdi no no we were just clickbaited its ok dude we all fall for it once yer forgiven

  25. Syed Mahmood Mehdi

    Syed Mahmood Mehdi3 日 前

    ok well im sorry i just really like his theroies . i know maybe im over reacting and i shouldnt be the one who tells you what to watch and its my fault once again im sorry everybody has their opinion

  26. donny

    donny4 日 前

    @Syed Mahmood Mehdi do you realize how stupid you sound with that overused pathetic argument

  27. Syed Mahmood Mehdi

    Syed Mahmood Mehdi4 日 前

    hey dude if you dont like it dont watch it

  28. Enlxrd

    Enlxrd4 日 前

    Truly a movie for a whole family

  29. MojiDoesStuf54

    MojiDoesStuf544 日 前

    'I don't know what was in that sugar, but I'M FLYING!!'

  30. MojiDoesStuf54

    MojiDoesStuf544 日 前

    "Crack the case" I see what you did there

  31. Lebyam 15

    Lebyam 155 日 前

    This reminds me of Piemation's animation on Zootopia.

  32. Lebyam 15

    Lebyam 155 日 前

    I got a weed spray ad before this 🤣

  33. savagemain 8627

    savagemain 86275 日 前

    Your wrong it weed oil

  34. Patrick O'Neill

    Patrick O'Neill5 日 前

    Matpat: Crack is wack kids. Also Matpat: Goes into detail on the origins and cooking of crack

  35. The gaming fireball Never stop flaming

    The gaming fireball Never stop flaming5 日 前

    It’s crazy to me on how this vid is 4 years old yet here I am revisiting old vids *man time does fly…*

  36. WTL TV

    WTL TV5 日 前

    I thought he was going to talk about eating meat cause that confused me that's probably why it wasn't in the movie

  37. Sonia Espinoza

    Sonia Espinoza5 日 前

    What do carnivore eat

  38. Mya Davidson

    Mya Davidson5 日 前

    When I hear matpat on my brothers phone I break through the wall of my room and yell “FILM THEORY!?!?!?

  39. _ thatasianguy

    _ thatasianguy5 日 前

    "And it's up to Judy to **crack** the case......."

  40. #dantdm fan gir Cute

    #dantdm fan gir Cute5 日 前

    I know this is random but did lighting McQueen and sally get married ind cars. I know I’m wired tell meeeeeeee!!!!!😫

  41. DBZ Discussion

    DBZ Discussion6 日 前

    “Crack the case” ha

  42. Gacha Eggo

    Gacha Eggo6 日 前

    Whos watching this in 2020?

  43. Invertsz FN

    Invertsz FN5 日 前

    Na this is 2019

  44. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli6 日 前

    I learn more history in youtube than i do 7 hours at school

  45. Raymond Pajaro

    Raymond Pajaro6 日 前

    I liked the film theory music intro more.

  46. hobobaggins _

    hobobaggins _6 日 前

    The bass around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="563">9:23</a> hit hard

  47. IzDubs

    IzDubs6 日 前

    "Truly a movie for the whole family" And the weird uncle

  48. Ixl

    Ixl6 日 前

    *_”AND SO AM I”_*

  49. Anne Summers

    Anne Summers7 日 前

    Me: Disney may go dark but they don’t go that dark (or do they) Mat pat: “hey I understand your skepticism but Disney is no stranger to drug use”

  50. Anne Summers

    Anne Summers7 日 前

    “Try everything “ is the most over rated song

  51. staypeachy & peaches

    staypeachy & peaches7 日 前

    But I love zootopia I don't want it to be bad

  52. Ixl

    Ixl6 日 前

    then maybe don’t watch Mat...

  53. Spencer Guttormsen

    Spencer Guttormsen7 日 前

    *Don’t do drugs and don’t smoke, kids!*

  54. Mr Pickle

    Mr Pickle7 日 前

    >:( "Bunny"?? "Bunny"?? "Bunny on crack"? DUDE THAT THUMBNAIL IS CLICKBAIT >:(

  55. herp derp

    herp derp7 日 前

    Furries relate to zootopia.

  56. Samuel Vista

    Samuel Vista7 日 前

    When a bunny creates racism in a *kid's movie*

  57. Samuel Vista

    Samuel Vista7 日 前

    I haven't watched the video yet, but didn't someone literally make meth in a closed subway? Edit 2 minutes later: Just saw it.

  58. Gabriel Fuhr

    Gabriel Fuhr7 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="432">7:12</a> mat attacking valve

  59. Hatake Kakashi

    Hatake Kakashi7 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="158">2:38</a> does anybody know the name of the theme song he uses? Please I'm about to lose my mind... And it won't be from crack

  60. Jasmine Brooke

    Jasmine Brooke7 日 前

    Could you do a theory on any of the sims games?

  61. PigBurrDoof41

    PigBurrDoof418 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="646">10:46</a> Uhhhhh what. That is just a no. not with this topic!

  62. Jackie Eden

    Jackie Eden8 日 前

    I'm watching this in 2020 they made Disney plus

  63. Academy Music

    Academy Music8 日 前

    Actually Night Howlers are Mindicampum follysimphus

  64. RiElle Price

    RiElle Price8 日 前

    MatPat: *googles about crack* His FBI agent: Y’all got his location yet?

  65. Dereck Ni

    Dereck Ni8 日 前

    Is that a crack joke

  66. Michael Jones

    Michael Jones8 日 前

    Why does he have to bring racial discrimination into a Disney movie?

  67. not a cop

    not a cop7 日 前

    That’s what the movie is about

  68. Madison

    Madison8 日 前

    "A positive message of social acceptance." Unless you're a bird, reptile, or sea creature. . . . .

  69. Rubbish_ bag

    Rubbish_ bag8 日 前

    Matpat CEO of ruining childhoods Vice deputy of finding something dark in everything Thank you Mat

  70. TwylaAlejandra

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  71. Mazzie Dubia

    Mazzie Dubia9 日 前

    Nah fam, if matpat goes missing we're storming the government


    TheHOOVYNATOR9 日 前

    Wait so which one in the family does the crack

  73. Jamie Smith

    Jamie Smith9 日 前

    Now the bunny on crack

  74. Katra 223

    Katra 22310 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="344">5:44</a> Here is a cute pic of a sloth, aaw isn’t he cute anyways back to crack. That killed me😂🦥

  75. Jorge Espinoza

    Jorge Espinoza10 日 前

    So is this cracked history or zootopia

  76. your girl bella

    your girl bella10 日 前

    the fact. THE FACT, he told me the truth on Disney's "dark trend on kids movies" REALLY REALLY destroyed my innocent child life. now I watch horror movies :)

  77. The M crew's cure to boredom

    The M crew's cure to boredom11 日 前


  78. Edgar Santos

    Edgar Santos11 日 前

    Disney really 'still' giving interesting shows for the adult watching their movies, it's like their movies has a different taste for different mouths, children can still enjoy the sweetness of the surfaces while adults can take a whole different flavors by looking at the underlying and underneath the underneath. And here i thought everything has changed after frozen.

  79. YourFandomRandomPotado ;-;

    YourFandomRandomPotado ;-;11 日 前

    I absolutely LOVED Maleficent! Also, you should really watch the 2nd movie. It finally came out yesterday (May 15) on Disney+

  80. just a person

    just a person11 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="232">3:52</a> look at the screen sides who else though their screens were dirty

  81. LoveWolf 2101

    LoveWolf 210111 日 前

    *_Disney has left the chat_*

  82. Carlson Bench

    Carlson Bench12 日 前


  83. I dunno Haah

    I dunno Haah12 日 前

    “Pure Columbian nose candy” sounds kinda racist

  84. Digitalhunny

    Digitalhunny12 日 前

    This video is from 2016... so I'm just _not_ gonna say it. There, I've saved you. From what? Some, from eye rolling at me. Some nodding in agreement & fully understanding. Others slacked jawed that _I'd_ add some facts... about 'THAT'! While the trolls & turds of the section claim to 'not believe' & thus would _demand_ I somehow _prove_ my 'knowledge'. So, yeah... naaaah. Have a great day!

  85. phantomghost431

    phantomghost43112 日 前

    Unless your parents are African, and you’re an American citizen, you’re not African American

  86. The Gaming God

    The Gaming God13 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="342">5:42</a> Here's a CUTE picture of a sloth 😍😍😍😍😍😍aaaaaww *NOW BACK TO COCAINE* 😂😂😂

  87. Sir Bad-Ass Gaming

    Sir Bad-Ass Gaming13 日 前

    I mean... the predators (the minority) are in power (mayor is a lion)... so the connections with the 'minorities being mistreated and misjudged ' is tenuous at best, it's more about accepting EVERYONE. Regardless of status (minority or otherwise) in my (practically worthless) opinion anyway.

  88. Jessica Bingham

    Jessica Bingham13 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="348">5:48</a> no said ever

  89. Sean Luetuae

    Sean Luetuae13 日 前

    The reason behind why we love cola so much is now solved

  90. Olivia Hodge

    Olivia Hodge14 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="39">0:39</a> I love Disney movies <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="50">0:50</a> Disney movies are dark

  91. JD_Kreeper

    JD_Kreeper14 日 前

    But what about the carnivores? Is there an animal farm? Are some animals characters and others livestock?

  92. Demented Dorito Of doom

    Demented Dorito Of doom15 日 前

    Fucking Furries