FFXIV - Ultimate Beginners Guide (How to get into- and love Final Fantasy 14)

Welcome dear Warriors of Light and Darkness.
I thought 'tis time for doing a video for all those among you, who want to start into Final Fantasy XIV, but don't find the right way or motivation to get into our beloved Eorza.
Don't worry, the time and effort you spend in creating your character and progressing through the MSQ will pay out and reward you with one, if not the best Final Fantasy of all times !
I hope you like that video and with its help, be able to start into FFXIV.
Thanks for your support, your love and all the positive feedback in Shadowbringers !
0:01 Introduction & Free Trial
1:55 Character Creation & Job System
6:13 Main Scenario Quest & Leveling
9:08 Free Companies & Community
9:58 Combat System (It isn't slow forever !)
10:38 Patch 2.0 - 2.55 & Heavensward
11:50 Gear checkpoints 50/60/70
12:22 Finally Shadowbringers & some motivation
13:55 Outro (feat. Master Louisoix)
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Leveling Guides playlist:
Job Guides playlist:
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Masayoshi Soken - ARR Login Screen, Flames of Truth (FF14)
Hitoshi Sakimoto - Character Making (FF Tactics)
Masayoshi Soken - Thanalan Field Theme, Limsa Lominsa Night, Black Shroud, Warrior of Darkness Theme, Opening Theme)
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  1. alejandro ochoa

    alejandro ochoa19 時間 前

    Is it very difficult to join the raiding world???

  2. JTB Sentinel

    JTB Sentinel2 日 前

    What's with the jabs at WoW? Not a WoW fan myself, this just felt weird

  3. Minz Dazai

    Minz Dazai4 日 前

    Final Fantasy Serious

  4. Ben Aye

    Ben Aye6 日 前

    i really would love to get in to this game but dont have any friends that play is it easy to find a guild/friends

  5. SorasShadow1

    SorasShadow17 日 前

    Totally new to MMOs but about a week into the free trial I'm going to max the trial out first & wait till after FF7R to buy into it (FF7R is going to eat my soul for a while) I'm definitely having a blast with it. A bit clunky & confusing on the ps4, especially the chat features & targeting monsters in a mob, hoping I figure it out soon. Especially because people are so cool & want to chat but I just _cannot_ figure out how to get to the chat window fast enough, let alone reply in a decent time or on the right channel. I just did my first Guildleve today & someone actually gave me a commendation?? It was so cool since I felt like I'd spent the whole time just flailing uselessly & internally screaming. I've had a Mentor pop up out of nowhere, spam me with heals, hug me, & vanish, been rescued a few times (especially during Fates when I got cocky bc I'm used to single player jrpgs), stood off to the side & healed some other player on a Duty quest since they seemed to be solo & we kinda waved at each other with emotes which was a really warm & fuzzy interaction all around. I have....all of the questions still but this video has been super helpful for some key points, thank you!

  6. Jesse Golden

    Jesse Golden9 日 前

    Damn bro back off the mic I can hear your tongue moving around lol

  7. Dirk Jammer

    Dirk Jammer11 日 前

    Cutscenes in WoW are way better. Don't lie to your viewers.

  8. Desperius FFXIV

    Desperius FFXIV11 日 前

    Definitely not 😅

  9. Dylan M

    Dylan M14 日 前

    Great guide I want to give it a shot but I love pvp and I've heard it isnt so hot in ff14 :/

  10. Lord Ruler

    Lord Ruler15 日 前

    If I buy the starter’s edition on PS4 do I have to still pay for subscription

  11. SorasShadow1

    SorasShadow17 日 前

    after the 30 day free period, yes

  12. Nithroel

    Nithroel16 日 前

    If you're more of a solo player like me, and want to enjoy the story, buy a level boost for one of your jobs. Either a tank or dps. You'll be able to solo all content up to the end up heavensward and possibly some of stormblood. It makes getting through realm reborn less of a chore

  13. Arkham Creed

    Arkham Creed18 日 前

    Wait...so your starting class effects your starting location, meaning you can't both play the class you want, AND play with friends? That really sucks. That is super bad design...

  14. syncopatedglory

    syncopatedglory18 日 前

    thank you :)

  15. Just me

    Just me19 日 前

    Du bist doch safe Deutsch xD die aussprache haha

  16. Vampireknigh

    Vampireknigh20 日 前

    How do you have such vibrant colors? Is it reshade? I'd love to have that preset, my game looks really dull.

  17. Vampireknigh

    Vampireknigh19 日 前

    @Desperius FFXIV Managed to set it up, thank you for the reply!

  18. Desperius FFXIV

    Desperius FFXIV19 日 前

    It's Gshade, try to go through a preset and check/uncheck the stuff you want. Thats how I made it

  19. Kewkumber

    Kewkumber21 日 前

    Does the game offer offline features too? Or all just online ?

  20. Desperius FFXIV

    Desperius FFXIV19 日 前

    Just online

  21. deceptikhon

    deceptikhon21 日 前

    NA EU and JP no servers located in AUS/NZ. I have played on tonberry JP data center and found it unplayable at higher lvls of content, Kept dying to boss mechanics because of lag. I get excited for every ff14 expansion but sadly I cant play.

  22. FlaccidCamel

    FlaccidCamel23 日 前

    I was so into this game until the seventh astral era quests. The first 30 quests went by fast enough but by the time I got to around quest 70 and the story hadn't progressed at all I gave up. 100 glorified fetch quests. I probably spent 2 weeks working on these quests and despised every moment of it.

  23. PhillyG

    PhillyG23 日 前

    Do people still actively play this game? I would love to get into it

  24. Desperius FFXIV

    Desperius FFXIV23 日 前

    Yes, they do ! Join them 😊

  25. Jay Romeo

    Jay Romeo25 日 前

    Started last weekend and was surprised with how much time I put into the game without realizing it. My reaction time isnt as fast anymore and I find myself wanting to chill alot more so the 2.5 sec cast times are great and with dungeon mechanics its perfect so far. Still in ARR lvl44ish MSQ but level 50 with the exp buff. I get lost in the game and its great when I have those couple of days off of work to just spend the time in Eorzea. Also, majority of people are willing to be helpful in dungeons. Ran into 2 dps that just left my msq dungeon at lvl 41 but they were quuckly replaced and that has been the only occurence of such a thing. The game feels more friendly than most mmo's I feel.

  26. Kewkumber

    Kewkumber19 日 前

    Jay Romeo thank you!! I’m really thinking about it ☺️☺️

  27. Jay Romeo

    Jay Romeo20 日 前

    @Kewkumber you have to get through ARR. In the "rut" which is post ARR leading up to heavensward. I have read around that it is worth it. I picked warrior. More my type. Simple and a tank that does damage. Honestly I love the game. I can spend alot of time on it without realizing it. And the community is great. Just be sure to say you are new to a certain dungeon or trial and most of the time they will welcome you. Probably dont have to really research a dungeon til maybe the last 2 msq dungeons of ARR. But looking up the trials is good too. You should try it.

  28. Kewkumber

    Kewkumber21 日 前

    I’m thinking of getting into this game. What job did you pick? And you started with ARR right?

  29. Colin lawless

    Colin lawlessヶ月 前

    Best game ever! Was playing from day one but had to stop after two years due to so much time being sunk into it! Fully back into again now and just starting storm blood. Looking forward to the journey



    G'day mate. Thankyou so much for your videos. After 14 years of Warcraft I can't support Blizzard.. not one more day. Just a quick question regarding the free trial. Do you happen to know once you get to level 30 and decide to buy the complete package do you get to keep your character or does it make you start again? I would have thought you get to keep it but I'm so used to Activisions hold over blizzard and scumbag time played metrics to keep you on that carrot on a stick treadmill. Thanks again!


    PAPPA SMOKES24 日 前

    @Lady Devildog Thankyou very much! :)

  32. Lady Devildog

    Lady Devildog24 日 前

    You keep the same character.

  33. goldeye75

    goldeye75ヶ月 前

    The game at the first 50 levels are really slow, BUT if you take a break and do something else like crafting and exploring what else FFXIV has to offer. It's amazing. I just finished the Realm reborn after 13 days playing the game every day for 2 hours each. I have to say it's worth the payoff. The game offers so much compared to other MMO's and this MMO. I regret not picking this up earlier but better late than never!

  34. King Dd

    King Ddヶ月 前

    Im use to slow complex combat systems Monster Hunter great sword main btw

  35. Henry Bouwhuis

    Henry Bouwhuisヶ月 前

    Feel abit retarded for asking this, but as a complete newbie is it still worth buying it in 2020? I'm just abit afraid since the games i loved to play all died... 😅

  36. Ryuugu Komachi

    Ryuugu Komachi24 日 前

    @Henry Bouwhuis you only need to buy latest expac which included all the previous expac so around 16 euro + 11 euro for the montly subs. unless you want the collector edition

  37. Henry Bouwhuis

    Henry Bouwhuisヶ月 前

    @Desperius FFXIV to play it i have to buy the latest expansion ?

  38. Desperius FFXIV

    Desperius FFXIVヶ月 前

    Its is 100% worth it 😊👍

  39. Dusty

    Dustyヶ月 前

    Where's description of classes, races?

  40. Jesse Särkkinen

    Jesse Särkkinenヶ月 前

    Tarja Halonen best patron

  41. Nemo

    Nemoヶ月 前

    Not in a chance would this UwU looking game make me think about giving up WoW

  42. Ryuugu Komachi

    Ryuugu Komachi24 日 前

    i mean you not even stopped supporting blizzard even after BFA,Diablo Immortal,blitzchung, and reforged so i don't think you would stop at any point even if blizzard cut one of your limb

  43. chado1919

    chado1919ヶ月 前

    Ich werde dir Folgen (Twitch ) :))) wie konnte ich mich nicht eher für dieses Spiel Interessieren ... habe es immer als gefloppt~ abgetahn und lange Zeit nicht mehr darüber nachgedacht .... jetzt jahre später kommt bei mir einfach mal der hype lul... ..Egal kann mich jetzt dafür schön durch alle Erweiterungen zocken ^^

  44. Badone816

    Badone816ヶ月 前

    I want to try out this game but I don’t have any friends that play it. Starting a massive game like this without any help sounds like a pain

  45. BRACKKUSama z

    BRACKKUSama zヶ月 前

    @Key No got a discord?

  46. Key No

    Key Noヶ月 前

    BRACKKUSama z I just started too idk how to add people thi

  47. BRACKKUSama z

    BRACKKUSama zヶ月 前

    @Key No pc and it is crossplay

  48. Key No

    Key Noヶ月 前

    BRACKKUSama z what system? Of is it cross play

  49. BRACKKUSama z

    BRACKKUSama zヶ月 前

    I just started today. Ill game with you

  50. Kurosaki Tagami

    Kurosaki Tagamiヶ月 前

    I quit the game a year ago now I’m back and thanks for infos

  51. Joshua Wolpert

    Joshua Wolpertヶ月 前

    Was following along great till the commercials cut in, in the middle of your explanation. Now the plot is lost and so am i

  52. Lucas Hill Jr

    Lucas Hill Jrヶ月 前

    do i have to buy FFXIV and the shadowbringer or do i just have to buy shadowbringer?

  53. Tywi Liang

    Tywi Liang3 日 前

    you have to buy both (the complete edition)

  54. Vincent Huisman

    Vincent Huismanヶ月 前

    How does Kumail Nanjiani find the time to do these videos?

  55. Brandon Peters

    Brandon Petersヶ月 前

    Been debating giving this a try because I love the Final Fantasy series, but have never played an MMO, but getting into it tonight. Hopefully I'll enjoy it!

  56. Kevin Forbes

    Kevin Forbesヶ月 前

    I wish I could get my friends to get past the starting cities. They say it's "too slow" even though I tell them it gets better...time to get some new friends!

  57. Anton Repkin

    Anton Repkinヶ月 前

    THEY are too slow ;) But real talk, it requires certain amount of trust from the player, starting experience feels very dated sometimes. Without that mindset could be hard to play.

  58. Richard Showalter

    Richard Showalterヶ月 前

    Why cant I just buy the game and never have to worry about having to pay some stupid monthly subscription

  59. Richard Showalter

    Richard Showalterヶ月 前

    You cant just outright buy the game they force you to pay a monthly subscription of 20$ plus you have to buy the dlc's on top of that monthly subscription in other words your paying more money then that game is worth

  60. Ryuugu Komachi

    Ryuugu Komachi24 日 前

    eh would rather do that rather than buy that predatory "Live service" garbage like GTAV,RDR2,Anthem or Fallout 76 or That "Free2Play" shitstain i used to play like world of tank which actually require me to spent $60+ for a single tank, paid monthly if i dont want to lose credit which is $8 a month and $20 a month if i dont want to spent 3 months grinding a single line. the game truly worth everything tho

  61. Richard Showalter

    Richard Showalterヶ月 前

    This game is a scam and a half

  62. Cpt8Bit

    Cpt8Bitヶ月 前

    I'm going to start my "free trial" today. Never played any FF game in my life and I don't know what to expect, but I hope for the best. As a long time WoW (7 years) and ESO (2000+ hours) player, I'm searching for a new MMO experience (from a scratch). I just hope that isn't bad or late time to jump in the game.

  63. nexusvy

    nexusvyヶ月 前

    im almost leaving wow for this game, its just the mmo i wanted for years.

  64. Isurealyt

    Isurealytヶ月 前

    FFXIV is the most populated mmo on PS4 . Then eso . I'm bout to play today as well first time

  65. Jack Crater

    Jack Craterヶ月 前

    FFXIV is a great MMO in it's own way but the biggest thing that bothers me is justhow much the game kinda holds your hand throughout anything and lacks the risk and penalties from things such as in EQ. Yeah it's convenient you can level ANY job one char but that really takes away the true RPG element and uniqueness of your char. And the fact each class can only use ONE type of weapon. I'm not even trying to bash on FFXIV, I'm still playing it and enjoy it overall, but I'm just an MMO addict and need something to keep me occupied until Pantheon comes out.

  66. Ryuugu Komachi

    Ryuugu Komachi24 日 前

    is it tho? it create more freedom and content that vastly expanded with you having multiple job on one chara lets face it, if you only got one job for each in the you would create alt for other job which require you to do the story still for progression which wasted a lot of time. most people main 1-2 job only anyway, for me personally i played RDM and Healer but i'm playing DRK and DRG in case FC or friend need help with melee and tank. in the end, is restriction really makes it unique? don't think so it's like for the rest of your life you can only buy 1 spesific brand of coffee or booze, while on FFXIV you have freedom to try any kind of brand, you still have prefered one.

  67. Asrail

    Asrailヶ月 前

    plotline without competition in the mmo sector? 'scuse me? Spiel mal ESO :)

  68. Asrail

    Asrailヶ月 前

    @Desperius FFXIV Ach ja...die Hauptstory. Welche denn? Gibt ja 3 verschiedene. Aber ich find eh die Addons sind da alle besser. Und falls dir die Vampir Quest gefallen hat ist vielleicht die kommende Erweiterung was für dich. :)

  69. Desperius FFXIV

    Desperius FFXIVヶ月 前

    Hab ich, zumindest das Hauptspiel...Die Story hat mich leider gar nicht gepackt. Nur bei den "Vampiren" die Side-story war ganz gut gemacht

  70. The Great White Goat

    The Great White Goatヶ月 前

    I first played this when it was in beta then the release. I was part of the first wave players that made it inside bahamuts coil in 2 weeks. The memories of trying to figure out how to bring down the bosses will always bring me back to the very beginning.

  71. Hetty

    Hettyヶ月 前

    Thank you just got the game :)

  72. Joseph Pereida

    Joseph Pereidaヶ月 前

    Got it

  73. mushy

    mushyヶ月 前

    I played 1.0 & ARR and now want to come back. What do I have to buy? Every xpac or just the latest?

  74. Uncle Charisma

    Uncle Charismaヶ月 前

    Where is the guide on logging in the game?

  75. 4everzard

    4everzardヶ月 前

    In mmos I always find it hard to find a circle of friends and interact with other players, everyone always seems to busy and I don't want to interrupt them, it feels like real life in that aspect!

  76. PO box

    PO box20 日 前

    @Crysis Contained The 'MUD' text mmo era of online games was far superior. Games like Avalon were revolutionary before the owners went crazy on drugs and drove everyone away with their narcissism and greed. The new generation of text games just aren't the same. They're for grinders and coders. Which is no fun.

  77. Crysis Contained

    Crysis Containedヶ月 前

    @JazzyCup And you just described a major problem with the current MMORPG community. The ones that suck the RP aspect out of the game, break immersion and number crunch you until you no longer want to play. mmorpgs aren't competitive in an rl sense, you'll never see an esports for them so wanting to be "the best" is pointless. What are they trying to be "the best" at? What are they trying to win? but then again maybe its just me and the days of DnD type RP in mmorpgs is gone and this new type of being a conscious player that's controlling a "toon" has taken over.

  78. JazzyCup

    JazzyCupヶ月 前

    Haha same, I joined a pretty good FC on Zalera that has two RL friends in it but still feel weird, I equally feel awkward queing for a dungeon with strangers because I'm constantly worried some weirdo that's finished with ARR content is judging my DPS and hovering over the vote kick. I want the MMO atmosphere but the ability to solo group content without being a WHM or having to be 30 levels over the MSQ content when set to undersized party.

  79. Superweapons old channel

    Superweapons old channelヶ月 前

    I'm glad I'm back playing this game again after a short break been playing wow classic for a while.

  80. anacron realz

    anacron realzヶ月 前

    Why ppl still support the worst mmo ever with no end game? (only glamour) mmo without PvP is not good mmo. Also boring questing. The world is one of the worst theme park, every zone have some stupid lines with loading screen. Even wow does not have that.. you can fly everywhere with mount. Ok even if does not have that problems I still dont play it cause it haves the worst combat ever! Slow like turned based combat. Good luck to the ppl who buys it, this video like that must be banned cause of lies.

  81. Ryuugu Komachi

    Ryuugu Komachi24 日 前

    24 man Raid,Extreme,Savage, and Ultimate? There's PVP but not a lot people care about that because it's still treated as side content. The world is one worst theme park? care to elaborate? Stupid line? huh? what even the fuck you talking about? yes, because they wanted to optimized the game and avoid loss on performance. obviously WoW doesnt do that because with that dated blocky texture graphic from early 2000, you don't need to optimize shit. lmao, now that's what i called bias. like 2.5sec GCD always filled with auto and OGCD skill you totally be that guy "BooHOOo my great Great WoW now Crash and burn, there's competitor that been stealing all those who left game and i'm going to trash that game" good luck getting abused by blizzard, even after BFA,Diablo Immortal,blitzchung, and reforged. People Like you really loved by Blizzard because you'll eat their lies and dick anyday :P btw, They unlisted their ending cinematic after dissapointed a lot of their player with shit ending and did them dirty for the old gods they've been hyped for years not only that, Blatantly Ripping-off LOTR Ending LMAO!

  82. Costas C

    Costas Cヶ月 前

    4 month video by now ... but still... does it worth to play the game if one can spend limited time per day /week? I know its a huge game with a lot of content... end one more thing... I like to play casters if a chose a DPS caster of healer ... will I enjoy the game or I will need some warrior class to accompany me (outside dungeons) ?

  83. Costas C

    Costas Cヶ月 前

    @Desperius FFXIV ty ..glad to hear that....

  84. Desperius FFXIV

    Desperius FFXIVヶ月 前

    You will be perfectly fine as caster. The game is worth any penny and hour spent 😊👍

  85. Sol Morningstar

    Sol Morningstarヶ月 前

    Hey there, so Desperius and or comment section, I have not played the game for a LONG time, I think I am around where you get your first mount? but I don't remember anything... :/ I'm a DK, and though I paid for the class access, I didn't use a story skip because I wanted to do everything from scratch, experience the story and make sure I knew what I was doing as a DK tank, I really don't know where to begin though, it's like I woke up with amnesia and am lost in the woods or something T____T So if anyone could help me in any fashion (handholding lmao, video or written guide suggestions etc) I would so greatly appreciate it

  86. Razor Gunsroses

    Razor Gunsrosesヶ月 前

    if im starting now should i buy shadowbringers or should i just buy basic game to start off ?

  87. Razor Gunsroses

    Razor Gunsrosesヶ月 前

    @Desperius FFXIV ah dam already bough the starter edition on steam xD well guess since never plyed it all other expansions only affect game after lvl 50 right?

  88. Desperius FFXIV

    Desperius FFXIVヶ月 前

    Buy the complete edition, that can be bought for 20$ on some Key websites. It includes all expansion + 30 days of subscription 😊👍

  89. zach gilmore

    zach gilmoreヶ月 前

    Bruh I was abusing mordekaiser

  90. Uaint Shytho

    Uaint Shythoヶ月 前

    Looks very comfy

  91. Adam Tello

    Adam Tello2 ヶ月 前

    And I was still dressing in either bright green or bright pink robes with how bad the early gear looks for some classes. 40 HOURS INNNN!!!!!

  92. Adam Tello

    Adam Tello2 ヶ月 前

    Nobody talks about how bad the quest are in this game. 40 HOURS IN AND IM STILL DOING FETCH QUEST AFTER FETCH QUEST. "It get's better around mid game, just keep playing". FUCK THAT. 40 HOURS IN I PLAYED. That's just ridiculous.

  93. Ryuugu Komachi

    Ryuugu Komachi24 日 前

    @Adam Tello 40 hours? hmmmmmmmmmm may i see your chara profile?

  94. Adam Tello

    Adam Tello2 ヶ月 前

    @Desperius FFXIV Bro did you hear me. I'VE BEEN PLAYING FOR 40 HOURS!!

  95. Desperius FFXIV

    Desperius FFXIV2 ヶ月 前

    It will get better in Heavensward, have faith 😊

  96. SmallTownHitman

    SmallTownHitman2 ヶ月 前

    great guide I've been looking for a new game to play im going to get to get to end game before i judge.

  97. Akito NEP

    Akito NEP2 ヶ月 前

    I accidentally got the starter edition not knowing that there was a free trial (i play on ps4 so i just looked it up on playstore) so now i do not know whether i want to get any expansions or the complete game.

  98. SHEA

    SHEA2 ヶ月 前

    Thanks! I haven't played this game in awhile and I'm just getting back into it on the PS4. I'm currently leveling Lancer, wanting to be a dragoon.

  99. King D 3rd

    King D 3rd2 ヶ月 前

    i really wanted to get into this game, didn't noticed it was a subscription game and steam says i can't ask for a refund so... i started playing but i find it so hard to understand, the map in the city is so complicated i don't understand how to get to lower parts of the city, combat as a conjurer looks boring, u are just spamming 1 ability (well im only at level 8 so i hope it gets better), movement is really weird to get use to i feel like turnin around takes forever. Anyway maybe i just had a bad first impression, gonna try a diffrent class i guess. afterall i have 30 days to see if i like it or not. thx for the video.

  100. Desperius FFXIV

    Desperius FFXIV2 ヶ月 前

    Check out my other videos, you will become a White Mage later on and the combat will be a whole different expierence on higher levels 😊👍

  101. krigerry

    krigerry2 ヶ月 前

    Thanks for the video, downloading the free ver now on my ps4.. any recommended data centre/ server? Since im having no friends or guildies to play together

  102. Silverian

    Silverian17 日 前

    I think it is good to choose the nearest data centre to your own location (less lag or network delay)

  103. Nile Rodgers

    Nile Rodgers2 ヶ月 前

    damn that game looks boring. those hotbars are a real turnoff for me.

  104. Ulf Larsson

    Ulf Larsson2 ヶ月 前

    I have tried to get this game running several times.. But when Im gonna pay the subscription I get some error massage and it seems many others have the same problem. How can they not have fixed this over the years???

  105. Michael Benson

    Michael Benson2 ヶ月 前

    i had the same problem. only way it worked was thru steam

  106. Risa Gaming

    Risa Gaming2 ヶ月 前

    Really goos video and i totally agree with your tips im a returning player and this helped a lot playing after a year and decided to start fresh and remembering why i loved the game !

  107. John Salazar

    John Salazar2 ヶ月 前


  108. Uffy Mane

    Uffy Mane2 ヶ月 前

    damn good video my friend.

  109. Desperius FFXIV

    Desperius FFXIV2 ヶ月 前

    Ty 🤗

  110. StuUngar

    StuUngar2 ヶ月 前

    I haven’t played in awhile. I had all jobs maxed out at level 70. Couldnt really enjoy it though. At 50 and 60, I enjoyed learning the game from attack/healer/tank perspective. But it became too nuanced where I think you needed to main one or two jobs from each class. Red Mage and Black Mage were my two favorite damage dealers. White Mage was my favorite healer, and Warrior was my favorite tank. Fisherman was my favorite DoL job. Didn’t really have a favorite DoH job tho Culinarian was probably the one that was the most useful in terms of using what I crafted.

  111. Anthony Colon

    Anthony Colon2 ヶ月 前

    This game has so many betrayals Kinda uncomfortable if you ask me

  112. sort3k

    sort3k2 ヶ月 前


  113. Wolf

    Wolf2 ヶ月 前

    One thing I would also recommend is familiarize yourself with the history of the game if you are interested. From the struggles the game had in 1.0 to what it is now. And at one point this game was almost the end for Squaresoft. It really gives you a whole new respect for this game. Look up "The Fall and Rise of FF14" and you'll see what I mean.

  114. Wolf

    Wolfヶ月 前

    @BRACKKUSama z If you are still playing you can get the music scroll from the mogstation. It's titled Answers - Reprise.

  115. BRACKKUSama z

    BRACKKUSama zヶ月 前

    I second this. Played a few hours in 1.0 and hated it. Wish i had stayed tho, heard that rendition of answers was the best.

  116. Risa Gaming

    Risa Gaming2 ヶ月 前

    Definitely agree with this makes you appreciate the game more im a returning player and i literally cry for 1.0 for the players who fought until the end 🤗 😢🤍 the true warriors of light

  117. Hexi

    Hexi2 ヶ月 前

    Too bad the community is full of weirdos, drama queens and incompetent retards. Grouping experience is about the worst I've ever experienced in an MMO in the last 20 years I've been playing them.

  118. darv r

    darv r2 ヶ月 前

    Can I use the amazon link for the starter edition even though it is from Europe? Trying to play in NA

  119. Adorath 100

    Adorath 1002 ヶ月 前

    Final Fantasy 14 is literally the best MMORPG. You can socialize, be part of a group and do dungeons, PvP, and Raids, ect. Devs and even the publisher care about the game too and put a lot of love into it :) It's awesome! I still play WoW with my brother though, but I still enjoy it. WoW and FFXIV have all the classes I want, so really no reason to play other ones lol Oh! People are also incredibly friendly in FFXIV :)

  120. Quankun Senpai

    Quankun Senpai2 ヶ月 前

    Hey when you say relics do mean the armor or something else cause I'm scared and confused when u said dont do relics until late game but idk what relics u are talking about

  121. Rinoki

    Rinoki2 ヶ月 前

    at around lvl 50 u unlock a quest which asks you to create relic weapons, its behind a realtive annoying and lengthy questline. They do look pretty so for some its glamour but in general u just want to avoid the quest at the beginning

  122. Tzion Talks

    Tzion Talks2 ヶ月 前

    I'm an old school gamer, original FF1 player. I never got into FF 14 Online because originally it looked like absolute crap. However I am preparing now to log in for my first day of FF 14. I came here to learn. I learned a lot. Thank you

  123. Ti Malice -

    Ti Malice -2 ヶ月 前

    I got started on FF4 and like you I never got involved with FFXIV because I was not interested in mmo’s. Then I did the free trial and now I have been playing since 2015 and have nearly every job at level 80. It is incredibly addicting and a lot of fun. The references to old ff games is fun to see. The game may seem slow at low level because of limited skills but as you level up it is very fast. All in all, it’s a great game. I’m on the crystal data center, diabolos server with a similar name. If you are on there maybe we’ll run into each other. If not, I hope you enjoy the game

  124. Rawr5649

    Rawr56492 ヶ月 前

    HELP! The first hour is literally just relaying messages to NPCs. Does this get better? !?!?!? FUCk!

  125. ILostMyAccuracy

    ILostMyAccuracy2 ヶ月 前

    Rawr5649 no, for the 15 dollars you get the base game level 1-50 rise of the hurt cartel expansion, shadow of revan expansion. The knights of eternal empire and the knights of the enternal throne expansion and the latest one onslaught. Hope that makes sense. Those other games you mentioned are the single player games off of the same universe.

  126. Rawr5649

    Rawr56492 ヶ月 前

    @ILostMyAccuracy Knights of the old republic or the old republic? I'm a noob lol

  127. ILostMyAccuracy

    ILostMyAccuracy2 ヶ月 前

    Rawr5649 i can say it’s definitely not dead. I had that fear also but with its most recent expansion and the rise of the mandalorian show a lot of people playing it right now. Also they do regular patches. My advice is to pay for a month. (15 bucks) and you get all the expansions (5 of them) for free to keep. The free to play option is pretty restrictive but you easily get over 100+ hours of gameplay for that 15 bucks. Good luck 👍🏻

  128. Rawr5649

    Rawr56492 ヶ月 前

    @ILostMyAccuracy I haven't, I worried it was a dead game. It's on one of my game subs, I'll check it out!

  129. ILostMyAccuracy

    ILostMyAccuracy2 ヶ月 前

    Rawr5649 your welcome. Hope you enjoy. Just out of curiosity, have you tried playing SWTOR? Been picking that up and love the leveling it’s like a single player RPG.

  130. Tessy D.

    Tessy D.2 ヶ月 前

    i love final fantasy to with the exception of the trilogy of final fantasy 13 horrible did not even ended them they were boring and final fantasy online and a realm reborn .

  131. Quankun Senpai

    Quankun Senpai2 ヶ月 前

    Cause of you're tips I'm always 10 lvls higher than my MSQ XD I have a question I'm a going for warrior and I want to know when i should do crafting? And this there a limit to how many crafts you can have?

  132. Egle Sakalinskaite

    Egle Sakalinskaite2 ヶ月 前

    AS every job you can do on one char, the same with crafting and gathering, you can do all on your one char... that the beauty of this game... you dont need to have 100 alts to have everything unlocked...

  133. Desperius FFXIV

    Desperius FFXIV2 ヶ月 前

    I am glad to hear that, crafting actually is a separate content. You can start it whenever you like, but need to unlock specific MSQ sections.

  134. Tally Cat

    Tally Cat2 ヶ月 前

    Just noticed in the Playstation Store that the complete edition is on sale for $30 til tomorrow.. been reading reviews nonstop. Most positive, some gripes, but I think I'm going to go for it. Probably going to spend over an hour in character creation though. I'm too indecisive

  135. Aoi Akimori

    Aoi Akimori2 ヶ月 前

    You might want to include some information about navigating menus and getting from location to location. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for me as a beginner was figuring out how to use the map, the duty list, and the journal to find out where to go next, and using the MSQ indicator to find the next quest and job quest - I didn't even realize those were there until weeks into playing. Getting used to using the HUD button is also a bit awkward at first, especially on PS4 when it sometimes turns into a mouse cursor. HUD and skill placement on your hotbars is another common stumbling block for new players, so if you don't want to go too in depth into that, links would be helpful. I'm not a huge fan of W2G but their controller layout guides are quite good

  136. The Stranger76

    The Stranger762 ヶ月 前

    Really got me to play it my ps4 comes into day I’ll try the demo thanks

  137. The Stranger76

    The Stranger762 ヶ月 前

    Update I fucking love the story I’m lvl 32 i had to buy it