FFXIV - Patch 5.2 Tier List/Meta | Power Ranking for each Job in Shadowbringers

Welcome to another Tier List, where I focused on your feedback on my last Ranking, to make it clearer on the visual aspect for using the simple job icons and Scripting my text for it.
I know, as ACT is still not updated yet, the Ranking may be preliminary due to missing combat Data from Eden's Verse Savage etc.
Nonetheless, we can still draw some lines and predict some balancing standards for the Patch 5.2 period.
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  1. TMacandKobe4real

    TMacandKobe4real3 日 前

    MCH since day 1 and I ain’t changing lol 😂🤣😂

  2. Professor Oak

    Professor Oak6 日 前

    so, what you're telling me is either most of the players in the game are shit , or I'm a god MCH.

  3. Alacod19

    Alacod196 日 前

    dunno this seemed pretty biased.. basically your video says play any class and yur good as long as you practice it. the S teir is just there for your favorite class.

  4. iBeckiex

    iBeckiex8 日 前

    so almost all of them in same rank. not much of a tier list eh

  5. Crease

    Crease9 日 前

    This ain’t no power rankings dude. It’s just your opinion and a pretty disconnected opinion at that. Wack list. I like your vids but this one is dogshit.

  6. bandar Alharithi

    bandar Alharithi10 日 前

    Seriously dnc?! I play as tank most of the time and I hate when I see dnc in my party it always lack of dps and dungeon takes longer time with dnc in your party...if there a F tier I put the dancer in it with blue mage ... bard and machinist are better especially mch it always hit hard in all contents ..but that’s my opinion And I agree with Smn being S tier but I will put the ninja with smn

  7. Termi

    Termi10 日 前


  8. Lillian Jones

    Lillian Jones11 日 前

    Umm... The Dark Knights 'OH SHIT' ability isn't Living dead... Its Blackest Night... and has a recast of 15 seconds...

  9. Quirin Kanada

    Quirin Kanada13 日 前

    I just dont get why ppl think War has better mitigations than DRK the only thing they have against it is holmgang the Tank with the best mitigations is DRK it also has the potential to do more than War

  10. Quirin Kanada

    Quirin Kanada13 日 前

    This tier list is BS he said meta and Smn is not the top Meta and Mch is over Bard Do ppl know what meta means nowadays also TBN is the lowest tank buster cooldown

  11. wave no wave

    wave no wave13 日 前

    Tldr everyone's balanced around the same rank.

  12. 「JazzStationNeo」

    「JazzStationNeo」14 日 前

    From my own personal experience even in savage raids, I think MCH while lacking in group support deserves a higher position due to it's outright disgusting high output when maxed out. Even when placed up against SAM and MNK, it seems to really holds it's own with proper rotation and melded gear sets.

  13. Potato McMuffin

    Potato McMuffin14 日 前

    how is AST not S, highest rdps and hps potential. both WHM/AST and SCH/AST are very good. is this why ast keeps getting buffed.

  14. SquaredAway249

    SquaredAway24914 日 前

    Kneel before King Bahamut and his Firebird Queen.

  15. s0ulpower

    s0ulpower15 日 前

    I'm sorry this tier list is awful war bettet than DRK an GNB not true at all Dnc isnt a A tier job sorry brd is the best phy ranged an ninja isnt a b tier job an sam isnt the best melee your trolling at this point drg an nin are both why better sam brings nothing to the table get this meme ass tier list out of here

  16. Rose Lionvale

    Rose Lionvale15 日 前

    No foreshadowing where it's gonna go but.... *scales up SMN icon*


    RUBY DA CHERRY15 日 前

    Much better than Work To Game's joke of a list.

  18. Kuji

    Kuji16 日 前

    From a perspective of seeing the classes utilities i can dee why this list makes sense. but if you know a better rotation and procs and how to face your enemies and waves correctly it comes down to knowing what you're doing. You can give someone a ferarri but just because its fast doesnt make it fast. its the driver.

  19. CD Warrior

    CD Warrior16 日 前

    You know considering the buffs the dancer gives I kind of count that damage boost as part of their dps. When you think of it like that they are kind of a top tier. Nothing gives support buffs for damage quite like a dancer. And they have a 1000 potency aoe usable every 30 seconds and a 1500 potency aoe usable every two minutes. They can be pretty nasty.

  20. ArchonZach

    ArchonZach17 日 前

    Never thought I'd live to see the that summoner is on top that job felt so weak in ARR

  21. Seto Saiga

    Seto Saiga16 日 前

    Smn feels weak only bc you don't notice all that's going on. If you parse, even back in ARR, you'd realize how powerful smn really is. Those dots are not flashy, but they sure do fuck things up ^_^

  22. Overnight Siren

    Overnight Siren17 日 前

    There's no point in doing jobs as between one tier and another if you aren't using all the tiers. If one job is less than ALL the other B's, then put it in C and so on.

  23. H4WKY

    H4WKY18 日 前

    I found it funny how he put ninja in b tier because quite simply "people suck at it" lmao, i'd put it a little higher for people that actually know their rotations however.

  24. H4WKY

    H4WKY17 日 前

    @Desperius FFXIV Well I mean it's not wrong, a lot of people don't take the time to maximize rotations on ninja and perform at its peak. But that being said simply using Trick Attack brings a lot to a raid because of the increased 5% damage the target takes.

  25. Desperius FFXIV

    Desperius FFXIV18 日 前

    Yeah I have done wrong to the ninja in this video. I will correct this on my "Melee balancing" video !

  26. Looming Death

    Looming Death19 日 前

    Naw sum can have there dragon i gots me space satellite beaming down ;) oh an a robot.... naw my space satellite lol

  27. Urazz

    Urazz19 日 前

    What's the point of having different ranks if you put most of the classes in A rank. I think you also put too much emphasis on healing and dps numbers than the actual support values. Of course that means the Summoner is still going to need another nerf regardless.

  28. Alvin D

    Alvin D10 日 前

    Urazz It shows how balanced each jobs are.

  29. Valiant Chadd Zamora

    Valiant Chadd Zamora19 日 前

    That Windurst Background Music though. Lol FFXI love.

  30. Orpheus 010

    Orpheus 01019 日 前

    Dancer in A rank above ninja in B rank? I'm not too sure about that I don't understand why people think ninja is easy to mess up. It's really not that hard of a job to play. it's intervals of 60s bursts and around every other burst is a bigger burst The 5.1 changes made the job even easier/harder to mess up. There were even some ninja mains complaining that it was dumbed down. I can't help but think " hard rotation" is a moot point when deciding B tier. Especially when you neglect its bonuses like TA every minute,the highest mobility and solid dps.

  31. Kevin P

    Kevin P20 日 前

    I disliked sorry not sorry. The best tier is know your s**t tier.

  32. Iacon Dawnshire

    Iacon Dawnshire20 日 前

    I've been BRD since 1.0 and I'm staying as BRD. Fuck the meta tier list

  33. AWanderingSwordsman

    AWanderingSwordsman21 日 前

    "Rat mage"

  34. Jared Jarvis

    Jared Jarvis21 日 前

    Essentially just play whatever class u want. If u know ur class well and keep your rotations youll be useful. Like i main bard and my dps is usually top 5 even though their b tier and its fun

  35. Ruy Lopez

    Ruy Lopez21 日 前

    Can the summoner fill the screen with fiery meteors and hellfire with the potential to make you fail mechanics for LB3? No? Guess who the real SS tier job is...

  36. White Glint

    White Glint21 日 前

    Dat ffxi music tho

  37. Matthias Petersen

    Matthias Petersen21 日 前

    Ok im lvling a summoner

  38. Tyler

    Tyler22 日 前

    squeenix can't resist making smn the Mary Sue of expansions. most overloaded job by a mile... somehow they think its fair to let something have the dps of a blm (sometimes more for ZERO good reason), being nearly as mobile as a range, and having a raise in their kit too because why the hell not. Just a really dumb design choice.

  39. Visor Overwatch

    Visor Overwatch22 日 前

    Pld should be S rank. Monk Drg and BLm should be C tier.

  40. Visor Overwatch

    Visor Overwatch10 日 前

    @Symphonens Symphonics PLD has the only OShit button that doesnt suck and can heal almost as good as a healer. MNK, DRG and BLM suck because they have that dumb timer you need to watch or you'll lose those damage buffs. This is why easy jobs like SAM and RDM usually have the best DPS in casual content. No stupid positionals or standing still while casting a long spell, and no 16 second timer you need to keep an eye on.

  41. Symphonens Symphonics

    Symphonens Symphonics14 日 前

    based on what ? because you dislike/like these classes or based on the ppl playing those ? i'd love to hear your opinion on that ranking

  42. Darkie Poo

    Darkie Poo23 日 前

    You seem to have a generic opinion about tanks being equal to each other at Tier A. Allow me to say otherwise. DRK was not close to GNB's DPS last tier, nor will it be this tier. PLD is close at #2. DRK is noticeably below PLD, at 3rd in DPS rankings out of the tanks, slightly beating out warrior. DRK with equal gear and skill to a GNB will always lose by at least 300 rdps. This is based on all the parses uploaded for E1s-E4s. In fights like Shiva, 300 dps is going to matter a lot. And if you have several people playing low-tier jobs, not knowing how to get uptime, not doing good rotations, and making mistakes, you're going to struggle making the DPS on any fight. Let's talk about why DRK and WAR are both closer to B tier, but at their best potential, can only make A tier. WAR and DRK have similar DPS due to their burst damage happening every 90 seconds. DRK has higher dmg potential due to being able to use DHIT meld. I would also say DRK's rotation is the most difficult to do correctly, therefore you're most likely to not get above 70-80% of its damage potential unless you play it very competently. You pick DRK because 1. you enjoy its slightly more difficult rotation, 2. you like shielding yourself every 15 seconds, and/or 3. you listen to Linkin Park during raid. Personally, I would rank GNB + PLD as S Tier for a skilled player, A Tier otherwise. The longer cooldown on your invuln doesn't mean jack. But the extra damage they bring, and having the two easier rotations to do that damage, make them more valuable than DRK and WAR. Ultimately, doing the most DPS you can (this means #1 rule: not dying) is the best tool for helping your static, or any pug group, to successfully clear. If that means you have to play a low-tier low-dps job because it's the only one you can stay alive on, then of course play that class. You can always rely on people with high DPS to clear a fight if you simply stay alive. Also, it's weird that you seem to rank ranged physical low on the tier (apparently because they do less damage than mages and melee). Ranged phys deserve to be S tier, along with SCH/AST, simply because there is a severe shortage of them. Nowadays you'll look through the PF and see that every group has a WHM, 2 melee, 2 tanks, and are perpetually waiting to fill. They can't even go into a fight. So just playing a job in short supply means a lot for the community.

  43. Vanhline

    Vanhline23 日 前

    Lost me at ninja

  44. Aiko Sachi

    Aiko Sachi24 日 前

    Straight up windurst music. Brilliant

  45. Omega TheRedeemer

    Omega TheRedeemer24 日 前

    I gotta disagree with SAM being so high tier. Especially over Ninja. Just like you said a masterful monk outclasses a Sam, a masterful ninja deserves a spot over SAM. I don't disagree anywhere else. A Sam is just a lazy Monk if we're being totally honest.

  46. Ikari1212

    Ikari121224 日 前

    Ah wait. I can start leveling an Astrologian? I have been told by multiple people I should choose a different healer class. But that sounds very promising!

  47. Ikari1212

    Ikari121216 日 前

    @Zoreyna I actually went with SCH because of the possibility to still go SMN if I didnt like it. I am loving it so far. I am glad I switched from DPS to heal. Queue times are godlike and the gameplay is super fun. :d Babysitting people is really well done in this game!

  48. Zoreyna

    Zoreyna17 日 前

    You could, as He Said the synergy ist better If sch and whm are healing together but Ast ist no longer the non-loved stepson of the Game which Tries to be sch and whm at Same time and sucks at this :) Also the DMG buff from the cards is a nice Support

  49. Aiscold93

    Aiscold9324 日 前

    I chose to be loldragoon, it is my unique class

  50. John Evans

    John Evans24 日 前

    ninja for life. that job is just too much fun. the difficult rotation and high skill speed is exhilarating

  51. Sagen 06

    Sagen 0624 日 前

    Ill like just because Smn was S ranked. Rise up Summoners!

  52. Lay Vex

    Lay Vex25 日 前

    I first thought it was a serious tier list but 😂

  53. Laryl Lassie

    Laryl Lassie25 日 前

    MCH sure is alot of fun to be lowest on your list.

  54. SgtDahaka

    SgtDahaka25 日 前

    BLU is the only SS tier.

  55. Iskariot94

    Iskariot9426 日 前

    As a Monk Main, this pleases me

  56. Ancar Willis

    Ancar Willis26 日 前

    Oh... your so bias towards Summoner and I mean like every video. They are too slow!!! Sure over time your dots can come close to rivaling my Black Mage but on general content the mobs are dead long before you hit Dreadwyrm Trance or whatever. By that point I’ve already Triplecast Fire4 and I’m just waiting on my Polygots while I throw some Flares or whatever and as for the Resection ability, well you don’t need to cast Raise if the boss is already dead.

  57. mru

    mru26 日 前

    Really, ninja, does a great deal dmg. Some people are hitting 140k dmg

  58. Adrian Garcia

    Adrian Garcia26 日 前

    Try to put a limit, like 3 per teir, feels like everyone is A class

  59. WholeWheat Rotini

    WholeWheat Rotini22 日 前

    That’s not how tier lists work, besides, most everyone hovering in A rank is a sign of good health for the game

  60. Boeuf Parmesan

    Boeuf Parmesan26 日 前

    What I love about this tier list as a main ninja is that people are so wired to follow tier list now that it scratch my little web snowflake urge. Not gonna lie, making mistake on your rotation really hurt, but it feel freaking good when you do it right. And honestly, you can adapt and recover quite well. You do need practice though.

  61. smellygoat

    smellygoat26 日 前

    Idk with everything on this list, at least some of the reasoning seems to be flawed and good points of certain jobs seem to be ignored. I get that there are so many jobs that you can't understand the nuances of each and have to rely on the opinion of other people for a lot of information but I think it does show how that all the Shadowbringers changes kind of put most of the jobs on an equal level to previous expansions even though it ended up making the roles feel more bland one tone tonies compared to the way you could have fun switching skills around and have fun trying out different playstyles for each role for different circumstances.

  62. channelofstuff

    channelofstuff27 日 前

    PLD is S rank, you can survive along time with out a healer.

  63. Xyou

    Xyou23 日 前

    Doesn't make it a particularly better job though. You shouldn't not have a healer. And while you're healing yourself you're not doing anything else. It's a good job for progress and "oh shit" situations, but if we're keen on making a tier list (which doesn't make much sense imo anyways but what can I say to JPgo algorithm) this should not be taken into consideration, jobs must be ranked based on a situation where each of them is performing the way they can perform most optimally (aka your healers are alive and so PLD's heal doesn't matter)

  64. Matt

    Matt27 日 前

    It makes sense that summoner is the most powerful, because it’s the most boring class to play.

  65. Boring Factor

    Boring Factor23 日 前

    Have you played rdm? Dont think you have.

  66. xxMcHatinxx

    xxMcHatinxx27 日 前

    such an opinionated tier list tbh...

  67. AirlineCusine

    AirlineCusine27 日 前

    I main machinist and this is probably right but i think its also situational, depending on the battle machinist can keep a higher damage consistency than some melee dps because of not needing to be in melee range so you can dodge+ attack, from a base level standpoint though i have to agree machinist needs more love ;-;

  68. SINcereSong

    SINcereSong28 日 前

    Bruh what weed did you smoke while making this because it gave me a whiplash.

  69. Samael Merihem

    Samael Merihem28 日 前

    Nerf Dragoon, buff everyone else.

  70. Dustin Johnson

    Dustin Johnson27 日 前

    Why nerf dragoon?

  71. terrell faison

    terrell faison28 日 前

    Nin not keeping up time heresy!!!!! Macro the jump to and get your uptime back. No reason not to use it since we have 2 charges and you get it back after ever raiton

  72. Orpheus 010

    Orpheus 01019 日 前

    I prefer manual over macro. It's quicker and more precises. To me the use of shukuchi separates good ninja with great ninja.its a powerful mobility tool that really adds value to playing the job imo

  73. Derpiocy

    Derpiocy29 日 前

    Was not expecting the first few seconds to pull hard on my nostalgia strings

  74. DerpSnake

    DerpSnake29 日 前

    Spot the SMN Main.

  75. Hyperion

    Hyperion29 日 前

    That song almost made me cry from nostalgia!!

  76. Serude

    Serude29 日 前

    Great vid and your English is getting really good!

  77. Justin Cary

    Justin Cary29 日 前

    Rocking the Windhurst BGM hell yes!

  78. Bark

    Bark29 日 前

    Ok so could you make a tier list/Meta list without ACT or FFLogs updated yet? Seems unreasonable.

  79. Joseph Angueira

    Joseph Angueira29 日 前

    As a DRK I can tell you that it should be higher in the tier list. Why? TBN. "I'm sorry was that a tank buster? I thought it was an auto" *laughs in Blackest Night*

  80. Gypsy Squid

    Gypsy Squidヶ月 前

    I think it's unfair to dock MCH for being "a ranged support without support". MCH's strength is in its consistent damage output. Also, fuck SMN. Yeah, it is strong, but it's a fucking disjointed mess of a Job class with multiple personality disorder and an overloaded kit, also its heal is worthless for utility. edit: I misunderstood, my bad. Yeah, MCH doesn't put out the raw damage right now to justify its lack of utility. Maybe they'll buff its damage someday.

  81. assblaster

    assblasterヶ月 前

    if you think whm is anywhere near as good as ast ur str8 trash at math and the game. or is this an expert roulette tier list

  82. WrittenInShadow

    WrittenInShadowヶ月 前

    BLU OP OP.

  83. Jake Busseno

    Jake Bussenoヶ月 前

    MCH gang rise up

  84. Tory Argenzia

    Tory Argenziaヶ月 前

    The FFXI music! The nostalgia!

  85. Yara M

    Yara Mヶ月 前

    Has anyone else experienced differences with macros in battle? My main is whm so I have a swiftcast raise macro, without the wait command so I only need to spam it till it works, but the last couple of weeks I've wasted so many swiftraises when I'm sure it has worked, only to see the player is still dead and swiftcast is on cd. My bf has also taken the textcommand of his holmgang macro this week because of it activating too late I've been frustrated about this so many times, everytime I think I've raised someone and see no raise icon behind their name 😢

  86. epimeral

    epimeral29 日 前

    Macros don't queue in ffxiv, unfortunately. Since you can queue everything else but pots and sprint, you're probably used to it and pressing your macro'd stuff before the game thinks it legals, which causes the delay (and cancels + restarts the macro every time you spam it to boot).

  87. Albert Zhou

    Albert Zhouヶ月 前

    Ninja is bad because people suck at rotations .. Then dont suck at your rotation lol. But I'd admit I've gotten bunnies a couple times mid raid.

  88. Jared Randall

    Jared Randallヶ月 前

    I feel like Ninja deserves at least a low A. It seemed like your main criteria for lowering its ranking is because of the Ninja-esque tendency to screw up your abilities and rotation; a problem which any class is capable of. Ninja, when properly played and timed, has absolutely next level greed potential, fantastic adjustment potential and (with all cooldowns) the best burst in the game. Did Ruby Weapon earlier today with food, flask, DNC AST contributing to damage. Did 42k dps in the height of burst, 154k crit Honsho.

  89. Orpheus 010

    Orpheus 01019 日 前

    Tbh, ninja is not a hard job at all. Especially with 5.1 changes. I have no idea what he was talking about. Yeah hyosho hits super hard. I've only done 118k so far. I'm Ilvl 475 tho

  90. van treyu

    van treyuヶ月 前

    You are such a pussy for making a safe " be careful offending people" tier list, dont make a tier list if you are to much of a bitch to actually put them in tiers just make a fucking graph dont even bother with the fucking letters...dont fallow this shit guide for fuck sake the fucking dude put a class higher then another litteraly based on how many people fking play it, you have no idea how "power lists" work

  91. Dragonite955

    Dragonite955ヶ月 前

    Mch ranked as lowest, smn ranked as highest.... hmm

  92. Bruno Negri

    Bruno Negriヶ月 前

    The best tier is “know what you’re doing” Tier.

  93. TMacandKobe4real

    TMacandKobe4real3 日 前

    I agree 1000% with u....as long as u kno your shit your good

  94. thunderborn 32

    thunderborn 3216 日 前

    people can preach that but at the end of the day if your in a raiding guild everyone knows what their doing so its the numbers that matter

  95. Ishiru Taekakura

    Ishiru Taekakuraヶ月 前

    Personally they should've just buffed nin and that's it, cause whatever they did ruined the balance, smn shouldn't be stronger than a blm or sam, it's strictly a support class if anything, same with rdm. blm should always be top dps with sam just below it, followed by mch

  96. BoshinTV

    BoshinTVヶ月 前

    Black mage is so boring

  97. jamey robinson

    jamey robinsonヶ月 前

    Machinist/Ninja guy here...Ughhh...

  98. Desperius FFXIV

    Desperius FFXIVヶ月 前

    The recent statistics look very nice for MCH and NIN, I seem to have miscalculated their value 🤦‍♂️