Ferdinand - Trailer { Movie Clips } 2017 : Cow lovely, gentle, Clumsy and love flowers (HD)


  1. Kendyl Bigelow

    Kendyl Bigelow25 日 前

    Notice how Valiente's father has light hair on top of his head and Valiente has dark brown hair on his head? He probably gets that from his mother .

  2. Bing Defeo

    Bing Defeo4 ヶ月 前

    But.......where's........franken-bull "AKA" maquina



    He didn't come shortly after Ferdinand left him and Angus and maybe Lupe

  4. Flor Gamboa

    Flor Gamboa4 ヶ月 前

    I think the orange bull is bones dad and the grey one is guapos dad

  5. Aldo Uriel

    Aldo Uriel6 ヶ月 前

    2:25 Who Asked You

  6. Taku Champa

    Taku Champa7 ヶ月 前

    Sorry movie

  7. Taku Champa

    Taku Champa7 ヶ月 前

    I have already seen this movir

  8. Huginn Hjartarson

    Huginn Hjartarson8 ヶ月 前

    Young ferd and val are more like Bambi and Ronno

  9. Young Asriel Fan Club

    Young Asriel Fan Club年 前

    i love young bones hes just so cute!

  10. Holly Van Hart

    Holly Van Hart年 前

    💜 Great video! 💘 👍🏼 ✨

  11. calvinuser 01

    calvinuser 01年 前

    I like ferdland

  12. Arbadus

    Arbadus年 前

    I loved this movie

  13. Figo_Sara

    Figo_Sara年 前

    I like guapo

  14. Tifany de oliveira

    Tifany de oliveira年 前

    Não sei es a língua 😖😖

  15. Malia Clary

    Malia Clary年 前

    You cliped every good spot idiot i haet you

  16. Emmy Sebaly

    Emmy Sebaly年 前

    Sooooo enjoyed dance battle!!Just gorgeous!!

  17. aseel naseer

    aseel naseer年 前

    Baby Frdienand is soooooo cute and i think he grow up to be soooooo sweet just like his father 😍😭

  18. Juan sebastian Tibaduiza garcia

    Juan sebastian Tibaduiza garcia年 前

    Guegos demostros

  19. Maisie Angell

    Maisie Angell年 前

    Valiente looks like Ronno

  20. Graziele Guimarães

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  21. Gloria Machado

    Gloria Machado年 前

    Videos de pepapig completes

  22. Sade Sude Aydogan

    Sade Sude Aydogan年 前

    Çok gözel

  23. Movie Clip Trailer

    Movie Clip Trailer年 前

    Thank you

  24. Francisca Hernandez

    Francisca Hernandez年 前

    Zgd 8

  25. Cinthia Santos

    Cinthia Santos年 前

    Ok 😙😍😇😢

  26. Errizo

    Errizo年 前

    I ship Ferdanand and Valiente...

  27. random content

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  28. iogurte gustare Bezerra

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  29. 賴妙杏

    賴妙杏年 前

    ooo like

  30. Luxii Lizardi

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  31. Tiziana Funes

    Tiziana Funes年 前

    es muy bella

  32. Fernanda Lopez

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  34. Duško Čičakovski

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  35. Lily

    Lily年 前

    Ferdinand Never Said He Wanted To Be Picked or to fight

  36. Mees Jotie

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  37. Jazmin Zimerman

    Jazmin Zimerman年 前

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  38. Sonia Mendoza

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  40. Korna Borna

    Korna Borna年 前

    Ferdinand in polish is Fernando

  41. cristian p

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  42. Wiktoria Gałązka

    Wiktoria Gałązka年 前

    super bajka

  43. Alexis

    Alexis年 前

    I feel so bad for Ferdinand and the fastest bull the red hair one. I rlly hated valiente he so rude but later in the movie I liked him.



    @Peter Mez cause Valiente change his attitude in the end and realized after he lost his horn is when he realized and changed and became good friends with Ferdinand after that.

  45. Peter Mez

    Peter Mez10 ヶ月 前


  46. Fairy Tail

    Fairy Tail年 前

    Anybody else gettin bambi vibes?