Expert Jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Inventory | GQ

Jason Arasheben, the CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills, is the jeweler to some of the biggest stars out there. Join him as he shows off some of the jewels of his collection (no pun intended), from his one-of-a-kind $5M (that's right) 30 karat diamond that will soon be placed in a men's pinky ring to the championship rings he designed for the 2017 and 2018 Golden State Warriors.
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Expert Jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Inventory | GQ


  1. AngelousSpike

    AngelousSpike7 時間 前

    it is official, rich people are morons

  2. marvin

    marvin9 時間 前

    what tack

  3. Amine Arsenal

    Amine Arsenal17 時間 前

    Song name

  4. Raimond Ainsar

    Raimond Ainsar18 時間 前

    Low moral shallow people flashing off blood diamonds. Not my people

  5. James McGahey

    James McGahey19 時間 前

    Its the valley when he isnt getting shot up

  6. EMonDaNexxus

    EMonDaNexxus19 時間 前

    I wonder how many people died to get those worthless shiny rocks he's collected in inhumane working conditions for what was basically pennies. Any one can check with just a little bit a google-fu that diamonds aren't exactly rare and that their price is made up by remorseless capitalists who price fix and price gouge for these shiny rocks. Add to that a societal pressure to enter into a gender normative relationship and to profess one's love through the gifting of these worthless rocks or else be shamed as worthless yourself and you've got a very lucrative business in manipulating emotions and slave labor. I guess humans just really like shiny rocks, huh? Do you think this guys f**ks the diamonds when no one's looking? I bet he does, so enjoy your worthless shiny c*m rocks, folks, I'm still under quarantine so I'll be testing out the new bad dragons I got in the mail. 8==============================D

  7. J345NY LeBlanc, SINNER

    J345NY LeBlanc, SINNER日 前

    I have I have a very serious question if Jesus died in electric chair would we all be wearing blinged-out electric chair Jesus around their neck??? Hmmm. Hmu on ig @J3REMY_1989

  8. Proud Gemini 1992

    Proud Gemini 1992日 前

    Replacing Jesus head with yours? I think that deserves death penalty!

  9. Sadia Rahman

    Sadia Rahman日 前

    He's such a nerd for his craft and it's amazing. I want that someday

  10. stever macsoucher

    stever macsoucher日 前

    i only want blood diamonds is that still a possibility or are diamonds woke now

  11. Spark 515

    Spark 515日 前

    He makes the diamonds feel like millions Johnny Dang makes his diamonds seem like retards lol

  12. Jeannette Stewart

    Jeannette Stewart日 前

    6 Million on a Pinkey Ring?!?!? That's just stupid. You could help so many people with that money.

  13. responsedude1

    responsedude12 日 前

    diamond traders are mafia

  14. MFS 33

    MFS 332 日 前

    I’m scared for this guy if he gets jumped

  15. Dajuan A.P.

    Dajuan A.P.2 日 前

    All i can think about is how this guy is really good at selling rocks

  16. YouTube's #1 Commenter

    YouTube's #1 Commenter2 日 前

    A needle though why would u buy an iced out syringe i think that terrible n making something so ugly n dark n trying to make beautiful i get it but its tasteless n i bet it was created during the time lil pump was popular n made his dumb chain u r trying to make money of something so evil i think u should dismantle it recycle the gold n make something amazing

  17. Liping Lin

    Liping Lin3 日 前

    I bet out he is going to have so many liqudity problem.

  18. Bog boy

    Bog boy3 日 前

    Anyone else weirded out by the syringe one?

  19. Luchi P

    Luchi P3 日 前

    the royal family had to be dubai

  20. SK0R

    SK0R3 日 前

    if you wear a full white diamond cross and chain on your neck, as a "religious person". you're a joke and you should really be ashamed of yourself.

  21. Brian Medeiros

    Brian Medeiros3 日 前

    I hope these people get Covid

  22. Hi There

    Hi There3 日 前

    I couldn't watch because of how bad the camera angles were Jesus I just wanna see the jewelry

  23. guy Location

    guy Location3 日 前

    Lets see how much this BS is worth right now - - - > 0$

  24. Mateusz Wojcik

    Mateusz Wojcik4 日 前

    i just love his vibe tho.

  25. rodi nunez

    rodi nunez4 日 前

    Imagine stepping on those legos

  26. wavy ishraq

    wavy ishraq4 日 前

    jason of beverly hill is king of the jewelry world

  27. fishbowl

    fishbowl4 日 前

    That's a solid steam inventory my guy

  28. Bucket of Gondor

    Bucket of Gondor4 日 前

    makes a gold lock, the lock gets stolen, Surprised Pikachu face

  29. Bradley Pope

    Bradley Pope4 日 前

    He’s definitely one of the nicest sounding jewellers for sure. Doesn’t sound snobby or anything. Amazing collection but Peter Marcos collection is the best in the world I think. Like his diamond collection is just unmatched 🤷🏼‍♂️💎💸

  30. sutats

    sutats5 日 前

    So was that actually Drake's watch?

  31. Nguyễn Đình Khải

    Nguyễn Đình Khải5 日 前

    he looks like an actor who play jeweler in movies

  32. brett holland

    brett holland5 日 前

    What a dbag

  33. Christian Formoso

    Christian Formoso5 日 前

    i like he´s confident

  34. skimask slumpcat

    skimask slumpcat5 日 前

    I thought he was gonna ice out a fidget spinner

  35. Christy Moore

    Christy Moore5 日 前

    A royal member asked for a 5,000,000 ring. That’s where taxpayer’s money is going. Ridiculous.

  36. Rico Garas

    Rico Garas5 日 前

    Sees lock* LPL: “hey there this is the LockPickingLawyer”

  37. Scorge 412

    Scorge 4125 日 前

    im surprised Demi Lovato didn't buy the syringe necklace 💀💀💀

  38. Void

    Void6 日 前

    Gotta love a guy who loves his job and his craft. Guy is happy, what more can you ask for ;D

  39. Medina Gutic

    Medina Gutic6 日 前

    id be scared that ppl would cut my hand off with a ring that expensive

  40. elliott deiters

    elliott deiters6 日 前

    look at all that nice diamond jewelry

  41. Hugo da Conceição

    Hugo da Conceição6 日 前

    Diamonds... Overated cristals. There are safes full of them in Antwerp and other places ...

  42. Jake Rabay

    Jake Rabay7 日 前

    I've never felt this broke before

  43. Maxwell G

    Maxwell G7 日 前

    Visit Peter Marco and get a look at real big boy stones

  44. Bethany The panda GIRL

    Bethany The panda GIRL8 日 前

    Hmmmm all that stuff at the beginning was useless

  45. Alexander Grubbs

    Alexander Grubbs9 日 前

    We all know it was Kanye that wanted the Jesus head

  46. Andy Mehrts

    Andy Mehrts10 日 前

    Not gonna lie. I thought this stuff would be worth more. Even that giant stone for the pinky ring is worth half of what I thought.

  47. Brigitta Kemfers

    Brigitta Kemfers10 日 前

    Nice bling bling - pls spend some money to - thank you !

  48. ASneakerAffair

    ASneakerAffair10 日 前



    PALTEAS OYE10 日 前

    Si tuvieran una versión en español tendrian más seguidores

  50. Porogami

    Porogami11 日 前

    Insanely overpriced rocks.

  51. luis enrique

    luis enrique10 日 前

    You can make an argument like that for pretty much anything thats expensive that isnt mechanical.

  52. Shubham Bhoir

    Shubham Bhoir11 日 前

    there are thumbprints on the pear cut diamond ring 💍 may be the production team as neglected to detail and forgotten to clean the diamond or Jason, someone has miss handle it

  53. Ruth Umerez

    Ruth Umerez12 日 前

    I like that limiting the number of pieces, you don't want to bump into somebody wearing the same thing hahaha

  54. Your College Course

    Your College Course12 日 前

    Drake must be his favorite customer.

  55. SnowMan2K

    SnowMan2K12 日 前

    shut up

  56. That one guy at Taco Bell

    That one guy at Taco Bell12 日 前

    Let’s make a promise 🗣money all 2020 💸

  57. Sheikh Kelvin

    Sheikh Kelvin12 日 前

    And he lied about the 30 carat diamond. They are actually several out there

  58. Sheikh Kelvin

    Sheikh Kelvin12 日 前

    So someone out there is going to spend amount equivalent to my country financial budget on a pinky ring.

  59. Sheikh Kelvin

    Sheikh Kelvin12 日 前

    I love the fact he didn't allow blasphemy

  60. Mihai Alexandru

    Mihai Alexandru13 日 前

    Is that a fingerprint on the pear-shaped diamond? Why is he not wearing special gloves?

  61. Maram Ali

    Maram Ali13 日 前

    صلوا على النبي❤️❤️❤️

  62. Marie Shines

    Marie Shines13 日 前

    It just goes to show that some people are way over paid and the decadence they selfishly have is disgusting, especially when so many people and communities are suffering around the world. Not failing to mention the absolute degradation of this planet with all the mining of these gemstones! The wealthy might have luxury gems and $$ wealth but remember we all die and they can’t take their wealth with them!!

  63. Brian Phillips

    Brian Phillips13 日 前

    When the marriage stops the ring keeps spinning!

  64. Daniel Furrer

    Daniel Furrer14 日 前

    All Germans, Austrians an Swiss people here: "Sieht man das?"

  65. maniackyjr

    maniackyjr14 日 前

    This is an ad, gtfo

  66. luc lachapelle

    luc lachapelle14 日 前

    I wanna see his wife’s wedding ring

  67. B31k _j0sh

    B31k _j0sh15 日 前

    “Like my wife” 😂

  68. William Pryor

    William Pryor16 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="246">4:06</a>. sorta sounds like gotta go fast

  69. Jesse Echavarria

    Jesse Echavarria16 日 前

    Dude love your ring!

  70. Carlos Flores

    Carlos Flores16 日 前

    What’s the song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="451">7:31</a>

  71. 420taekook

    420taekook17 日 前

    All this makes me realize is that I should become a jeweler

  72. Big Pimpin

    Big Pimpin17 日 前

    Imagine if the cameraman actually showed the piece for longer than 0.1 second

  73. demon39063

    demon3906317 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="270">4:30</a> why did you add phone sounds to the office? is this a 90's sitcom?

  74. Adoring Fan

    Adoring Fan18 日 前

    This guy is like that uncle at your family christmas party who name drops several celebrities that he has met and thinks you care

  75. Sonny Darko

    Sonny Darko18 日 前

    Johnny Dang can make allllllllll if this for 75% less

  76. Dino

    Dino19 日 前

    Not bad but this is a lil kid next to Peter Marco

  77. AmyX

    AmyX19 日 前

    Could you potentially get stabbed by the syringe necklace?!

  78. ZIN

    ZIN19 日 前

    he won’t be delivering that ring anymore 😂 coronavirus

  79. David Smith

    David Smith20 日 前

    The most prestigious of morons.

  80. ayeitsmoose

    ayeitsmoose20 日 前

    wait until larry lawton sees THIS

  81. ehtikhet

    ehtikhet20 日 前

    My addiction has been being creative. 😑