Everything Wrong With The Curse of La Llorona

Here's another horror film loosely connected to the Conjuring universe. Or is it the Annabelle universe? Eh, who cares? This thing's got sins, yo. So we counted them.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Purnjay Purru

    Purnjay Purru10 時間 前

    Now the weeping lady cries while watching this video.

  2. I cant RUSH B

    I cant RUSH B日 前

    legends withstand 100 chancla hits and feel fine without flinching

  3. Anija Palmer

    Anija Palmer日 前

    I’m Hispanic and your just hating cuz your white

  4. Jonathan Rail

    Jonathan Rail2 日 前

    Anna: MY HUSBAND'S A COP! Me: even The Lamest Avenger is more threatening than a cop, isn't it? ...

  5. Dill Pickle The Cactus Cat

    Dill Pickle The Cactus Cat3 日 前

    Me,who is Swedish and does not understand Mexican / Latino / Spanish folklore because I haven’t watched the vid yet while scrolling through the comments: *confused meatball noises*

  6. nooctip

    nooctip3 日 前

    Don't you just hate it when your vengeful ghost is so busy it stops killing you to do other things?

  7. billbobagggins99

    billbobagggins993 日 前

    What dose happen in the last shot . I dont see shit

  8. Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    Santiago Rodriguez Guillen4 日 前

    I think there is a secret message. American must learn Mexican lol

  9. Sovietwolf679 Comrade

    Sovietwolf679 Comrade4 日 前

    Plus New Mexico isn’t that nice

  10. Sovietwolf679 Comrade

    Sovietwolf679 Comrade4 日 前

    I just watched this like 5 minutes ago and it was so stupid it gave me anxiety

  11. Anon

    Anon4 日 前

    No wonder Tuco became a drug addicted mobster. Breaking bad is now connected to the conjuring universe

  12. Anon

    Anon4 日 前

    Why does this movie have to be connected to the conjuring universe?

  13. Evelyn Barrett

    Evelyn Barrett4 日 前

    Video:"Just keep swimming🎶" Me:*dying*🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Joseph Hernandez

    Joseph Hernandez5 日 前

    What do you get a slap on the wrist and go home is this Texas MADNESS THIS IS TEXAS!!!!

  15. Trey Drake

    Trey Drake5 日 前

    Nice throw back to the first CinemaSins episode at 9:26

  16. Cherry Bomb

    Cherry Bomb5 日 前

    that random fucker is from breaking bad god dammit

  17. Rafael Hart

    Rafael Hart6 日 前

    (3:27) "me voy a quedar contigo para siempre" means "i'm going to stay with you forever"

  18. YARI B TV

    YARI B TV6 日 前

    3:28 Translation: I’m gonna stay with you forever *you’re welcome*

  19. ImmortalTrickster17

    ImmortalTrickster176 日 前

    "MAMA, NO!!" Proceeds to get literally yeeted off screen.

  20. Undead Crusader

    Undead Crusader8 日 前

    For a second I kind of forgot that not everyone can speak Spanish. So when he said that he would like subtitles to know what la llorona was saying, I got really confused because i could perfectly understand.

  21. Olivia McDonagh

    Olivia McDonagh8 日 前

    If you don't know this urban legend that much, look up "white ladies". Then watch Supernatural 1x01. Seriously. They do in 40mins what this film couldn't do in 2 fucking hours.

  22. Just A Person

    Just A Person8 日 前

    Actually it’s called The curse of the cabrona She will take your child support

  23. watch4cal l

    watch4cal l8 日 前

    I want to see a demon succeed in its goal

  24. Abby Wolffe

    Abby Wolffe9 日 前

    She doesn't drown other kids because she drowned her own and needs new ones. She looks for her lost children, which is why she targets young children by water, and if they're not hers she drowns them I don't know how they fucked it up it's the most known Latinx and Hispanic legend EVER

  25. Artemis Bond

    Artemis Bond9 日 前

    We must keep La Llorona OUT of our homes! BUILD THE (GHOST) WALL. (And make Mexico pay for it) Father Perez 2020

  26. Starlight Symphony

    Starlight Symphony9 日 前

    This movie was so stupid

  27. Kaguya, Aimi

    Kaguya, Aimi10 日 前

    You missed something. The guy who helped saved their house with the gunshot wound? Yeah. He wouldn't be there. He would already be in the hospital and in a LOT more pain. My father was a survivor of the same gunshot wound. That's how we know.

  28. Nicola Dean

    Nicola Dean10 日 前

    this entire movie wouldnt happen because la llorona only hangs around the lake where she drowned her little shits

  29. t v

    t v10 日 前

    la Llorona vs. the Wendigo

  30. Philip Martin

    Philip Martin11 日 前

    Everything Wrong With Captain America (1979)

  31. Lily Playz

    Lily Playz11 日 前

    That’s why i keep why I’m scared of closing my eyes in the shower

  32. Gangsta panda72 -

    Gangsta panda72 -12 日 前

    Now introducing the ghost umbrella 3000

  33. Lucen Smith

    Lucen Smith12 日 前

    BTS Stands for Bangtan Boys

  34. Joshua Musang

    Joshua Musang15 日 前

    Can you Do annaBelle comes home

  35. Ali Pride Gaming

    Ali Pride Gaming16 日 前

    Add one more for the part we don't see when she has the pool cleaned after la Llorona marks the daughter during the umbrella scene. Cause the pool in that scene looks like it hasn't be cleaned in 6 months, but at the end it is perfectly clear and clean.

  36. Luan Loud Fan

    Luan Loud Fan16 日 前

    As a Hispanic myself, I can agree that this movie was such a terrible take on the urban legend that it should be a crime to let a white man with a half assed Hispanic last name direct a Mexican urban legend.

  37. PhaseSkater

    PhaseSkater17 日 前

    for everyone commenting, LA is pretty much mexico. have you not been? bonus fact, LAs land 300 years ago was actually in mexico...

  38. Logan Strong

    Logan Strong17 日 前

    My dad made the exact same joke as 3:58 when he first saw the movie poster. Good to see we're not alone on this!

  39. TheIcelandicPrincess

    TheIcelandicPrincess18 日 前

    04:38 Oh no! They dragged Bra'tac into this garbage :(

  40. Greg Boyington

    Greg Boyington18 日 前

    Speaking of sparkle motion do Donnie Darko and Rocky Horror.

  41. Greg Boyington

    Greg Boyington18 日 前

    Those were t.v. dinners. Heated in an oven, metal doesn't do microwaves well. Sin.

  42. James Leffley

    James Leffley20 日 前

    Where is ENDGAME

  43. Lebron James

    Lebron James20 日 前

    The curse of manteles?! That’s f-ckin hilarious 😆😂🤣

  44. Nathan Hallen

    Nathan Hallen21 日 前

    9:28 I could just imagine someone spitting into her mouth New scary movie scene

  45. DasKame

    DasKame21 日 前

    5:00 i love that the Actor is litteraly "Gepetto" from Once Upon a Time... he should better be in Annabelle!

  46. Ally Gator

    Ally Gator22 日 前

    Can we add a sin? Raphael got shot in the movie and then the final scene is him getting into a taxi apparently he didn't need medical attention.

  47. SabiLewSounds

    SabiLewSounds22 日 前

    I think they messed up the story... She doesnt kill kids, it's a way to explain missing kids

  48. Thomas Yeet

    Thomas Yeet23 日 前


  49. basically.zamira

    basically.zamira23 日 前

    I grew up with the story of la llorona so the fact that There was no real Hispanic/Mexican people in a story that has been told by so many generations of Mexican grandparents to children who miss behave

  50. Youtube Police

    Youtube Police23 日 前

    I started dying when you said she’d be Chris Davis, for those who don’t understand or don’t watch baseball, Chris Davis is probably the shittiest player in the mlb rn. He can’t hit the ball for shit. So this is saying that La Llorana sucks at grabbing kids.

  51. JeshikaKazeno

    JeshikaKazeno24 日 前

    This whole thing is surreal to me because I grew up mainly in New Mexico, and in my area, she was called la Llorna, not la Llorona. We've been a US state since 1912, but that legend is alive and well here -- at least in our county. They say that when she drowned her children, they went to Heaven, but she wanders the earth as a ghost. They say she drowns children because she mistakes them for her own -- she desperately wants to be with them. The reason she mistakes other children for her own, and the reason she tries to drown "her" children, is because she is blinded by insanity. I don't think la Llorna actually exists, but I do think her legend has saved many children's lives. Kids here are told never to go near the river at night, or alone (especially without an adult). (As for la Llorna vs la Llorona, New Mexican Spanish is very different from other dialects (incl. Mexican Spanish). It is kind of like the Spanish of 500 years ago. I know a New Mexican guy who visited Spain once; he said people could tell he was from New Mexico just from the way he talked.)

  52. Stephanie Boggs

    Stephanie Boggs24 日 前

    No offense but la llorona is a massive cunt

  53. goo5976

    goo597624 日 前

    Got so drunk before the movie I almost blacked out halfway through. Good to know it sucked anyway.

  54. Jarno Datema

    Jarno Datema24 日 前

    I love how this movie was mostly made because of one song out of a disney movie

  55. Pennybody Dovey

    Pennybody Dovey24 日 前

    This one made me laugh so hard 😄😄😄😄😄

  56. Brandon pixley

    Brandon pixley25 日 前

    I work at a theater and the child star who plays sam came into my theater she wrnt to my school and her family knows mine shes a good kid

  57. Hoe Hein Lo

    Hoe Hein Lo25 日 前

    Sister Irene from the nun looks like la Lo rona

  58. Maj_Hippie

    Maj_Hippie26 日 前

    This movie was hilarious to be honest, terrible and not scary or barely accurate, but funny as hell

  59. Miya Payne

    Miya Payne26 日 前

    Is it just me or.... if a demon ghost tried to kill me kid and then screamed that close to my face, I would have punch that bitch in her shit! And then grabbed her hair and drown her ass. I’m not scared of jinn

  60. Luis Flores

    Luis Flores26 日 前

    Is that velma?