Everything Wrong With Star Wars: The Last Jedi

*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 6/22/18*
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is one of the most divisive movies of the 21st century. Most people either really love it or really hate it. But regardless of which side you land on, one thing is obvious: it has plenty of sins.

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  1. CinemaSins

    CinemaSins7 ヶ月 前

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

  2. DeaDShoT RoRy

    DeaDShoT RoRy26 日 前

    Disney copy write strikes again( there hope to get back viewer's)

  3. Derrick Nichols

    Derrick Nicholsヶ月 前

    This whole movie was garbage/sin

  4. Derrick Nichols

    Derrick Nicholsヶ月 前

    CinemaSins the whole movie was wrong

  5. Patrick Wentzell

    Patrick Wentzellヶ月 前

    Disney fucked up Solo and The Last Jedi they have no idea how anything works this is the future why the goddamn hell didn't Lucas direct any of these and hope is bullshit sold to the weak minded

  6. Mikail’s Vlogging and YT channel

    Mikail’s Vlogging and YT channelヶ月 前


  7. Joshi 3000

    Joshi 300019 時間 前

    This video should be named: Everything IS wrong with Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  8. Jordan Ross

    Jordan Ross23 時間 前

    When he realises the Rey and kylo vs imperial guards fight wasn’t well done at all and it is almost one of the worst scenes besides the entire movie

  9. Starfall 21X

    Starfall 21X日 前

    Yes tell us how Disney made a shitty remake of Empire Strikes Back.

  10. Dracovox

    Dracovox日 前

    God I hate the last jedi but half of your sins here make no sense dude

  11. Dracovox

    Dracovox日 前

    Imagine thinking killing the director is a bad idea

  12. Ari Hadad

    Ari Hadad日 前

    Fuck Rose.

  13. Kermit Keith

    Kermit Keith日 前

    OOGA BOOGA ME NO LIKE NEW LUCASFILM MOVIES DESPITE THE FACT THIS IS EXACTLY HOW PEOPLE REACTED WHEN THE PREQUELS FIRST RELEASED! (also TLJ will always better than episode 2 and nothing you can do to change my mind. Use your aggressive feelings in the comments boy!)

  14. Danger Dash

    Danger Dash12 時間 前

    The Prequels at the very least had a story that actually connected throughout all three films. TLJ literally requires you to have seen TFA in order to understand what's going on, and then you wonder what the hell happened to all the setup from TFA. All questions about Rey are thrown out the window, Finn repeats the same arc AGAIN (even the actor had some complaints), Rose is completely useless (at least Jar Jar served a purpose), Phasma is a complete Joke, Holdo is...whatever, and Snoke? Who cares, he's dead now, threat over. What's that? Kylo Ren? The dude Rey already beat? The only way this series can be saved is if RotS completely ignores TLJ and becomes the new part 2.

  15. Kermit Keith

    Kermit Keith日 前

    Note: I love the prequels but they in my opinion have more noticeable flaws than the sequels. But not even I like rose and I will always defend the sequels. I had to defend the prequels and I will do it again!

  16. MyUsersDark

    MyUsersDark日 前

    Basicaly this entire movie was just a chase scene.

  17. Micheal Watts

    Micheal Watts日 前

    You gave up on the modern star wars during the fuel scene? I gave up on it when Rey is some how adapted to her force abilities super quick when she had no known prior training.. I would have even accepted flash backs to a time when she was young and like... meeting the ghost of yoda in a cube made of bees floating in outer space. YES I would have accepted that over the bullshit magical powers.

  18. Nathan Carr

    Nathan Carr日 前

    8:25 If Rose and Finn were able to escape by riding the escape pod to the distant Vegas planet, than why couldn't the rest of the crew be able to the same thing to? The First Order might be able to track the big cruiser, but not dozens or hundreds of escape pods simultaneously launching into hyperspace. In addition, if all the escape pods had fuel to escape and even go into hyperspace, why not transfer the fuel to the into the the main cruiser's fuel tank? 14:59 The sidequest of the Vegas planet was totally unnecessary as the plan to deactivate the Supremacy's tracker could have been easily accomplished onboard the fleeing Rebel cruiser. As there are hundreds of people, more than likely, there could have been data technicians or hackers or droids as equally capable of hacking into the Supremacy's tracker and deactivating as Del Toro's character. In regards to boarding the Supremacy, they could have recruited a makeshift commando team of volunteers to get into the escape pods and launch them right into the Supremacy's hangar deck or other and launch a commando raid to alter/destroy the tracker.

  19. Zachary Bruce

    Zachary Bruce2 日 前

    It seems that even CinemaSins is infested with the parasites that are political correctness. They gave no sins to either film for Rey beating highly trained warriors, such as Ren or the Praetorians, despite having no training of her own. Rey as a character is devoid of any kind of development worth speaking of; she is essentially just a block of wood meant to fuel some feminist agenda, yet despite this, CinemaSins turns a blind eye to these many flaws, presumably in the name of "equality." My faith in this channel is a distant memory.

  20. SuPeRHeRoDuDe3124

    SuPeRHeRoDuDe3124日 前


  21. Christian Danzig

    Christian Danzig2 日 前

    Sin number 94 : they need Dutch with a plan to go to Tahiti

  22. Robert Gericke

    Robert Gericke3 日 前

    Do you want answers? I want the truth! You can't handle the truth! Rey: Nooooooooooooo!!! Cinemasins guy: No. (Ding)

  23. glenn Winn

    glenn Winn3 日 前

    The minimal cutting and no shaky cam in the throne room fight scene are nice but add 20 sins for the absolutely atrocious fight choreography. Ray misses her beats, Kyle stabs the ground for no reason, dumb guard freaking wait their turn to enter the fight, disappearing weapons, weapons literally being tossed aside so that the guard can get stabbed, and last of all the stupid saber hand switch move that wouldn’t have worked in a million years and totally would have resulted in the guard taking her head off with the knife.

  24. Guy Williams

    Guy Williams3 日 前

    Rose saving Finn is the WORST thing in this movie...

  25. Ajit Kirpekar

    Ajit Kirpekar3 日 前

    This might be the funniest Cinemasins I've seen and I happened to like this movie. I lost my shit when I heard the frustration about fuel.

  26. sensey07

    sensey073 日 前

    We get it ... Johnson is a shitty writer

  27. sensey07

    sensey073 日 前

    Uh dude ... ships need fuel, got it? I know this is the Disney era, but they don't work on Mouse Power ...

  28. Samuel Pevey

    Samuel Pevey3 日 前

    Who else thought The master codebreaker was Lando

  29. EnderKiller 62

    EnderKiller 623 日 前

    Ok noone can be a Fisrt Order fan since they blew up a medical ship

  30. EnderKiller 62

    EnderKiller 623 日 前

    0:05 There is that much space bewteen Everything and Wrong because for some reason the Is didnt load

  31. Free Bird

    Free Bird4 日 前

    The fact that you removed five sins for the lightspeed ram - arguably one of the most inaccurate moments in Star Wars canon - and also gave this a lower sin count that the Empire Strikes Back has destroyed all faith I have in this channel.

  32. TheGuyNoah 30

    TheGuyNoah 304 日 前

    I think they could have easily got rid of a new force power in this movie and not Ex Machina it. At the end when Luke dies he could of went there and ACTUALLY fight kylo and when he’s fighting the ships he can just force push them away(idk if it works but hes the strongest Jedi ever)

  33. SpetZemas

    SpetZemas4 日 前

    I usually don’t shit on movies but I really can not say anything else, The last Jedi was the worst in the entire franchise.

  34. Michael Beasley

    Michael Beasley4 日 前

    That throne room fight scene needs more of your attn and abt 10 sins.

  35. charles reid

    charles reid4 日 前

    God this reminded me of how godawful the writing of this movie was

  36. Joseph Quinn Swolin

    Joseph Quinn Swolin4 日 前

    Im surprised Rian Johnson did hate this.

  37. Jonathan Blackbow

    Jonathan Blackbow4 日 前

    18:23 the "bracelet or whatever" thing is the pair of dice that Han kept hanging in the Millennium Falcon.

  38. nihilistic adventure

    nihilistic adventure20 時間 前

    You will have to forgive us fans who have been with the Star Wars franchise since the beginning, they were never ever a thing before.

  39. Michael Haflich

    Michael Haflich5 日 前

    Why does the First Order people got British accents?

  40. Rich Gilbertson

    Rich Gilbertson5 日 前

    8:02 Great Futurama reference

  41. Noah Lentz

    Noah Lentz6 日 前

    Worst movie by far

  42. Pakin 86

    Pakin 866 日 前

    Everything wrong with the Last Jedi? Everything.....

  43. Jude Samson

    Jude Samson6 日 前

    lol Discount Ewoks - the Porgs had to be created because where they were filming had Puffins everywhere and were protected and couldn't be removed so they CGI'd them into these creatures. No mention that "there isn't enough fuel" 3:57 is Billie Lourd - Carrie Fisher's real-life daughter? How many times do they actually say FUEL in this movie ffs

  44. Distracted Gaming

    Distracted Gaming6 日 前

    The sin count may be low, but it's made up for in the actual disgust and contempt you can hear in his voice. I've watched quite a lot of Cinema Sins, and he's usually light-hearted about most of his criticisms. But there were a few times in this video, where you can hear actual frustration. That alone makes up for the low sin count.

  45. Flavio Nevarez

    Flavio Nevarez7 日 前

    I haven’t seen the movie and I am not because it sucks... from the dialog to the sci fi movie effects.

  46. ALiX

    ALiX7 日 前

    Where are the 4444+ sins for killing off Luke (FUGGING) Skywalker?!

  47. Steve C

    Steve C8 日 前

    Rose literally looks like Eddie from Fresh off the Boat in a wig...

  48. Planet Jupiter

    Planet Jupiter8 日 前

    I hated rose the most, I hate her.

  49. Triple-D26

    Triple-D268 日 前

    15:33 Those WERE the knights

  50. Jhon Karston

    Jhon Karston8 日 前

    In Episode III, Obi Wan asks for fuel when he lands on skariff. Only other mention of fuel in Star Wars. Love you

  51. SPZ Max

    SPZ Max8 日 前

    This movie was worse than Phantom Menace.

  52. All4One

    All4One8 日 前

    Should have been like 350 sins

  53. You Tube

    You Tube8 日 前

    Don’t think Poe is space Jesus it’s obviously Qui Gon Jin

  54. TM-Owl

    TM-Owl8 日 前

    How did this get more wins then sins

  55. RealGamerPerson

    RealGamerPerson8 日 前

    Although CinemaSins gave The Last Jedi and Return Of The Jedi the same amount of sins.. TLJ deserves every single sin. ROTJ was a bunch of mish-mash and opinionated shit.

  56. RealGamerPerson

    RealGamerPerson8 日 前

    Me when I saw this video come out: "I've been looking forward to this.."

  57. Thelittleninjadude awsome

    Thelittleninjadude awsome9 日 前

    Just wanted to point out at 1:50 the bombs would fall (not that fast) because everything has a gravitational field

  58. ruben delgado

    ruben delgado9 日 前

    I lost it when he said “booby balls” 😂

  59. Jammorel Huntinghawk

    Jammorel Huntinghawk9 日 前

    Bruh fuel’s been mentioned quite a few times is Star Wars, and a ton of times in clone wars

  60. Arman Hunter

    Arman Hunter9 日 前

    I liked how he called DJ (benicio del toro) the collector lmao 10:25

  61. Ma Lokostrelec

    Ma Lokostrelec10 日 前

    I like the last jedi much more than the empire strikes back

  62. Plush boy 200

    Plush boy 20010 日 前

    Okay why is everyone hating on this movie I mean it’s not that bad what’s so bad about it

  63. Danger Dash

    Danger Dash9 日 前

    Because everything about it, even the stuff these guys missed, really is that bad?

  64. Dark Rider 810

    Dark Rider 81010 日 前

    If Rose was so dedicated to the resistance she should have got in a a ship in hyperspace the first order ship

  65. Jason Zablan

    Jason Zablan10 日 前

    Episode 1: No. Episode 2: Episode 3: Yes?...I mean, no. Episode 4: No. Episode 5: No. Episode 6: Episode 7: Rey. Episode 8: No.

  66. Ol' One-Eye

    Ol' One-Eye10 日 前

    He praised the fight scene?

  67. Patrick S

    Patrick S10 日 前

    Except Poe's attack was a necessary battle. Without Poe, the dreadnaught would have destroyed the fleet after the jump.

  68. tony fendex

    tony fendex10 日 前

    Like so many fans, I hate this piece of SHIT!!! Awful MOVIE!!!

  69. 19maikel86

    19maikel8610 日 前

    is 121 a short version of 121.000 ? if not it should be!

  70. PadeJuan

    PadeJuan11 日 前

    Can we all agree, fuck Rose!