Everything Wrong With Star Wars: The Last Jedi

*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 6/22/18*
Also, TV Sins here: jpgo.info/tv-e4bOvc1mYxFcQ5xPb9Zmow
Star Wars: The Last Jedi is one of the most divisive movies of the 21st century. Most people either really love it or really hate it. But regardless of which side you land on, one thing is obvious: it has plenty of sins.

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  1. CinemaSins

    CinemaSins11 ヶ月 前

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

  2. CJLAKE1234

    CJLAKE1234日 前

    CinemaSins It’s a military tactic for troops to land far away from the objective and then march in for optimal safety and to assess the enemies defenses.

  3. Logan Joiner

    Logan Joiner8 日 前

    CinemaSins May I refer you to a link that breaks down dozens of sins missed within the fight scene of the throne room alone jpgo.info/bideo/o62s2XuJ1qPW3HE.html Please keep up the content.

  4. Gerald The Octopus

    Gerald The Octopusヶ月 前

    1:52 they actually propel them down the shaft essentially throwing them

  5. Ari Spelius

    Ari Speliusヶ月 前

    PixelNymph if that was the case then the warheads that were stacked on top of the bottom row of warheads would of achieved a higher velocity since they fell for a longer distance inside the space where the artificial gravity was present. But in the movie it looked like all the warheads left the bomber with the same velocity. So unless you are saying that the warheads achieved terminal velocity before exiting the bomber, I’d say we still have a SIN.

  6. Rick Dobran

    Rick Dobranヶ月 前

    CinemaSins <

  7. k1ll4r b33

    k1ll4r b3321 分 前

    Sorry but i disagree with your sin removal on the fight scene with the guards, as if you watch closely a few of the guards decide to throw there weapons away and charge stupidly at them, for example, the guard with the two swords fighting rey when he got the upper hand on her where did his second blade go?? And when she dropped her light saber to surprise attack given how close the blade was her face should be off

  8. WolfDiamondShadow

    WolfDiamondShadow5 時間 前

    Another sin... Bad odds, all at risk: Story of the Rebellion

  9. Odin Hasby

    Odin Hasby13 時間 前

    Gravatatinol pull of the dreadnought

  10. Grant Linville

    Grant Linville日 前

    This movie completely ruined this trilogy and I fucking hate it, it literally makes 0 sense whatsoever.

  11. Veng3r

    Veng3r日 前

    Wowzers. Even this many snippets of that film was ALMOST painful to bare watching... >_

  12. Jake Dogan

    Jake Dogan2 日 前

    When will you do rise of skywalker

  13. Rustic Wood Productions

    Rustic Wood Productions2 日 前

    This movie deserved like, 500 more sins

  14. Zac Attack

    Zac Attack2 日 前

    There magnetic that’s why it needs to be close to the ship or the magnetism won’t be strong enough

  15. Zac Attack

    Zac Attack2 日 前

    There magnetic that’s why it needs to be close to the ship or the magnetism won’t be strong enough

  16. Ed Horton

    Ed Horton2 日 前

    Hey cinamasins you forgot to mention that Luke used Anakins lightsaber to fight Kylo right after he watched it break in half. I understand that Kylo was really angry but still that’s a huge mistake.

  17. adam dark

    adam dark2 日 前

    Terrible film, really shocking how bad it was.

  18. Will

    Will2 日 前

    This is by far the worst Star Wars film of all time.

  19. Mr Clean

    Mr Clean3 日 前

    God damn people hate this movie

  20. Theo G

    Theo G3 日 前

    Fuck feminism.

  21. DNice

    DNice3 日 前

    You forgot to add an infinite amount of sins for being the worst movie of all time

  22. Fred Hurst

    Fred Hurst4 日 前

    5:20 that really made me laugh.

  23. Tristan Persad

    Tristan Persad4 日 前

    15:39 I mean your right, but the choreography in the throne room fight is egregious

  24. RPG-1 ON YT

    RPG-1 ON YT4 日 前

    How about the dissapearing baton in the throne room fight scene? You missed it man. Its a guard vs Rey and one minute he has it and next minute he doesn't.

  25. Tom Arild

    Tom Arild5 日 前

    On the bright side the original trilogy are masterpieces now.

  26. Mrpl3973

    Mrpl39736 日 前

    When my Son won't do his chores, I just threaten him with sitting through this episode again, problem solved!

  27. ProGamer

    ProGamer7 日 前

    1:52 Because they have magnets in them -1 sin

  28. Jacob Ryndak

    Jacob Ryndak7 日 前

    You should have added like 100 sins when Luke through away Anakins lightsaber

  29. Aegean Castaneda

    Aegean Castaneda7 日 前

    Hi! Just had a quick question about what you meant around the 4:55 mark saying how it was a "near but far ballet of characters" and i was just curious as to what it meant. If anyone else has an answer I'd appreciate it, thanks for the help, great and funny video!!

  30. timh1319

    timh13198 日 前

    if you thought the throne room fight was "well choreographed", then you were not actually watching this film. there are at least two parts that made it past editing where one or more of those red guards didn't know what to do so they just swing at air. watch it again, or look it up, there's only a thousand videos about it

  31. Notsocloverusername

    Notsocloverusername8 日 前

    5:23 it makes sense because of fight or flight instincts. Leia was able to use the force this because of the danger of dying. Like think about whenever a child is stuck under a car and their parent is miraculously able to lift the car and pull them out, but normally they can’t do that. Same concept.

  32. Jangkar Suci

    Jangkar Suci9 日 前

    Other than looking like Oscar Isaac ...ohhhhhhhhhh

  33. DANPOWER 8

    DANPOWER 810 日 前

    Am I the only one that realised the 69th sin was about Pornhub?

  34. The Games Nexus

    The Games Nexus10 日 前

    I've linked this video in my article about The Last Jedi - alkony.enerla.net/english/the-nexus/sf-f-nexus/film-review/star-wars-episode-viii-the-last-jedi-movie-2017-film-review-by-kadmon

  35. Yohan K.

    Yohan K.10 日 前

    Fuel was introduced in The Phantom Menace.

  36. chorus man

    chorus man10 日 前

    i cant believe you removed sins for the throne room scene look at the spinny spinny man and the disappearing knife and the fact that they’re fighting kylo ren when hes their new leader. you also removed a sin for holdo hyperspacing through the flagship which doesnt make sense since hyperspace is in another dimension because if it wasnt, hyperspacing would make you crash into a planet.

  37. Collector Bricks

    Collector Bricks11 日 前

    This video should be longer than the actual movie because of how many issues the movie had

  38. 23

    2312 日 前

    I hate this movie so much that not only have I not seen it again since opening night, but could only manage to the 1:38 mark.

  39. Pvt. Ryan Louis

    Pvt. Ryan Louis12 日 前

    17:31 well isn’t that what Finn was doing not fighting what he hates saving what he loves. He loves the resistance therefore he was saving it I really hope rose dies.

  40. Wilton Henke

    Wilton Henke12 日 前

    Worst Star Wars ever reaks of feminism

  41. i go against everything

    i go against everything12 日 前

    15:39 "well-choreographed fight" did they even pay attention?

  42. Bohemian rhapsody

    Bohemian rhapsody12 日 前

    I don’t care what people say I loved this movie

  43. Steven Paszkowski

    Steven Paszkowski12 日 前

    One of the worst films ever made :'(

  44. Noa Dedic

    Noa Dedic12 日 前

    “Amazing, every word of what you just said... was wrong.”

  45. Aa JV

    Aa JV12 日 前


  46. GNranger

    GNranger13 日 前

    A better question is: why would a MC85 have barely any fuel in the first place? It's powered by a hypermatter-annihilation reactor. A Venator-class star destroyer, which was also powered by a HA reactor, had a range of 60,000 light years. A MC80 also had a range of 60,000 light years. They Both had Class 1.0 hyperdrive. It's reasonable to assume that a MC85 also has a Class 1.0 hyperdive. Giving the Raddus the same 60,000 lightyear range.

  47. GNranger

    GNranger13 日 前

    Short Answer: Everything Long Answer: Everything

  48. vongodric

    vongodric13 日 前

    I think he forgot to add a zero at the end. This movie was an effing clusterf***.

  49. Mr. Eric

    Mr. Eric14 日 前

    This movie is sooooooo terrible lmao

  50. S8n

    S8n14 日 前

    I was cleaning my blaster it went off....

  51. Lydia Johnson

    Lydia Johnson14 日 前

    ok ok fun fact about hux!! he is born out of wedlock, he also held some incense against references to his mother, especially those done in a mocking light. which was best evident during the Evacuation of D'Qar, where Poe Dameron's insinuation that Leia wanted to give a message about Hux's mother was enough to have Hux angrily order for the ship to open fire on Dameron's X-wing

  52. Rosin Atanga

    Rosin Atanga14 日 前

    16:6 is the coolest thing I've ever seen

  53. SunnyStreet

    SunnyStreet15 日 前

    I fucking lost it when he sang Rebel Rebel 🤣

  54. Mike Lewis

    Mike Lewis15 日 前

    15:40 Except for the really stupid choreography and the disappearing knife! jpgo.info/bideo/o62s2XuJ1qPW3HE.html

  55. Muffet lover

    Muffet lover15 日 前

    Make everything wrong with the rise of skywalker

  56. Muffet lover

    Muffet lover12 日 前

    @Aa JV ah ok

  57. Aa JV

    Aa JV12 日 前

    Not until its out on DVD for awhile for copyright issues

  58. Owen Chen

    Owen Chen15 日 前

    C-3PO: this is the only way in and out. A few minutes ago: rebel troops running out a door leading to the trenches. Me: F*** you C-3PO also after rose crashes into Finn when Finn could save the Resistance: people crawl through the hatch to get back in the base!



    6:25 Of course it would take six minutes to conduct a system cycle on a ship that big. It’s frickin’ 37 miles wide!


    NO PATS JIM16 日 前

    Force Awakens: You think a romance of a black guy and a brunette? No Last Jedi: You think a romance of a black guy and an asian woman? No Rise of Skywalker: A romance of two black people, man and woman? No? Screw up Finn why don't you?

  61. Josh Opp

    Josh Opp16 日 前

    How can you give the revenge if the sith 400000k sins... and this less than 200. Cinemasins has sinned sir... this is a terrible movie no matter how you slice it(jedi pun)

  62. CommanderTaco

    CommanderTaco16 日 前

    Were there no shields on the dreadnought?

  63. ru6en

    ru6en16 日 前

    It's a star wars thing and every thing uses the same fuel but hyper drives don't make you go fast - they send you into another dimension with different laws of physics

  64. Tudor Renegade

    Tudor Renegade16 日 前

    Where is the last movie ? The Rise of Skywalker ?

  65. otto van oosterhout

    otto van oosterhout16 日 前

    I now how critical you can be, so plz dont applaud the worst fight scene in a movie ever ( the throne room scene) it doesnt make any sense and both ben and rey would have been killed more than 10 times... plz watch it again in slomo and judge than

  66. TNO73

    TNO7316 日 前

    You could have saved about 21 minutes by just saying EVERYTHING. Everything is wrong with The Last Jedi.

  67. PounceBoi 12

    PounceBoi 1216 日 前

    Booby balls

  68. Scott Sherrell

    Scott Sherrell17 日 前

    "A well-choreographed fight." Lol.