Everything Wrong With Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Part 1

*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 12/10/15*
Also, TV Sins here: jpgo.info/tv-e4bOvc1mYxFcQ5xPb9Zmow
You've asked for it for years. Finally... we went looking for sins in The Phantom Menace, and boy do we regret it. So many sins we had to split them into two parts to avoid causing any sin-related overdoses.
The above video is Part 1. Part 2 is here, ya'll: jpgo.info/bideo/fWyXw3CBzJOxvKg.html

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  1. CinemaSins

    CinemaSins6 ヶ月 前

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

  2. Karl Marx

    Karl Marx15 時間 前

    The lizards aren't there

  3. princess millie millie

    princess millie millie4 日 前

    just.. just turn on subtitles and remake it adding 10 sins for each time the subtitles go wrong..

  4. Mikail’s Vlogging and YT channel

    Mikail’s Vlogging and YT channelヶ月 前

    CinemaSins ugh, JPgo

  5. PainOrPleasure

    PainOrPleasure2 ヶ月 前

    @Mark Stangle I said it first fucker

  6. Mark Stangle

    Mark Stangle2 ヶ月 前

    IceAge is one great kids movie that has a scene like that .

  7. John Doe

    John Doe日 前

    My issues: 1. Jar Jar Binks 2. Pointless, boring "scenes" about politicians squabbling 3. Potty humor in a STAR WARS movie (i.e. a alien horse farting out a turd, etc.) 4. Jar Jar Binks 5. Darth Maul only getting one dialogue and only getting 10 minutes in the whole movie 6. Jar Jar getting 45 minutes in the movie 7. Building Maul up to be a big badass and plastering him all over the promo posters... for him to only appear for 10 minutes and only talk ONCE. 8. Annoying, forgettable characters like Watto, Nass, the "Trade Federation" 9. Too many needless, originality and magic dissolving, pop culture references (The Podrace being basically Nascar with the two headed guy...Even Sebulba wasn't enough to save it) 10. Jar Jar 11. Half baked scene with beginner pilot Anikan taking out an army 12. Half baked scene with stupid Jar Jar taking out an entire army 13. Baby humor in a STAR WARS movie (tongue getting electrocuted, etc. Lucas is full of shit when he justifies this in interviews, saying 4, 5 and 6 were at the same "level" as 1, 2, 3) 14. Tired old sterotypes disgused as Aliens (Jar Jar, Watto, Trade Dudes) 15. Jabba just being there for no reason (what a waste) 16. Qui Gon Jinn dying so quick after not contributing much (kinda like Maul) 17. JAR JAR!!!!

  8. jude steiner-hall

    jude steiner-hall日 前

    9:28 "Drunken Wushu" explains it The theory is that Lucas borrowed much from isaac Asimov and he had a clumsy clown character who was revealed to be the hidden villain

  9. Amber Age

    Amber Age日 前

    I love how I couldn't care less about all the "sins" that actually make perfect sense in canon because the mere existence of these movies is a sin in and of itself.

  10. Danny

    Danny2 日 前

    Around 4:45, you say "clone army", not "droid army". So, remove one sin for the screwup, and then add it back... Because it's The Phantom Menace.

  11. Super Mario Plush 220

    Super Mario Plush 2203 日 前

    Can somebody give me the link to everything wrong with one foot by walk the moon?


    NEXUS POWER6 日 前

    I don’t think that people realize that jar jar was made by children

  13. Nathan Lingler

    Nathan Lingler6 日 前

    Darth Mauls ship was a specially design infiltrator ship with advanced cloacking and stealth capabilities. It cost 57,000,000 credits, a Republic Ventaor class Star Destroyer cost 59,000,000 credits. Do a little research before you speak about shit you dont know about.

  14. Nathan Lingler

    Nathan Lingler6 日 前

    For sin 183, the jedi mind trick. There are certain alien species that are natural resistant to the jedi mind trick, that's why it doesnt work

  15. Koby Pruett

    Koby Pruett7 日 前

    ice age had a poop step moment.

  16. Aztec Warrior100

    Aztec Warrior1007 日 前

    "Quick shoot some gas in there" you mf!😂😂

  17. Reuben Manzo

    Reuben Manzo7 日 前

    5:00 Also, going through the core is not the fastest way to get to anything. Apart from the core. 6:00 "No need to report that unless we have something to report." You don't call that something to report? I still maintain that you should not be allowed to sin a character, or count a scene as multiple sins without justification. Example: jpgo.info/bideo/nYmp2bCK153JmoI.html 1:45-3:00

  18. Juan Cisneros

    Juan Cisneros8 日 前

    Jar Jar told Qui Gon about the life debt!

  19. Alpin

    Alpin9 日 前

    That's stupid

  20. Jay Gamer

    Jay Gamer10 日 前

    7:36 I don't think this guy knows how physics work...

  21. Benjamin Wilbur

    Benjamin Wilbur10 日 前

    I enjoyed the movie

  22. John Hughes

    John Hughes11 日 前

    Sudden sand storm's severity is suddenly severe...

  23. Sporks And Forks

    Sporks And Forks11 日 前

    Actually the whlone thing about anikan not having a father, Palpatine actually used the midichlorians to impregnate his mother

  24. LoztWoods !

    LoztWoods !9 日 前

    Palpatine didn't do it his master did

  25. Seadweller451D

    Seadweller451D11 日 前

    Können Sie empfehlen Medikamente für Furz und Durchfall? Ich Furz wie eine große Trompete. Vollen Klang, wie ein Kaiser Furz. Mein Durchfall fließt wie ein Fluss.

  26. Sagiri Izumi

    Sagiri Izumi11 日 前

    Keira Knightly is 8,000x better looking and a better actress than Portman. Portman looks like a Seinfeld extra. So why use her as Luke's mom? Knightly actually looks regal

  27. CA Medic

    CA Medic11 日 前

    noticed something during the sean where the counsel was testing Anikin The Jedi behind him was from Camino. In a later episode, they don't know about the planet because it was missing from the database. When he knew about Camino why didn't the storyline go to this Jedi and ask it.

  28. Epickrazydoom777

    Epickrazydoom77710 日 前


  29. Andrew Kind

    Andrew Kind11 日 前

    Its 2019 where are my lizards

  30. Bruce woolford

    Bruce woolford12 日 前

    Count how many scenes there are in ep 1 and then triple it for jarjar. That's how many sins there are in that movie.

  31. Cpt Obvious1994

    Cpt Obvious199412 日 前

    Hey CinemaSins, you guys claim that the original video was taken down. How do you explain the fact that it wasn't taken down, and was only made private? Here's a link to the original upload: jpgo.info/bideo/ipmKpquos3Sa14I.html Here's a link to the Reddit post I got the link from: www.reddit.com/r/CinemaSins/comments/3w8r4v/everything_wrong_with_star_wars_episode_i_the/

  32. Beggin Knight

    Beggin Knight13 日 前

    This hatred for midi Corrines idea is idiotic. the original trilogy showed us that you always had to be born with force abilities it wasn’t something that you can obtain.

  33. charatta charttåra

    charatta charttåra14 日 前

    This video should be about 13:56 shorter

  34. Gavin’s Theater

    Gavin’s Theater15 日 前

    Alright bot nothing wrong with any Star Wars movie

  35. Tres Nueve

    Tres Nueve16 日 前

    I was a kid when I watched this... There was NOTHING funny about Jar Jar.

  36. Jefferson Smyth

    Jefferson Smyth13 日 前

    Yup, the theater was silent as a showing room just after the turn off your phone warning.

  37. Switch Fan94

    Switch Fan9416 日 前

    This was my first Star Wars Film I was 5 when my parents rented this movie from Blockbuster

  38. Ricky Thackray

    Ricky Thackray12 日 前

    I wonder if you really care about anything... or anybody.

  39. Jefferson Smyth

    Jefferson Smyth13 日 前

    Nobody cares.

  40. Manly Man

    Manly Man16 日 前

    in ice age did stepped in poo and i thought it was a good movie

  41. Mikko Teittinen

    Mikko Teittinen17 日 前

    >doesn't read or even try to comprehend the political plot because "who even cares about that sh*t" >is confused about everything what's going on in the movie *bing*

  42. Xogb402

    Xogb40217 日 前

    If jar jar is in the frame, take away 999 sins

  43. Mauricio Muñoz

    Mauricio Muñoz18 日 前

    This episode is a fucking classic. One of the best.

  44. Alex

    Alex19 日 前

    Empires first scene is the star destroyer launching the probe droids with one landing on Hoth...

  45. Eden Matrix

    Eden Matrix19 日 前

    For those who are curious... Naboo doesn't have a molten core. It's a series of honeycomb-like caves filled with water. Thanks, Empire at War :)

  46. Zachary Ruckh

    Zachary Ruckh19 日 前

    Also have you ever heard of acting? Of course you have I mean after all your acting right now but with just your voice! Lol so yes jar jar can totally trick us if Lucas wrote him into a Sith lol sir quit babbling on to try to break stuff when it feels like you do not try the best you can. Also why do every comment I ever see have many likes and never a dislike. Are they invisible or does everyone just mindless hit a like button?

  47. Zachary Ruckh

    Zachary Ruckh19 日 前

    Also the whole jar jar think secretly being a Sith lord or just a Sith is kinda reasonable and believable. I love that character a lot think it was one of the best characters. So him being a Sith can make sense. Also I love how he gets shamed all throughout later on but we all knew how clumsy and kinda dumb he was so this movie and cartoon animations just pointed out that the star wars universe is just or worse off judging then us. Also the force is a pedophile

  48. Zachary Ruckh

    Zachary Ruckh19 日 前

    I'm sorry but half of your stuff on your videos are just lame. You even pretend you never seen the film then talk about stuff like movies happened after. I can go on and on about why the heck are you getting so much views but I then sit there and think maybe because people fell alseep

  49. SCar98

    SCar9820 日 前

    You really bullshit your way through every video, don't you?

  50. Daniel Keen

    Daniel Keen21 日 前

    Better than clones & sith

  51. darthvincor

    darthvincor21 日 前

    Still more fun than TLJ or TFA.

  52. Darth Batman

    Darth Batman9 日 前


  53. Star masterc

    Star masterc21 日 前

    Yeah because the story of the prequels is actually a good one. The sequels don't have story, The Force Awakens is basically a train of plot devices and The Last Jedi is basically the Deus Ex Machina.

  54. Moyza

    Moyza21 日 前

    10:50 Is pretty established in: 1. the first minutes of this very movie; 2. the way C3-P0 introduces himself in episode IV; 3. the first minutes of ep. V and 4. cloud city in the ep V.... that Threepio is a mass-production model droid. But, ok, Anakin builds Threepio.

  55. Moyza

    Moyza21 日 前

    4:36 discount Earl Sinclair, from "Dinosaurs"

  56. Jordan Eggerman

    Jordan Eggerman22 日 前

    8:05 uh, Schoolhouse Rock? I think you were looking for Schoolhouse Rock

  57. Brad D

    Brad D23 日 前

    Nitpicking. Lol

  58. Sue Kelley

    Sue Kelley23 日 前

    Oh I so hate Jar Jar. And this movie

  59. Bale Sahagun

    Bale Sahagun24 日 前

    For one who hates it so much you know a whole lot of details which means you watched it multiple times I wouldn't be able to stand it

  60. Bale Sahagun

    Bale Sahagun24 日 前

    What's so sinfull about Aniken building c3po

  61. Star masterc

    Star masterc21 日 前

    Yeah, we don't know anything about C3PO's backstory and doesn't contradict anything.

  62. Bale Sahagun

    Bale Sahagun24 日 前

    I still think patawan's hair is made up that way to make them look goofy so they will strive to pass their trials faster so they can look normal again, as well as mark them as apprentices

  63. N and A Gaming

    N and A Gaming26 日 前

    I first watched this at around 5 years old and only now have I realized that Qui Gon is Liam Neeson

  64. 1eulbeht

    1eulbeht28 日 前

    Actually while re watching this video, at 5:04, isn't Qui-Gon waving his hand to do the mind trick on the King?

  65. MRalSt0ne

    MRalSt0neヶ月 前

    Qui-gon knew about the god law because darth jar-jar told him when he saved him

  66. Jono Fancett

    Jono Fancettヶ月 前

    Pod racing is basically nascar. Since when did stock cars drive 800km/h over rough terrain and past obstacles?

  67. ballad2212

    ballad2212ヶ月 前

    Stab it with Twizzlers!! 😁

  68. Brandon Rachal

    Brandon Rachalヶ月 前

    the prequels were spectacular! don't take these vids seriously! made to be silly and nonsensical. Or this channel just doesn't like entertaining films.

  69. Robert Vogel

    Robert Vogelヶ月 前

    00:32 thank you, thank you.....been saying that for years.

  70. morsteen

    morsteenヶ月 前

    It isn't racist for characters to have an accent.

  71. Firesenz

    Firesenzヶ月 前


  72. Richard Hoffman

    Richard Hoffmanヶ月 前

    The only sin was a lack of Jar Jar, if Kathleen Kennedy wants to make a movie that earns a million billion dollars she’ll make a stand alone Jar Jar origination film. Mesa thinks that’s big big good

  73. Tom Evans

    Tom Evansヶ月 前

    Biggest sin of all: when they were on Tatooine, why didn't they just go to Mos Eisley and HIRE a ship to take Amidala back to Coruscant, like Obi-Wan does 33 years later to get to Alderaan? Don't Pilots come to Tatooine yet? You know, the pilots that Anakin talks about seeing angels and stuff? She's the freaking queen of Naboo, she would definitely be good for the fare... and even if the locals didn't take credits, the pilots definitely would. You know, the pilots that Anakin talks about seeing angels and stuff? They might want extra credits for exchange, but they could still get to Coruscant. They could just sell the Queen's ship for local money too. Her entire planet was at stake, no point in skimping.