Everything Wrong with The Crow In 15 Minutes Or Less

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The Crow is a movie that happened. I was there. Well, not there on set. But there in the theaters. Even then, so many years ago, I recognized how sinful it was.
Next week: Musical sins and animated sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Kim Holtby

    Kim Holtby19 時間 前

    Character that has never shown any powers other than immortality shows a different additional power. Because unless every power is stated up front, someone can have no other powers? Even if they are not relevant or useful until later? Another sin for CinemaSins...

  2. Big Jack Gameplays

    Big Jack Gameplays日 前

    I'd like to watch a Cinema Sins' movie. I bet it would be just perfect (over the top visual sarcasm)

  3. 75 aces

    75 aces日 前

    11:02 Yeah this summed it up for me, more or less. I saw the movie when it came out, but could never get into it. Jon Polito and Michael Wincott were inspired casting choices, but the script doesn't give the villains anything interesting to do. Just a bunch of revenge and arson sequences, but without a clever or creative setup, there's no payoff.

  4. RogueDragon05

    RogueDragon05日 前

    The Ernie ghostbusters joke was like the only one that landed... this was a really lazy job, it's ok to admit that there is nothing to really make fun of in the movie and move onto a better one.

  5. Bradarious Spar

    Bradarious Spar2 日 前

    Wasn't Jason Momoa supposed to be a new Raven? I think I heard that a while ago, and that's a movie I'd like to see. 10:27 A overheard view shows that the city should be nuked. Just save Ernie Hudson first, and that woman he talked to.

  6. Abby Anarchy

    Abby Anarchy2 日 前

    I didn't know other people didn't have devils night until I was an adult 🤷😅

  7. glitterbitesback

    glitterbitesback2 日 前

    Because. There’s your answer for every single question in this movie. Because. Watch it like you do every other comic book movie and enjoy it as it is. If you do that, it’s a perfect movie.



    Unpopular opinion. There isn't anything wrong with this movie. Plus I'm glad I unsubbed. Your channel is so dead you started attacking films that are masterpieces. Looking for anything to "roast" it. You insulted fans of the movie just for the "fans" of your channel. Pathetic. From, another fat fuck on the internet acting _like my words have weight_

  9. MzNaeture π

    MzNaeture π3 日 前

    Dumpster boots 👢😆

  10. Alberto Perez

    Alberto Perez4 日 前

    F*** you you a******

  11. Alberto Perez

    Alberto Perez4 日 前


  12. TheFemBIZ

    TheFemBIZ6 日 前

    I couldn't enjoy this video for obvious reasons.

  13. Nyneva Kyte

    Nyneva Kyte7 日 前

    According to my sources, Amelia Earhart is living with her daughter inside a massive living organism off the coast of Chile, along with dozens of others presumed shipwrecked and dead, and looks younger every day.

  14. shawn connery

    shawn connery9 日 前

    I would just like to add again that you are a huge piece of shit.

  15. shawn connery

    shawn connery9 日 前

    Shut up. You are a sad sad little baby. So you don't like old movies? The movie has some odd stylistic choices that alot movies suffered from back then? Seriously? Just stop watching old movies then assclown. Who the fuck do you think you are? The movie has a cult following, but I guess you know better. I guess you are the gatekeeper. You are saaaaaaaaaad. How about you string a movie together that is half as good. one that suffers half as many problems that the Crow suffered in shooting. Oh but you are not factoring in having their sets destroyed by a record snow storm, their star being killed and all the other shit. Oh weird, a movie that Is based of an obscure comic wasn't able to tick off all the boxes of your modern standards-- seriously shut the fuck up. You have nothing to offer. You are a piss poor excuse of a critic. Fuck off eat shit you sad little bitch. Oh boo hoo.

  16. Jaytube106

    Jaytube1069 日 前

    I've only seen The Crow 40 times and I can't agree with any of this.....lol. ....no, really. I can't.

  17. Allie Roberson

    Allie Roberson12 日 前

    There should be everything wrong with the second and third crow not this one.

  18. Thorn Age

    Thorn Age12 日 前

    You sin my favorite movie, you stupid ass hair!

  19. Chris Ducat

    Chris Ducat12 日 前

    Such a shame that this is the last work of the Lee family...Brandon was just getting warmed up with this poorly-written nonsense :(

  20. tomson 304

    tomson 30413 日 前

    Good but why didn't they get one of the hardy Brothers

  21. Wloffi Rupski

    Wloffi Rupski14 日 前

    While we're covering classics ... maybe Leon?

  22. David Lawson

    David Lawson15 日 前

    Funny video, but The Crow is still one of my favorite movies.

  23. Joanne Markus

    Joanne Markus15 日 前

    This was a GREAT movie! I still love it and the sound track!

  24. SLASH8902

    SLASH890215 日 前

    Usually I love these but this one bothered me cause I love 5his film so much

  25. G Puppy

    G Puppy18 日 前

    Ah man this movie shouldnt have any sins. Its perfect

  26. pavlara

    pavlara18 日 前


  27. Sylvia-Novella Underwood

    Sylvia-Novella Underwood18 日 前

    The only thing I hate about this film is how it killed a young, talented actor

  28. Sylvia-Novella Underwood

    Sylvia-Novella Underwood18 日 前

    I understand that this is educational but please have respect for the late Brandon Lee

  29. stuartj1234

    stuartj123418 日 前

    RIP Brandon Lee. So much potential. The Crow and Rapid Fire were great movies he was awesome in both of them. So sad that we lost his dad and then him both so young with so much left to give the world. Gone but never forgotten.

  30. William Koppos

    William Koppos18 日 前

    Oh cryin' out loud, just sit back and enjoy this thing, it's GREAT

  31. Jay corona

    Jay corona21 日 前

    Bad Cinemasins no good .

  32. Ryan Lesner

    Ryan Lesner21 日 前

    The first guy who got killed was the first one to rape his girl friend.

  33. tamfuwing1

    tamfuwing121 日 前

    To be fair, some of the sins came about because Brandon's death caused them having to rethink and drop some scenes. They did what they could under difficult circumstances. Kudos. Long live The Crow and Brandon.

  34. red red

    red red22 日 前


  35. Jack Warren

    Jack Warren24 日 前

    This video stands out. Very well done indeed.

  36. Aaron SemlerPDX

    Aaron SemlerPDX25 日 前

    8:00 *DING* Drinking beer is also bad for you. Alcohol is a poison, and fairly addictive, too. It's just very mild, and not as bad as slamming morphine. Still bad for you, and Eric pops it open and hands it to him. ;)

  37. Oliver Dixon

    Oliver Dixon26 日 前

    That child's voice: is that the base for Ivona's Justin?!

  38. Courtney de Longis

    Courtney de Longis27 日 前

    Your a fuck face bitch.

  39. Zelda Bomb Squad

    Zelda Bomb Squad27 日 前


  40. Mo Jo

    Mo Jo28 日 前

    Yea this might be the worst sins episode pointless sins

  41. light74

    light7429 日 前

    Wack video criticizing a good movie.

  42. High Elven Wisdom And Love

    High Elven Wisdom And Loveヶ月 前

    What movie do you like and see nothing wrong with? That’s my question. The beauty within this movie transcends time and space and so did a soul. RIP Brandon Lee. 🙏🏼

  43. ImInnuendo

    ImInnuendoヶ月 前

    Why does this dude sound like a Nathan Fillion wannabe?

  44. Randall Pfleegor

    Randall Pfleegorヶ月 前

    He also had a 6 shot revolver in that one scene that shot at least 40 rounds.

  45. Balzac Waxhoff

    Balzac Waxhoffヶ月 前

    had to quit video at 2 minutes, youre a sorry sack of shit with an annoying voice and whoever wrote this is a bitter uncreative shit stain, get cancer and die. This is the greatest story and movie of all time. Whoever thought doing The Crow was a good idea is a piece of shit moron and should be fired... oh yeah and hopefully they get testicular cancer and die a slow painful death... sincerely ALL Goths, Rockers, Comic Nerds and Movie Fanatics... Everywhere.

  46. Moneyallspent

    Moneyallspentヶ月 前

    Ummm no. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with the Crow.

  47. Random person

    Random personヶ月 前

    Wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the mob meeting scene and heaths joker entrance in the movie was inspired by the crows entrance to top dollars meeting

  48. Aaron Tolley

    Aaron Tolleyヶ月 前

    You're a sad, flabby little bastard aren't ya?

  49. Michael Mays

    Michael Maysヶ月 前

    I used to get a kick out of these "everything wrong with" CinemaSins videos. This is the newest one I've watched yet. Is this what the series has devolved to? Making fun of minor script issues and manufacturing complaints just for the sake of increasing the sin counter? Why doesn't every video have about 1500 sins then? Stick with real movie complaints that you can spin for humor - the fire was poorly rendered, sure; the crow did have to work his beak off to wake up Draven. But the bad guys driving away from the scene of a crime...how exactly is that a sin? I think it's time to retire this series if it's become this difficult to find material to judge in the movies, or choose a different subject.

  50. WileyFox Trickster

    WileyFox Tricksterヶ月 前

    Joker ripoff? You do realize that Heath Ledgers Joker was based off of Eric Draven right? Along with Sting's gimmick. This movie inspired so many films and it changed the industry. I don't care what anyone says, The Crow is and will forever remain a classic, and thanks to Brandon Lee's performance Eric Draven will remain one of the most badass anti-hero's in Cinema.

  51. C Von

    C Von6 日 前

    Nice to meet you both

  52. Priscilla Yoga

    Priscilla Yoga7 日 前

    Exactly!!! Brandon Lee's performance totally inspired The Joker.

  53. Stephen Passaggio

    Stephen Passaggioヶ月 前

    This series is not funny it’s annoying

  54. Amarok41

    Amarok41ヶ月 前

    That was just obnoxious

  55. Idiotic Satisfaction

    Idiotic Satisfactionヶ月 前

    How did you call a cat named GABRIEL “she” Like... did you even watch the movie? The cats name is said right before the clip you showed.

  56. Leeann Turner

    Leeann Turnerヶ月 前

    Hello, can I ask something?

  57. The Chitown Clown

    The Chitown Clownヶ月 前

    No. I don't know how there could be anything wrong with this movie.

  58. TheHortond

    TheHortondヶ月 前

    You are going to hell for just making this one. The SJW position you take is going to make sure you burn.

  59. Roland Stone

    Roland Stoneヶ月 前




    Nothing wrong with the crow, you ballsack.

  61. Ryan Carpenter

    Ryan Carpenterヶ月 前

    Dude, I don’t like you anymore. You fucked with “The Crow”. How dare you...?

  62. randy palla

    randy pallaヶ月 前

    Its been remade as wings of the crow in 2000 ,with a woman as the crow Eric has been changed to Erika draven, its a shit movie