Everything Wrong With Forrest Gump In 16 Minutes Or Less

I'm Forrest, Forrest Gump. I'm a movie and I have sins.
Next week: Action sins and romance sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. EnuffaDotCom

    EnuffaDotCom分 前

    Forrest Gump is almost a guilty pleasure movie. I loved it when it came out, but now recognize it as a well-made, manipulative Hollywood crowd pleaser. Tom Hanks delivered one of his all-time great performances, Gary Sinise launched his career, and both of their respective awards season recognition was deserved. But Gump itself had no business winning Best Picture over the likes of Pulp Fiction and Shawshank. That said, it's still a fun watch, particularly because of its stroll through the second half of the 20th century. I do however take issue with its depiction of anti-Vietnam War protesters as either buffoons or bullies. Yes I get that it's told through Forrest's simplistic lens, but the anti-war movement in the 60s was both noble and on the right side of history. Also Jenny is shown as a pretty awful person for most of the film, which always bothered me a bit. She's dismissive, flaky and self-destructive until she needs Forrest in her life. This film definitely could've been handled with more nuance and sophistication and it would've been more deserving of all the awards it got. But I still enjoy it for what it is, on the same level as I enjoy Titanic.

  2. Jordan Taylor

    Jordan Taylor3 時間 前

    i feel like i could definitely drink 15 dr peppers

  3. Quinn Williamson

    Quinn Williamson12 時間 前

    I hate this movie, it's such predictable garbage.

  4. Ziggy Sellers

    Ziggy Sellers20 時間 前


  5. jjtarin5100

    jjtarin510023 時間 前

    LBJ is a well known pervert to the people who worked closely with him more specifically his secretary

  6. Zain Chupacabra

    Zain Chupacabra日 前

    Seeing him get offended over this entire movie is so funny.

  7. _roses_

    _roses_2 日 前

    This man didn't take a sin off for Bubba's heart wrenching last words..."I wanna go home"

  8. EthaniOL

    EthaniOL2 日 前

    Nothing...Wrong...With...This...Movie! Forest gump rules!

  9. Jose De Dios

    Jose De Dios2 日 前

    This guy hates on everything. I mean shit we all hate jenny too but the movie is good bro how tf can u hate it

  10. Myles Therrien

    Myles Therrien3 日 前

    LBJ was a creepy perv

  11. AJ Kraiza

    AJ Kraiza3 日 前

    Who else got mad at how much he craps on this movie

  12. AJ Kraiza

    AJ Kraiza3 日 前

    What’s next everything wrong with Shawshank redemption

  13. Hockey reviews27

    Hockey reviews273 日 前

    Most overated movie of all time

  14. TheDreg27

    TheDreg274 日 前

    A lot of the actual criticism was taken wildly out of context imo, there wasn't much analysis put into the movie behind the surface concepts. You have to pay attention to every little detail in the movie because most of them are used to forward some kind of emotional motif.

  15. Ryan Packer

    Ryan Packer4 日 前

    Life is like a box of chocolates, it doesn’t last as long for fat people

  16. Sullivan Arnold

    Sullivan Arnold4 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="374">6:14</a> Did somebody say Leslie Allen? No?... crap.

  17. Isaac Abunu

    Isaac Abunu4 日 前

    Do you hate great movies you tasteless son of a bitch?

  18. live from the 717

    live from the 7174 日 前

    I know Philadelphia come out before this film but the actions in Forrest Gump were prior in time. Just as a joke I think he got aids from Jenny therefore leading to the events in Philadelphia

  19. André Verdi Caldeira

    André Verdi Caldeira5 日 前

    should have removed a sin bc Alan Silvestri

  20. Hamish McCulloch

    Hamish McCulloch6 日 前

    Bruh you basically say everything is a sin like when someone is sitting down you give that a sin or someone on a bus.

  21. Jose De Dios

    Jose De Dios2 日 前

    This guy hates on every good movie but the bad ones

  22. Jose De Dios

    Jose De Dios2 日 前


  23. Ashley Harrison

    Ashley Harrison7 日 前

    Dang I'm from Alabama and even I agree with the stupid "seats taken" thing

  24. Gacha AndStuff

    Gacha AndStuff7 日 前

    i just REALLY hate jenny

  25. Stephan Gorsuch [Harney MS]

    Stephan Gorsuch [Harney MS]7 日 前

    I think the movie is great. Don't understand the hate here.

  26. Erick Garcia

    Erick Garcia7 日 前

    First sin is an excellent CGI work from a special effects oscar winning movie.

  27. Robert Patrick

    Robert Patrick7 日 前

    Gary Sinise and the Lt.Dan band. Take off a sin for that.

  28. Mr. Person

    Mr. Person7 日 前

    Drank not drunk stupid <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="247">4:07</a>

  29. Jonathan Morales :3

    Jonathan Morales :38 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="795">13:15</a> coronavirus

  30. Mehdi Musawi

    Mehdi Musawi8 日 前

    The Dr Pepper one, umm pretty sure I could drink that much with one pissing 3 times

  31. Mahesan Chanderseker

    Mahesan Chanderseker8 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="282">4:42</a> 😂😂😂

  32. Felix Zimmermann

    Felix Zimmermann9 日 前

    The counter jumps from 34 to 36.

  33. Pokepunk lilwillamp

    Pokepunk lilwillamp9 日 前

    The virus is a coronavirus

  34. Waxy12

    Waxy129 日 前

    Jenny died of Hepatitis C.

  35. Dean

    Dean9 日 前

    "All the sudden" instead of "All of a sudden" cliche *ding* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="338">5:38</a>

  36. JakeThe Golden

    JakeThe Golden9 日 前

    Okay this was kinda funny but come on this was an amazing movie

  37. Danger Close

    Danger Close9 日 前

    I hereby grant a full pardon........best movie ever!

  38. Bob White

    Bob White9 日 前

    These sin videos 😂😂... Just Thank you.

  39. Bigcheese 69

    Bigcheese 6910 日 前


  40. Péter Ring

    Péter Ring11 日 前

    111th: no, she does not refer to AIDS. She refers to a virus, what is the HIV, not the AIDS. AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is the name of the disease caused by the virus named HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).

  41. Kenton Godfrey

    Kenton Godfrey11 日 前

    I agree about Jenny being horrible and the vague quotes trying to pretend to be deep, but most of these sins just seem like you guys are trying to fill time. For that I give you 60 sins.

  42. Frank Lefebver

    Frank Lefebver11 日 前

    Here's a Cinema sin dr. Pepper did not come in 20 oz bottles back then. The Coca-Cola bottle with 16.9 fluid oz

  43. Rocco Casazza

    Rocco Casazza12 日 前

    Dr. Pepper RULES

  44. Cherif Mouhamed

    Cherif Mouhamed12 日 前

    Did you know if you think about it Forrest Gump would be the richest man in the world with billions

  45. KennDreva

    KennDreva12 日 前

    This guy would literally be the worst person to go the movies with.. He'd be like "ding" the whole thing through.

  46. dimi g

    dimi g13 日 前

    Jenny is a whore💩 he loved her and she couldn't care less waits til shes dying to let forest know he has a son cause she wanted nothing to do with him am shocked though she didn't tell him earlier knowing he was a millionaire that's how much she didn't want him she rather live average than have a great life with forest or give her son a more than average start in life

  47. icerink239

    icerink23913 日 前

    you know he's crying because he's glad his child didn't end up like him?

  48. circusitch

    circusitch13 日 前

    Everything in this video is true, and then some, but I still like it.

  49. dsizz76

    dsizz7613 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="866">14:26</a> that’s i am sam

  50. Pretti-Blue-Queen

    Pretti-Blue-Queen13 日 前

    How dare!

  51. Shivani Ghatak

    Shivani Ghatak14 日 前

    For a second there, I thought that they really did give 4 medals, but after pausing it, it does look like 5. The guy behind Forrest also looks like he's wearing a suit rather than a uniform, which is very odd.

  52. micky_123 Grady

    micky_123 Grady15 日 前

    there is nothing wrong with forest gump

  53. Me Maybe you

    Me Maybe you15 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="17">0:17</a> _* . . . sitting like a Gump on a log . . .*_ ➖ Cinema Sinsii

  54. Nite Wing

    Nite Wing15 日 前

    I'm really fucking tired of this channel criticizing extremely good works of cinema even though he couldn't do half as good if he fucking tried with double the budget. Honestly please do us all a favour and shut the fuck up cause there is a lot wrong with your channel

  55. Greg Norris

    Greg Norris15 日 前

    I love cinemasins, but come on, the purpose of the kids rejecting Gump on the school bus was to illicit sympathy for the 'different' kid. So there was always a feeling of rejection, for Gump, on top of the fact his mother was a whore and had him out of wedlock :-P

  56. Ty Kehat

    Ty Kehat15 日 前

    this channel really bugs me...I never know when to take something seriously and when it's meant to be a joke...

  57. Maja

    Maja15 日 前

    The videos on some of these movies are entertaining to me, bit some aren’t, including this one. The sins just seem so forced and unnecessary. Just don’t do it if you can’t find enough actual sins.

  58. Slurpii

    Slurpii15 日 前

    I thought I was the only one who think Jenny is the villain

  59. Demetrius Johnson

    Demetrius Johnson15 日 前

    Sorry had a fight at black panther party

  60. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel Hernandez16 日 前

    As a red lobster cook, endless shrimp is probably how they loose employees 🤣😅

  61. Keegan Porter

    Keegan Porter16 日 前

    All these pointless & fake “sins” ... still searching for the person who cares.

  62. river trinh

    river trinh16 日 前

    bus stops don't do checks

  63. river trinh

    river trinh16 日 前

    bus stops don't do checks

  64. Sosa Curry

    Sosa Curry16 日 前

    Never realized ray ray from south central was on here thanks cinema sins

  65. BrickMaster X

    BrickMaster X16 日 前

    Jenny was a bitch during the movie she didn't give 2 shits about Forrest

  66. Ace Hall

    Ace Hall16 日 前

    I wrote this comment on a post by @J. Baird, below. But I think it deserves a more prominent placement for an audience due to its significance about the subject matter: Actually, from the book itself, and from a TV interview with the book's author, it is heavily implied (and possibly outright stated during the interview--I can't remember) that Jenny had Hepatitis B, another virus that emerged into awareness by medical professionals right around the same time as did HIV. I know that online, in many reviews and explications of both the book and the movie, this is often stated as a fact by people more knowledgeable on the subject than am I.

  67. Cameron Boschen

    Cameron Boschen17 日 前

    Bruh this movie is a classic you say any movie is bad when someone breathes

  68. Derrick0898

    Derrick089817 日 前

    Sorry but Forrest Gump is one of the best films ever made. I really couldn’t care less about the little nit picky crap you pointed out. That said Jenny is an asshole.

  69. Shanea Foster

    Shanea Foster17 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="285">4:45</a> 😂😂😂

  70. jlatnyc

    jlatnyc17 日 前

    Those aren't 20oz bottles, those are old school 12oz glass bottles of Dr Pepper

  71. Quinn Steddom

    Quinn Steddom18 日 前

    No matter how many sins you give this movie it will always be one of the two movies that made me cry the most and that says a lot for someone who doesn’t cry at the beginning of up and the end of toy story 3.

  72. Ronan Zweifler

    Ronan Zweifler18 日 前

    Forrest clearly attended the promethease School of running

  73. Red

    Red18 日 前

    Narration sins? A sin for a feather falling? Really?

  74. Eric The Great

    Eric The Great18 日 前

    No uh uh noooope😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Christian Roberts

    Christian Roberts18 日 前

    I saw the title an i said “HE DID NOT EVEN DARE TOUCH THAT!” The one white movie black people respect.

  76. Lucas R

    Lucas R18 日 前

    You made this video so Im legally allowed to hate you now

  77. SupaDopeMex

    SupaDopeMex18 日 前

    Those are 12oz bottles!!

  78. 2kBucs

    2kBucs18 日 前

    this guy gives sins for narration but he narrates everything.

  79. Mahajan

    Mahajan3 日 前

    "We often sin when making our own videos. And we wear those sins like a badge because that's the motherf*cking point." - Jeremy, the narrator of CinemaSins

  80. Thangliana #

    Thangliana #18 日 前

    Most of these criticism are because they need to make the video 10+ mins

  81. SpectrumNGC

    SpectrumNGC18 日 前

    I am not hating but remember this film is from 1994

  82. Douglas Graham

    Douglas Graham18 日 前

    You should read the book, it's great!!!👍 The movie is only vaguely like the book.

  83. Mark Theshark

    Mark Theshark19 日 前

    When u say hacksaw ridge 20 years before hacksaw ridge, hacksaw ridge was based on a true story