Everything Wrong With Forrest Gump In 16 Minutes Or Less

I'm Forrest, Forrest Gump. I'm a movie and I have sins.
Next week: Action sins and romance sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. generalnawaki

    generalnawaki15 時間 前

    ho-lu-SHIT. this video helped me realize some things.

  2. Lady Onikara

    Lady Onikara20 時間 前

    God, when I first saw this, I had no idea that Jenny was such a bitch! Golddigging whore!

  3. Lady Onikara

    Lady Onikara21 時間 前

    I need to go to the Bubba Gump restaurant on Pier 39 in San Francisco. I usually only go to Chowders.

  4. Grand Torino

    Grand Torino22 時間 前

    13:50 well it’s quiet simple, his legs don’t hurt

  5. TwEtch

    TwEtch日 前

    wow look at that zero sins

  6. Itamar Alon

    Itamar Alon日 前

    I think that he didn’t really show any emotion because he knew he has Jenny, his true love. He knew she was out there, and that’s what made him keep going. So when he finally lost her, he broke down.

  7. Cj Johnson

    Cj Johnson日 前

    She said they were my magic shoes.

  8. Sam Dryden

    Sam Dryden日 前

    This movie is an offensive piece of shit. Hanks getting an Oscar was a disgrace, and the fact it won six in total an utter joke.

  9. BTB  Gaming

    BTB Gaming日 前

    Nothing wrong with the movie it’s the best

  10. tom crockett sr.

    tom crockett sr.日 前

    I see title: say sic right now

  11. Alexis Ireland

    Alexis Ireland2 日 前


  12. Ourmando Is LIT

    Ourmando Is LIT2 日 前

    8:30 nice

  13. Tyler DeBoy

    Tyler DeBoy2 日 前

    Don’t rip on Gump.

  14. Jwmayes14

    Jwmayes142 日 前

    Kids don't bully like that in Alabama. Bitch

  15. BaseBallGamer360

    BaseBallGamer3602 日 前

    *Also Dr Pepper

  16. genestarwind7

    genestarwind72 日 前

    You're a monster for doing this .... forest gump is the single most amazing film in all of history.... I do not salute you for this o e sir....

  17. skykid

    skykid2 日 前

    I always saw the movie as more about Americana than some guy named Forrest Gump, he's just an excuse for the movie to happen

  18. Anything Productions

    Anything Productions3 日 前

    Why is this video 16 minutes it should only be 0:01

  19. ShrekWazowski

    ShrekWazowski3 日 前

    Was named after Ku Klux Klan Flounder, Best Friend is black

  20. ShrekWazowski

    ShrekWazowski3 日 前

    This will always be my #1 Favorite Movie of all times

  21. Boromir Thefreeman

    Boromir Thefreeman3 日 前

    "Are you stupid or something?" "Yes,because i love you Jenny"

  22. The Eternal Desire

    The Eternal Desire3 日 前


  23. Wuzi Juzi

    Wuzi Juzi3 日 前

    Its spelled hamburders...Fu

  24. weswes12354

    weswes123544 日 前

    I watched a behind the scenes and they got the feather to cooperate like that because they animated it until it got to his shoes. Take off a sin.

  25. Sam Hornsey

    Sam Hornsey4 日 前

    Not taking a sin off for the Fortunate Son chopper scene is a sin within itself...

  26. MzNaeture π

    MzNaeture π4 日 前

    Are you crying? There's no crying in gumpball! 😆

  27. Gwen Starr

    Gwen Starr4 日 前

    1:56 We have to insult newcomers to see if they’ll respond with insults or just shy away. Only the strong survive and get invited to lunch after church

  28. parker Pousson

    parker Pousson4 日 前

    I'm sorry I know people are going to hate what I'm about to say, but I really hate this channel I mean he gets payed to hate as much as he can on a movie even forest gump which is the best movie ever

  29. Sav Rose

    Sav Rose4 日 前

    I think you did miss the part in History class were LBJ was a perv, cause he totally was

  30. David Neligan

    David Neligan5 日 前

    This is probably my least favourite sins video. There are always sins that exist for humour- this channel is for entertainment, not reviews, you know-- but it seems like there are a lot of sins here that are just not earned, or good parts of the film either not mentioned or criticised for no good reason.

  31. adminofutube123

    adminofutube1235 日 前

    I’ve drank 8-10 beer without peeing it’s not impossible at all

  32. Alexander Sillan

    Alexander Sillan5 日 前

    Ha ha one of the best ones I’ve watched

  33. Username fd

    Username fd5 日 前


  34. Snipe You Noobs

    Snipe You Noobs5 日 前

    I never even saw you made this one but at least you had the balls to do this video

  35. scott left

    scott left6 日 前

    Other than it's a blatant rip off of Peer Gynt....Pete Gimp.

  36. Overclocked super Mines

    Overclocked super Mines6 日 前

    This counts as bullying disabled people

  37. Gencturk92

    Gencturk926 日 前

    i love forrest gumps accent when his narrating and morgan freeman in shawshank redemption. both movies came out the same year along with pulp fiction

  38. Asiong Tercero

    Asiong Tercero6 日 前


  39. Luis Chacon

    Luis Chacon6 日 前

    They are just movies don’t judge them

  40. Luis Chacon

    Luis Chacon6 日 前

    Bro they are just movies

  41. 80_ Eighty4

    80_ Eighty46 日 前

    4:01 but.. glass bottle soda is in 12 oz form not 20 oz form

  42. Golden Ghost

    Golden Ghost6 日 前

    There is nothing wrong

  43. mrkiiprototype

    mrkiiprototype7 日 前

    I have once drank a 12 pack of pibb in one sitting. I got $20 out of it.

  44. Theodor Damgaard

    Theodor Damgaard7 日 前

    I saw the movie with my family

  45. NG S

    NG S7 日 前


  46. Lauren Nicole

    Lauren Nicole7 日 前

    Jenny is the worst person in a movie I’ve seen in awhile

  47. Lauren Nicole

    Lauren Nicole7 日 前

    Shout out buzzfeed

  48. Ajit Kirpekar

    Ajit Kirpekar7 日 前

    I didn't grow up in the south but this is a pretty terrible indictment of all things south. Surely it can't be that bad can it?

  49. DocInAbox

    DocInAbox8 日 前

    There is nothing wrong with forest gump

  50. Mario Giorgi

    Mario Giorgi8 日 前

    Sin 4- or he had the same pair of shoes for like 3-4 years. I swear some of your sins are super reaching. I wish u would only focus on legit sins.

  51. Kaden Ferris

    Kaden Ferris8 日 前

    this movie is fucking lit, tf is he talking about

  52. tejaswoman

    tejaswoman8 日 前

    Watched this back when it came out 8 months ago, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't until just now that I caught you didn't say "hamburgers" in praising White House cuisine. Nice and sly, y'all.

  53. David Stewart

    David Stewart8 日 前

    I drank about that much cherry coke in one sitting with a slice of cake, it is possible, though I am slightly taller than Forrest (Tom Hanks) by about a five inches. So, may have to remove one sin at the end of it for my count, but you may not sin something I noticed, so we will call it even!

  54. Franco Barrera

    Franco Barrera8 日 前

    "Hamburders are outstanding." Shots fired at Donald Trump.

  55. Snake Box

    Snake Box8 日 前

    I don’t like you

  56. Mark Reuber

    Mark Reuber8 日 前

    This guy sounds like he don't get out much lol

  57. carnival triumph

    carnival triumph8 日 前

    Yeah... pushing it fam

  58. O corley

    O corley9 日 前

    4 days days before I was born😲

  59. Henri-Eerik Reintal

    Henri-Eerik Reintal9 日 前


  60. Alexander Noah Lyngberg

    Alexander Noah Lyngberg9 日 前

    Bad arguments!

  61. Aidan Carroll

    Aidan Carroll9 日 前

    while this movie is crude but light hearted the book is very darker 😓🤦🏻‍♂️