Everything Wrong With The Happening In 21 Minutes Or Less

Thursday: sins of a "thriller"?
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. dakoda linville

    dakoda linville19 時間 前

    Everything wrong with CinemaSins: “everything wrong with the happening in 21 minutes or less” Length of video: 22 minutes

  2. Julia Johansson

    Julia Johansson2 日 前

    What an awful science teacher DX

  3. Collin 255

    Collin 2552 日 前

    This movie REALLY reminds me of Birdemic. Obviously it's a lot better, I'm just saying if Birdemic would've had a really high budget and good actors in it, thus would be it. Just replace Birds with Wind lol

  4. Seenl6 Eight

    Seenl6 Eight2 日 前

    So bad, another bad game admits it’s bad!

  5. Hailey Babi

    Hailey Babi2 日 前

    EVERYTHING is wrong with the happening. It's stupid

  6. Jake Frost

    Jake Frost4 日 前

    Everything wromg with the happening. It was made....

  7. B G

    B G5 日 前

    Bird box is a huge ripoff of this movie

  8. Liam Static

    Liam Static5 日 前

    Everything wrong with the happening.. is everything.

  9. Rts

    Rts5 日 前

    M. Night must not know that’s steam coming from the cooling towers on that nuclear power plant...

  10. Twisted_Frequency

    Twisted_Frequency5 日 前

    Should of took the sin off when he was right about telling her to tell her daughter to not look out then window.

  11. Orchid

    Orchid6 日 前

    Sooooooo no one decide not to wear masks?

  12. Orchid

    Orchid6 日 前

    "What's taking the wind so goddamn long? It's f*cking WIND!" Lmao

  13. Curly4000

    Curly40006 日 前

    The happening is my favourite all time movie. The movie has great acting and great writing. Such a great movie

  14. Captain Smoke

    Captain Smoke6 日 前

    That moment when they run away from the wind is my favorite movie scene of all time, WTF were you thinking? lol

  15. Philip Sharpe

    Philip Sharpe6 日 前

    You didn’t mention the fact the wine in Wahlberg’s glass is solid at the 15:12 - 15:20 mark of your breakdown. Terrible prop!

  16. Raithed

    Raithed日 前

    Damn. Good eye.

  17. Mr Snrub

    Mr Snrub6 日 前

    17:57 best part from the movie 😄

  18. Ionut Butu

    Ionut Butu6 日 前

    15.26 look at that wine GLASS :))

  19. Corb man

    Corb man7 日 前

    Suicide by lawnmower okay meat processing plant anyone hungry for chilli. I call it 3rd shift special.

  20. Jeannette Campbell

    Jeannette Campbell8 日 前

    Is Mrs Jones (the old lady that smashes her head thru the glass) the same lady who plays the one of the grandparents from "The Visit"? (which incidentally is another M. Night Shyamalan movie)

  21. MarkoJ

    MarkoJ8 日 前

    it deserves 5 sins for having mark whalberg in it

  22. 1990cb7 Honda

    1990cb7 Honda8 日 前

    Actually I liked this movie. DO U LIKE ANY MOVIE

  23. Exterminatus omnia

    Exterminatus omnia9 日 前

    lol the fairfield nebraska scene...that shit..isnt actually far fetched for nebraska lol


    SAIIIURAI9 日 前

    ...im not a sommelier but at 15:22 something seems not quite right with that gravity immune wine! ^^"

  25. boeuf3000

    boeuf30009 日 前

    Outbreak of airborne toxins happens but no one, not even the military, thinks of wearing hazmat suits or at least a gas mask. +1000 sins *ding*

  26. Kittyslap Lavender

    Kittyslap Lavender12 日 前

    Ummm is The happening kinda like Birdbox?...Cause I just realized they have some similarities. Not the scenes between im talking about how an unseen force makes people suicidal. Wait its a toxin ...

  27. comfortouch

    comfortouch13 日 前

    15:22 the liquid in the wine glass doesn't move as he flails it around. WTF? +1 sin

  28. 3M Flatties

    3M Flatties14 日 前

    15:25 the wine is frozen haha

  29. Orchidalicia 799

    Orchidalicia 79914 日 前

    I for some unknown reason enjoyed this film, except the wooden acting of the leading lady whose name I forget🤔😕

  30. Shamara B

    Shamara B13 日 前

    I like most movies until I watch cinemasins

  31. tontalo

    tontalo16 日 前

    YOOOO did any one else notice the fake wine at 15:17

  32. Kenton Ladda

    Kenton Ladda16 日 前

    The Happening 2: Bird Box, it's Happening again.

  33. Mr. TAMW

    Mr. TAMW12 日 前

    for some reason it didn't register to anybody that bird box had already came out and it was called the happening

  34. Ace Nunez

    Ace Nunez17 日 前

    Mark Wahlberg is a national treasure, but is put in terrible movies

  35. Mity Aphrdite

    Mity Aphrdite17 日 前

    You forgot the superfluous cough syrup line best in the whole movie.

  36. allan moncrieff

    allan moncrieff17 日 前

    You'll be quicker with 'everything right with the happening'

  37. Cayy

    Cayy17 日 前

    I love this moviesins series so much xD It's basically watching myself watching a movie xD

  38. Alyson Shorthouse

    Alyson Shorthouse17 日 前

    "Theres a theory" procedes to sin when things either do or do not tie in with the theory

  39. C Von

    C Von17 日 前

    The Happening: Looking up Mark Wahlberg’s nostrils for 90 min while they run from wind

  40. Shawn Conway

    Shawn Conway17 日 前

    You can't convince me this isn't a movie made by the guy who made Birdemic.

  41. GigglesTheCat

    GigglesTheCat18 日 前

    15:22 the wine in the glass doesn't move at all it is either solid or painted on the glass +1 sin

  42. Hannah McGlynn

    Hannah McGlynn18 日 前

    Gotta love the glitches before each part of his line where the editing didn’t match up with continuity at 2:11

  43. Ronald Stepp

    Ronald Stepp18 日 前

    At 15:20, did anyone else notice the jello wine-glass prop? Was waiting for a sin to be added.

  44. Stephen Corbally

    Stephen Corbally19 日 前

    M. night constantly risks his career, say what you want about him and his films, the fact is he's insane and gives zero fuc*s 😂 respect brah ✌🏻😂

  45. SkyrimBarbie

    SkyrimBarbie19 日 前

    Did anyone else notice that at 15:26 the fucking wine in the glass mark is swinging around doesn’t even move

  46. Otis Smith

    Otis Smith21 日 前

    You should do everything wrong with Apocalypse now

  47. Stuart Cheney

    Stuart Cheney21 日 前

    Can we talk about the fake wine at 15:25 like it doesn’t move at all

  48. Lauren Nicole

    Lauren Nicole21 日 前

    Walburg has never been in a movie I enjoy except 4 brothers

  49. Pervy Turtle

    Pervy Turtle17 日 前

    I enjoyed "The Other Guys"

  50. Mister Wuss

    Mister Wuss19 日 前

    If Mark Wallberg is gonna be in a movie, don't watch said movie. Save yourself the time.

  51. Chris Ducat

    Chris Ducat21 日 前

    Yikes...Mark's acting is totally wasted here.

  52. Shane WJT

    Shane WJT21 日 前

    15:22 Wine defy laws of grafity? Or was this somehow related to the plot? *Confused*

  53. a.j.a.k.uk.1

    a.j.a.k.uk.121 日 前

    No wine in the glass should be another sin.

  54. Cory Brown

    Cory Brown22 日 前

    this movie is so bird box right now

  55. Ethan Fox

    Ethan Fox24 日 前

    10:43 or deathwish

  56. Will

    Will24 日 前

    Did anyone notice the wine wasn't liquid in the glass at 15:23?

  57. Providence

    Providence27 日 前

    Not even gonna lie, this movie scared the fuck out of me when I was a kid.

  58. Matthew Hall

    Matthew Hall28 日 前

    Sooo bird box now?

  59. Matthew Hall

    Matthew Hall24 日 前

    @John S lol i noticed and watched it yesterday

  60. John S

    John S25 日 前

    Sooo, you couldn't look and see he did that back in February?

  61. Original Songwriter

    Original Songwriterヶ月 前

    The Shawshank projection comparison is hysterical and profound

  62. JD Smith

    JD Smithヶ月 前

    Truly one of the worst movies ever made, written, thought of.

  63. Glitter

    Glitterヶ月 前

    1:50 He also blinded an Asian man once.

  64. Jay Mel

    Jay Melヶ月 前

    Someone, anyone, please tell me how the girl in the beginning sitting there reading a book, pauses, then asks her friend to tell her what part she is at, as she forgot. Why would her friend know where she was at? Are they reading to each other out loud? Either way, it's a baffling scene, at beast, and completely nonsensical at worst. Never mind, it is actually a great way to introduce this movie now that I actually read my sentence.

  65. Mika Beck

    Mika Beckヶ月 前

    Anyone notice the wine glass full of wine not swishing when Elliot was talking to the kid at the dinner table?

  66. Taylor Pittman

    Taylor Pittmanヶ月 前

    I took my dog on a walk with auto play on and ToonTown ReWritten on, came back to this video on with toon background music and it makes this absolutely hilarious

  67. Bruce T

    Bruce Tヶ月 前

    No obvious sin for the fake wine @ 15:24 ?!?! He holds it at an angle and it appears fake lmao! This movie really sucks ha.