Everything Wrong With 47 Meters Down In 12 Minutes Or Less

Mandy Moore and sharks! With the sequel upon us, we decided to go looking for sins in 47 Meters Down. And boy did we find some.
Thursday: Not super old but not new animated sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Yazmin Rangel

    Yazmin Rangel日 前

    Excuse you I love this movie

  2. Half_Deaf_Girl

    Half_Deaf_Girl2 日 前

    Please do After

  3. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr2 日 前

    THIS MOVIE LITERALLY HIT ROCK BOTTOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr2 日 前


  5. Nikolai1245

    Nikolai12453 日 前

    I am waiting for him to make the uncaged one considering it was a 2 minute long beginning with the main character getting thrown into a pool by the school. Why is there a pool in the front of the school.

  6. Erza Scarlet

    Erza Scarlet4 日 前

    I’m dead “it’s huge! Hey this is what my collage girlfriend use to tell me... about my roommate”

  7. FoldedCandle

    FoldedCandle4 日 前

    Their ears should of been dead by how they sank

  8. Mai Ali

    Mai Ali6 日 前

    😂☠️me during every movie skip hahaha

  9. Lexi Luvs Reborns & Baby Alives

    Lexi Luvs Reborns & Baby Alives7 日 前

    I loved this movie so i really don’t care

  10. Samuel Dallmeier

    Samuel Dallmeier8 日 前

    If you listen to their heavy breathing and close your eyes you will think a murderer is chasing them (Probably)

  11. designated nine-tailed fox

    designated nine-tailed fox10 日 前

    Wow that's the movie, this sucks so bad.

  12. David Costantino

    David Costantino10 日 前

    I would rather have suffacated or suffered from the bends than see this movie.

  13. Philip Martin

    Philip Martin11 日 前

    Everything Wrong With The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989)

  14. Keisha C

    Keisha C13 日 前

    1:57 the shallows didn’t have anything to do with “alcoholic shenanigans” but it is a very similar movie to this

  15. Meghan VanAlstyne

    Meghan VanAlstyne10 日 前

    It did, because her friend didn't go surfing with her because she was too hungover

  16. It’s K/DA Uh

    It’s K/DA Uh14 日 前

    Did anyone watch the recent sequel (47 meters under: uncaged)? I really wanna watch them chew the movie out for all the cliches

  17. TheNewMeta

    TheNewMeta14 日 前

    Yay, another movie that shows how falsely harmful sharks are. Another reason for people watching to have an unnecessary fear of sharks. Not only that, these divers are so unbelievably stupid. Breathing that heavily at such a low level in the ocean would give them about 10-15 minutes of oxygen. Also, going down the ocean that fast would rupture their eardrums. *_*ding*_*

  18. Josephine Tyler

    Josephine Tyler14 日 前

    And to think they are making a second one...

  19. Hjh Ghg

    Hjh Ghg15 日 前

    Bruh..they probably got near an ocean monument and got mining fatigue so they can't mine the stone

  20. Brandy McNamee

    Brandy McNamee15 日 前

    Lol, I actually _liked_ this movie *BUT* that's only because I went into it with - 1 expectations and I don't really give a fluff about technical accuracy. It's a _movie,_ not a documentary (and Mandy Moore is the lead -- that alone should have clued people in that this wasn't exactly going to be the second coming of Jaws.)

  21. Nicholous Rogers

    Nicholous Rogers18 日 前

    I've seen this movie and it's better than jaws

  22. Jordan Eggerman

    Jordan Eggerman19 日 前

    I mean....while I have *great* respect for The Bends(the song, itself, being one of my top favorite songs), I guess I'd have to consider myself an "OK Computer apologist". Kid A was overrated.

  23. pewdie kms

    pewdie kms19 日 前

    Please do everything wrong with The Boy!!!!!!

  24. Epoch plus5

    Epoch plus520 日 前

    This video should rather have been titled "Everything right with 47 meters down" and you could have made a 2 second video.

  25. Sassy the Sasquatch

    Sassy the Sasquatch20 日 前

    Also how the fuck does the winch break? They are in water so there shouldn’t be much weight at all

  26. Courtney Newtz

    Courtney Newtz20 日 前

    Tbh I really liked the movie and it’s one of my favorites

  27. Thijs Vr

    Thijs Vr21 日 前

    Junior scuba diver here Problems : (May have missed that they have licenses but ill count it too) 1. Open water diver 2. They also dont have full face license 3. Ear drums will explode 3. Air runs out faster the deeper you are 4. STOP TALKING 5. How did she change it underwater without much expierance?

  28. Slimey Annihilation

    Slimey Annihilation23 日 前

    I love 47 meters down uncaged it was interesting

  29. Rickity Rock

    Rickity Rock23 日 前

    Honestly the creepiest part of the whole movie is Lisa laughing hysterically at the end. Gave me the chills. The rest was kinda bad.

  30. Lil Playz

    Lil Playz23 日 前

    I’m sure going under 47 meters water pressure would have killed you and oxygen tanks could have burst. And the amount of time people talk in the movie they would lose oxygen percentage faster than the iPhone 11’s new battery and that thing lasts for longer than 12 hours. At least they have each other 47 meters down. +1 Sin

  31. chloe chick

    chloe chick24 日 前

    i watched this a couple of weeks ago and tbf its not actually bad, like this shit was lowkey scary at points.

  32. Isaac Simpson

    Isaac Simpson24 日 前

    I hate how movies like this make sharks look like crazy murderers that are attracted to blood for 1 it takes alot of blood to attract them and they also don't attack humans, only on rare occasions infact the cage is useless in real life it's safe to swim with the sharks. And stop gulping down air and since the sharks are this dangerous stop leaving the cage constantly. If your ever in a situation where psychotic sharks are swimming around you and your stuck 47 meters down in a cage just sit as still as possible while breathing very slowly these bitches gulped down air like they had an unlimited amount you don't take deep breaths you take short breaths also crazy sharks never attacked the coast guard?

  33. Mackenzie Paige

    Mackenzie Paige24 日 前

    Can we talk about how they can hear each other even though their ears are outside of their masks?

  34. Amanda Fenwicke

    Amanda Fenwicke24 日 前

    When they get pulled down why do the call somebody to come with a thick medle cane with a hook on the bottom the hook the cage on

  35. Sanaii Vfx

    Sanaii Vfx25 日 前

    Title: Everything wrong with 47 meters down in 12 minutes Ir less Video: *is 12 minutes and 6 seconds* Title: Am i a joke to you?

  36. A1EKSZA

    A1EKSZA28 日 前

    I almost died trying to hold my breath this movie

  37. Taylor Craig Newbold

    Taylor Craig Newbold29 日 前

    The "friend doesn't think something is a good idea but is convinced by other friend to do it anyways" cliche is the most egregious and eyeroll-inducing thing in movies. Ever. It's so common it makes me sick.

  38. Der lachende Sägefisch

    Der lachende Sägefischヶ月 前

    Sorry, but "Everything Wrong with 47 Meters Down" is... well, WRONG. You missed the first "everything wrong" issue in this movie, and that´s everything related with the scuba diving. Yeah, I know, lot of people are going to say "but that´s just a movie, you are talking about technical matters, this is fiction". What would be your opinion if those two girls expend one hour and a half underwater just holding the breath? Technical matters, also? Just fiction? Literary license, perhaps? Well, the air in the tanks carried by those two girls with no experience in scuba diving, using full face masks, screaming and talking wihout pause and in general terms getting hysterical each five seconds, would have lasted BETWEEN 10 AND 12 MINUTES at a depth of 47 meters, period. Just 10 minutes more than if they just had hold their breath. Sorry, but sometimes the technical matters have relevance in the screenplay. If you are throwing two girls in a cage in the water with a couple sharks, and things go south, the amount of air available sould be taken into account. Just strapping a yellow tank to their backs "and that´s all, folks"? Really?

  39. Fred Landry

    Fred Landryヶ月 前

    I’m so tired of a minute of studio logos.

  40. KidFury 90265

    KidFury 90265ヶ月 前

    extra sin= she managed to get herself in that situation but she can name a bunch of scientific information from the top of her head in her condition. idiot

  41. Izaiah Creager

    Izaiah Creagerヶ月 前

    People love to nitpick modern movie plot lines, but they wear nostalgia goggles and forget to critique movies like jaws, where a squishy flesh shark destroys an entire FUCKING BOAT!

  42. *hope macK *

    *hope macK *ヶ月 前

    I actually love this movie so much lol

  43. Rosy The Angel

    Rosy The Angelヶ月 前

    *hope macK * same! In my opinion, this movie was way creepier than the sequel. (Mostly because of the ending).

  44. pewpew myase

    pewpew myaseヶ月 前

    47 meters down unchaged is bad too

  45. Dessilou

    Dessilouヶ月 前

    Make a video on the sequal, 47 meters down: uncaged. It makes even less sense

  46. icyy Marie

    icyy Marieヶ月 前

    This movie triggered my anxiety💀💀💀

  47. Yammma_X

    Yammma_Xヶ月 前

    Say what u want about this movie. All the jump scares were cheap yeah but at 10:47 that shit was terrifying watching the actual film

  48. Happy Water Studio’s

    Happy Water Studio’sヶ月 前

    Decompression sickness is a better alternative to freaken suffocation. One is treatable and you have a chance, the other not so much.

  49. davidjustdavid

    davidjustdavidヶ月 前

    Rubbish cash grab of a movie. After watching this I was around 85 minutes down! I will never get them back. Also, a big YAWN after knowing what we know about the behaviours of real sharks nowadays. It's not 1975 anymore, that shits been done already and belongs in the past.

  50. Stacy Ragdoll

    Stacy Ragdollヶ月 前

    EWW the reef, both the Australian(?) one and most the one with the kid, tigershark, I think it's from the 80'is. First one based in True events, next one probably More so☝🏽

  51. Mark Clipper

    Mark Clipperヶ月 前

    This movie as actually pretty good. Good twist n all. Ppl just don't have the patience if it's not a CGI fest or a superhero movie. The tide pod generation wants dumbed down entertainment.

  52. Hypershadic23

    Hypershadic23ヶ月 前

    I tried watching this movie and got fucking nauseous.

  53. Diaerna 95

    Diaerna 95ヶ月 前

    I dont care about the movie. But i need to know what’s the name of the song that was played when the welding guy part?

  54. Kazimierz Wróbel

    Kazimierz Wróbelヶ月 前

    45 meters is well below the recreational diving depth. They clearly don't have helium in their tanks (heliox mix), so they'd probably suffocate pretty fast.

  55. Malroy Upton klapper

    Malroy Upton klapperヶ月 前

    At the end of the movie when they're swimming the sister up to the surface wouldn't they have gotten the bends to?.

  56. ghost307

    ghost307ヶ月 前

    Considering that Claire was a mermaid in 'H20 Just Add Water' she clearly learned NOTHING about how to avoid being eaten by a shark.

  57. Casey Webb

    Casey Webbヶ月 前

    My phone was on 47% this whole video😂

  58. sofia tonche

    sofia toncheヶ月 前

    suggestion: for tv show sins can you do an "everything wrong with shadowhunters" because i like the show okay but i feel like it'd have a ton of sins

  59. flithy weebs

    flithy weebsヶ月 前

    Cinema is so behind with movies

  60. Hiya Drewgie

    Hiya Drewgieヶ月 前

    Emma is that u from h2o

  61. Mrs.Salvatore/Ivashkov&Herondale

    Mrs.Salvatore/Ivashkov&Herondaleヶ月 前

    We have to go back Kate😆😆😆 love lost💜💜

  62. Stuart Lenk

    Stuart Lenkヶ月 前

    Dislike for the sin on stuart and another for the correct spelling of it