Everything Wrong With Ralph Breaks the Internet

The first Wreck It Ralph was a fun surprise full of humor and heart. Ralph Breaks the Internet is... not that. It's a lot more like The Emoji movie. And full of sins.
Next week: Sins of two movies that have one word titles starting with D.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Samuel Bortnik

    Samuel Bortnik22 時間 前

    all comments are bad (according to wreck-it ralph) so let me make you feel depressed, according to stereotype, okay?

  2. A fellow viewer

    A fellow viewer日 前

    I feel like "wreck it Ralph" is better enough by itself

  3. Cooper Smith

    Cooper Smith日 前

    This video isn't long enough

  4. cookiiz

    cookiiz日 前

    never gonna wreck you up never gonna wreck you down

  5. It's Tyler. Bru

    It's Tyler. Bru日 前

    Ralph be like: okay we’re driving around oh wait is that tinder. Girl be like: I’m on there

  6. Deni Jones

    Deni Jones日 前

    1st movie: Turbo ditched his game: this dude is messed - up! 2nd movie: Vanellope ditched her game: meh

  7. DragonKid Legend

    DragonKid Legend2 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1172">19:32</a> I couldn’t stop laughing

  8. DragonKid Legend

    DragonKid Legend2 日 前

    Everything wrong with The Emoji Movie: 20 mins long Everything wrong with Ralph Breaks The Internet: 21 mins long Me: Wait, that’s illegal

  9. The Mad Titan

    The Mad Titan2 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="950">15:50</a> Ralph: me The necklace: my hopes for Disney’s ability to make a good sequel to the first movie Vanellope: Disney

  10. The Mad Titan

    The Mad Titan2 日 前

    This was honestly one of the only truly bad movies of its year. That year, we got some really awesome movies, like Deadpool 2, Spider-Verse, Aquaman, Infinity War, Solo, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and a whole bunch of others, but this was one of the worse movies of is time.

  11. Tagrix

    Tagrix2 日 前

    Blow and go is a hair dryer salon

  12. Robinjhoe1

    Robinjhoe12 日 前

    Not going to lie here: Despite the fact that i didnt like the movie, the end scene with the exploding bunny made me laugh real hard. Im sorry but the face of the cat, ralphs line delivery, its just perfect

  13. coool kid67

    coool kid672 日 前

    Yes that’s impossible

  14. legalize homicide

    legalize homicide3 日 前


  15. Lucas Lafontaine

    Lucas Lafontaine3 日 前

    It represents scrolling

  16. Sonicfan 91

    Sonicfan 914 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="153">2:33</a> Joy Con Drift has entered the chat

  17. Reid Frederick

    Reid Frederick4 日 前

    Someone in the world Dan TDM voiced eBoy

  18. GVTheRedStar

    GVTheRedStar5 日 前

    Wow disney egotistical much?

  19. Enjoya 6leDisc4

    Enjoya 6leDisc45 日 前

    I wished he showed the rick Ashley impression

  20. Mustiboi Salman

    Mustiboi Salman5 日 前

    I prefer the DanTDM Eboy

  21. Teletraan one gaming

    Teletraan one gaming5 日 前

    What about the wreck role?

  22. K

    K5 日 前

    Just for the Dewey Cox reference I loved the entire video. I mean it was already awesome, but that just blew it up.

  23. gIVe mE My aLMonD mILk

    gIVe mE My aLMonD mILk6 日 前

    Hes gay

  24. Grant Walton

    Grant Walton6 日 前

    I’m glad I rewatched a lot of the other Disney cinema sin videos because I would have zero clue what the Disney princess powers could do in the scene of saving Ralph

  25. Micah's Random Videos

    Micah's Random Videos7 日 前

    were not going to talk about the antenna sticking out of the IMac G3, a computer that has built in WiFi?

  26. Guidomann

    Guidomann7 日 前

    He missed the rickroll right at the end

  27. Magic cat

    Magic cat7 日 前

    get raulph rolled internet

  28. bear satt

    bear satt8 日 前


  29. Zizo Kamal

    Zizo Kamal8 日 前

    You forgot to remove 60 sins becuse in top or marvel there is iron man flying but you didn't see him

  30. Chicken The Cannibal With Internet Access

    Chicken The Cannibal With Internet Access9 日 前

    "the bunny f***ing pops" Well that's what happens in the video game. When you feed one animal enough it pops and a new animal replaces it.

  31. CrazyBoi -RIOT-

    CrazyBoi -RIOT-9 日 前

    imagine if they walked into pornhub

  32. Dumb King

    Dumb King9 日 前

    I remembered wen I hated you but now I watch a lot n lmao wen I watch soo yeah

  33. W i n k w i n K

    W i n k w i n K9 日 前

    Wait his name was Stan? Is he secretly Stan lee? (Also Rip stan lee..😭)

  34. Alfomann

    Alfomann10 日 前

    Wait. Didn't Wreck-it Ralph Rickroll us in the post-credit scene?

  35. Ramen, Literally Ramen

    Ramen, Literally Ramen10 日 前

    You know that the random walking at ebay is... sadly accurate

  36. Ramen, Literally Ramen

    Ramen, Literally Ramen10 日 前

    I'm honestly suprised that he didn't sin the fact that sonic knew about the internet because... Deviantart R34

  37. ThatOcelot

    ThatOcelot10 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="189">3:09</a> That's where the Q-Bert charcters went. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="239">3:59</a> Or CenturyLink. (They call it that because everything takes a century to load if you are using CenturyLink.) <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="460">7:40</a> It's possibly the Amoi kick-proof TV from China.

  38. WHEEZE

    WHEEZE10 日 前

    The scene with all the disney princesses in one room made my mind go somewhere I never wanted it to

  39. Catacorn Dragoons

    Catacorn Dragoons10 日 前

    This is what happens when Comcast comes over to fix your internet

  40. Miguel López Varela

    Miguel López Varela11 日 前

    To be honest, Vanellope was the main responsible of everything that happened during the film. If she had followed the orders of the player and didnt try to go on her own, the rest of Sugar Rush characters wouldnt have almost lost their own home.

  41. Joseph Davison

    Joseph Davison11 日 前

    Have you ever noticed that Disney ALWAYS removes the first word / two words said basically as one in the sequels?

  42. Roomie Unofficial

    Roomie Unofficial6 日 前

    Well, not always

  43. Content Deleted

    Content Deleted11 日 前

    Didn’t the voice of the eBay alert guy at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="596">9:56</a> voice used to be dantdm

  44. Camilo Nuñez

    Camilo Nuñez11 日 前

    The CGI mirror on the princess room was just Disney flexing their budget

  45. 13_Kay

    13_Kay11 日 前

    they highkey went OD with the women power bullshit, like yea we get it you guys have had your rights for like 20 years now and are equal, can you get over it?

  46. VR saber

    VR saber12 日 前

    + 1 sin at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="225">3:45</a>. He is using an iMac g3 for an internet connection. The most that could run is IE.

  47. Robb Gosset

    Robb Gosset12 日 前

    I'm surprised that the comment from the end of the Princess scene "she's from the other studio" didn't make it in. That shit's just getting a little too meta.

  48. Pillow_Soft_Gamer

    Pillow_Soft_Gamer12 日 前

    Honestly can someone explain to me why sonic was in the arcade to big in with? As far as I’m concerned a sonic themed arcade game has never existed... add one sin please.

  49. Terrorstrike

    Terrorstrike12 日 前

    I was watching the movie after staying up literally ALL night so I think that was why I felt sanity while watching it... that comment made total sence

  50. Beckett Charriez

    Beckett Charriez13 日 前

    on the first vidio i watched of this i imeadeaetly subscribe

  51. Baldi Roblox

    Baldi Roblox13 日 前

    You forgot how he did the floss from fucknite

  52. Kelaiah Nobles

    Kelaiah Nobles13 日 前

    did anyone else notice that the baby at the end is moana??

  53. devil's client

    devil's client13 日 前

    Mr litwack" that's more than THIS game makes in a year" me" is it more than the arcade makes in a year"

  54. idk

    idk13 日 前

    Well cinema sins...there is a skin is csgo case hardened which is fully blue on the top and when someone first unboxed it it was worth 125,000 for a skin in a video game

  55. SonodaSymphony

    SonodaSymphony14 日 前

    Why isn’t this 1 hour and 56 minutes?

  56. Itz Jennovy

    Itz Jennovy14 日 前

    You forgot one. When Ralph and vannelope were in the football game. You can see space invaders in one of the frames. Then a few minuets later the guy stated that space invaders went down.

  57. Will Morand

    Will Morand15 日 前

    There’s a typo in the video’s title. It should read “Everything Is Wrong With Ralph Breaks The Internet”, not “Everything Wrong With Ralph Breaks The Internet”. I know that CinemaSins doesn’t really care, but it’s one word that really conveys the reality of the movie.

  58. shyathemayatayatay ø

    shyathemayatayatay ø15 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1147">19:07</a> Monika: Am I a joke to you?

  59. ItzCrazyTrkzShotzYT

    ItzCrazyTrkzShotzYT15 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> they gussed COVID-19

  60. Koalas Cookie

    Koalas Cookie15 日 前

    I bet he judges a lot of people.

  61. Glitch Brothers

    Glitch Brothers16 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> yeah boiiii, yeah boi

  62. • Gothic Pastel •

    • Gothic Pastel •16 日 前

    Is it just me- or do Ralph and Vanellope have the same relationship as Beetlejuice and Lydia?

  63. Sharpz Rasor bladez

    Sharpz Rasor bladez16 日 前

    The Internet was actually made to be used as a cyber weapon against Russia in the Cold War nice try movie

  64. Padraig McMahon

    Padraig McMahon17 日 前

    like Destroyed my Childrens Happiness Doitis Dinesty XD lie will as Course🔵🇬🇷🟢McMahon Childrens work Dad♂️♈🖕MA🔴RS DOMINDS🔴 Gold🟡XD Thomas🇬🇷McMahon Thomas Course🇬🇷McMahon Rules MARS Olampas

  65. Minecrafter 0

    Minecrafter 017 日 前

    He got sad about... the JPgo comments? Wait until he sees the roast me subreddit or any other online hate group

  66. Travirus

    Travirus17 日 前

    You missed the fact that Sugar Rush was a two-player connected cabinet and not single cabinet and also wouldn't litwak did break the other cabinet wouldn't have just kept some of those expensive parts? Did the writers of this movie even watch the first one?

  67. DJ Sakmaster

    DJ Sakmaster18 日 前

    Take all the sins off for the definitely not forced and very natural sounding feminism.

  68. Mister Awesomeness

    Mister Awesomeness18 日 前

    Honestly I hated Ralph Breaks the Internet. I loved Wreck it Ralph but there are just too many things that are horrid about this movie

  69. Zombie Guy

    Zombie Guy18 日 前

    You didn’t sin the Rick roll at the end

  70. Kamrin DiSandro

    Kamrin DiSandro18 日 前

    what no sin for the Wreck-Roll video

  71. Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez

    Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez19 日 前

    You forgot the most important sin Ralph roll

  72. bernardo caporali

    bernardo caporali19 日 前

    I don't want to think how reddit is potrayed in that society

  73. Eric V Duval

    Eric V Duval20 日 前

    Did you know the diamond mine cart voiced the Ebay reminder in the movie?

  74. paul oneill

    paul oneill20 日 前

    she wants a steering wheel

  75. paul oneill

    paul oneill20 日 前

    "yeeboy" "E-BOY!"

  76. Pugith I

    Pugith I20 日 前

    Imagine if they walked into pornhub

  77. bodycruser yt

    bodycruser yt20 日 前

    This movie was made in 2018 you Said that it was 6 years ago

  78. ElladanKenet

    ElladanKenet20 日 前

    Ralph saves Vanellope's game not once but twice, and she leaves, and how's he supposed to fix it the third time when players realize Vanellope is gone?

  79. punisher 91

    punisher 9121 日 前

    Another sin is that those little pieces of poop didn't have to pay for the controls



    Why wasn't Mario referenced in this movie, I know Ninitendo is over protective of Mario, but still there is a Mario Kart Arcade game but it failed to make an appearance



    You forgot a sin, Slaughter race, Discount GTA