Everything Wrong With Ralph Breaks the Internet

The first Wreck It Ralph was a fun surprise full of humor and heart. Ralph Breaks the Internet is... not that. It's a lot more like The Emoji movie. And full of sins.
Next week: Sins of two movies that have one word titles starting with D.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Minecraft Mod and Game Show Fan

    Minecraft Mod and Game Show Fan4 時間 前

    Ugh! Again with Disney and their politics at the princess scene. Awesome animation from the movie though.

  2. Awestruckracer5

    Awestruckracer510 時間 前

    He didn't sin Ralph rick rolling???

  3. Kool Animated Films

    Kool Animated Films日 前

    and to think, this all started because of a medal

  4. French potatoes

    French potatoes日 前

    "Glitch fans who's fan of glitch"?-cinama guy Me: Bethesda gamers. ??? (Please like or comment if you agree)

  5. Lucas Shorr

    Lucas Shorr2 日 前

    27 years pennywise reference?

  6. Starfall 21X

    Starfall 21X2 日 前

    I know this has been said before by everyone else. But Ralph literally almost dies to save Venelope's game. And all he gets is a big fuck you for all his trouble. So it's like why did Ralph even bother? Not to mention Venelope comes off as an ungrateful spoiled cunt. Yet I'm expected to believe Ralph is the asshole here.

  7. Uncle Hargle

    Uncle Hargle2 日 前

    Add a sin for Ralph dancing in Fortnite.

  8. Habi Ebeid

    Habi Ebeid3 日 前

    Disney sequals are the worst

  9. Catherine Clayton

    Catherine Clayton4 日 前

    Leaving their game in the first reck it ralph was a total crime and if you die there you actually die, but here you just leave whenever.

  10. TheyCallMeChips

    TheyCallMeChips5 日 前

    Remove a sin for 9:38. They couldn’t have used JPgo because then the movie would’ve lost all ad revenue.

  11. KSK 336

    KSK 3366 日 前

    PLZ ADD 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 SINS!

  12. the emerald play button

    the emerald play button6 日 前

    Dude some of these sins are just you pointing out things that are happening on the screen and, DING!

  13. Ian Mitchell

    Ian Mitchell7 日 前

    I'm surprised you didn't add a sin for the Rick Roll at the end of the movie.

  14. Briangame Here

    Briangame Here7 日 前

    They should've of made a minecraft or roblox pun bc those are the 2 most popular online games. (yes I left out fortnite on purpose :P)

  15. Lonely Chicken

    Lonely Chicken7 日 前

    Fun fact: the U.K. voice for the E-Boy is DanTDM

  16. Usual

    Usual8 日 前

    Remove 5 sins for the Bob Ross one

  17. milkyvsp !

    milkyvsp !9 日 前

    *video is **21:00** minutes* *well this’ll be good* wait isn’t “shank” like equivalent to like “bitch” in tmr? *lovely*

  18. Jayobrine

    Jayobrine9 日 前

    What about the fact that they had DanTDM voice E-boy in only one version of the movie and did not let Americans see it. Also considering most of this takes place on a video sharing website why did they not hire more big JPgors to come in and guest star as themselves or as a rip off version?

  19. YT GVMG

    YT GVMG9 日 前

    Sonicsplaining -Cinemasins

  20. Crazy Ginger Gamer

    Crazy Ginger Gamer10 日 前

    the sin on the money that works between games there are different kinds of money in our world so its most likely the same

  21. Kermit The frog

    Kermit The frog10 日 前

    9:04 I laughed when you said that😂

  22. Shadowbonnie7

    Shadowbonnie710 日 前

    I'm honestly disappointed that he didn't mention that Fortnite is briefly shown in this movie, or sin it.

  23. Amber Jackson

    Amber Jackson10 日 前

    ok but am I the only person who wants Shank to have her own movie?

  24. Kawaii Mikkebak The Anime Fan

    Kawaii Mikkebak The Anime Fan12 日 前

    9:56 I definitely think DanTDM did a better job voicing the UK version!

  25. Christi Maddox

    Christi Maddox12 日 前


  26. Elijah Iniguez

    Elijah Iniguez12 日 前

    hated this movie

  27. ArianeIsAwesome

    ArianeIsAwesome12 日 前

    the drug part was hilarious

  28. C O R R U P T

    C O R R U P T13 日 前

    L.O.G.I.C.A.L.L.Y S.P.A.M.L.E.Y.S. T.E.E.T.H C.O.U.L.D C.U.T T.H.R.O.U.G.H T.H.E R.A.L.P.H.S

  29. TwiztedClover

    TwiztedClover14 日 前

    Vanellope wouldn't technically be considered a NPC even if a player doesn't select her. She is always an option when choosing a racer. The audience and sour bill are NPCs

  30. Reece Orton

    Reece Orton15 日 前

    Root Beer Tapper was a mod of Tapper, so one sin is invalid.

  31. Bendaonfire007

    Bendaonfire00715 日 前

    Am i the only one who sees low poly gta?

  32. Dwayne Wood

    Dwayne Wood15 日 前

    12:20 Dreamworks: Princesses working together Disney: Hold my beer

  33. Aeryn Kelly

    Aeryn Kelly15 日 前

    and here I was thinking the song was the worst thing I've heard... not catchy, not well sung, not interesting, just ground the movie to a halt for me. ((shug))

  34. Gavin Henson

    Gavin Henson15 日 前

    " Alcohol is gay becouse if your drunk you can't think straight"-sonicsplayner

  35. Evan St.Clair

    Evan St.Clair15 日 前

    I just realized the video game guy mispronounced Des Moines

  36. Jepson Duel

    Jepson Duel15 日 前

    The only thing this movie made me wonder at the end of it was why did Vanellope even get bored of her game in the first place? If all these game characters have consciences and feelings, I'm assuming at least a few of the characters would wonder if there is anything other than their game in their infinite life. I mean at least 2 or three in the arcade would feel the same way right? You can't tell me Vanellope is the only exception because not only does that not make sense, but that just makes the whole getting the wheel for her game thing completely useless if she didn't even want to go back in the first place. And there are more games than the ones just in that arcade so it makes even less sense. Not to mention the last movie left us off with her being the ruler of Sugar Rush, so she also left her people for selfish reasons. And what is it with this universe having game characters jump in and out of different games and no one asking questions? Do any of the humans in this world know these characters are sentient? Have the characters always been? And if so, how has it gone unnoticed? why haven't the characters devised a revolution so they couldn't be controlled anymore? The first movie was cool and a cool concept, even though it didn't make logical sense, but the second movie just threw me down an endless rabbit hole of questions once they threw the internet into the bowl. Just because it's a movie for kids doesn't mean it can't have universe rules; in this universe it seems everything just bends around whatever the plot wants to happen.

  37. dranpa_gae

    dranpa_gae15 日 前

    I don't remember ralph being this retarded in the last movie

  38. Tevye Anatevka

    Tevye Anatevka16 日 前

    Cinemasins has gotten so political recently. Like chill, we get you're a leftist.

  39. Randomness Games

    Randomness Games16 日 前

    yesss was saying what should be monetized

  40. julianthehero64

    julianthehero6416 日 前

    Are we gonna forget about how the steering wheel was on buy it now with best offer when it was shown to litwak but is suddenly an auction when ralph and venelope are in the internet.

  41. Sienna Avery

    Sienna Avery17 日 前

    Honestly this movie was very disappointing I thought I was going to be as good as the first one

  42. LegoWormNoah101

    LegoWormNoah10117 日 前

    You forgot the Ralph-roll scene

  43. Private

    Private17 日 前


  44. Tempted by Rage

    Tempted by Rage17 日 前

    Am I the only one that immediately *Googled* "Blow and Go"? After Jeremy said "That's not what you''ll find if you Google it".

  45. The Hillz

    The Hillz18 日 前

    where did the football go

  46. Asari Hashim

    Asari Hashim18 日 前

    I'll keep you safe in these arm of mine hold tight to me pretty baby you will see {shiloh dynasty}

  47. Peedp Gaming

    Peedp Gaming18 日 前

    I hate my name, whenever something is broken they say fix it Felix (My name is Felix by the way)

  48. samuel rodas

    samuel rodas19 日 前

    Add a sin for the fact that no one knows it's Ralph, and how does ralph look like a human and not a video game character

  49. X3mgamer

    X3mgamer19 日 前

    sonic explains the internet? sonic.exe

  50. X3mgamer

    X3mgamer19 日 前

    @CinemaSins I also noticed two sins that you did not add to the movie, Vanellope drinks alcohol The virus that destroyed the internet disappeared

  51. Stranger Resuello

    Stranger Resuello19 日 前

    I love her but she's unfair....

  52. Mariorox1956

    Mariorox195619 日 前

    It just occurred to me, they never explained how the virus Arthur was taken care of. Ralph fixed his insecurities and they turned to golden lights, sure, but that wouldn't have affected Arthur right? He still has the insecurity from before, so why doesn't he keep blasting it?

  53. Ashton Aguiling

    Ashton Aguiling19 日 前

    TV-14-DL to TV-MA-LS for censored swearing like f*ck and sh*t and Bullsh*t that’s for 14 especially with damn and goddammit and hell also for PG and uncensored swearing like asshole and ass that’s for MA And Drugs

  54. TheAnimater 5000

    TheAnimater 500020 日 前

    How is this not as long as the movie itself?

  55. Rowlet Playz10

    Rowlet Playz1020 日 前

    Can i just say what happened to the blue guy voice i thought he was being voiced by dantdm?

  56. Liam Ortega

    Liam Ortega20 日 前

    Add a sin for the Rick roll in 2019 at the end of the movie

  57. RLS0812

    RLS081220 日 前

    4:44 1,000 sins for that sign ...

  58. Jade.

    Jade.20 日 前

    I loved the first movie so much when I was younger and this one was just... so disappointing

  59. RaenefWyvern

    RaenefWyvern21 日 前

    Sonicsplaining? Wow you're petty.

  60. Trey A. Cinollo

    Trey A. Cinollo21 日 前

    12:08 did anyone else see a kermit the frog head on the left side of the screen?