Everything Wrong With It (1990) Part 1

2017's IT was a monster hit with critics and audiences alike. As the sequel, It Chapter 2, arrives, we went looking for sins in the 1990 TV miniseries based on the same book, Stephen King's It.
Sins for Part 2 here: jpgo.info/bideo/nodnypuR3X2vv34.html
Next Tuesday: animated sins that made me angry.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. CinemaSins

    CinemaSinsヶ月 前

    The sins video for Part 2 of Stephen King's It will be on our sister channel, TVSins. Subscribe to TVSins here: jpgo.info/tv-e4bOvc1mYxFcQ5xPb9Zmow

  2. weird content

    weird content16 日 前


  3. Black Bedbuck

    Black Bedbuck17 日 前

    CinemaSins, the Hallows eve month is coming! Everything wrong with The Gate Everything wrong with Stir of Echos Everything wrong with Sleep Away Camp Everything wrong with John Carpenter's Vampires Everything wrong with Bram Stoker's Dracula🧛‍♂️ Everything wrong with Close Encounters of the Third Kind---???🤷‍♂️ Everything wrong with The shining Everything wrong with The Thing 1982 Everything wrong with Big Trouble in Little China Everything wrong with The Gift Everything Wrong with The Toxic Avenger Everything wrong with Sleepy Hallow with Johnny Depp Everything wrong with The Witches Everything wrong with Cursed Everything wrong with Leprechaun?

  4. Inna Gotta Davida

    Inna Gotta Davida25 日 前

    @urnotfunny atall It wasn't an orgy. If you had read the book, you would know this.

  5. urnotfunny atall

    urnotfunny atall28 日 前

    They left out that disgusting orgy from the book.

  6. Epoch Eon

    Epoch Eonヶ月 前

    @Kurt Pruitt terrific suggestion. They haven't made any videos for evil dead but made videos for Ouija and I know what you did last summer wtf?

  7. EpicLollipopGamer

    EpicLollipopGamer18 時間 前

    CinemaSins said carry on and then my screen buffered

  8. EpicLollipopGamer

    EpicLollipopGamer18 時間 前

    CinemaSins said carry on and then my screen buffered

  9. Hi I’m AntiSocial

    Hi I’m AntiSocial日 前

    Me: *Everything that’s wrong about this movie is that’s 3 hours long, bills ponytail and the way it sounds like he’ll puke when he stutters* (sorry if I offend anyone, it’s a joke)

  10. Devin Harbert

    Devin Harbert日 前

    No guns thing is stupid , is that how they did that for alien 3.

  11. Devin Harbert

    Devin Harbert日 前

    The only actors I like in this is Tim curry, Tim Robbins , and the kid actors, including Seth green, and Emily Perkins.

  12. Devin Harbert

    Devin Harbert日 前

    In a cameo.

  13. Devin Harbert

    Devin Harbert日 前

    Tim Robbins was In this at the beginning .

  14. Jacob Frye

    Jacob Frye日 前

    look at the yellow signs at 3:35

  15. pacsoul Pavon

    pacsoul Pavon2 日 前

    Im a big fan

  16. Nicolaas Nagler

    Nicolaas Nagler2 日 前

    Umm the ink thing isnt a sin pennywise makes them because he can distort reality

  17. Wuzi Juzi

    Wuzi Juzi3 日 前


  18. Clockwork Universe

    Clockwork Universe3 日 前

    The only problem with the IT film is that it breaks the number one rule of movies and TV shows. Never kill the fucking kids. Unless they die by sacrificing themselves for the greater good, you NEVER kill them off. I know that pennywise's character revolves around killing kids but I just wish that the plot was like.. pennywise is a new dude and the main group of kids that star in the IT movies are his first kids.. if that makes sense? Xd

  19. Thegamer kitten

    Thegamer kitten4 日 前

    Gotta love the fact that they sinned the book f up chapter

  20. Phieilly Dinyia

    Phieilly Dinyia4 日 前

    *Sweet Jesus Stephen, what the fuck man?!* xDDDDD

  21. CPK Grownup

    CPK Grownup5 日 前

    I used to like "Sometimes They Come Back". I was just a stupid kid when I watched it but still

  22. Carolyn Santos

    Carolyn Santos6 日 前

    I love the “ keyrect “ part

  23. Everything Beautiful

    Everything Beautiful6 日 前

    9:57 *Me*: BITCH YOU SAID WH- *Gets held back by friends while swinging punches into empty air* MOTHER FUC-

  24. Bumper Eddy

    Bumper Eddy7 日 前

    ITS A SOUSAPHONE!!!! 5:22

  25. Robin Ipirq

    Robin Ipirq7 日 前

    I hit the "Like" button about 2 minutes in but took it away when the sin was given to the one-shot of Eddy as an adult being introduced in his home at the 8 minute mark. I wouldn't give this video a dislike though, it's a cool video still of course but that sin was uncalled for!

  26. Ryan Sargent

    Ryan Sargent8 日 前


  27. Sophie Lyons

    Sophie Lyons8 日 前

    Gotta love a sin about the amount of butter on the table. Cinema Sins is HIGHLY offended by the volume of butter upon your table!

  28. lancealotk

    lancealotk9 日 前

    Those who have more money than they could ever spend want to live forever. One way they think they can do this is to give themselves blood transfusions with the blood of children. The blood of scared children works best because it's full of adrenaline. Jeffrey Epstein was a financier (someone who was penny wise?) who also ran an organization that kidnapped children (called The Finders) and sold them to powerful people as sex slaves. I imagine some were also tortured and bled. So, someone with an innocent job description like a clown, but named "Pennywise" who is actually evil and feeds on children (but only if he can scare them first) sounds less like an entirely made up horror story and more like an historical fiction novel!

  29. Patrick Farrell

    Patrick Farrell9 日 前


  30. banana balls no homo

    banana balls no homo9 日 前

    Camera zooms into the monster cliché

  31. Emma Johnston

    Emma Johnston9 日 前

    Days of our pennywise starring doctor Drake Ra-Georgie

  32. Desiree Hess

    Desiree Hess10 日 前


  33. Philip Martin

    Philip Martin10 日 前

    Everything Wrong With Captain America (1944)

  34. Брудли Блюа

    Брудли Блюа11 日 前

    Before watching it I wonder if it's a sin that it plays the pronoun game right in the title. Most definitely a sin.

  35. John Doe

    John Doe12 日 前

    What I see wrong with this movie: Clowns aren't scary

  36. HyperWhirl

    HyperWhirl12 日 前

    "I am the eater of worlds" yet is the same size as a normal sized adult. How tf are you gonna fit a planet in your mouth. And your true form is 3 floating testicals. What's that gonna do?

  37. Sunny Mahajan

    Sunny Mahajan12 日 前

    Days Of Lives With Pennywise 😂

  38. joachim Peiper

    joachim Peiper13 日 前

    Not sining the fact pennywise claims hes a dancing clown but never dances

  39. Connor Kruer

    Connor Kruer13 日 前

    Mike was still alive in Dairy because IT comes out every 27 years or something

  40. JAD 2851

    JAD 285113 日 前

    2:12 is hilarious

  41. Seadweller451D

    Seadweller451D14 日 前

    Können Sie empfehlen Medikamente für Furz und Durchfall? Ich Furz wie eine große Trompete. Vollen Klang, wie ein Kaiser Furz. Mein Durchfall fließt wie ein Fluss.

  42. Catub’s TV

    Catub’s TV14 日 前

    I like Tim Curry’s version more than Bill Skasgard.

  43. neondeion12

    neondeion1210 日 前

    IMO I think Skarsgård did a better job at playing a creature who is masquerading as a clown something I feel Curry didn’t do a great job and to be fair the director/script could be the reason why.

  44. Movie Analysis And Review

    Movie Analysis And Review14 日 前

    The kids section in the miniseries actually takes place in the fifties

  45. John Galt's motor

    John Galt's motor14 日 前

    Did he sin puppies? BOOOOOOO!

  46. Jack Bridge

    Jack Bridge14 日 前

    15:55 I am inevitable 😂😂😂

  47. softpheonix

    softpheonix15 日 前

    Ok say what you want about it, but do not say anything about Jonathan Brandis

  48. Bob Blueford

    Bob Blueford15 日 前

    7:05 Ha ha... another good one! I'm removing another sin I gave you!

  49. Bob Blueford

    Bob Blueford15 日 前

    5:25 Ha ha...good one! I'm removing a sin I gave you.

  50. Bob Blueford

    Bob Blueford15 日 前

    Yo man...the writer of Amityville II: The Possession! 0:48

  51. Phillip Marlowe

    Phillip Marlowe15 日 前

    Before home video was common, it was a regular thing to re-release movies into theaters. So, I was a Teenage Werewolf could actually not be a sin if, during its original run in Derry, it did so well, they brought the movie nack seasonally.

  52. Bob Blueford

    Bob Blueford15 日 前

    He's a movie fan and yet unaware of that fact.

  53. Pickles Dill

    Pickles Dill16 日 前

    AS A MAINER. Your sarcasm hurts.



    shut up😒

  55. Bob Blueford

    Bob Blueford15 日 前



    ETERNAL OVERSEER345616 日 前

    Stop swear

  57. MestariDuff

    MestariDuff17 日 前

    9:56 They bully Mike because he's black. I don't remember if that was in the 1990's mini-series, but it's definitely in the book and in the newest movies.

  58. dew dot

    dew dot17 日 前

    lmao y'all really wondering why a white kid was bullying a black kid in 1958

  59. MrSpaz57

    MrSpaz5717 日 前

    Charles Barkley syndrome.

  60. Alexa Janes

    Alexa Janes18 日 前

    ok im going to start of with saying yes I did not like the old IT it did not have good scary parts and bad acting and stuff like that BUT if it was not for this the new IT would not be a thing so you cant hate too much on the old IT because they started the great IT plus its an old movie they dont have as many things to do its old so its not like its going to be the best things so just be happy because of this we have the IT everyone knows and loves so dont even start. Thank you! >:[ and dont hate that im stating facts

  61. Sokie Williams

    Sokie Williams18 日 前

    "Sweet Jesus Stephen, what the fuck, man?!" *adds 30 more sins*

  62. Harry Moobs

    Harry Moobs18 日 前

    In the book, they all had sex after making the pact to return when IT returned. Such a good and fucked up book!

  63. Aeryn Kelly

    Aeryn Kelly18 日 前

    you call him "seaQuest" and I've been calling him "Lucas" through the whole thing and all I can do is be sad about seeing him again :(

  64. åbš føręvä

    åbš føręvä18 日 前

    8:25 Actually, the year is meant to be 1957- 1958 so it’s actually right. DO YOUR RESEARCH

  65. Elisa MacGoun

    Elisa MacGoun18 日 前

    Can you do a video for everything wrong with Hocus Pocus?! :D

  66. Will 9293

    Will 929320 日 前

    4:27 Y'all are f*****g savage. lmao

  67. Da Bayou

    Da Bayou20 日 前

    Mike is still alive because IT needed mike to tell them to come back to Derry

  68. hzlo

    hzlo20 日 前