Everything Wrong With Captain Marvel In 16 Minutes Or Less

Captain Marvel was a huge hit at the box office and most fans seemed to enjoy it. It's not amazing, but it's not bad either. It's a solid MCU film, and as such... it has sins.
Next week: Some animated bullsh*t and some action sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Fiona Hickey

    Fiona Hickey15 時間 前

    13:40 that singing is worth infinite sins



    Absolutely hated this movie, they should’ve cast someone better than Briea Larson everyone else is trying their best but Larson pulled it down

  3. BB Campbell

    BB Campbell日 前

    7 month gang

  4. Alex Smith

    Alex Smith2 日 前

    Only 17 minutes?

  5. Pedro Martell

    Pedro Martell2 日 前

    The captain of marvel is a woman damn I must be anti feminists cuz this doesn’t make any sense stop ruining our movies

  6. Javier Lorenzana

    Javier Lorenzana3 日 前

    Poe was _not_ trustworthy. He didn't get the plan because he would've filtered it to the enemy accidentally. Like he did.

  7. PatronusHelice

    PatronusHelice4 日 前

    Just erverything wrong with

  8. johnj713

    johnj7135 日 前

    The whole movie

  9. Jaayo

    Jaayo5 日 前

    Fuck this feminist bullshit movie

  10. Alejandro Oropeza

    Alejandro Oropeza5 日 前

    Mansplaining? You mean the usual "mentor student chat" in every movie ever? Was Mr Miyagi mansplaining to Daniel San too?

  11. Gotrix2

    Gotrix25 日 前

    Wtf , am i missing something here? When i watched the movie i thought the biggest nonsense was when Carols friend Maria „Photon“ Rambeaus Kid said to her Mom she should join Carol as Co-Pilot into a fight against superior Alians , with little chance of surviving.... Like wtf? What kid would say something like that? And why wasnt it worth a sin ?

  12. Hamaa7

    Hamaa78 日 前

    The dislikes are leftists and feminazi's.

  13. Charlie Hand

    Charlie Hand8 日 前

    Could’ve done this in 10 seconds Brie larson

  14. quic grid

    quic grid10 日 前

    Why wasn't the question asked about the Flerkin and WHY IT LOOKS LIKE A CAT?!

  15. LanceTheManipulor

    LanceTheManipulor10 日 前


  16. LanceTheManipulor

    LanceTheManipulor10 日 前

    Wrong actor. Wrong flipping actor. The actors of Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and just about every single one, but they picked the worst possible actor for Captain Marvel.

  17. James White-Aldworth

    James White-Aldworth10 日 前

    You get that ‘coming soon’ is an indefinite time frame so the Smashing Pumpkins poster doesn’t mean it’s October

  18. James White-Aldworth

    James White-Aldworth10 日 前

    That’s not mansplaining he’s her tutor. It’s called teaching sweetheart

  19. Shandukani Silvester

    Shandukani Silvester11 日 前

    There are millions of sins here with this movie starring this plank. But CM is SJW too so..

  20. Carlos Manrique

    Carlos Manrique9 日 前

    “Plank”. Come up with something else.

  21. Chris Mulwee

    Chris Mulwee11 日 前

    I'll tell you one thing, Carol Danvers is NOT Captain Marvel, Billy Batson is!

  22. Chris Mulwee

    Chris Mulwee9 日 前

    @Carlos Manrique I Know. Apparently you can't copyright a character name.

  23. Carlos Manrique

    Carlos Manrique9 日 前

    Chris Mulwee yet who’s the one with the movie called “Captain Marvel”. Oh yeah.

  24. Justin Bruce

    Justin Bruce12 日 前

    They are trying to suggest no normal cat could scratch out Fury's eye

  25. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson14 日 前

    remember when cinemasins actually pointed out errors or logical fallacies in movies, instead of just nitpicking every detail they didn't personally like? they've reeeeeally run out of imagination these days

  26. Bradley Royer-Collard

    Bradley Royer-Collard15 日 前

    I am giving Jeremy 1000 sins for not giving -10 sins for Blockbusters!

  27. Itzz Yo Gurl Mary K

    Itzz Yo Gurl Mary K15 日 前

    I went to see this movie last year in 3D and it was pretty.....wow

  28. Fight Army TV

    Fight Army TV15 日 前

    Worst Marvel movie.

  29. Пётр Квилкин

    Пётр Квилкин15 日 前

    How was that absolutely predictable snorefest with "releasing full powers" deserve anything but ten more sins? The thingy on her neck does exactly what you think it does at the beginning of the movie, and there are literally no stakes raised. She could have been endangering all the lives on the ship, that would add some tension, but the director was too occupied with making her empowering and forgot what tension even means.

  30. Jack Barnes

    Jack Barnes15 日 前

    Budget direct made an ad where they had a news clipping with “cinema sins” on it, and they both said “that makes no sense” and then there was narration, so that ad was SINFUL

  31. Vindictator1972

    Vindictator197217 日 前

    The downside to this movie is it set Brie Larson up as this entity that is far stronger than it has any right to be, she even says she can lift the hammers of Thor, she can’t. She is not worthy. Hulk, one of the god levellest strong characters, even on his worst day can’t get angry enough to break enchantments. Unless it’s an ultimates universe mjollnir but that’s semantics and not a real mjollnir.

  32. Only In Movies Podcast

    Only In Movies Podcast18 日 前

    Watched Captain Marvel? Then check out the Captain Marvel Episode of our Only In Movies Podcast! Where we breakdown scenes and discuss things that happen...Only In Movies. jpgo.info/bideo/pXpi2H-YuYqzvno.html #onlyinmoviespod

  33. Montez Demarrco

    Montez Demarrco18 日 前

    Just shutup about the intros they've never been funny not even once

  34. K_And_K Kosplay

    K_And_K Kosplay19 日 前

    Hold the actual fuck up. The add that started the video was an insurance add that directly referenced this channel. What in the fresh fuck was that.

  35. Mason Chamberlain

    Mason Chamberlain19 日 前

    This movie sucked ass.

  36. Remco F. Gerritsen

    Remco F. Gerritsen20 日 前

    You know so much details DAMN xD

  37. Remco F. Gerritsen

    Remco F. Gerritsen20 日 前

    Did like the movie, but this video is amazing and right :)

  38. badbiker666

    badbiker66620 日 前

    Subway stations MAY BE beacons for people in weird costumes, but do they usually look as good in skin-tight spandex as Brie Larson does in this film? I don't think so.

  39. Patrick Wentzell

    Patrick Wentzell20 日 前

    Hot girl Marvel thinks she is better than everyone else. woh her she comes she's a man hater but wants Thor to herself. slogans are important just in case you know. eyes on boobies yeah we seen em more than once. How many Skulls does it take to screw up a plot? hmmmmm should we add sins for others nor knowing how the glow thing works. she won't come back unless they make another movie with her in it.

  40. Strokaveli Basketcase

    Strokaveli Basketcase21 日 前

    Nine inch nails .... 20 sins

  41. The You-2-be Podcast

    The You-2-be Podcast21 日 前

    I disagree with his assessment on Hawkeye's skill with arrows. He is literally the best of both DC and Marvel with a bow and is near the best in martial arts.

  42. Michael Stidwell

    Michael Stidwell21 日 前

    What the fuck was this movie even about??

  43. Tyler Au

    Tyler Au22 日 前

    16 minutes or less. It is 17 minutes long!

  44. Chris Mequet

    Chris Mequet22 日 前

    Cinema sins turned sjw hard. Damn what a shame.

  45. Greg Boyington

    Greg Boyington22 日 前

    Best thing about this review is the Beastie Boys reference.

  46. Lampcap

    Lampcap23 日 前

    Captain Marvel = Shazam Brie Larson = Fuck no

  47. Lampcap

    Lampcap23 日 前

    Just casting Brie Larson should add 700 sins right at the beginning...

  48. Pfluftl Luftl

    Pfluftl Luftl24 日 前

    Whew, I was worried when I saw the title. Thank you for this wholesome take.

  49. Corey Duke

    Corey Duke24 日 前

    Superman has kryptonite at least so shut up voice guy

  50. The Big E

    The Big E24 日 前

    1:10 Unironically using the term 'mansplaining'. *ding*

  51. K Bennett

    K Bennett24 日 前

    All these marvel movies fucking suck. Is it the directors, writers, or studios that keep making the same garbage? Oh wait its the fucking idiots that keep going and seeing them. Watchmen at least showed some tits and real emotional break downs.

  52. Cartoon Fish! Fun videos!

    Cartoon Fish! Fun videos!25 日 前

    I think the muzzle on the cat was supposed to be referring to Hannibal Lecter

  53. Foggyfishy

    Foggyfishy26 日 前

    16min? U should just have put the entire movie

  54. hushpuppykl

    hushpuppykl26 日 前

    The acronym SHIELD did not exist then ... 5 sins?

  55. Greeny Yoshi (RockStoneLee19)

    Greeny Yoshi (RockStoneLee19)26 日 前

    We have Captain Marvel.. What about Colonel DC?

  56. Frederick

    Frederick27 日 前

    And this also the first movie that tell us Fury was no stranger to the car accidents.

  57. Albino Obama

    Albino Obama28 日 前

    Everything is wrong with this movie. It was made by SJWs

  58. The Mad Titan

    The Mad Titanヶ月 前

    97 sins. He liked this movie.

  59. Charles Anderson

    Charles Andersonヶ月 前

    Everything you said about a cat not acting like a cat.... well it wasn't a fucking cat. Or did you somehow forget that? Logic where you at?

  60. TheMeiliken

    TheMeilikenヶ月 前

    You forgot one. It had Brie Larson in it. Add 1000 sins.

  61. HB LeBlanc

    HB LeBlancヶ月 前

    Captain marvel is actually easy to beat. Quicksilver from the X-men could destroy her by simply moving faster and hitting harder.

  62. Damian Shannon

    Damian Shannonヶ月 前

    Sin off of the scene with the record player playing nirvana

  63. Siah Elkington

    Siah Elkingtonヶ月 前

    "Carol ONLY gets hit, despite Yon-Rogg standing about the same distance away." The fuck? Do you need glasses Jeremy? Carol is clearly 3-4 feet away and Yon-Rogg is clearly 15-30 feet away.