Everything Wrong With Captain Marvel In 16 Minutes Or Less

Captain Marvel was a huge hit at the box office and most fans seemed to enjoy it. It's not amazing, but it's not bad either. It's a solid MCU film, and as such... it has sins.
Next week: Some animated bullsh*t and some action sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Shadowbringer1195

    Shadowbringer1195日 前

    Everybody's gangsta till captain marvel gets that gay haircut.

  2. Edward Hulse

    Edward Hulse日 前

    0:42 they’re not an incomprehensible series of letter and number characters. Like captain marvel says in the movie, they’re state vectors.

  3. Lauren Nicole

    Lauren Nicole日 前

    Man I hated this movie

  4. valent666

    valent666日 前

    Samuel L. Jackson CGI just ruined the damn movie, its clearly ugly

  5. Xen Xander

    Xen Xander2 日 前

    She got her power from the tesseract which is just the power stone. This is why I do not buy how powerful she is. Literally, how can she wrestle Thanose when all she had was a fraction of the power stone's energy, and nothing more, when Thanose has all stones in his glove? It's pure bullshit.

  6. Wanda Gonzalez

    Wanda Gonzalez3 日 前

    First of all captain marvel is good asf and your wack ass shit if you don’t like captain marvel

  7. DaemonCaedo1

    DaemonCaedo13 日 前

    EWW with captain marvel.... brie larson.

  8. nate word

    nate word3 日 前

    this movie was ass

  9. Joshua Nf

    Joshua Nf4 日 前

    Thor would still kill her

  10. Drogin889

    Drogin8894 日 前

    It says in 16 minutes or less but the video is 17 minutes, damn this is a bad movie.

  11. Master Pierce

    Master Pierce5 日 前

    85% of the movie is a sin of all sins

  12. jude steiner-hall

    jude steiner-hall6 日 前

    12:25-12:30 LMmutherfingAO 😅

  13. jude steiner-hall

    jude steiner-hall6 日 前

    9:44 Skrulls gotta eat yo

  14. jude steiner-hall

    jude steiner-hall6 日 前

    Wounded petting a kitty is a great backstory for Fury's bad ass eye patch

  15. jude steiner-hall

    jude steiner-hall6 日 前

    3:03 Lil'heilm scream? What's that?

  16. jude steiner-hall

    jude steiner-hall6 日 前

    7:35, Total dick move destroying a small business owner's jukebox

  17. jude steiner-hall

    jude steiner-hall6 日 前

    I like the Marvel opening logos. It's...foreplay! ;) (And, yes, props to and remembrance of Stan is touching. He made the universe.)

  18. imTheMrBEAN

    imTheMrBEAN6 日 前

    What a lame reason for Nick Fury's eyepatch. A fucking cat? You'd think someone like him got shrapnelled by somekind of space overlord's attack or something.

  19. Tornadic Ace

    Tornadic Ace6 日 前

    But there is a follow up to Stan, Bad Guy.

  20. shadesofmysoul

    shadesofmysoul7 日 前

    so i saw this movie twice and in the first theatre apparently no one had ever scene a cat puke before because during the end scene with Goose people were very loudly going "wtf is happening?" the entire scene and there i was laughing my ass off because i've had cats my whole life and knew from the first shoulder twitch what was about to go down haha

  21. Layton Shifflett

    Layton Shifflett7 日 前

    Do avengers endgame

  22. deshawn brown

    deshawn brown7 日 前

    Time isn't a line, it's a loop. Therefore, she always heard them at that exact time cause they always were digging in her memories at that exact time and always will be.

  23. nafia morris

    nafia morris8 日 前

    thinking "SJW" is a "complimentary" term deserves a sin


    DJ GILLON8 日 前

    I hate this movie and she’s also super OP

  25. Bass Therapy

    Bass Therapy9 日 前

    This movie was shit.

  26. TrojanSalesmen

    TrojanSalesmen9 日 前

    the movie was so bad though lol

  27. yagm 1977

    yagm 197710 日 前

    Yo barbie girl would have been fucking awesome

  28. Danny Pike

    Danny Pike10 日 前

    It’s unfortunate that you are a SJW. I pray you aren’t one of the bad ones.

  29. Kilroy 5150

    Kilroy 515011 日 前

    Well, you focused on a lot of points in your video.....except for the really important facts: 1) The "real" Captain Marvel was a man named Mar-vell. 2) The real Captain Marvel got his power from energy bands, not from an experimental ship drive exploding (stupid reason). 3) There was no relevant relationship between the real Marvel and Fury. 4) Carol Danvers was really "Ms Marvel" was was renamed because of the Feminist movement and for no other good reason. 5) Monica Rambeau was Captain Marvel (in name only) long before her. 6) The real Captain Marvel was never that powerful and the "faux" Captain Marvel (who got her powers though one of the STUPIDEST ways possible, a wish machine) isn't that powerful either. What this movie is, in reality, was a Feminist push into Marvel to force the idea of "PC makes right" and the ONLY reason this movie made money was because it was dropped in front of Endgame and people "thought" it was going to have a tie-in with Endgame. This movie, in it's self, IS "the" sin. I will say it one more time: PC people.......LEAVE MARVEL CHARACTERS ALONE. Stop changing their sex & race just to sell movies.

  30. N7 Tigger

    N7 Tigger11 日 前

    We have deleted all the sins because they were done by alt right trolls.

  31. Standard PlaneTV

    Standard PlaneTV11 日 前

    1000000000000 sins for brie Larson

  32. Shaun Seegmiller

    Shaun Seegmiller11 日 前

    Your level of pickiness is outrageous. I found the movie to be very bland but you're just sinning stuff that nobody saw or thought about or cared about. Made it to the 5 min mark then couldn't watch anymore. Your sin video is worse than the movie...

  33. Captain Cataclysm

    Captain Cataclysm11 日 前

    What part of *Everything* wrong with Captain Marvel do you not understand?

  34. Chris Licata

    Chris Licata12 日 前

    You ARE SO GOOD! You are hilarious.... love your stuff!,,,

  35. Jamie Pritchard

    Jamie Pritchard12 日 前

    Only 97? 🙄

  36. goku uchiha

    goku uchiha12 日 前

    "Ah aqua-marvel" lol I almost died laughing.

  37. Ryan Stoner

    Ryan Stoner13 日 前

    ok does this guy not take into account context

  38. tony richards

    tony richards13 日 前

    this pile of shit should of got 3000 sins biased much

  39. Michael Munns

    Michael Munns13 日 前

    To answer your question, yes. You change your memories every time you remember them.

  40. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith14 日 前

    Actually science has proven that every time you look at a memory, it changes slightly.

  41. Jamie Pritchard

    Jamie Pritchard12 日 前

    @Matthew Smith Ah, right. I think I misunderstood what you meant in the first place 😁

  42. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith12 日 前

    I regret to inform you that I am not a scientist, so the very deep specifics elude me. But i have 2 sisters and it's interesting to find that when we go over the same childhood memories, we all remember the same events slightly differently.

  43. Jamie Pritchard

    Jamie Pritchard12 日 前


  44. Oscar Wong

    Oscar Wong15 日 前

    They used all makeup for Samuel L. Jackson’s face, no cgi

  45. Wayne Goddard

    Wayne Goddard15 日 前

    Can you add a sin for having a minecraft character in the lead role. Brian Larsson has no hips and a square head. Also add a sin because Brian directed and starred in a film about unicorns after this. He’s trying to come across as an actual female. Bloody unicorns.

  46. Reed R

    Reed R16 日 前

    Phenomenal job--as always. I saw a few more: -how slowly their movements were in the opening fight scene (and as you so wonderfully noted, their banter while doing so) -Wasn't "S.H.I.E.L.D." a relatively new name during the Avengers movie? I seem to recall Tony Stark commenting on its length, and Coulson saying they were working on that...which means they would have been "working on that" since 1995? It took them that long to notice the acronym? -How does Captain Marvel know how to ride a motorcycle? -What was the salary in the Air Force in the 1980s and 1990s? That's a big house and a lot of land for a single-income family--AND a private plane‽ Rambeau must've done quite well for herself. -How did Fury get to the bar before Carol--and how did he know she'd even be there? -Carol is not familiar with the phrase "Welcome Wagon, " and that's to be expected, considering she's still "Vers" for the most part--an alien who wouldn't understand lingo, even if she was able to instantly translate a language. So how did she immediately understand what to do when Fury said, "Lose the flannel?" She also understood what "cuckoo" meant, and immediately knew what a tea kettle was for, when proving she was an "alien" by putting her hand on it and boiling the water. -Rambeau comments "...back then the Air Force wasn't letting women fly combat" as if in the present setting (1995) they are now allowed to (as if she is one of them). Which would be fine, if there were any black female Air Force fighter pilots during that time. There weren't. The first wasn't commissioned until 2000. I understand that Hollywood wants to promote powerful women and diversity, but maybe pick a different character story for Rambeau. That's like scripting a black baseball player in the MLB five years before Robinson crossed the color barrier. -And of course, Rambeau (a human, and very nascent fighter pilot) destroys a highly-seasoned Kree pilot (who was the "star of Starforce" prior to Vers), flying a technologically-superior spacecraft--in a dogfight. --the portrayal of how Fury lost is eye

  47. Aman Kaistha

    Aman Kaistha9 日 前


  48. Pl Ls

    Pl Ls11 日 前

    All of this is true.

  49. Rachel Greig

    Rachel Greig16 日 前

    Everything wrong with this movie - Brie Larsson (she has resting bitch face, wooden actress & I just hated this movie cause of her) imo anyway sorry, not sorry 😩

  50. Yamatai Nagisa

    Yamatai Nagisa17 日 前

    Lola VFX did some special effects for Captain Marvel and Samuel Jackson face and thinner body shape.

  51. RWS12234

    RWS1223417 日 前

    Spent the first 70 minutes of this movie totally confused. The last 20 were pure enjoyment.

  52. Zoom Zolomon

    Zoom Zolomon11 日 前

    Agreed. Captain Marvel could've been one of the MCU's best films if the whole movie was like the last 20 minutes.

  53. Mr.M4. Lildickgurl

    Mr.M4. Lildickgurl17 日 前

    This is the worst film ever

  54. Jade the Doggo

    Jade the Doggo12 日 前

    Mr.M4. Lildickgurl lol no

  55. I have no ideas

    I have no ideas17 日 前

    Why is everyone saying the the stan lee intro shouldve been saved for endgame, like this was the first movie after his death it would of looked like they didnt care until endgame which doesnt look good

  56. Will D

    Will D17 日 前

    I don't need a 40-something white guy to tell me what's wrong with this movie! Brie Larson's in it and it sucks... Thank you veeeerrry much!!

  57. Tim Gonzales

    Tim Gonzales18 日 前

    Idk why people are surprised about folks not like Carol danvers. She is am asshole in the comics why would the movies be different.

  58. Waly

    Waly19 日 前

    Too much forced fem-shit. The funniest part of the movie was when someone says "you cant do it" to Carol. Then she tries to do it (because she is all cool and "tough"), and she fails 😂

  59. Chris Berry

    Chris Berry20 日 前

    Idk how they said "Most" in the description . I think we've witnessed 2 different fan bases because most applies to the people who hated it

  60. Beanquackers

    Beanquackers20 日 前

    I thought since I hated captain marvel and cinemasins that the two would cancel out in this video. NOPE

  61. o7

    o720 日 前

    I can never forgive Jeremy for adding a sin on the Stan Lee cameo, he should’ve removed sins and moved on

  62. Bowser Dragon

    Bowser Dragon20 日 前

    This movie sucks so much, I do not even need to see it since between Cinema Sins and screen Junkies, got all the best I mean boring parts of the movie. Also the main counter for this forced movie should have this formula to be accurate. 2x2x2 I.E. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 etc. (I'm so sinning the fuck out of cinemasins for this shit)

  63. Battledawn5

    Battledawn523 日 前

    CinemaSins:Everything wrong with Captain Marvel Me:This puts a smile on my face

  64. gdeangelkick

    gdeangelkick23 日 前

    You must have done some serious editing to cut the Nirvanna riff out of the second supreme intelligence scene. I'm guessing you would have gotten a copyright strike for that... which is funny because you have lots of fair use of images longer than 5 seconds, but 5 seconds of Nirvana audio and the Google algorithm says "you must be stealing that". Totally disagree with their choice of rally rock songs. "I'm just a girl" completely cliche, and deomonstrating how hard they were pushing to make a super hero movie into a social justice statement. Given how the flashback was supposed to affect her, it would have been more appropriate for them to go with Chumbawamba. Instead they kept up the gender-war baiting. Also, one MASSIVE sin deserved for Maria Rambo deciding to go up to space and potentially leave her daughter as an orphan. It's like Disney went from peddling the "prince charming will save you" garbage to peddling equally garbage "you are invulnerable, Uncle Sam wants YOU" nonsense that used to be peddled to young men. Garbage is still garbage, regardless of who you are feeding it to.

  65. Damien King-Acevedo

    Damien King-Acevedo24 日 前

    This might be your worse CinimaSins. The movie was terrible., but I guess you don't want to get labeled a sexist for pointing out the actual flaws? You give a sin for the dry cleaner's sign, but not for everyone calling the overly stoic Danvers too emotional...

  66. amit vansover

    amit vansover25 日 前

    Come on do Endgame and FFH! Were waiting!!!

  67. Samuel Hatlestad

    Samuel Hatlestad25 日 前

    Proud to be an sjw? +20 sins

  68. Kirika Yumura

    Kirika Yumura26 日 前

    how about a sin for the fact that you can't take your eyes off her chest while she's in that marvel suit? it makes me feel warm and fuzzy and awkward all at the same time.