Everything Wrong With Monster House In 12 Minutes Or Less

Monster House is a pretty decent kids movie. It's got some issues, and it's not amazing or anything. But it's not a bad time at the movies. Let's check out its sins.
Next Week: 2 sins videos. Not 100% sure which ones will be ready, but we will have sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Richard Siddaway

    Richard Siddaway6 時間 前

    Is this the kids version of Tom Hanks' The Burb?

  2. Shelby Johnson

    Shelby Johnson7 時間 前

    Ok I've seen the movie and I had the game and this guy speaks the truth

  3. Ruby

    Ruby日 前

    Monster house is the worst movie ever

  4. Isadora Tamani

    Isadora Tamani2 日 前

    This is old

  5. Herobrine

    Herobrine2 日 前

    For some reason watching this really scared me as a kid

  6. Denzel Arismendy

    Denzel Arismendy4 日 前

    Is it just me or is everyone in this movie scary asfff

  7. Christopher Swain

    Christopher Swain6 日 前

    Anytime Cinema sins season one second of intro logos: >: (

  8. Micaxe Picaxe

    Micaxe Picaxe6 日 前

    *fucking Chowder*

  9. It’s me Log Dog

    It’s me Log Dog6 日 前

    At first I thought this was stupid because you can’t give sins to a horror movie then I started watching, needless to say I changed my mind

  10. Ethan Pletnikoff

    Ethan Pletnikoff7 日 前

    The vid is 12:48

  11. Icy Fox

    Icy Fox7 日 前

    It’s not 12 minutes? Sin


    FATT BOII7 日 前

    Look at 492:29:31

  13. OP Exploiter

    OP Exploiter8 日 前


  14. Damian Fisher

    Damian Fisher8 日 前

    Anyone get the cinema sins ad before this

  15. TheLostVortex

    TheLostVortex9 日 前

    This movie is a masterpiece fight me

  16. Cole Fulks

    Cole Fulks9 日 前

    And that’s why I hated this movie

  17. Cole Fulks

    Cole Fulks9 日 前

    This movie scared the sh*t out of me

  18. Lee Brown

    Lee Brown9 日 前

    The reason why my babysitter's where family members and what house doesn't have security cameras to hear the babysitter not doing her job.🤦🏾‍♀️💢😡

  19. Deviant

    Deviant11 日 前

    It's like a kids version of the house from IT

  20. Psycho! Zafiro

    Psycho! Zafiro11 日 前

    F*cking chowder

  21. Emmy Dragon

    Emmy Dragon11 日 前

    What does he mean Clint Eastwood?

  22. Al Feld

    Al Feld11 日 前

    3:21 I agree with you, Jeremy.

  23. joy freg

    joy freg13 日 前

    sin 55 modern concpiracy theorists serve to supplement things normies don't believe in. How many real supernatural consultable people do you know IRL?

  24. joy freg

    joy freg13 日 前

    sin 48 the loss of the old man caused the house to act out.

  25. joy freg

    joy freg13 日 前

    sound is a thing, and it can do things thanks to being in reality where things are affected by everything immidiately relative in said reality. welcome to things

  26. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha13 日 前

    I think the double dribbling was implemented to show how bad chowder is at basketball

  27. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha13 日 前

    I'm only in the beginning and just wanna say this movie is my child good and I'm happily watching it get ruined

  28. Sophie DeCola

    Sophie DeCola13 日 前

    u really didnt include the line "So this is a girl house" when they see the uvula, that line was comedy gold

  29. Cole Parker

    Cole Parker13 日 前


  30. Sheridan585 Williams

    Sheridan585 Williams13 日 前

    8:58 do one for Coraline

  31. TheInkyAbyss

    TheInkyAbyss14 日 前

    This movie cause me to have a nightmare as a kid Stopped watching it after that

  32. Dakota Bennett

    Dakota Bennett14 日 前

    It doesn’t exist anymore

  33. Kevin Downey

    Kevin Downey14 日 前

    These are mostly your opinions

  34. Justin Guess

    Justin Guess14 日 前

    my sin would be why the girl didnt just take the bike with her?? she literally could've dragged it with her?? or at least try to!!!!

  35. Bejamin Parker

    Bejamin Parker14 日 前

    Top film tho I've watched loads n I'm in my 30s

  36. Sans

    Sans15 日 前

    Make this the most unliked comment on this video

  37. VoidRose

    VoidRose15 日 前

    Why do I remember the video game version of this also being good

  38. Boney 625

    Boney 62516 日 前

    i was scared of this movie as a 3 year old, why my parents let me watch it at 3 idk

  39. 1k without any videos

    1k without any videos16 日 前

    F.cking chowder

  40. Benito Robertson

    Benito Robertson16 日 前

    I hate this movie.

  41. DecenDead

    DecenDead17 日 前

    That one scene makes me worried about how people see me when I’m playing games

  42. Slothy Stewart

    Slothy Stewart17 日 前

    Knock, knock, ginger is racist?

  43. Katie Hetherton

    Katie Hetherton18 日 前

    Ngl this movie haunted me as a kid

  44. Buddah Theepoet

    Buddah Theepoet18 日 前

    FUN FACT.....His parents are swingers.

  45. Patrick

    Patrick19 日 前

    10:16, clearly Nebbercracker had been the only thing keeping the House under control for years and it was when he a)was injured and b)was considering destroying her that she decided to go apeshit.

  46. Angel Gutierrez

    Angel Gutierrez19 日 前

    I hate how he didnt mention her being fucking shoved into a cage like an animal

  47. Canadian Beef

    Canadian Beef19 日 前

    this movie scared the shit out of me when i was a little kid

  48. Brad Horn

    Brad Horn19 日 前

    0:25 Wasn't Nebbercracker played by Steve Buscemi not Clint Eastwood

  49. Brad Horn

    Brad Horn18 日 前

    @SPNfancurl // Maybe

  50. SPNfancurl //

    SPNfancurl //18 日 前

    I think that was a reference to Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino

  51. VelocityNinja

    VelocityNinja20 日 前

    The last movie I expected to get a sin removed

  52. Freedom1776

    Freedom177620 日 前

    The most alarming thing was missed though... nebbercracker was watching DJ (a child) in his own house through a telescope which is way more creepy than DJ watching him in his house.

  53. Bendy

    Bendy20 日 前

    Everything wrong with movie’s cliche

  54. SuperStokeed

    SuperStokeed20 日 前

    How DARE you rip on this masterpiece

  55. EpicFace 640

    EpicFace 64020 日 前

    Gamecube game was better. Though fuck that fight with the vent in the basement and the random QuickTime-Event trees.

  56. i'm sad

    i'm sad20 日 前

    When I was little I was so scared of this shit that my brother would threaten to put it on if I was annoying him.

  57. Luke Paron

    Luke Paron20 日 前

    "I'm confused how we drained the lake is a selling point"...that's...that's the joke.

  58. Sub To SCROEBO

    Sub To SCROEBO21 日 前

    Don’t diss my boy monster house like that bro

  59. YouTube Fan

    YouTube Fan21 日 前

    Ed Sheeran- *sings* Dang Wiz Khalifa- *sings* Dang! Cinemasins- *sings* DAANGG



    The neighborhood and pretty much the entire town from monster house has been brought to you by Kevin McAllister’s neighborhood from home alone one.

  61. The Gazebo channel

    The Gazebo channel22 日 前

    I spy on old men through telescopes all the time and no one complains

  62. Daniel Hill

    Daniel Hill24 日 前

    This is the greatest nostalgia movie ever