Everything Wrong With Bolt in 14 Minutes or Less

Bolt! Here's a perfectly harmless movie that has some fun spots but is ultimately not all that amazing that you want to tell everyone you know to watch it. But it has Miley Cyrus, John Travolta, a LOT of Inspector Gadget ripoffs, and plenty of sins.
Next week: Water sins and Disney animated sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Heather Reagan

    Heather Reagan38 分 前

    I believe Mittens brought the bucket along as a helmet. She's been dragged around by Bolt a lot by that time.

  2. veralidaine97

    veralidaine972 時間 前

    The bucket was a helmet. You're welcome.

  3. Lil Snikrz

    Lil Snikrz6 時間 前

    Me brudda pointed out why would the new bolt get scared in the scene with their electricity hands (causing the entire climax) if they were supposed to add the electricity in post

  4. Guilherme Farias

    Guilherme Farias7 時間 前

    God i want a channel that sins and corrects every CinemaSins video because omg

  5. Lets Player

    Lets Player12 時間 前

    Fuck you Don't you ruin my childhood

  6. Mimah 101

    Mimah 101日 前

    I guess through Jeremy's reviews we can tell if he likes a movie or not and this one he DEFINITELY likes and I'm happy about that, there's only so much of destruction of your childhood favourites you can take.

  7. Gabriella Mantelli

    Gabriella Mantelli日 前

    okay but hear me out... there’s nothing wrong with bolt

  8. PlushMonkey Time

    PlushMonkey Time日 前

    Ok revenge if kitty galore it was legit funny.

  9. harley and binx

    harley and binx2 日 前

    wait wait wait that kitty galore movie actually exists? i thot i imagined holy fuch i want a cinema sins on it noooow

  10. Imaproshaman

    Imaproshaman3 日 前

    This movie is still good tbh.

  11. IightninXB

    IightninXB3 日 前

    did anyone else notice that he said ‘boom mike’ and not ‘BOOM MIC’

  12. The Rock & Roll Gamer

    The Rock & Roll Gamer3 日 前

    What’s 15:15 from? His voice sounds so familiar, but I can’t figure out who it is. I realize that it might indeed just be John Travolta again and that’s why it sounds so familiar, but even if that’s the case, it’d be nice to know what the source of the clip is

  13. SwiftFish 36

    SwiftFish 363 日 前

    His was my favourite film when i was younger

  14. JC Gamer

    JC Gamer6 日 前

    My fav childhood movie... :(

  15. WDB_ Fracture

    WDB_ Fracture6 日 前

    I legit forgot about this movie lol

  16. RazzerRaw

    RazzerRaw6 日 前

    OH MY GOD !! I love this Movie!!

  17. Philip Martin

    Philip Martin8 日 前

    Everything Wrong With Generation X (1996)

  18. Tigergirl06 AJ

    Tigergirl06 AJ8 日 前

    Me: “hmmm Disney is doing remakes” Also me: “REMAKE....REMAKE.....REMAKE......REMAKE......REMAKE!!!!! MUST REMAKE BOLT!!!!”

  19. Aiden Buchler

    Aiden Buchler9 日 前

    15:53 If you guys decided to include the "Squirrel!" line from up you should've at least included the "Moine!" scene from Finding Nemo.

  20. Cindercloud

    Cindercloud10 日 前

    How about YOU make a movie this good. I bet he can't even make a simple animation Also IDC about any hate for this comment

  21. ͔

    ͔10 日 前

    I loved this movie, even though I only saw half of it and the other half in my school

  22. Centennial Maniac

    Centennial Maniac12 日 前

    there is no home like the one you've got, 'cause that home belongs to you

  23. Sophia Munari

    Sophia Munari12 日 前

    And I still cried in the end!

  24. Char_Latte SNK13

    Char_Latte SNK1313 日 前

    *Mentions Cats and Dogs* Do it- do it. SIN CATS AND DOGS

  25. Tiny

    Tiny13 日 前

    Am i the only one who wouldve rather had him have actual powers, just think that'd more interesting.

  26. Lloyd.H. Roberts

    Lloyd.H. Roberts14 日 前

    Not gonna Lie, when I was in the theatre and Bolt barked for help at the end, I felt like Rhino 😁

  27. Juan David L

    Juan David L14 日 前

    This movie has no sins!

  28. Shady150

    Shady15014 日 前

    I watched Bolt like 5 years ago and this is so nostalgic!

  29. Overactive Imagination

    Overactive Imagination15 日 前

    I swear to christ you did bolt once...did u do bolt once?

  30. John S

    John S15 日 前

    He did not

  31. Robert Lopez Lopez

    Robert Lopez Lopez16 日 前

    dont be dising bolt like that

  32. dawn meclaster

    dawn meclaster17 日 前

    and this channel is why we all lose love in movies

  33. Alexis Leininger

    Alexis Leininger18 日 前

    Also How does Bolt know how to read?

  34. Dominic Laurendeau

    Dominic Laurendeau18 日 前

    Bolt is the best movie ever

  35. TheEvilViktor

    TheEvilViktor18 日 前

    Why did you do this video like 11 years later lol

  36. John S

    John S16 日 前

    @TheEvilViktor So?

  37. TheEvilViktor

    TheEvilViktor16 日 前

    @John S ik but its just a old film

  38. John S

    John S18 日 前

    Because this channel didn't exist 11 years ago.

  39. Pluto D71

    Pluto D7119 日 前

    What this movie is a movie i thought bolt was a super dog

  40. Moonwing The Warrior Cat

    Moonwing The Warrior Cat19 日 前

    This was my fav movie and always will be

  41. MacDavidsonStudios_

    MacDavidsonStudios_20 日 前

    i used to watch this movie with my dog all the time. My dog died, and since then I have never watched this movie. I have then found this video that made me laugh a little and remember the good times with my dog Jess. Thanks CinemaSins for being jackasses. Thank you.

  42. Adrian Garcia

    Adrian Garcia20 日 前

    Maybe it's just that it's my favorite movie, and I love you CinemaSins, but there is ONE sin that absolutely bothers me despite being very small. The reason Penny can tell so quickly that the replacement isn't bolt is because he's being commanded with a clicker. I'd say pointing this out is petty, but you ARE CinemaSins, so I'm sure you can understand the need to do so.

  43. James Capitola

    James Capitola21 日 前

    I sin you for not sinning the part of the movie where Mittens tries to get food from the trailer park but is thrown a frying pan at her instead. You should've said "This guy is a d*ck to cats"

  44. Corona

    Corona19 日 前

    James Capitola That part was hella funny to me for some reason.

  45. Privacy Lover

    Privacy Lover23 日 前

    Was there a scandal with Steven Spielberg that I missed? Because he's one of the greatest filmmakers of all time and I can't figure out why you're sinning him.

  46. Peter Frost

    Peter Frost24 日 前

    Why the hell didn’t you give a sin for Mittens teaching Bolt how to fetch when he already knows how as we saw during the filming of the tv show

  47. James Tangman

    James Tangman24 日 前

    Real talk though, I nearly cried watching this the first time because *holy shit* that studio fire scene was *dark.*

  48. Mr Login

    Mr Login24 日 前

    When i was a kid i was dumb, i though he had powers and styrofoam was his criptonite, until mithens said he was a tv show dog.

  49. exploding cat

    exploding cat26 日 前


  50. Death Chan

    Death Chan26 日 前

    Why this movie? I grow up on this movie.

  51. Lucy Lillian Meow

    Lucy Lillian Meow29 日 前

    7:36 the bucket 😂😂

  52. Lucy Lillian Meow

    Lucy Lillian Meow29 日 前

    Hahahahaha buzz lightyear in New York

  53. Warriorcats_person

    Warriorcats_person29 日 前

    Ah, yes.. everything wrong with my literal childhood.

  54. Olivija Strandjord

    Olivija Strandjordヶ月 前

    I love his voice for sin 0. I love his voice for the end of sin 4. I love his voice for the end of sin 5. I love the end of sin 28. I love sin 33; I love Buzz Lightyear. I love his voice for sin 49. I love his voice for the end of sin 51. I love the end of sin 55. I love the end of sin 63. I love his voice for the beginning of sin 64. I love his voice for the end of sin 75. I love his voice for the end of sin 89. I love the five sins added.

  55. I’m already Sans Undertale

    I’m already Sans Undertaleヶ月 前

    All I remember is trying to put the Bolt game disc into my PS2 and it not working.

  56. josh house

    josh houseヶ月 前

    OMG Jack Black in the voice overs is EPIC! 😂😂😂😂

  57. Max Ellas

    Max Ellasヶ月 前

    THis movie is my childhood thankyou cinima sins

  58. Liam Eckhart

    Liam Eckhartヶ月 前

    If she fires them the ratings will drop more

  59. JNoir J

    JNoir Jヶ月 前

    4:20 That guy looks like Rumplestiltskin from the Shrek movie.

  60. Hippo Tenney

    Hippo Tenneyヶ月 前

    Can you make a video of just doing negative cins

  61. Anon

    Anonヶ月 前

    Please do The Fanatic next

  62. Bulut Maden

    Bulut Madenヶ月 前

    i just realisd bolt was made in my birthyear

  63. Ride The Lightning

    Ride The Lightningヶ月 前

    Cats V Dogs now blyat

  64. Parzival8910

    Parzival8910ヶ月 前

    15:53 Hahahaha, this actually made me laugh out loud

  65. Ruby Kittykitty

    Ruby Kittykittyヶ月 前

    🤬 you