Everything Wrong With Return of the Jedi

*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 3/1/16*
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Finishing off the original Star Wars trilogy today.

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  1. CinemaSins

    CinemaSins4 ヶ月 前

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

  2. Royce

    Royce24 日 前

    CinemaSins 7:59 Those guys dressed in purple are actually the emperors advisors :)

  3. Odin Satanas

    Odin Satanasヶ月 前

    It never gets old seeing how few fucks Guinness gives as obi wan in this Fucking hated the series, Lucas, the fans, kind of hilarious He's at least being professional and not totally phoning it in And hell, I love star wars but I can't blame him, he had to work on new hope with Lucas dealing with all the same shit the prequels had, it got saved in the edit And he didn't get to work on empire/Jedi much when they got real writers and directors

  4. Odin Satanas

    Odin Satanasヶ月 前

    As far as jabba being turned on by Leia.. Like, 10 seconds before you show the 4 scantily clad dancers, all of different races, he has in his base haha Clearly the dude isn't xenocentric with his boners I mean, sci fis have humans bang all kinds of hot aliens, why is it weird jabba likes them, when it's not if humans do? We're just as alien to them as he is. Hell, every race likes the asari in mass effect, Salarians, krogan, turians, even a vorcha bangs an asari

  5. Odin Satanas

    Odin Satanasヶ月 前

    I'm actually genuinely surprised you didn't take a sin off for the random boob accidentally popping out on the slave thrown in the rancor pit hahaha, just as a bit Special edition airbrushed the nipple out, only the original has it that actress actually came back for reshoots and looked identical, 16-17 years later, so props to her

  6. zack douglas

    zack douglas8 時間 前

    They couldn't camouflage the Droids!!!!

  7. Samuel Pevey

    Samuel Pevey15 時間 前

    Tell me if you get this reference hopes and dreams are the most powerful thing ever

  8. Mammoth Supremacy 55

    Mammoth Supremacy 55日 前

    Can you do the original theatrical versions? They're on DVD, they were released in 2006 as limited editions.

  9. Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget

    Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget2 日 前

    @2:25 I heard that!

  10. Robert Jensen

    Robert Jensen2 日 前

    btw the whole he didnt train thing isnt true the only problem is how they dont really explain that to you. between strikes back and return of jedi he does go back to yoda and also trains on his own for a bit. so yeah ill sin it for not explaining that is any way shape or form.

  11. Kerem Kurtbecer

    Kerem Kurtbecer4 日 前

    Did Nobody realized vaders Head in 11:36? Its going through the ship

  12. Ari Hadad

    Ari Hadad5 日 前

    At 12:38, I'm surprised that the door didn't shoot first

  13. Ari Hadad

    Ari Hadad5 日 前

    In the original trilogy of star wars, can you really count any ex machina, or cliches, because of how old the movies are?

  14. Danny Ack Official

    Danny Ack Official5 日 前

    these are so great. thank you for doing good work.

  15. MB

    MB7 日 前

    No sins off for the fight between Luke and Vader? Really?

  16. lelwut

    lelwut7 日 前

    6:48 - except obi wan told the council that he will take him under his wings.

  17. Dr. killpatient

    Dr. killpatient9 日 前

    This movies improved with age. I thought it was lame, & ridiculous when I first saw it in 83. The weak link in the original Star Wars trilogy. I rather enjoy it now in 2019. I still could do without the Sesame Street/ Disney crap in the movie.

  18. ShamockParticle

    ShamockParticle11 日 前

    And yet the Disney sequels are imperfect with their plot strands? Well, they aren't perfect (no movie is) but some in fandom act as if the originals had no imperfections.

  19. 1SLUGGO1

    1SLUGGO112 日 前

    lol boba fet was NEVER a "badass". He always sucked

  20. Ling-Ling Gutierrez von Wallenstein IV

    Ling-Ling Gutierrez von Wallenstein IV13 日 前

    Why doesn't he sin the fact that ghost Obi-Wan needs to sit down?

  21. Joseph

    Joseph13 日 前

    Don't need to watch this, its easy. Luke and Leia becoming brother and sister, Boba Fett dying like one of the Three Stooges, and the Empire being defeated by teddy bears,...none of that other nit picking really matters!

  22. adf adf

    adf adf13 日 前

    0:56 Narrator: "Also, hilariously, these brands never even touch the robot's feet..." Narrator is hilariously ignorant of radiation. Do flames have to touch you to burn you?



    4:55 “are we the bad guys?”

  24. Lady Onikara

    Lady Onikara14 日 前

    After Darth Maul is cut in half and comes back, and Palpatine is probably going to come back after being thrown into a reactor that later exploded, why do people think Boba Fett is completely dead after just falling into a living sand pit?

  25. John S

    John S8 日 前

    Don't forget about Mace Windu.

  26. Agent Shields

    Agent Shields15 日 前

    "Once down, they're basically cuddled to death" gold 😂👌

  27. SGT Norgan

    SGT Norgan17 日 前

    Victims of the sarlacc were injected with immobilizing neurotoxins that caused constant pain, and, while still conscious, digested for millennia

  28. John S

    John S8 日 前

    Except they'd die of starvation, hunger, old age, any number of things, long before then

  29. SuperMario67432

    SuperMario6743217 日 前

    This movie was made in 1983

  30. Liam Soyuz

    Liam Soyuz18 日 前

    Just putting it out there, and I know I'll get some hate for this but..... In my honest opinion - I really think Yub Nub should've been the one and ONLY ending music for ROTJ.... The other score was just crap to end the movie on. Yub Nub is just a nice feel good piece of music and it ties stuff up in a nice little bow.. If that's somethinh that a song can actually do for a movie lol

  31. Sean Capone

    Sean Capone18 日 前

    What would be the downside of Luke killing Vader and the Emperor and become a Sith? He gets his ass handed to him constantly and has to concentrate really hard to do basic Force shit. I would rather take my chances with Luke as a bad guy.

  32. Taste The Rainbow

    Taste The Rainbow18 日 前

    I have always critiqued movies since a kid in the 80’s - It was so easy with movies like Iron Eagle and Beastmaster. I am assuming you make $13,000 a month making fun and pointing out the obvious in movies. Congratulations, and a great idea.

  33. John S

    John S18 日 前

    He's already made $6 million doing this

  34. Alex

    Alex19 日 前

    They could’ve told Han about Lando in the jail cell...

  35. András Pajor dr.

    András Pajor dr.21 日 前

    i don’t like family guy! it’s a copycat! but this escape from tatuine was hilariously parodied in that star wars part!!!😉

  36. Rob Roy

    Rob Roy21 日 前

    Yeah... Vader spent about 10 seconds standing right beside the Emperor agonising over what to do, before finally deciding to pick him up and toss him down the well. The Emperor never sensed that was coming?

  37. vikingfortiesfaeroes

    vikingfortiesfaeroes21 日 前

    Shield generator explosion clearly has a *massive* blast radius, yet Han is shown smiling just a few feet away

  38. Dr. killpatient

    Dr. killpatient24 日 前

    Yeah, how does Darth Vader go to jedi heaven, when he murdered all of the jedi??? He's a serial-killer for the luv'a Pete!!

  39. richard duncan

    richard duncan2 日 前

    @Dr. killpatient um idk lol. Im just saying what the comics george and canon all state. But even then he is like half light and half dark. Kylo even says it when looking at vaders helmet in the force awakens

  40. Dr. killpatient

    Dr. killpatient9 日 前

    @richard duncan Huh ???? Does that make Ted Bundy or Hitler Heaven-worthy because of some last minute act of redemption ????

  41. richard duncan

    richard duncan23 日 前

    He Basiclly got force baptized when he saved luke

  42. Penny Graham

    Penny Graham25 日 前

    5secs in empire strikes back there's Death Star 2

  43. Ross Lee

    Ross Lee25 日 前

    Everything Wrong with Star Wars Return of the Jedi. Me: “There’s nothing wrong with Return of the Jedi” 😉😂

  44. Jared Sergent

    Jared Sergent26 日 前

    I mean most militaries have different uniforms based on where they go...buuut a sins a sin I suppose........

  45. Danny Webb

    Danny Webb27 日 前

    I agree about the ending. They never should've changed Anakin to his younger self as "a ghost". Hell he died an old man!

  46. dzl lz

    dzl lz27 日 前

    One of my favorite movies of all time, yet I enjoyed it getting roasted! Good job

  47. Tentons O'fun

    Tentons O'fun28 日 前

    Are you seriously saying Luke has more control over large metal objects than Magneto....? Like Luke could just move a giant advanced satellite dish with the force? Yeah no he was in utterly gobsmacked disbelief that Yoda moved an X-wing but something 3000 times larger than an X wing that would be easy

  48. Tentons O'fun

    Tentons O'fun28 日 前

    Come on man I get that there are sins but a few of them are like really obviously solved. Why didnt Luke untie the ropes instead of having C3P-O become a god? Um the end goal of Lukes plan is essentially become allies/commanders of all the Ewoks. If he had untied the ropes he would be a sacrifice escapee in the middle of a hostile base. Even if he could murder all the Ewoks that tried to restrain him does that really seem like the better strategy? The Emperor saw Luke was getting really pissed off. He wasnt saying nor was the movie saying that killing the Emperor was a bad thing. The Emperor was goading Luke to lose his control and attack an unarmed old man. He was in zero danger, Vader was there to stop the blade and even if he wasnt the Emperor could probably just throw Luke away. A good analogy would be a large school bully trying to get a weedy kid to hit him so the little kid gets in trouble. The bully isnt in danger and he does deserve to be hit. But hitting him is still wrong and a very dumb move. There's a path to the middle of the Deathstar because it is literally under construction. You'd find that even secure military installations that are half way through being built are pretty far from impenetrable. The Empire needed to get workers and materials in and out

  49. Tentons O'fun

    Tentons O'fun28 日 前

    Jedi Mind Trick is the jedis name of the technique. It would be like saying Toyota is the same word in english and in portugese, anything thats actually a name doesnt change across languages.

  50. Donald Durham

    Donald Durham28 日 前

    How about Video games sin?

  51. BlueJay089

    BlueJay08928 日 前

    The Ewoks......

  52. Blake Westman

    Blake Westmanヶ月 前

    14:23 It is recycled footage. The blast scene was mirrored.

  53. Blake Westman

    Blake Westmanヶ月 前

    9:48 Luke seems to be enjoying himself; Han looks as if Lea is banging the Emperor.

  54. Dean Howard

    Dean Howardヶ月 前

    Shouldve been a sin off for Vaders skeleton

  55. SLR Mod Shop

    SLR Mod Shopヶ月 前

    I'm only 1 minutes and a half in and WTF ?!! Is that a legit Star Wars or a parody ? THAT's the thing people are talking about for the last 50 years ?!!! Oh God, I'm so glad I've never watched this shit ^-^

  56. Robert Lu

    Robert Luヶ月 前

    Disney needs to make Rogue Two just to explain that ship-sized path to main generator in Death Star 2.

  57. Mouserjan0222

    Mouserjan0222ヶ月 前

    A storm trooper and a red shirt get into a firefight. The storm trooper misses every shot, the red shirt dies anyway. Jedi was never my favorite movie. I thought it was boring

  58. War Daddy

    War Daddyヶ月 前

    I love how there was no explanation as to why 5 sins we're removed. No explanation needed. Its Leia.

  59. puttputt524

    puttputt524ヶ月 前

    I tend to think Ewoks are vicious little bastards. Like a mini Chewbacca with stone knives who will slit your jugular.

  60. puttputt524

    puttputt524ヶ月 前

    Boba Fett drinks better when he flies.

  61. Chris B

    Chris Bヶ月 前

    I declare the following. 100 x sins for CGI add ins. 20 sins for all audio changes or add ins. 1000 x sins for any Jar Jar or Phantom menace references. 1.5 million sins for Boba Fetts wimpy scream and easy demise. 2 Million sins for Lucas being allowed to ruin Star Wars. Minus .5 million sins for the Star Wars Xmas special because i have it and its sooooooo bad i keep it just out of spite of Lucas destroying a classic.

  62. A P

    A Pヶ月 前

    16:36 Nooooooo! Isn't this the cry that made Darth Vader's reveal in revenge of the Sith hilarious? Kind of ruined what could have been an epic scene.

  63. Zach Johnson

    Zach Johnsonヶ月 前

    jpgo.info/bideo/kZWrtml3vanH0Kw.html There was a scene where he builds his new lightsaber but it was taken out.

  64. Nicholas Salmons

    Nicholas Salmonsヶ月 前

    Disney needs to chill out with the whole copyright crap!

  65. PsychoticFoxProductions

    PsychoticFoxProductionsヶ月 前

    6:30 Damn it you made me lose “The Game”

  66. Ryder Chen

    Ryder Chenヶ月 前

    Nice video! btw you forgot to mention that the Executor was brought down by a single A-Wing smashing into the bridge…

  67. Martin Chatterton

    Martin Chattertonヶ月 前

    You missed 1 sin - when c3po & r2 are on their way to Jabbas palace, 3po says that Lando and Chewbacca never returned from the palace, yet Leia arrives after with Chewbacca

  68. Burger Tree

    Burger Treeヶ月 前

    I can’t believe this has more sins than captain marvel. Also a lot of the sins were explained in the books, i know there are a lot, and they aren’t canon anymore, but lots of them are in there. Just wanted to say that.

  69. Burger Tree

    Burger Treeヶ月 前

    The “they think I’m a god” cliche shouldn’t be a sin, hell RotJ practically started that cliche.

  70. Baccar Wozat

    Baccar Wozatヶ月 前

    Everything Wrong With The Great Train Robbery (1903)