Everything Wrong With The Boss Baby In 15 Minutes Or Less

*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 3/31/17*
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Seems like every year we get several half-assed animated movies with famous voice-actors. This is yet another of them. I don't care if it made money, it's certainly not good! Boss Baby is sinful, yo!
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  1. Alex Baker

    Alex Baker47 分 前

    He is Marry Poppin’s

  2. Mishka And me

    Mishka And me15 時間 前

    The boss baby’s face scared me

  3. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki17 時間 前

    9:24 me every time this happens

  4. Thomas Couture

    Thomas Couture22 時間 前

    This is actually the first movie that I didn’t laugh

  5. Sanders Sides quotes

    Sanders Sides quotes22 時間 前

    Okay so I know where the boss baby came from but has ANYONE noticed that Tim’s parents AND Tim all have brown hair and the boss baby has blonde hair

  6. Pro_ Spicy

    Pro_ Spicy日 前

    If you put full volume and hear closely u will hear wat Tim says when he tell the baby how he thought how babies were made

  7. FiriosALFA

    FiriosALFA日 前

    "You get the cookie and put it in some cake" this is Tim's explanation of how babes are made

  8. Ian Bowdler

    Ian Bowdler日 前

    6:45 actually he says they take the cookie and put it in the icing of cake

  9. Lilia Lawton

    Lilia Lawton日 前

    Anyone with a dirty mind listened to 6:10 - 6:19 with there eyes closed

  10. GameCOVE

    GameCOVE日 前

    extra sin: the movie was so popular they make a F*CKING NETFLIX SHOW ABOUT IT! edit: at 6:43 Tim whispers "You get the cookie and you put it in some cake" which gives boss baby no real reason to be disgusted beside the purpose of a dirty joke. seriously, they had a plate of cookies before that, so boss baby should probably be asking "what's wrong with that?" Unless he knows what Tim is insinuating which is even more f*cked up. edit edit: Throughout the movie boss baby is referred to as boss baby, and Tim is Tim. at the end of the movie, we can guess that that is grown-up Tim telling his story to his kid, and we can guess that the man in the suit is boss baby, but why the f*ck are their names suddenly Linsey and Lesley?!

  11. dan thekid

    dan thekid日 前

    6:43@ You get the cookies and you put it in some cake

  12. MrStylesgirl

    MrStylesgirl日 前

    The guy is hilarious like and subscribe

  13. Epsilon-11 Lieutenant Wolf

    Epsilon-11 Lieutenant Wolf日 前

    Also if Tim and the baby did not hide behind the wall the rocket would have not have died cuz rockets when they luanch THEY DON'T EVEN SHOOT OUT FIRE THEY SHOOT OUT VAPOR

  14. Epsilon-11 Lieutenant Wolf

    Epsilon-11 Lieutenant Wolf日 前

    If baby's die out, humans will become extinct. FAIL. How did the villain guy not realize that

  15. Epsilon-11 Lieutenant Wolf

    Epsilon-11 Lieutenant Wolf日 前


  16. The wooden Sword

    The wooden Sword2 日 前

    When Tim was singing black birds at the airport I was thinking “wow he must me singing that song really slow”

  17. andri joosep tamm

    andri joosep tamm2 日 前

    Make a movie yourself if you are thaat goooood at making movies that you can be that strict on the movie

  18. Electro Pindsvinet

    Electro Pindsvinet2 日 前

    All the CinemaSins fans got a good laugh out of that line

  19. Fog lover 76

    Fog lover 762 日 前

    6:42 you get cookies and put them in the cake

  20. Chris Barnes

    Chris Barnes2 日 前

    Movie sin tally:120 Me: 119. Take it or leave it

  21. Cqmputerr

    Cqmputerr2 日 前

    If Tim's Mother Was Pregnant At The Start of The Movie, And When "Boss Baby" Comes, She Is Fine Up Until The End of The Movie, She Must've Gotten An Abortion On The Child She Was Pregnant With, You Know What? F*** Tim's Mom! She Just Killed Her Son / Daughter!

  22. Paul Bedard

    Paul Bedard2 日 前

    Shouldn’t Tim’s dad be suspicious that the baby is blonde

  23. decent trooper

    decent trooper2 日 前

    There was an attempt to be funny

  24. Fruit Basket

    Fruit Basket2 日 前

    Tim says: you get them cookies and cake

  25. GIBBY *crash* ow

    GIBBY *crash* ow3 日 前

    Tim says; You take the cookies and put them in the cake No reproduction

  26. Francis Hilke

    Francis Hilke3 日 前

    This is in 15 minutes or less

  27. Francis Hilke

    Francis Hilke3 日 前

    But The video is 17 minutes long so you scammed us

  28. Shivam Goyal

    Shivam Goyal3 日 前

    May be the movie trying to tell that without love there will be no reason for babies to live a life as by this they all have to die and most probably there will be no way possible they could convince them to live .this will start a mutiny and will turn the company out of buisness

  29. ShadowDragonGamer 476

    ShadowDragonGamer 4763 日 前

    I love how you mentioned Obliviate when the babies were wiping the parent’s memories.

  30. ShadowDragonGamer 476

    ShadowDragonGamer 4763 日 前

    “Did you know that the triangle is the strongest shape found in nature” For some reason all I could think of was the Deathly Hallows symbol when I heard that

  31. Emoji&MojiGames55

    Emoji&MojiGames553 日 前

    Lol Tim said that you put some cookies into some cake.

  32. Rocketgod 68

    Rocketgod 683 日 前

    6:10 That’s what she said

  33. TheRobloxMinecrafter

    TheRobloxMinecrafter3 日 前

    Why do they think the kids want *BUTTS?* Isn't this encouraging kids to look at porn?

  34. Helena MCR for life

    Helena MCR for life4 日 前

    I mean Stacy’s mom isn’t smart but damn does she got it going on

  35. Simon Ussery

    Simon Ussery4 日 前

    does he sound like he is saying the f word? 2:54

  36. aiden playz

    aiden playz4 日 前

    This video says 15 minutes or less , but its nearly 17 minutes long

  37. Pepe RE E E E E

    Pepe RE E E E E4 日 前

    GUYS. Did anyone else hear Tim's explanation about babies? 'You get them cookies and put them in some cake....'

  38. Bubblegum bliss

    Bubblegum bliss5 日 前


  39. Lucero Proudlock

    Lucero Proudlock5 日 前

    Tim says for the how babies are made you give them cookies and dip them in milk I listened closely

  40. Youtuberenegade

    Youtuberenegade5 日 前

    Everything wrong with boss baby *Your inventory is full.*

  41. SpiiGHTofficial

    SpiiGHTofficial6 日 前

    1:26 Hah imagine paying to see this

  42. x*Aoi Tsuki*x

    x*Aoi Tsuki*x6 日 前

    Another sin is that Boss Baby won over a emotional movie that everyone loved: Silent Voice

  43. xxSkyGalacticxx

    xxSkyGalacticxx6 日 前

    Hey I got an ad about u

  44. Coco and her coconuts

    Coco and her coconuts6 日 前

    6:44 he said: you put the cookies in the cake

  45. Conrad Harvard

    Conrad Harvard7 日 前

    CinemaSins, good content, duh.

  46. Wishbone.EXE

    Wishbone.EXE7 日 前

    They need to stop ruining The Beatles, like how bitch singers need to stop ruining classic songs in commercials

  47. Psycho! Zafiro

    Psycho! Zafiro7 日 前

    1:59 perfectly cut screams

  48. ttv moonshadow

    ttv moonshadow8 日 前

    he said you take a cookie and put it in the cack? tf

  49. Julia Ng

    Julia Ng8 日 前

    Girls:oh sweetie where do you live "The convention centre" Really they believed that!?!?!!???!12:33



    If you close your eyes at 6:10 it and imagine

  51. Cory Nguyen

    Cory Nguyen8 日 前

    In the 3 min zone ITS uhhh the new Voltron series remastered

  52. RedX Games

    RedX Games8 日 前

    2:56 baby says f word

  53. Wishbone.EXE

    Wishbone.EXE8 日 前

    Hatred of puppies?!? THIS MOVIE SHOULD’VE GOTTEN ABORTED TO BEGIN WITH!!!!!!!୧༼ಠ益ಠ╭∩╮༽

  54. Wishbone.EXE

    Wishbone.EXE8 日 前

    I am never gonna have kids.....NEVER!!!!!

  55. Wishbone.EXE

    Wishbone.EXE8 日 前

    Thank you! I’m glad I’m not alone thinking people having pictures of naked human babies hanged up on walls. It’s like a pedophile’s wet dream!!! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮AHHHHHHHH!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱

  56. Revan

    Revan9 日 前

    LSD pacifiers?

  57. jimbo

    jimbo9 日 前

    FUCK pop doody

  58. Doddo0

    Doddo09 日 前

    That face XD 1:52

  59. Leo Landén

    Leo Landén9 日 前

    9:24 He Thick boi

  60. Zodiac ✔️

    Zodiac ✔️9 日 前

    who is having a marathon of cinema sins late at night? yes that’s very specific but trying to make a point

  61. Maddie C

    Maddie C9 日 前

    I swear Tim said something along the lines of 'You get the cookies and put them in the cake' when saying where he was told babies came from