Everything Wrong With Pulp Fiction in 20 Minutes or Less

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This movie is an all-time classic. It's awesome. We love it. None of that means we won't still count sins for giggles. Have a nice day.
Thursday: sinning a big '80s movie.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. TobiDyLetsPlay100

    TobiDyLetsPlay10028 分 前

    little fun fact: The Adrenaline Shot scene was filmed in reverse :D

  2. Shawn Stell

    Shawn Stell時間 前

    The smg that butch uses to kill Vincent was in fact not Vincent’s gun. It was Marcellus’s gun.

  3. Taner Archibald

    Taner Archibald6 時間 前

    The fantastic thing about this movie is that without getting any back story on these characters we know them within the first 2 minutes of their introductory scenes. And they’re likable characters

  4. J

    J10 時間 前

    Movie turns 25 today! Such a weird experience watching it

  5. Kainable87

    Kainable8714 時間 前

    The trigger pull of the colt 1911 that vincent is carrying about 4 PSI but the average is anywhere between 2.5 and 7.

  6. Kainable87

    Kainable8715 時間 前

    Okay, I remove this sin from the film sinning because you know your bible!!! Praise the Lord!!! Also, in an interview With Jackson promoting the movie, he said the exact thing he says to Travolta “I just thought it was something cold to say to a Motherfucker!”

  7. lucysky1234

    lucysky123416 時間 前

    sin trainspotting!

  8. Mariraapustaa

    Mariraapustaa日 前

    They didn’t win the contest, actually. They stole the trophy, and it’s actually said later in the radio

  9. Eternity

    Eternity日 前

    There's nothing wrong in this movie.

  10. Prototype Kaito

    Prototype Kaito日 前

    Must be difficult to sin a Tarantino film when the whole movie is a masterpiece

  11. MN Made

    MN Made2 日 前

    I had to stop watching this video because the commentary was so pointless. Thanks though.

  12. Milk Man

    Milk Man2 日 前

    I assumed you were just gonna say, crap it's perfect what now!

  13. Britney S

    Britney S2 日 前

    9:11 actually don't skip the gold watch section and your 100% wrong it has too much of the plot in it including the death of Vincent Vega, and if READ THE PLOT IT LITERALLY SAYS THAT THERE ARE 3 STORIES, A HITMAN, HIS PARTNER, AND WASHED UP BOXER.

  14. Joseph C.

    Joseph C.2 日 前

    Please do everything wrong and great with GoodFellas.

  15. Logan Spena

    Logan Spena3 日 前

    1. We never see Butch eat anything after his fight. There’s a real possibility that he was so high on adrenaline that he never felt like it. After finding the watch, he may have legitimately been starving. 2. Marcellus didn’t have to be Vincent’s new partner, but he may have been made enough to sit the stakeout in the hope that he could kill Butch himself.

  16. z.browning

    z.browning3 日 前

    Yeah man, Butch puts the watch in his duffle bag, and the second half of the movie completely unravels.

  17. Joemalia Juggalo

    Joemalia Juggalo3 日 前

    540 yeah the burger thing doesn’t make sense but used to have a little bit of a problem and milkshakes kick ass when your tweet#Still in my top 10 movies

  18. JJCC G

    JJCC G3 日 前

    This is some sacrilegious shit

  19. Colby Dipsen

    Colby Dipsen3 日 前

    3:50 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. MzNaeture π

    MzNaeture π3 日 前

    He's a racist rapist 😆

  21. KoishiKomeiji11

    KoishiKomeiji114 日 前

    I don't remember asking you a goddamn thing.

  22. J A

    J A4 日 前

    There is nothing wrong with Pulp Fiction. Now off you fuck.

  23. kraken 99

    kraken 994 日 前

    fuckin' A

  24. Liamo

    Liamo4 日 前

    A lot of these so called 'sins' were intentional, just sayin

  25. Cameron Hoover

    Cameron Hoover4 日 前

    New CinemaSins record... 16 sins removed

  26. Putis Spencer

    Putis Spencer5 日 前

    the cops don't respond because they're responding to the events in reservoir dogs

  27. BongSaint__420__ Goat

    BongSaint__420__ Goat5 日 前

    Can't come up with good video idea for a video or evan watch a movie

  28. Tom Mortensen

    Tom Mortensen6 日 前

    I think the "movie sins" make this movie what it is. I also think this is a great video!

  29. Cole Hamberg

    Cole Hamberg6 日 前

    The reason Vince didn't hear butch was because Vince was sharing an apartment with Wallace and he probably figured he was back so, Vince most likely did hear him he just figured it was Wallace

  30. Tyler Griffin

    Tyler Griffin6 日 前

    This video should be 5 seconds long.

  31. seibetsu

    seibetsu6 日 前

    wow i didn’t know this movie had anything wrong with it! Thanks cinemasins!

  32. Stacktown Legends

    Stacktown Legends6 日 前

    Dope makes you hungry. Cocaine does not. How the fuck did she remember to tell the joke after that heroin trauma??? An opiate naive person would be fucked after that much dope. Like still falling asleep even after the adrenalin. Fabia is annoying af BTW

  33. Angelo Pellicci

    Angelo Pellicci6 日 前

    Mia and vincent don't actually win the contest. In another scene the radio says that two people stole a trophy from a dance contest lol

  34. johneroyale

    johneroyale6 日 前

    Can't believe I lasted 7:13 mins watching this lame ass video.

  35. Solid_King

    Solid_King6 日 前

    You are on thin ice dude!!!

  36. Spider-Assassin7

    Spider-Assassin76 日 前

    Someone's got a hard on for this movie. I personally don't think it was that great, and don't understand all the hype. That's coming from someone who loves Tarantino movies. 7/10 from me.

  37. Juliet Ventura

    Juliet Ventura7 日 前

    Common alot of things in the movie could have been a great sentence ;0;

  38. MrVercettti89

    MrVercettti897 日 前

    saying that some of dialog is oudated , is showing your SJW polotics

  39. Torry Barnes

    Torry Barnes7 日 前

    Actually, the "Gold Watch" storyline is my favorite narrative in the movie.

  40. Max.Mead_04

    Max.Mead_047 日 前

    You can also hear Jules talking before Vincent walks to the Bathroom.

  41. bubbiesdad

    bubbiesdad7 日 前

    Marvin is shot in the face, Wolf writes down "no head", yet we clearly see Marvin's face when the trunk is closed.

  42. h c

    h c4 日 前

    bubbiesdad are you saying half a head is better than none? It’s close enough when the clock is ticking

  43. Matthew Traynor

    Matthew Traynor8 日 前

    It's a movie you fuckwit even the title tells you ...it's not Pulp non fiction dickhead

  44. Ian Boyle

    Ian Boyle8 日 前

    Vincent didn’t respond to the noise butch was making because he thought it was Marcellus Wallace. The two of them (Vincent and Marcellus) went to butch’s apartment together but Marcellus left to get donuts. That’s why he has two coffee cups walking back. He has one for Vincent.

  45. N N

    N N8 日 前

    The fact that Cinemasins has any sins on this movie is sacrilege. Perfect Movie. I disliked this video for having a Movie sin counter that didn’t say 0

  46. Pablo Conchetumare

    Pablo Conchetumare8 日 前

    14:24 Is Marsellus's gun I think

  47. David Moore

    David Moore8 日 前

    18:23 The Sin Counter goes back to 84

  48. Daragh Logan

    Daragh Logan8 日 前

    Marsellus is getting donuts and coffee cos him and vincent are staking out butch's appartment, and taking a break. marsellus there cos its a big deal to him

  49. Mantis Toboggan

    Mantis Toboggan8 日 前

    you misssed the bit where the bullet holes are in the wall before the guy with the .44 comes out shooting.

  50. Kreamations

    Kreamations8 日 前

    I don’t understand this channel. You say a lot of *what ifs* and give a sin but they didn’t actually happen...so?

  51. Stroke It

    Stroke It8 日 前

    A professional cocaine addict makes themselves eat regularly. Look at me..... I mean, look at Chris Farley.

  52. BigLebowski2000

    BigLebowski20008 日 前

    "Quentin Tarantino's private conversations with Harvey Weinstein somehow made it into the final script" LMAO 17:43

  53. justin taylor

    justin taylor9 日 前

    They did lose the contest. there is a radio report later about the stolen trophy, apparently.

  54. Gen Timperley

    Gen Timperley9 日 前

    Is this allowed???

  55. Jesse

    Jesse9 日 前

    im shocked, a tarantino fan accepting criticisms on a tarantino movie? unprecedented

  56. Tom Li

    Tom Li9 日 前

    they didn’t win the dance contest they actually stole the trophy

  57. Winterydee

    Winterydee9 日 前

    You missed a major sin. At the of the scene where Jules & Vincent unload on Brett, it is clearly shown that Jules pistol is empty(most semiautomatic pistols are designed to have the slide lock open on a empty magazine) as it fades to white. But when the guy bursts in from the bathroom with the revolver, which takes places right as they finish unloading in to Brett, both of pistols have magically reloaded. I would have also said that Vincent was also out of ammunition, being as it seems they are both using 1911's and those magazines only hold 7 rounds, but the last image we see of him shooting it the slide is closed. If you're counting the error in lines between the diner scenes, the error in weapons being empty & reloaded should also be called out.

  58. ELI Lambert

    ELI Lambert9 日 前

    Fox force five did get farther than a pilot. Kill bill

  59. ART R

    ART R9 日 前

    He definitely says"Breeeett".....

  60. Michael Kelley

    Michael Kelley9 日 前

    The penis castration part always comes around to the wrong places for the wrong reasons...

  61. John Marston

    John Marston10 日 前

    13:45 yeah i also thought about that when i saw it. I was like how did he do that in 2 hours