Everything Wrong with The Princess and the Frog

Disney had a nice little hit with The Princess & The Frog. But hey, it ain't perfect. It's got sins. So we counted them up. It's what we do.
Next week: Magical sins and super sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. The Necromaniac and Nerdologist

    The Necromaniac and Nerdologist8 時間 前

    Of course the demon fulled magic has comedic timing, all demons have perfect comedic timing. Demons are great.

  2. Azucar Negra

    Azucar Negra2 日 前

    The first sentence of Friends On The Other Side is definitely for you

  3. MyWhiteVanIsAWonderland }

    MyWhiteVanIsAWonderland }2 日 前

    *why do not like this movie.*



    Is it just me or does Cinema sins dislike this movie for having black characters🤔

  5. ThePlayer

    ThePlayer3 日 前

    5:38, wait, Narrator is a woman? She specifically said when a woman says later

  6. I love no bullshit xxx

    I love no bullshit xxx4 日 前

    i loved the music. you're crazy.

  7. Tara Blackmore

    Tara Blackmore4 日 前

    The music was the only thing good about this movie - and a lot of it wasn't that good. It had maybe one or two real bangers. Meh.

  8. Elijah Wylie

    Elijah Wylie4 日 前

    Do the little rascals

  9. Mr. Vide0

    Mr. Vide04 日 前

    I'm sorry dude, but you have no right to shit on this movie for being occasionally unfunny, and also allow the line for Sin 96 into your script.

  10. RainbowOcean

    RainbowOcean4 日 前

    Now to wait for Cinama Wins to talk about This movie

  11. Miriam Millen

    Miriam Millen5 日 前

    Dude, looks like you have no friends on this or the other side after this video, lol.

  12. Lycanskull

    Lycanskull5 日 前

    2:19 I think the only movie that's spun this on its head is Tarzan. Imagine if Disney made a movie about the opposite, like it had this same set-up but the child bites it instead.

  13. Timothy Shrooze

    Timothy Shrooze5 日 前

    Was that a frickin Labyrinth reference? Hell yeah

  14. TheCandymusiclover

    TheCandymusiclover5 日 前

    Me: CinemaSins critiques are not real critiques. They are nitpicks for the sake of comedy and don't actually matter. Also Me: Jeremy, ARE YOU READY???

  15. TheCandymusiclover

    TheCandymusiclover5 日 前

    Jeremy...the return to 2D animation on this film was fantastic. The animation shift during "Almost There" was gorgeous.

  16. Lady Anya Rose

    Lady Anya Rose5 日 前

    Excuse me! This music is awesome. Seriously my favorite Disney movie.

  17. Keymaja Whaley

    Keymaja Whaley5 日 前

    Unsubscribed you say!!!!🚮🖕🏽

  18. Ev 7w7

    Ev 7w76 日 前

    Remind me of the babe- Me: yaaasssssssss!

  19. Kilah Bee

    Kilah Bee6 日 前

    How many times do you hear “ I should work for CinemaSins!?” Because I know you don’t come until up with these puns yourself or decide which movie to do next. Regardless I fucking love the series. ;even decided which flick I’ll watch or rewatch if you have one up... I’m like the 26 yr Sophia Petrillo from The Golden Girls so your channel is my shit! Peace

  20. D4rkRem 42

    D4rkRem 426 日 前

    I'm disgusted, I'm revolted, I dedicate my entire life to our cinema sins savior and THIS IS THE THANKS I GET?!?!?

  21. KingSevolutionsXx

    KingSevolutionsXx6 日 前

    wait wait wait waitwaitwaitwaitwait.....ok....so are you a lady? the movie said, when a lady says later they actually mean not ever then you said so i guess i'm gonna enjoy this movie later it's funny but that means you are in fact a lady I'm giving you two sins for making the mistake(yes it is a mistake), an additional five for not realizing you had made this mistake, uhhh one sin for making me write this in the first place and one sin for making a cinemasin on THIS movie. i mean i know you probably made this because of fans but still so that's a total of nine mat sins so far i mean i havn't even watched the rest of this cinemasin video (after i do watch this cinemasin video imma check if you done a cinemasin on cinemawins if not i am very disappointed in everyone for not bringing it up, but if so then i am very grateful for everyone bringing it up and if it is in the making i will be disappointed because...just because ty)

  22. Crystal Gem

    Crystal Gem6 日 前

    I agree. The entire reason that I don't watch this movie is because of how the villain dies. Well, shame on me and Mom for watching it at night when nobody else was home, but still, that scene FREAKED ME OUT

  23. jasmins corner

    jasmins corner6 日 前

    Bitch this movie is lit

  24. Magical girl Unicornia

    Magical girl Unicornia7 日 前

    Me: Ok, I don’t agree with this but at least he hasn’t said anything too- CinemaSins: *sins ‘Friends on the other side’* Me: Hold up

  25. Jaden Brunetti

    Jaden Brunetti8 日 前


  26. Gelatina_Royal

    Gelatina_Royal8 日 前

    I actually loved the movie, i think lottie was a great character. They could have gone to a spoiled brat, but they actually made her a good person

  27. Hermione jay08

    Hermione jay089 日 前

    Lmao I’ve been singing all of these songs for days after watching it

  28. Chardonnay Young

    Chardonnay Young9 日 前

    Ohh cinemasins you in trouble, it's one thing to insult one of the BEST movies, but Keith David ohh now you done cross the line. Also you dont like this soundtrack, but somehow can listen to let it go, and do you wanna build a snowman, more than once, you might have a problem😂😂

  29. Adrian Dominic

    Adrian Dominic9 日 前

    I strongly dislike this movie, because I feel like it reinforces Disney's racism. Why did it take this long to make a Disney princess black? Oh, and then she isn't even a princess. Why? Because they don't think black people can be princesses, unless they are tribal, in some way. Why? Most of the early Disney franchise was FAIRY TALES, so, really, they are all pretend, anyhow... so, the race of the princess should not matter, unless you are racist and think royalty should only be white. I feel like this movie fell short in that, and had to make a "relatable black character" instead, and for that reason, this movie is bullshit and should be booed by everyone as a cheap way of finally making a black "princess". Cheap and then she isn't even a princess. Sad, Disney. So sad.

  30. Pierre Jackson the playlist

    Pierre Jackson the playlist10 日 前

    Why was this movie the first hand drawn animated movie?

  31. Dishy Dash

    Dishy Dash10 日 前

    I play the trumpet and the notes the alligator is playing is very very difficult

  32. G T

    G T10 日 前

    Skipidi duda dupidu

  33. Wither Arts

    Wither Arts11 日 前

    I had friends on the other side stuck in my head for two months

  34. Fr0sT bItE 777

    Fr0sT bItE 77711 日 前

    I agree also This movie is absolutely crap

  35. Fr0sT bItE 777

    Fr0sT bItE 77711 日 前

    Charlotte has done so many drugs I’m surprised she hasn’t OD’d yet

  36. Aiden Buchler

    Aiden Buchler11 日 前

    Right when he said "it's the green", the "back online" indicator came up. It's was green.

  37. Jeovanny Medina

    Jeovanny Medina11 日 前

    Im fucking glad this guy had the balls to take on this movie. We all know why people love it so much. Nothing but Pandering. Take away the fact that it STARTS as a powerful black protagonists and the story, characters, animation, writing, etc...ARE LAME AS HELL. Not to mention at the end the protagonist falls victim to the same "NEEDS A MAN" trope. Sooooo there you go. I agree with Jeremy 100%.

  38. E'L. Chalmers

    E'L. Chalmers11 日 前

    You’ve stepped to far sir

  39. Victoria Bryer

    Victoria Bryer12 日 前

    Almost there is way better then Dig a little deeper

  40. Grabmaster Diddle

    Grabmaster Diddle12 日 前

    How is the voodoo doctor a bad villain

  41. David Miller

    David Miller12 日 前

    Who needs sups say me to get a sup

  42. David Miller

    David Miller12 日 前

    Aka supsripe

  43. ETPS

    ETPS13 日 前

    I actually really love this movie. I love Tiana, I think Charlotte is _adorable,_ and I love the soundtrack!! Plus, it being set in both the early 20th Century _and_ in New Orleans is probably what made fall in love with that city and time period in the first place. :D

  44. In Veritate Timor

    In Veritate Timor13 日 前

    a couple of the sins arent exactly sins just your opinion, which is completely subjective and shouldn't be caused for a sin, when you sin based on how you feel about certain portions of the movie rather than the unrealistic and rather wacky happenings in the movie it comes off incredibly biased and hateful

  45. Freehand_ Master

    Freehand_ Master13 日 前

    Looooook man as a mixed lady born in Louisana and raised in the south I must say... There is so much more to give this movie credit for other than the fact that the main character was black! The music was awesome ( Ik everyone has different opinions but it wasn't as bad as you made it out to be ), I loved seeing the Voodoo, at bit of the culture, the Bayou, and from an artists perspective, I am just in love with the visuals. I like the new twist they put on this old story and dude I gotta say you are not giving credit where credit is due... I still love the channel just not this video.

  46. Matthew West

    Matthew West14 日 前

    How fucking dare you insult Kieth David?

  47. Shawn Conway

    Shawn Conway15 日 前

    I don't like this movie. I do like the fact that the villain is basically Baron Samedi and there's a whole lot of voodoo/loa stuff. I don't like how they expect you to know what's going on going in though with how any of it works or why shadows or so important or why his failure means they take his soul. Like, to actually understand how anything is meant to work you have to know mythology and shit, and that's way too high a bar for going into a singing frog movie.

  48. Axe Master

    Axe Master15 日 前

    Am I the only person who completely agrees with this video?

  49. Thanos is a skinny legend

    Thanos is a skinny legend15 日 前

    Jeez you hate the movie don't you, I normal enjoy your videos but this time you just seemed way more aggressive and most of these jokes were unfunny

  50. I am Lindsay est 2002

    I am Lindsay est 200217 日 前

    Me: I don’t see much wrong with it except for the horse doo doo gag

  51. Breonna Butler

    Breonna Butler17 日 前

    Wow. First video from you I actually dislike 🤦‍♀️

  52. AngelStardom

    AngelStardom18 日 前

    Jeez! Tiana isn't my most favorite princess (that'd be Elsa), but she's the most relatable character in the whole damn film! Granted, I'm not a fan of the love story either - it feels forced - but it's not bad to portray romance and career goals can go hand-in-hand.

  53. Kaja Sandberg

    Kaja Sandberg18 日 前


  54. It’s Aight

    It’s Aight18 日 前

    D-did you......just sin the best Disney movie in the entire world.....?

  55. Overactive Imagination

    Overactive Imagination18 日 前

    Idk if you know, but Walt's thing and therefore Disney's thing with dead parents stems from Walt's guilt. See, he bought his mother a new house when he was young and it had a gas leak nobody knew about. It killed her. He believed it was his fault. So that is why many disney main characters' parents are dead or missing

  56. Akito Anonymos

    Akito Anonymos19 日 前

    Wow, this video got a lot of people mad... despite what everyone is saying, it really does not seem any harsher than his other videos (not to mention his videos about absolutely terrible movies). and 108 sins? that's really not that much for CS. and he sins the same stuff he does all the time. Maybe the ones for the music weren't justified. i can't say as he doesn't play any, but the others are just plain CS EDIT: and the newspaper in the beginning? that was so many sins that are all well deserved

  57. Kaci Levy

    Kaci Levy20 日 前

    So everyone else disagrees with the sins? ok good It’s not just me

  58. Alexis Leininger

    Alexis Leininger20 日 前

    Also no roll credits sin........ awwwwww, Welp! "Princess and the Frog" Roll credits! Finally.... *Ding*

  59. My Name Is Not That Hard To Spell

    My Name Is Not That Hard To Spell20 日 前

    The scene where the voodoo guy died used to give me nightmares

  60. My Name Is Not That Hard To Spell

    My Name Is Not That Hard To Spell20 日 前

    Those beignets always looked delicious to me... yum

  61. shishtar. camii

    shishtar. camii20 日 前

    12:35 - 13:03 The only thing I really agree with in this video is: I didn't want Tiana and Naveen to be together either! Don't get me wrong, this is one of my favorite, if not my #1 favorite disney movie of all time. But the l i t e r a l l y hated eachother but all of a sudden Naveen is like "I just wanted your friends money, but I've fallen in love with you and totally forgot about why I'm even here in the first place"