Everything Wrong With Aquaman In 21 Minutes Or Less

Aquaman is a movie that happened. It's not all bad. It's not all good. It's got some sins, so we counted them up. You should be used to this by now.
Next week: Comic sins and old-timey sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Stanley Chen

    Stanley Chen15 時間 前

    14:01 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Stanley Chen

    Stanley Chen15 時間 前

    This movie was amazing, but I’m just here because the narrator is too fucking funny.

  3. Leglas. M

    Leglas. M日 前

    7:41 does he age, like at all?

  4. Leglas. M

    Leglas. M日 前

    5:04 also who are u

  5. Leglas. M

    Leglas. M日 前

    4:17 also CGI

  6. Cody Moore

    Cody Moore日 前

    God your laugh is douchey

  7. The Bored One

    The Bored One日 前

    You didn't say anything about the animals that need to breathe air not having a way to do so.

  8. Sultan Saint

    Sultan Saint2 日 前

    Oh its a DC movie ? Let me give it more sin than it actually deserves. Fucking dickhead

  9. BobbyBlack615

    BobbyBlack6152 日 前

    ..tried watching it twice..didn't get all the way through but it was better the second time

  10. pacsoul Pavon

    pacsoul Pavon2 日 前


  11. Doria Sue Sue

    Doria Sue Sue2 日 前

    I found this movie quite delicious, so after watching it I ordered some shrimp based take out food. Ahh... so delicious..

  12. David Dunn

    David Dunn3 日 前

    I had to rewind the Blueray as I swear when he called himself Black Manta I heard Black Lantern. Maybe I'm getting old ?

  13. Tenchi

    Tenchi3 日 前

    There's a dude named "CinemaWins" out there completely copying everything you do just being positive and kissing ass instead of truthful..

  14. PhotoGeorge

    PhotoGeorge3 日 前

    Amber Heard is Aqua-Eye-Candy to the max but in real life she's a Bxtch.

  15. Shaolinkin

    Shaolinkin4 日 前

    This movie takes place before justice league

  16. Declan Griffin

    Declan Griffin4 日 前

    I'll be honest, this movie was so terrible that I was glad when it was finally over. That was two hours I'm never getting back. Oh, wait!! Warner Brothers and DC Comics actually expected people to stay AFTER the credits started rolling so we could see that Black Panth--I mean Black Manta survives from what definitely should've killed him?!?! To that, I say F**K OFF MOVIE MAKERS!!! (jk, but really tho, who actually cared enough to watch the credits for any potential extra scenes?)

  17. ShrekMAN Castle

    ShrekMAN Castle4 日 前

    That lighthouse joke was 👏👏👏👏

  18. Sheila P

    Sheila P4 日 前

    I hated this movie. But at least Jason Momoa is hot. Also, heh heh heh...you said Djibouti....

  19. Guy Williams

    Guy Williams5 日 前

    Who sets all those blocks up after the Karathen knocks them down each time?

  20. Guy Williams

    Guy Williams5 日 前

    Fake red hair... ding!

  21. Robert Jensen

    Robert Jensen6 日 前

    about the flares no they dont need all that stuff flares are magnesium based and guess what that shit BURNS underwater like seriously its like phosphorous it sucks to get burned by the stuff.

  22. ArArArchStanton ArArArchStanton

    ArArArchStanton ArArArchStanton6 日 前

    This movie really is a POS

  23. ArArArchStanton ArArArchStanton

    ArArArchStanton ArArArchStanton6 日 前

    You'd take that action scene over Marvel action? Why? That looked so fake and just obnoxious. No way, the Marvel action is clearly better.

  24. imTheMrBEAN

    imTheMrBEAN7 日 前

    This movie sucked

  25. Adrienne Holliday

    Adrienne Holliday8 日 前

    Nicole Kidman is in her 50s .... but they casted her to play a woman young enough to get pregnant.

  26. Indecisiveblake

    Indecisiveblake9 日 前

    No better timing. Just watched it yesterday

  27. nlcauble

    nlcauble9 日 前

    Great Whites cannot survive in captivity. Just sayin.

  28. BillyBobJoe009

    BillyBobJoe00910 日 前

    drift wood! The oceanic version of villain plot armor.

  29. daisy panssino

    daisy panssino10 日 前

    7:10 *Arthur* "Your fish ship has been marinating in chum butter" *Jeremy* " Weird, this is the same thing I said to my college girlfriend the first time we had sex without a condom" Hahahahahahah

  30. Justin Lemus

    Justin Lemus10 日 前

    The acting in this was horrible. Especially the Manta and dad scene. I didn’t take the movie seriously after that scene.

  31. Cyan L.

    Cyan L.11 日 前

    + 1000 points if the Karathen thought nobody can ever understand what she is saying and just insults everyone´s hair and style and general stupidity out of sheer boredom.

  32. Ernest Karuri

    Ernest Karuri11 日 前

    Djibouti is a land locked country so I'm gonna give you 100 sins for that❗

  33. Sudham Kachare

    Sudham Kachare12 日 前

    Water man

  34. kiddhkane

    kiddhkane12 日 前

    I haven't seen any supershit movies in my life. And thanks to cinemasins I can enjoy all the stupidity without paying for the waste of time which is the uncut movie.

  35. KingK21 !!!

    KingK21 !!!13 日 前

    Its insanely obvious you are a Marvel fanboy. Not just from this but solely your descriptions for every DC and every Marvel cough sell out studios cough movie you do. Come on man.

  36. Jon Snowman

    Jon Snowman5 日 前

    Just happens that marvel makes the better movies. Really hope dc could do the same earlier

  37. aqua gal

    aqua gal13 日 前

    It's before Justice League. Romulus was the first king of rome

  38. Lp0 tr33

    Lp0 tr3314 日 前

    Is he able to talk to crocodiles or just fish and probably dolphins?

  39. Lp0 tr33

    Lp0 tr3314 日 前

    Sooooo a lady of a body of water, comes to a guy named Arthur to give him a quest to receive a mythical weapon that will instantly make him a king?

  40. Mike Longinotti

    Mike Longinotti15 日 前

    You missed a few easy sins, like the first conversation interrupted by a sudden explosion. Also at the speed Aquaman pushed that sub to the surface, he killed all the survivors, because the bends.

  41. Mike Longinotti

    Mike Longinotti15 日 前

    OK I guess you got to the explosive interruptions later

  42. Nth-level Entertainment

    Nth-level Entertainment16 日 前

    Dude you are freaking funny! How do you write your dialougue? I'm a stand up comedian and I'm insanely jealous of your material!

  43. darren browell

    darren browell16 日 前

    on the stolen boat and in the desert when and where did they change their underwater clothes into dry land clothes and vice versa?

  44. darren browell

    darren browell16 日 前

    at 12:59 a little girl gives mera a pinoccio book, why would she give a grown woman a fairy tail book?

  45. MichaelBFDII wong

    MichaelBFDII wong16 日 前

    4:01 I thought this was before Justice League (I didn't watch that movie)

  46. Toby Garrison

    Toby Garrison16 日 前

    Oh fu*k make aquaman 2

  47. Cassandra Keller

    Cassandra Keller16 日 前

    23 minutes or less, i give this video 10 sins

  48. John S

    John S13 日 前

    It's sinned in 21 minutes or less.

  49. Cris.p Bacon

    Cris.p Bacon17 日 前

    This film was average and I think the cyborg film will hopefully be good

  50. exZell

    exZell17 日 前

    Im surprised you didn't sin the "Hey let's all ride slow ass sea-creatures into battle when we can zoom around with supersonic speeds without even moving our limbs underwater". That bugged the everloving sh*t outta me in the theater..

  51. jackson glenn

    jackson glenn17 日 前

    Is know one noticing that a guy was firing and setting off grenades in a submarine’s torpedo chamber?

  52. Naweed Ward

    Naweed Ward17 日 前

    All flares have their own oxidizes so all they can burn in the rain it's pretty simple so minus one unnecessary sin

  53. Ian Fairfield

    Ian Fairfield17 日 前

    She found something unexpected” CS: “Jang Fett?” Me: *Uncontrollable wheezing*

  54. Ian Fairfield

    Ian Fairfield17 日 前

    Jango* dang fingerz

  55. Christopher Sydney

    Christopher Sydney18 日 前

    Really??? So NOBODY noticed the Kraken thing bore a striking resemblance to a Kaiju? Nobody noticed that, huh? REALLY???? We're just gonna glance over that one? Ok, whatever!!

  56. The Lonely Dragon

    The Lonely Dragon18 日 前

    Jango FeeEEeeish….?

  57. Nater the Skater

    Nater the Skater19 日 前

    Actually a flare can burn underwater, look it up.

  58. Xanto Kohlbrugge

    Xanto Kohlbrugge19 日 前

    That part of the tsunami... That was a war ship and Not a fishing boat

  59. Fare ツ

    Fare ツ20 日 前

    I think we can all turn a blind eye on the sins just because of her 5:02

  60. Tommy Li The Dragon

    Tommy Li The Dragon21 日 前

    This is trash 🗑 a lot of things in this movie is way too “fictional” & don’t look realistic enough

  61. Jason Kelly

    Jason Kelly21 日 前

    Black Manta’s suit remains me of the Aquabats’s villain Manant, can’t unsee it now.

  62. SakuraOniSan

    SakuraOniSan21 日 前

    Find ancient bottle w message but wait glass bottles didn’t exist back then shouldn’t it have been an amphora?

  63. Summer Baby

    Summer Baby21 日 前


  64. Ray S

    Ray S23 日 前

    Worst movie I ever walked out of