Everything Wrong With 8 Mile In 16 Minutes Or Less

Now everybody from the 313, put your motherf*cking hands up and follow me!
I have been waiting to sin this movie for five years!!! 8 Mile RULES, but it has sins so bad. Let's count 'em.
Next week: Sins of two movies that start with D.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. hello bobby

    hello bobby日 前

    papa glock

  2. Jason Matiteeb

    Jason Matiteeb日 前

    13:43 him saying that was probably one of the best parts

  3. Venom ous

    Venom ous2 日 前

    What video have we seen the burning house from?

  4. JusticeGraceful

    JusticeGraceful2 日 前

    Queen of hearts has gotten over 50 grand at my Stepdads club, yeah 3500 at bingo is very possible depending on how many players put up.

  5. JusticeGraceful

    JusticeGraceful2 日 前

    The, veil. Has been lifted, I loved this movie when I was 16 but really, LISTEN. To what Jeremy is saying, he's right. Like, about ALL of it.

  6. Patrick Farrell

    Patrick Farrell3 日 前

    Proof actually dissed himself future Is proof

  7. Ashtin Slone

    Ashtin Slone3 日 前

    I’m give this video a sin he said cover a kid rock song it’s a lynyrd skynyrd song

  8. JoNatHan K

    JoNatHan K3 日 前

    Michigan Minutes are Miles for everyone else. If you are in Michigan you will not say that you are 10 Miles away instead you should say that you are 7 Minutes away. All so in Michigan sometimes you need to go Right to go Left .

  9. VideoGame Nerd

    VideoGame Nerd3 日 前


  10. S H Ȃ D Y - PUBG

    S H Ȃ D Y - PUBG4 日 前

    Eminem does have mother issues

  11. Leo Wightman

    Leo Wightman4 日 前

    Paul the fruit cake lol

  12. ajcruzer92

    ajcruzer924 日 前

    This channel is trash

  13. Ruben Osuna

    Ruben Osuna4 日 前

    Yo for ones u got this shit wrong lol u r just trying to hard to make videos. Let me know bitch

  14. Elk

    Elk4 日 前

    They were right about one thing Detroit definitely got its own sound now 🔥

  15. Quentin Dugger

    Quentin Dugger4 日 前

    There was absolutely nothing wrong with this movie. It is one of the few films I would consider perfect.

  16. Amer W. N.

    Amer W. N.4 日 前

    I fucking hate the ignorant bastard who made this video .. fuck off man

  17. Fact Sheet

    Fact Sheet5 日 前

    Why you should do Suicide Squad huh?

  18. joshua candelaria

    joshua candelaria6 日 前

    I'm going to give CinemaSins a sin, for thinking Sweet home Alabama is a kid rock song.

  19. Stevie Nguyen

    Stevie Nguyen6 日 前

    Punish Rabbit Or Obsolete Future. P.R.O.O.F.

  20. Vamp Superior

    Vamp Superior6 日 前

    Actually it's a jacket not a hoodie. Jackets have zippers. Hoodies don't

  21. Sean Woodrow

    Sean Woodrow6 日 前

    Hope this guy fucking dies

  22. Fabio Koço

    Fabio Koço7 日 前

    Why does this motherfucker add sins for no fucking reason like some actualy make sense but most are just meaningless

  23. Liam White the Nerd

    Liam White the Nerd8 日 前

    Scraping the bottle of the barrell with this clip pal... get a real job that you're actually good at

  24. Dirty Red

    Dirty Red8 日 前

    Eminem didn’t do a cover of a kid rock song it was Lynyrd Skynyrd you uncultured swine

  25. Leo Wightman

    Leo Wightman4 日 前

    He was taking the piss... I think

  26. WilsonBlock100 Radio

    WilsonBlock100 Radio9 日 前

    He gave this movie sins for not understanding tha culture. You have no business covering a movie like this you should stick to tha white boy american movies niggaz never watch...like groundhogs day. Gtfoh

  27. Justin chenier

    Justin chenier10 日 前

    Your not funny

  28. david mewborn

    david mewborn10 日 前

    Not to hate but you made a simile not a metaphor

  29. Turtle Fake77

    Turtle Fake7710 日 前

    This whole chanle is a fat man sitting there complaining about things that actualy are not wrong about a movie

  30. iamchris jr

    iamchris jr10 日 前

    'She got the ocean above the clouds'

  31. TheOnlineAthlete

    TheOnlineAthlete11 日 前

    Ur sin at 75 should be removed seeing as that is how eminem actually writes

  32. kickflipto180

    kickflipto18011 日 前

    For the record. Not a glock

  33. Oli Smith

    Oli Smith11 日 前

    11:28 wtf 🤮

  34. PyramidHead138

    PyramidHead13811 日 前

    quit bitchin about the damn logos....

  35. Mitchel Scharf

    Mitchel Scharf12 日 前

    They try to hard to make these videos funny

  36. Cody Levinson

    Cody Levinson12 日 前

    7:52 I literally laughed out loud!!!

  37. Skxte Dayz

    Skxte Dayz12 日 前

    P- unish R- abbit O- r O- bselite F- uture That was Proof, ems bestfriend and he referenced his name. Not a sin

  38. Colin Parker

    Colin Parker12 日 前

    The 69th sin was when he banged his girl. Coincident I think not

  39. Brandi Monaghan

    Brandi Monaghan12 日 前

    I can’t believe you’ve done this mate

  40. Kyle Finney

    Kyle Finney12 日 前

    I dont see how it took you 16 minutes to say nothing.

  41. Slaxoruss

    Slaxoruss13 日 前

    Lmao half the sins in this video or just attempts at pointing out something possibly flawed

  42. jon

    jon14 日 前

    do boyz in the hood. bet you can’t

  43. phugyeah

    phugyeah15 日 前

    i just realized that janeane is pensatucky

  44. DemonAlchemist

    DemonAlchemist15 日 前

    I forgot how much fun CinemaSins is when they actually like the movie.

  45. Link

    Link15 日 前

    Or best believe that he paid the paid Piper



    That was not a kid rock song, that was the best band of all time Lynyrd Skynyrd song sweet home Alabama

  47. Lont Mac

    Lont Mac16 日 前

    He won 3 rap battles. Here's a sin for you.

  48. Smygolas Antrasis

    Smygolas Antrasis16 日 前

    Omfg just fuck off

  49. Ashlee Nichole

    Ashlee Nichole16 日 前

    A joke about your college girlfriend is not a sin

  50. Jason Corlis

    Jason Corlis16 日 前

    @4:13 .Do you seriously think that's a Kid Rock song Eminem is covering? ...Kid Rock's song is based off of Lynryrd Skynyrd 's Sweet Home Alabama..not exactly a cover but give it a listen and you'll see what I mean

  51. Full Send Filosophy

    Full Send Filosophy16 日 前

    Rap is gay and for thugs change my mind

  52. BeefDemon

    BeefDemon17 日 前

    3:51 How is that a sin?

  53. Chris Marquez

    Chris Marquez17 日 前

    Trump 2020! Fuck Eminem! Great video 👍

  54. Sir Isaac Putin

    Sir Isaac Putin17 日 前

    Everybody in the movie: *fires shots at others* Cheddar Bob: *fires shots at himself*

  55. Vinny Garcia

    Vinny Garcia17 日 前

    Really dude 8Mile? Really?!?!?!

  56. Arthur Deurwaarder

    Arthur Deurwaarder17 日 前

    You never shut up do you?

  57. Yayeet Picklechin

    Yayeet Picklechin18 日 前

    You got annoying dude

  58. Kevin Poteat

    Kevin Poteat18 日 前

    No way you called a sweet home Alabama a kid rock song.

  59. Alex MC

    Alex MC18 日 前

    The only movie i have watched on this séries

  60. Morbius The Menace

    Morbius The Menace19 日 前

    God I miss her...

  61. RuleofVicus

    RuleofVicus19 日 前

    Shitty movie.