Everything Wrong With 8 Mile In 16 Minutes Or Less

Now everybody from the 313, put your motherf*cking hands up and follow me!
I have been waiting to sin this movie for five years!!! 8 Mile RULES, but it has sins so bad. Let's count 'em.
Next week: Sins of two movies that start with D.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Deimafi K.d

    Deimafi K.d4 日 前

    Could you shut the fuck up evn if everythings wrong with this movie it still has many views though dickhead... everyone loves this movie evn if it's wrong so stop interfere idiot

  2. Ron Collier

    Ron Collier6 日 前

    The only sin is the fact to be honest he did lose to Lotto.

  3. Joe reece

    Joe reece6 日 前

    your a total asshole period I have watch people lose limbs fvck u

  4. Joe reece

    Joe reece6 日 前

    I was a meter red at the time Malshall was starting of I got arrested but was later release cause I comfimed

  5. Nsima Inyang

    Nsima Inyang7 日 前

    is this actually funny?

  6. lucky5th2

    lucky5th27 日 前

    I'm not saying 8 mile is the greatest movie and without sin. But,most of these sins were trash. Sinning em saying he always wanted to live in a house like that and pretending you think he meant a house that's on fire and is therefore a sin. What kind of weak shit is that? Clearly he meant not a trailer house.

  7. Joseph Maithufi

    Joseph Maithufi8 日 前

    Wow its clear that the narrator knows nothing about the GOAT Eminem.

  8. Joseph Maithufi

    Joseph Maithufi8 日 前

    I love this page,but Cinemasin sinned sinning this movie.This film is timeless and a masterpiece.

  9. Lotimus Maxi

    Lotimus Maxi9 日 前

    The battle at the end of this movie is up there with the end of Whiplash for pure tension and relief of tension with a beautifully choreographed finale.

  10. Lotimus Maxi

    Lotimus Maxi9 日 前

    You missed the fact that the first rapper, Proof (R.I.P) is actually the guy that Future is based on. With that knowledge, the interaction between them both actually takes on more symbolism. Even the names juxtaposed are clever: Future Proof.

  11. Empath Again

    Empath Again10 日 前

    Was this video made by a robot? Do you know what it is like to be human? Have you not been programmed on human motivation, culture, relationships, human bodily functions, dissing Eminem's singing a lullaby to his younger sister but offended by disses in songs called dis tracks? And then you make an upskirt joke? And when it comes to Detroit sound, they are referring to the rap scene in this movie, which at that time happened exploded in the way that NYC and LA had by then. What is your malfunction that spit out this lame piece of garbage + serious lack of awareness on your part. I hope one day you get to be a real boy and not a puppet.

  12. isaac farrier

    isaac farrier11 日 前

    “i gotta day it’s really cool to see eminem sing a kid rock song” SINS

  13. Shaun Victory

    Shaun Victory13 日 前

    Somebody don’t want to go down on Kim besieger 20 sins

  14. NinjaStyle

    NinjaStyle13 日 前

    Lil tic is Proof and is Eminem best friend and is based on future

  15. Martin Špičák

    Martin Špičák14 日 前

    The fuck are you

  16. Aumjaya Kishatriya

    Aumjaya Kishatriya15 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="227">3:47</a> I learned this one from one of my two Criminology professors, husband and wife, who where cops in Detroit prior, 8 Mile is the 8th mile road measured from the center pf Detroit. Thing is, Detroit has one in each direction, so.... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="736">12:16</a> Bingo buy-in at $5, that means either one fucking winner with one fucking game with a pot of $3,200, ergo, at least 640 players, or more winners and or more games with her having won either the grand pot of $3,200 or multiple games to total $3,200, which would still mean even if none of the buy-in goes towards payment for the facility, material, time of the staff, etc., at least 1,000 people playing at the same place at the same time.

  17. devolu marian

    devolu marian18 日 前

    Ask his college girlfriend ( :)) pretty shore was only <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="230">3:50</a> seconds ) sorry dude

  18. chad kohl

    chad kohl19 日 前

    Punish Rabbit Or Obsolete Future. Proof 😭😭

  19. Oacar Rodriguez

    Oacar Rodriguez21 日 前

    Can’t have shit in Detroit

  20. Mikey

    Mikey21 日 前

    watching the movie but not knowing who eminem is

  21. Sara

    Sara22 日 前

    I'll Punish Rabbit Or Obsolete Future = Proof, the rapper who played that role. He was Eminem's best friend until he died in 2006.

  22. Jake Marsh

    Jake Marsh22 日 前

    I realize how terrible this movie is. Em can't even act.

  23. Stylts Music

    Stylts Music22 日 前

    ill give u 3 sins...

  24. Chef Dean

    Chef Dean22 日 前

    Really disappointed that you didn't make a 'Rabbit beats a Falcon' joke, especially towards the end . . .

  25. Zachary Smith

    Zachary Smith22 日 前

    Man, that’s like two minutes a mile.

  26. John Charley

    John Charley22 日 前

    Cinema sins..you suck lol

  27. Kuroko Edits

    Kuroko Edits22 日 前

    Not a bad video,but you should have done your research about Em a lil before this,you made some lines go out of hand...Since Proof foreshadowing was also in the movie your sins were a little out of touch,but all and all good video.

  28. Embis

    Embis22 日 前

    lol dude its not legit criticism its just a joke channel



    So, he covered 8 miles in 16 minutes meaning he was going a mile every two minutes which concludes to 30 miles an hour, this guy can sin faster than Usain bolt can run that deserves a sin off

  30. Alpha Centurion

    Alpha Centurion23 日 前

    This man has genuinely garbage complaints

  31. Zachary Smith

    Zachary Smith22 日 前

    That’s the point. It’s supposed to be fun, not actual criticism.

  32. Renegade Master

    Renegade Master23 日 前

    Hip Hop is an incredible genre. But some of the stuff in this is entirely too sitcom. I mean to the point where it just isn't even close.

  33. Renegade Master

    Renegade Master23 日 前

    The way people treat Vanilla Wafer in this movie is at odds with reality. Maybe in Ypsilanti.

  34. Renegade Master

    Renegade Master23 日 前

    I had a friend who got shot in the neck for being white in Detroit. Paralyzed him. He turned his head and the guy shot him in the spine.

  35. Matija Brulc

    Matija Brulc23 日 前

    Anyone who is criticizes 8 mile is a fuckin idiot Eminem music for life

  36. MrFlyingAce

    MrFlyingAce16 日 前

    Anyone who criticizes CinemaSins is an offended fanboy. CinemaSins for life.

  37. Embis 2

    Embis 222 日 前

    bruh lol

  38. Rico Lorenzi

    Rico Lorenzi23 日 前

    Clearly dude loved this movie 😂 half the sins are unwarranted

  39. eric 15

    eric 1524 日 前

    This movie was amazing I don't get what's wrong with it the only thing wrong is this video

  40. O M A R

    O M A R24 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="532">8:52</a> bruhhh

  41. Sheree Hi

    Sheree Hi24 日 前


  42. Abhishek Limbu Payangu

    Abhishek Limbu Payangu24 日 前

    Fuck u

  43. Edria Ackley

    Edria Ackley25 日 前

    Cinmea sins sins bitches to much

  44. Tot3mm

    Tot3mm25 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="791">13:11</a> DID YOU JUST MAKE THAT REFERENCE

  45. Joseph Loskot

    Joseph Loskot25 日 前

    He said Eminem covers a kid rock song but "sweet home Alabama" is lynard skynard

  46. 420_collin

    420_collin25 日 前

    It doesn’t deserve a sin for how he writes his songs cus that’s actually how he used to write

  47. Tom Wilson

    Tom Wilson25 日 前

    Just wanna say RIP to BM, what a woman

  48. Tom Wilson

    Tom Wilson25 日 前

    Sinning this movie is a fucking SIN

  49. litremy yt

    litremy yt25 日 前

    It wasn't a Glock it was an m9 Beretta

  50. Princess Vanessa Annabelle Lockhart

    Princess Vanessa Annabelle Lockhart25 日 前

    Eminem can safely say he beat an avenger in a rap battle.

  51. JuicyMusicprod

    JuicyMusicprod25 日 前


  52. Matija Brulc

    Matija Brulc23 日 前


  53. Ben Siener

    Ben Siener26 日 前

    Bingo jackpots vary according to how many people are bought in and how much buying cards cost.

  54. I'm No Expert

    I'm No Expert26 日 前

    Asks if things are that fucked up in rap and or Detroit = 1,000 sins

  55. Kyle Young

    Kyle Young26 日 前

    rap casual sinning non sins because he doesn't understand rap culture *DING*

  56. marcell brollem

    marcell brollem26 日 前

    this movie is hot garbage....f**k marshall😑

  57. isaac

    isaac27 日 前

    Nothing is wrong with 8 miles

  58. Deltawolf. TWP

    Deltawolf. TWP27 日 前

    Sorry but 8 miles the mail I got and Detroit is known for making cars

  59. Mike Wilcock

    Mike Wilcock27 日 前

    Bitch the fuck there ain't nothing wrong this masterpiece movie

  60. Danny

    Danny27 日 前

    He actually did have mommy issues

  61. William Sherwood

    William Sherwood27 日 前

    “What an idiot she got the ocean above the clouds” she is like 4

  62. Rhett Cujo

    Rhett Cujo23 日 前

    William Sherwood plus it was drone view. So she had the future written in crayons.

  63. Colossal Q

    Colossal Q27 日 前

    You stan bitches need to realize the sins aren’t actually meant to be serious criticisms.

  64. pikkisful

    pikkisful27 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="717">11:57</a> that's an M9

  65. Homer Simpson

    Homer Simpson28 日 前

    When its about a movie people dont care about its jokes, when its about a movie people care about it suddenly becomes statements

  66. B- TRU

    B- TRU28 日 前

    A Fucking Kid Rock song!!! That's the biggest sin of this whole video!

  67. huffix

    huffix28 日 前

    This was jus ass you made this jus to make a video🖕🏼😐🖕🏼

  68. Fren-Z Fresh 2

    Fren-Z Fresh 228 日 前

    * Godzilla has left the chat *

  69. casual troll

    casual troll28 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="258">4:18</a> the reason that these rhymes are in the movie is to show his progression and how he improved at freestyling throughout the movie. It builds tension to the final battles, which he absolutely MURDERS. P.S. I know this is cinemasins, don't @ me

  70. Charles goodwin

    Charles goodwin28 日 前

    Bro cinemasins has bars “ a rabid rabbit rap it” say that shit ten times fast

  71. Groot

    Groot28 日 前

    Do I want to watch this? No.. ah fuck it

  72. THE_OG_deathrow hfmc

    THE_OG_deathrow hfmc29 日 前

    Well mate your getting close to 10 mill good work I have been watching your videos for years your a really good youtuber

  73. Jeffrey Cerruti

    Jeffrey Cerruti29 日 前

    how to not trust CinemaSins "Everything Wrong With 8 Mile In 16 Minutes Or Less" video length <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="972">16:12</a>

  74. MrFlyingAce

    MrFlyingAce16 日 前

    You're new to CinemaSins, aren't you? 0:08 to 15:24 is the part that counts, 'cause you know, that's when Jeremy is actually sinning the movie.

  75. Im a boomer

    Im a boomer29 日 前

    Everything wrong with 8 mile,,Emenem..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣...

  76. Yunii Flow

    Yunii Flow29 日 前

    Man you are da an Eminem hater 👎

  77. Bernardo Horn

    Bernardo Hornヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="476">7:56</a> I laughed so hard.

  78. Kam Iam

    Kam Iamヶ月 前

    Voice over guy, gotta live in a gated community. He talks about things, like they are out of context. Exactly how many places, do you think is the place to be? Guy talks like there are participation ribbons in the rap culture of Detroit.

  79. Extra Rage

    Extra Rageヶ月 前

    Bro this channel makes no fucking sense

  80. bob smith

    bob smithヶ月 前

    Why does everyone keep saying sweet home Alabama is kid rock It was lynyrd skynyrd 🤦

  81. Clymatt

    Clymatt29 日 前

    bob smith exactly

  82. xcyclone51

    xcyclone5129 日 前

    bob smith I was just gonna say the same thing like that’s so disrespectful

  83. Patrick Spitler Jr

    Patrick Spitler Jrヶ月 前

    Neither will Mickey Rorck

  84. Balakeh

    Balakehヶ月 前

    There's a lot to be said about this Sinning, but can we give credit for <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="475">7:55</a>, fucking perfect execution.

  85. John Braucher

    John Braucherヶ月 前

    Detroit IS fucked all the way up. If this is the most shocking thing you've ever heard from it, you dont know Detroit. Lol shit like that happens in WASHINGTON, and there were 70 shootings in one night in chicago, too bad the media doesnt report that stuff, people would know this. Lol

  86. Michael McCorquodale

    Michael McCorquodaleヶ月 前

    Having spent about 1/3rd of my life in Downtown Detroit, some of these sins need to be taken off, though this was awesome. One, for example, is that arson is often committed in Detroit because of ethics (and finance). Good people get f*ing fed up with the bank sitting on a decrepit property and allowing drugs, rape and prostitution to flourish so they burn it down. That’s the irony: It’s the good people in Detroit who commit arson. That was probably the most real Detroit scene in the movie. That and just abandoning a car anywhere. There are cars and parts of them all over the city. It’s almost comical. Anyway, love this channel.

  87. patrick alexander

    patrick alexanderヶ月 前

    Kim basingers exposed arse hole 🤣🤣

  88. shapeshifter

    shapeshifterヶ月 前

    *next video: everything wrong with you*

  89. PWDMaximum -

    PWDMaximum -ヶ月 前

    Not sure he knows what 8 Mile actually is...like....just look it up dawg💀💀💀💀💀

  90. Cosmic Orphan

    Cosmic Orphanヶ月 前

    Did you really so the fact they portrayed some asshole parking terribly.