Everything Wrong With Smallfoot In 15 Minutes Or Less

Getting kind of tired of these lazy-ass animated movies masquerading as real movies. Smallfoot has sins... is lame... film at eleven.
Next week: Fantasy sins and more!
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. N7 Tigger

    N7 Tigger4 時間 前

    So no mention that they have a black yeti because muh diversity despite the fact that they would all be white because they live in the snow and would have evolved to be white for camoflage. How many black polar bears have you seen? The only reason sjw's have any power is because cowards like this Cinema Sins faggot are so scared of them.

  2. Tiana Roberge

    Tiana Roberge5 日 前


  3. Tiana Roberge

    Tiana Roberge5 日 前

    Small foot

  4. Exotic_ Dummy

    Exotic_ Dummy6 日 前

    They all should be dead from constant concussions. Ringing the gong is now the number one yeti-killer. So, people and yetis never should have met, unless it was with satanists bringing yeti corpses into their basements or with archaeologists digging up yeti bones like the dinosaurs.

  5. Adam Schenfeld

    Adam Schenfeld6 日 前

    It's not the Himalayan Beer, it's actually their honey, which is hallucinogenic.

  6. Tiana Roberge

    Tiana Roberge8 日 前

    Winter Christmas yedi movie

  7. Andrew Smirnov

    Andrew Smirnov8 日 前

    Bigfoot,smallfoot,then Medium foot?

  8. Dan C

    Dan C12 日 前

    I could never stand Corden. He was the worst thing about Gavin and Stacey and I'm convinced anything funny in that show must have been written by Ruth Jones.

  9. kittu ram

    kittu ram17 日 前

    The sole reason I saw the movie before this video is to guess the sins.I'd say I got 90% of them right.

  10. Jd Transboi

    Jd Transboi17 日 前


  11. Taco June bug

    Taco June bug21 日 前

    “Desphelic” is a great word 😃

  12. Moodi Black

    Moodi Blackヶ月 前

    I like this movie

  13. Luigi Marinus Gaming

    Luigi Marinus Gaming9 日 前

    I love this movie

  14. Kaitlyn Berens

    Kaitlyn Berensヶ月 前

    That red jacket "small foot" sounds like high five from emoji movie😕😮

  15. Lahni S

    Lahni Sヶ月 前

    logos.... there's always logos.... 30 seconds or more.... no logos? Is no logos worth a sin cause I'm expected to hear a comment about it or a sin removed for nnot having them? I'm in disarray

  16. Ender_ 303

    Ender_ 303ヶ月 前

    30 sins for tweaking pig

  17. Galaxy wolf 725

    Galaxy wolf 725ヶ月 前


  18. Galaxy wolf 725

    Galaxy wolf 725ヶ月 前


  19. Dora Sosa

    Dora Sosaヶ月 前

    Everything wrong with small foot in 15 minutes or less Me:looks like at time 16:55 Also me:HHHHHHHMMMMM

  20. Dizzy Saturn

    Dizzy Saturnヶ月 前

    This was such a trash movie even my gullible self thought it was dumb

  21. GMK Godzilla

    GMK Godzillaヶ月 前

    WHY DO THEY HAVE BLUE BONES?! ( horns r connected to bones)

  22. Tao Rain

    Tao Rainヶ月 前

    wow you really hate this movie adding 32 extra sins

  23. bartek calinski

    bartek calinskiヶ月 前

    movie: *has 40 seconds of logo* cinema sins:that's a sin movie:*doesn't have any logo's* cinema sins: that is a bigger sin!

  24. Lobsters Pasta

    Lobsters Pastaヶ月 前

    Damn i genuinely enjoyed this movie :( Highkey the movie wasn’t that bad, and the soundtrack wasn’t that bad

  25. a s c e n d e d c a t

    a s c e n d e d c a tヶ月 前

    At least the poop joke had a slight hint of quality, it was a bit funny for a poop joke It's like the best of the worst

  26. xGRAHAMx13

    xGRAHAMx13ヶ月 前

    what I like about your channel is that every video I watch is me basically watching the movie. *subscribes*

  27. Sebastian Dominguez

    Sebastian Dominguezヶ月 前

    Cinemasins do Wonderpark next

  28. Luigi Marinus Gaming

    Luigi Marinus Gamingヶ月 前

    11:36 i dont know why this makes me laugh

  29. Jake in the Box

    Jake in the Boxヶ月 前

    Toy story and cars have no narrator

  30. GarrisonTracy

    GarrisonTracyヶ月 前

    wait i have a question.. how can the yetis breath if the humans can't, but yetis are bigger than humans so they would need more air to power them and they probloby have bigger lungs

  31. Zoë Spencer

    Zoë Spencerヶ月 前

    How do the stones not fall off since its not actually attached to his robe

  32. King Lamp

    King Lampヶ月 前

    Y O U C A L L T H A T A R T !

  33. Snow Ghost

    Snow Ghostヶ月 前

    We used to live down there... POSSIBLE RHYMES: air, share, bare, care, aware, scare, prayer, fair, hair, mare, elsewhere, despair, declare, compare, forswear, impair, bear, beware, mid-air, nightmare, repair, nowhere, somewhere, threadbare, unfair, warfare, anywhere, arctic hare, billionaire, Delaware, disrepair, in the air, millionaire, outerwear, pear, rocking chair, questionnaire, silverware, tableware, teddy bear, unaware, concessionaire, electric chair, welfare, vanity fair, even goddamn motherfucking PUBIC HAIR wouldve worked. FUCK, THEY EVEN COULD'VE USED UNDERWEAR why the FUCK would they rhyme "down there" with "down there" please add another hundred sins for their complete and total lack of effort

  34. Liv Terra

    Liv Terraヶ月 前

    The video is 16 minutes 😮😂

  35. QuantumBurrito

    QuantumBurritoヶ月 前

    I love the fact that Jeremy acts as if when you go to hell That the producers of bad movies will come to cinema sins.

  36. Commander Shepard

    Commander Shepardヶ月 前

    I like how he said nothing about that bear being the same size as the yeti

  37. Andrew Purcell

    Andrew Purcellヶ月 前

    You forgot about the fact that if the guy is able to go above the clouds, he should possibly be running out of air and shouldn’t be breathing normally.

  38. Jhonny. Z

    Jhonny. Zヶ月 前

    8:29 more like how big is this fucking bear lady, yetis are giants

  39. BenSoccer

    BenSoccerヶ月 前

    I saw the 15 minute version of this at an aquarium and realized that nothing else happened. So yeah. This is a short film idea basically was turned into a feature length film.

  40. Soul Sisters

    Soul Sistersヶ月 前

    “Aren’t mountains kind of....mountain shaped?”

  41. Alan Biker

    Alan Bikerヶ月 前

    Loved the songs, and the story. Didn't bother to watch the last 2/3's of "eveything wrong". It's a cartoon. Poetic license. Micky Mouse is a mouse. Isn't that a sin? Mice ton't talk. Usually I agree with you. Not this time. Much better than Moana, by far.

  42. RoseOfTheNight4444

    RoseOfTheNight4444ヶ月 前

    You forgot a sin: When Migo asked if Meechee and Percy were really on ground level and the others pointed to the silhouettes of where they landed. That wasn't there in the wide shot before they fell themselves, only when it was pointed to. Yeah, I sinned some stuff about the movie but I was still really into it.

  43. Tyroo 47

    Tyroo 47ヶ月 前

    The title should “Everything is wrong with small foot”

  44. A Lowe

    A Loweヶ月 前

    So no one has ever climbed the mountain ever

  45. OddBalls_Only

    OddBalls_Onlyヶ月 前

    7:02 how is he mentioning a suit racist?? Can someone explain please...

  46. Taylor chalklen

    Taylor chalklenヶ月 前

    It means cinema sins is stupid

  47. Legendary Gamer

    Legendary Gamerヶ月 前

    love your videos please do endgame

  48. NOT Morgz

    NOT Morgzヶ月 前

    And i had to pay for the movie its better than the original

  49. on one

    on oneヶ月 前

    what is the 2 song in the movie I need to now the name

  50. Lolly

    Lollyヶ月 前

    percy sounds like draw with jazza

  51. Nevaeh's a unicorn

    Nevaeh's a unicorn2 ヶ月 前

    You call that art

  52. Ahmed Hussein

    Ahmed Hussein2 ヶ月 前

    This is how mahe i love this chanel | | | \/

  53. CoolCole8002

    CoolCole80022 ヶ月 前

    It’s a fucking moooovvviiieeee But 9/10 don’t have movie ocd and just watch it without criticizing everything wrong with the movie

  54. CoolCole8002

    CoolCole80022 ヶ月 前

    Tbh I liked this movie



    Know you knowooo , you last your girlfriend to a darn stone

  56. xxgirl101xx

    xxgirl101xx2 ヶ月 前

    Y’know how JPgo tends to recommend those JPgo movies that relate to whatever movie-centric video you’re watching? Like cinemasins videos usually recommend the movie they were sinning? Normally they’re like, 3.99 or 5.99 or something, even for the good ones. Smallfoot is 17 fucking dollars.

  57. JamminZoe Meade

    JamminZoe Meade2 ヶ月 前

    First of all, before I actually watched this movie I thought it was about the main one being smallest of all of the bigfoot🤣🤣🤣 & apparently, I'm the only one who didnt notice that they were missing noses😉😁

  58. Conor Breen

    Conor Breen2 ヶ月 前

    You gave steamboat Willie narration. DING!

  59. Bibbles

    Bibbles2 ヶ月 前

    At least the art style for the movie is good lol

  60. MossAnimations YT

    MossAnimations YT2 ヶ月 前

    This movie was hecking released on my birthday lmfao

  61. Mr Mint

    Mr Mint2 ヶ月 前

    All undertale fans at 5:50 :ITS GOAT MOM

  62. Isak H2

    Isak H22 ヶ月 前

    How did a yeti survive falling down from mount everest