Everything Wrong With Mortal Engines In 13 Minutes Or Less

The books are apparently pretty good. This movie? Not so much. Yes, it has sins, and we'll list them for you, but more importantly... this movie isn't good.
Thursday: Not sure yet, but there will be sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Alondro77

    Alondro7714 時間 前

    This is literally one of the dumbest ideas ever. The amount of energy wasted on moving entire cities around renders the entire concept preposterous and anyone with the knowledge to even build these things would be smart enough to know how ludicrously inefficient and preposterous it is. Not surprisingly, it's a YA novel idea. Teens are idiots, as are those who write for them.

  2. Matej Blaho

    Matej Blaho日 前


  3. Joshua Holder

    Joshua Holder日 前

    It's hydrogen, Helium isn't flammable.

  4. M4X

    M4X日 前

    Godzilla, he has superpowers.

  5. Jason Jackson

    Jason Jackson3 日 前


  6. Captain Smoke

    Captain Smoke5 日 前

    Anti-tractionist omg lol Why do these cities move again?


    THE QUEEN6 日 前

    Mohammed fakher is a pussy weeabo bitch

  8. Michael Leytham

    Michael Leytham8 日 前

    shoulda given them one for the handheld gun effects when dude kills the other city head leader

  9. Ty Cameron

    Ty Cameron8 日 前


  10. PIE Files of the Paranormal

    PIE Files of the Paranormal8 日 前

    All of them

  11. PIE Files of the Paranormal

    PIE Files of the Paranormal8 日 前

    Transformers: Rise of weird robot city’s

  12. S3alPlayz

    S3alPlayz10 日 前

    The book was better Also shrike is a dumb name in the book his name is grike.

  13. Just Some Jew

    Just Some Jew7 日 前

    @S3alPlayz, to each their own, I guess.

  14. S3alPlayz

    S3alPlayz7 日 前

    @Just Some Jew yes. Yes I am.

  15. Just Some Jew

    Just Some Jew8 日 前

    Are you saying Grike isn't a dumb name?

  16. This Guy

    This Guy11 日 前

    They’re would be probably about 200 more sins if you read the book. Totally read the book it’s awesome, way better than the movie.

  17. Super bee

    Super bee11 日 前

    Sooo what was this even about

  18. Cato Black

    Cato Black12 日 前

    When you re watch this and want to correct CinemaSins about helium being non flammable.

  19. Jonas M.

    Jonas M.12 日 前

    I watched this movie with a Girl. Now I know why the relationship didnt work

  20. Ian Kirkpatrick

    Ian Kirkpatrick14 日 前

    I don’t consider it a sin to use common plot devices that stray from reality. After all, isn’t that what a movie is? There were some points that he made that were fair, but “why haven’t you killed him already” and other things were unfair to say the least. No one wants to watch a movie that ends with an anti-climactic shot to the head. If that’s how the movie was written, the end would have been much more dissatisfying. This channel in general would be more interesting to me if plot holes or even just extreme miscalculations on the script writer’s part. Instead I watched the video annoyed at how picky his analysis was.

  21. Bryce Balthis

    Bryce Balthis15 日 前

    A part that I thought was dumb was how the people inside the wall built there city on the wall, like why would you put everyone on the very thing that would be the focus of an attack, maybe there was an explanation in the book but that just seemed stupid to me

  22. BestHotboi NA

    BestHotboi NA19 日 前

    jfc 10:53 if im not mistaken, every SW superweapon capable of firing, has fired a test shot. *details*

  23. Trevin Sulentich

    Trevin Sulentich20 日 前

    I am watching this because I hate the movie but love the books and basically everybody on london died but katherine dies because of her father's blade

  24. Deviant

    Deviant21 日 前

    Kinda disappointed. Was hopeful for this movie

  25. Amy Cox

    Amy Cox22 日 前

    This movie made me sad literally in the first second I knew it existed. If you have basic understanding of physics...

  26. Eris, mistress of chaos

    Eris, mistress of chaos22 日 前

    I dunno why but the final 'I am groot' snippet at the end made me laugh so hard

  27. Gregg Tompos

    Gregg Tompos22 日 前

    so out of all the major cities in the world only london was able to build a super city?

  28. destoker

    destoker22 日 前

    0:35 "what if transformers were entire cities? " You mean like, tricepticon, metroplex, scorpanock and fortress maximus? Yea, that would be cool bro!!

  29. Jack Brown

    Jack Brown22 日 前


  30. Jack Brown

    Jack Brown22 日 前


  31. autistic dalek

    autistic dalek23 日 前

    how about read the book first bud? you can delete that "how do these predator cities even run" sin. they run on anything put in the furnaces

  32. Ethan Wright

    Ethan Wright24 日 前

    I actually liked this movie. Sure it isn't a masterpiece of screen writing, but the idea is original enough for me to make the movie interesting. I think it's worth a watch.

  33. Diamond Jub

    Diamond Jub24 日 前

    Machines never truly die, so are the engines really mortal?

  34. Jason Levitt

    Jason Levitt25 日 前

    for a stupid but simple movie, you had an impressive amount of funny AF comments to share. thanx for the chuckles, even if it wasn't any harder than shooting anti-tractionists in a barrel ;)

  35. Jordan FangZ

    Jordan FangZ25 日 前

    in my school this is my class book ,the books a lot better,oof

  36. Mr. Merlin

    Mr. Merlin25 日 前

    everything wrong in 13 minutes or less. Video = 14:19 logical

  37. John S

    John S14 日 前

    Yet it's still sinned in 13 minutes or less.

  38. Blogger Blogg

    Blogger Blogg25 日 前

    0:50 The best moving city/house and other moving things where you can live is in Howl moving castle. These are nothing compare to that/those. In a much better story/movie. I can't stay story, because I didn't read the books so maybe those are good.

  39. Tim Hanselbach

    Tim Hanselbach27 日 前

    *'That idea may just be crazy enough... to get us all killed!'* - Squidward

  40. gamer-war-tanker8 8

    gamer-war-tanker8 827 日 前

    “Graboid machine” I spat my drink out at the tremors reference

  41. Mr. Lawrence

    Mr. Lawrence28 日 前

    Godzilla vs. Bambi. LOL is a real short film. Literally a really short short film.

  42. Amplifypicks crazy

    Amplifypicks crazy29 日 前

    Read the book

  43. Suit guy

    Suit guyヶ月 前

    This movie only needs one sin Star Wars everything

  44. Nooh Zaman

    Nooh Zamanヶ月 前

    just read the book.

  45. Stormbuit

    Stormbuitヶ月 前

    I only see comments were people don’t like this movie. But i liked it.

  46. ALYTALyrics

    ALYTALyricsヶ月 前

    i just want to point out that stephen lang was shrike in this movie, so i think it deserves another sin for not making us know that. they could just have taken any unfamous fucker and save a lot of money. but no. why would you? marketing i guess.

  47. DrNazoo1983

    DrNazoo1983ヶ月 前

    I expected the Sin Counter to go absolutely _bananas_ at 1:55...

  48. Sarah Melchior

    Sarah Melchiorヶ月 前

    HAHA! There *was* a transforming city in "Transformers"! I know, I know, pretty obscure...BUT sin nonetheless!

  49. The-Rabbit /Easy cooking

    The-Rabbit /Easy cookingヶ月 前

    9:50 Helium isn´t flammable my dude. That must´ve been hydrogen youre thinking of there. Also, this movie is "Tank-City Wars: we´re not as good as Star Wars but damn well, we don´t even try"

  50. ian willis

    ian willisヶ月 前

    i haven't watched the movie but can tell you from that the books are so!! much better

  51. Tori Purgers

    Tori Purgersヶ月 前

    The crushed people lubricate the machinery. Couldn't work without them.

  52. Alex Kirkpatrick

    Alex Kirkpatrickヶ月 前

    If she really wanted to kill the guy when she had the opportunity why the fuck didn't she go for the head, or better yet the jugular vein the dude would have bled out in like 2 minutes maybe less, or the heart? Stab the liver it's really easy to find, or the spleen, but no lets stab him in the one area on the torso that gives him the best chance to survive a stab wound. Fuck off Hollywood.

  53. Alex Kirkpatrick

    Alex Kirkpatrickヶ月 前

    What is the premise of the movie exactly? old advanced human civilization somehow died out and the remaining humans figured it would be more practical to have moving cities constantly roam and destroy the land? What!? Why not rebuild civilization and continue with what works like Farming, building shelter out of wood, cement, stone etc, have a legal system, as much as people don't like the idea but the fact of the matter is when you have a certain number of people living together there needs to be some sort of governing organization (leadership) and history has shown and continues to show us that Monarchs, communism, legalist, militant and other similar governments don't work well at all and are doomed to fail. And in terms of democracy I have a quote from a senator I heard once "Democracy is the worst form of government in the world, it's corruptible, unfair, and an absolute nightmare to maintain. But! It's better than everything else human civilization has ever tried." So I really don't get the idea of this entire movie, it makes no sense, give's the impression that every human is dumber than a box of rocks yet somehow are able to create massive works of engineering that makes no sense but somehow is. Look if human kind does somehow create an apocalyptic scenario (like nuclear mutual assured destruction) for example, the most likely actions the remaining humans on earth will do is what humans have always done and continue to do in a dire situation, they will survive by forming back into groups, working together to rebuild civilization slowly and hopefully learn from the mistakes of the past so they can make life more tolerable in the future and after some time make a slue whole of new mistakes. Not revert back into a state of barbarism, murder, and class systems, people are smarter than that, usually, (religious organizations and cults exempt of course, they are doomed to repeat their mistakes always. Jehovah's witnesses, Scientologists are a good example of this).

  54. Robert Desmond

    Robert Desmondヶ月 前

    “His ass should get fired, and beheaded” His ass: “Am I a joke to you”

  55. Will Da Pensive Penguin Dood

    Will Da Pensive Penguin Doodヶ月 前

    Trust me, I wouldn’t have understood anything in the whole movie if I didn’t read the book. ( which is way better than the movie)

  56. Alex

    Alexヶ月 前

    Technically they tested the Death Star on Jedha and Scarif before Alderran... Technically...

  57. Cristiano Gaming

    Cristiano Gamingヶ月 前

    Everything wrong with this Channel in 20 minutes

  58. John S

    John S14 日 前

    He already sinned his channel, twice.

  59. GamerGodPlays

    GamerGodPlaysヶ月 前

    They casted Hester poorly because like damn she’s hot but in the books it says she was gruff and the scar made her ugly as fuck

  60. DELTACX10

    DELTACX10ヶ月 前

    2 words: dragon's teeth

  61. NuttyZeroNut

    NuttyZeroNutヶ月 前

    I watched this movie during a flight I fell asleep halfway

  62. James Stanton

    James Stantonヶ月 前

    Anyone else read the books?

  63. Chris Mercadante

    Chris Mercadanteヶ月 前

    While I totally get it that cynicism is baked in, and I LOVE CinemaSins and you're spot on 98% of the time as usual...I will say I found the sub-plot with Shrike and Hester tear-worthy, and I doubt I'm the only one. A lot of us are suckers for stuff like that, even in bloated incoherent messes like this.

  64. Charles Mukete

    Charles Muketeヶ月 前

    soo.... nobody noticed the tear mistake

  65. thatoksoccerkid

    thatoksoccerkidヶ月 前

    Not to be one of those guys but there is not a single character, location, or event that is consistent with the book.

  66. Poppy Cat

    Poppy Cat2 ヶ月 前

    It’s Simon from the Mortal Instruments movie!!