Everything Wrong With Mortal Engines In 13 Minutes Or Less

The books are apparently pretty good. This movie? Not so much. Yes, it has sins, and we'll list them for you, but more importantly... this movie isn't good.
Thursday: Not sure yet, but there will be sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Halley Jo

    Halley Jo日 前

    Me and my sister like to watch movies and joke about them if they look bad but holy shit we couldn’t make it through the first half of the movie without cracking jokes about how bad the acting and writing was.

  2. David P

    David P2 日 前

    I dig the visuals and the concept. Pity the movie just didn’t hit...nearly any other marks

  3. Dogewolf123 Dogeordog

    Dogewolf123 Dogeordog3 日 前

    As bad as this movie was it was accurate to the book

  4. Ece Burns Blue

    Ece Burns Blue4 日 前

    I kid you not at 11:18 I was eating a Twix bar. I wish I could post a photo. 😂

  5. a_ TenKidCoop

    a_ TenKidCoop5 日 前

    This movie would’ve been so much better as a Netflix original lmao

  6. gammaraider

    gammaraider5 日 前

    He got me at Spotify Hobbs and iTunes Turetto

  7. GG Anderson

    GG Anderson7 日 前

    Why are uncommon names sins

  8. ben fuller

    ben fuller7 日 前

    Helium is nonflammable... hydrogen is the flammable/explosive gas

  9. Jeff Glenn

    Jeff Glenn7 日 前

    This movie is unwatchable... No coherent storytelling...

  10. MrSirwolf2001

    MrSirwolf200110 日 前

    9:46 *points out that Helium is not flammable. Hydrogen is flammable.

  11. Chronicalipso Thompson

    Chronicalipso Thompson12 日 前

    You should do Poseidon 2006

  12. ツGmiit

    ツGmiit13 日 前

    cinema sins plays civilization games *ding*


    DESPECTIFY14 日 前

    She didn't try to escape the city, the small town tried to escape the city, she's basically a hitchhiker

  14. Thomas Pujol

    Thomas Pujol14 日 前

    I stopped watching at 1:14. This is not a helpful critique in any way.

  15. temite80

    temite8015 日 前

    Thanks for the funny review, Kermit!

  16. Nick Meade

    Nick Meade15 日 前

    Everything wrong with this "Everything Wrong With..." 1). Took longer than 13 minutes 2). If you'd really wanted to catch everything wrong with the film... you'd have had to make the video as long as the film (I actually enjoyed the film, but despite it being bad, not because) 3). Okay, maybe that's not everything wrong with the video, but I've lost interest in criticising it... whereas I didn't lose interest in watching the film even though it was bad! :D

  17. Just Trippin

    Just Trippin17 日 前

    Eating a twix at the perfect time lol

  18. Swike

    Swike17 日 前

    I have another sin, this movie is an offence to the British empire *says that in 1920 British Empire*

  19. Prinxiety

    Prinxiety17 日 前

    That was London have they ever been there

  20. Carli Foytik

    Carli Foytik18 日 前

    I love Robert sheehan so much tho 😔

  21. Aaron Nicholson

    Aaron Nicholson19 日 前

    That's never going get old funny

  22. Otkens Pl

    Otkens Pl20 日 前

    it was painfull to watch this movie.

  23. Fred Landry

    Fred Landry20 日 前

    How could you have cities on tracks?

  24. Danny Cam

    Danny Cam22 日 前

    my dad and i went to see this, having no idea what it was, just showed up at the theatre and picked something, and we were the only ones in there so we got to yell at the screen and make sarcastic comments all the way thru it. it was great. also all those call-outs to the star wars rip-offs but not the "i'm your father" moment? that surprsied me

  25. SakuraBeacon StrawberryBattery Jace

    SakuraBeacon StrawberryBattery Jace22 日 前

    The Minions is cause of this film bomb at box office

  26. tehbonehead

    tehbonehead23 日 前

    Holy crap! The dude from Incubus has that Benjamin Buttons thing!

  27. Srujal Makwana

    Srujal Makwana24 日 前

    Man ..that Tom guy was so dumb. I mean I mind mind blew up from his stupidity.same as the girl. But little less...



    The book is better

  29. Blacklace NYC

    Blacklace NYC25 日 前

    Was Anna the Lesbian lover of Hester Shaw's mother? Oh my sugarsnaps, Khora is handsomely delicious 😃

  30. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones25 日 前

    I was really annoyed with this film, doesn't do the books justice at all. Do yourself a favour and read them

  31. Michal kralčák

    Michal kralčák26 日 前

    helium don't burn dude

  32. KrazyKiwi

    KrazyKiwi28 日 前

    Ahh CinemaSins. No idea why you keep popping into my recommendations. But good lord, you really can't critique things when you have no knowledge of the insults you're using. Just a reminder that, there are already cities made up of Transformers, as well as two entire planets. And that's not even a minute into this video. Oh boy, let's see what other biased opinion we'll hear today from someone after the easy cash grab.

  33. herrschaftg35

    herrschaftg3528 日 前

    This "review" sucked more then the movie.

  34. Andrew White

    Andrew White28 日 前

    The only legitimate sin in this whole video is the Minions.

  35. The Curious Mind

    The Curious Mind28 日 前

    THANK YOU CINEMA SINS!!! I was waiting and hoping for a video from yall on this shit show of a movie (which I finally managed to forget about, thank God, until now) ! I LOVE TO HATE THIS GARBAGE!

  36. Dave Dixon

    Dave Dixonヶ月 前

    Valid points all, but I still enjoyed it. Probably because I'm a sucker for steampunk shit. I called bullshit on the knife catch too, though. Oh, and I found the zombie terminator just ridiculous enough to come around to ok again.

  37. The AJ

    The AJヶ月 前

    * Helium is chemically inert. They used Hydrogen in the "Cloud City". Because explosions.

  38. Marquies Riley

    Marquies Rileyヶ月 前

    Just watched the movie last night and it was pretty bad....

  39. james hawkins

    james hawkinsヶ月 前

    What did she stab him with, her thoughts of revenge lmao! I am sick of people surviving stab wounds!

  40. Levente Deli

    Levente Deliヶ月 前

    this movie is a straight star wars ripoff

  41. friscoboy7

    friscoboy7ヶ月 前

    the whole final battle was basically a new hope

  42. mick cv

    mick cvヶ月 前

    Who the f designed this weapon? The only way to stop a fire command is to make it self destruct? And what was this villains dumb plan to blow up a wall with his whole city so that he is able to go inside the walled city and be by himself and get jailed for life or executed? I failed??!? Ha you don’t know me

  43. Queen J

    Queen Jヶ月 前

    This movie was trash. I couldn't make it past the narration. 2hrs of life wasted

  44. Jefferson Smyth

    Jefferson Smythヶ月 前

    So... Did you watch the entire thing or did you not make it past the credits? I am confused by your comment.

  45. Augustin De Tarlé

    Augustin De Tarléヶ月 前

    What the hell is interesting in the vidoe, hes destroying one of the best movie I ever seen, you re taking all the world say for stupidity, and please before critics "why the city are like that" read the book its explain. Seriously this video is stupid.

  46. Jefferson Smyth

    Jefferson Smyth29 日 前

    @Augustin De Tarlé, Not sure, before my time. No worries, I've spoken English my entire life and even I get things wrong. You're right/wrong about people not wanting to watch a 5h movie, look at the number of people who binge entire series on Netflix or Hulu, which is well over 5hs/per season. Hell, I watched 6 episodes of Star Trek Enterprise just yesterday. Now take a book series, Harry Potter for example, make a movie where everything happens the same way it does in the book, the box office might take a hit, but the DVD sales would be where the money is at.

  47. Augustin De Tarlé

    Augustin De Tarléヶ月 前

    @Jefferson Smyth yeah you're right but did they get many succes ? By the way sorry if there English mistakes, I'm French x)

  48. Jefferson Smyth

    Jefferson Smythヶ月 前

    @Augustin De Tarlé, there are quite a few movies 5h or more.

  49. Augustin De Tarlé

    Augustin De Tarléヶ月 前

    @Jefferson Smyth this is why there aren't many movie of 5h or more

  50. Augustin De Tarlé

    Augustin De Tarléヶ月 前

    @Jefferson Smyth yeah of course they can but people would not like a too long movie.

  51. Alex Pickus

    Alex Pickusヶ月 前

    3:21 TRUMP

  52. MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster

    MediaMatters IsMyCockHolsterヶ月 前

    just watched this horrific propagandic farce on hulu. Good Lord. Here's the overall message. The United States and Britain bad, China good, men bad, women good, the U.S. worship consumerism, The west is an aggressor towards the East, the Chinese are benevolent and wish nothing but good for everyone. Which is all the biggest pile of bullshit I've ever seen on a flatscreen. Especially considering the reality of China, the communists in charge there, and the lack of freedoms their citizens have. My opinion? Don't waste two hours of your life like I did. p.s. AND.. the soundtrack is the cheesiest and worst I've ever heard.

  53. Noah Shively-Blinn

    Noah Shively-Blinnヶ月 前

    People who read the books are just like *"Look how they massacred my boy"*

  54. Niels Peter Christensen

    Niels Peter Christensenヶ月 前

    9:45 - CinemaSins made a sin of their own. Helium is a noble gas and therefore it doesn't burn, which in turn means that the city can't be using Helium to hover. Hydrogen is much more likely (like the Hinterburg)

  55. Shin

    Shinヶ月 前

    I honestly really liked this movie.

  56. william fitzpatrick

    william fitzpatrickヶ月 前

    Don't forget, this puppy lost about $50,000,000. Really, that's how good it was. Read "Cities In Flight" by James Blish.

  57. bill belly

    bill bellyヶ月 前

    this movie was badass, are you getting paid to shit on this great film???

  58. Levente Deli

    Levente Deliヶ月 前

    no but im sure u get paid tp praise this shit film

  59. Benjamin Hewitt

    Benjamin Hewittヶ月 前

    granted the movie was a letdown after the books but about 85% of jeremy's sins are such shit, good lord, and I thought birdman exaggerated but I guess not and just for reference, in the books Hester is missing an eye, most of her nose and cant stop scowling due to park of her mouth being deformed as well, tom hasnt been dreaming about being an aviator and shrike is not dead and thats only the beginning of where the movie screwed up but it does explain more than this imbecile sinning things he knows nothing about

  60. Jaystarz2000 gaming

    Jaystarz2000 gamingヶ月 前

    I just watched the entire movie it ends with Starwars ending with the death Star being distroyed by the Melenium Falcon. This movie should change to Star Wars.

  61. YourSandwichIsMine ._.

    YourSandwichIsMine ._.ヶ月 前


  62. Bill Prep

    Bill Prepヶ月 前

    ghost rider is dc...?



    got drawn in when i saw it say made from the people who made lord of the rings. boy was that a mistake. i was so confused what i just watched. even had to fight falling asleep.

  64. Hovis

    Hovisヶ月 前


  65. Francis

    Francisヶ月 前

    Okay, but what about when he went "I am your father" 😂

  66. Jacob Wagner

    Jacob Wagnerヶ月 前

    The movie is good there are so many things in the movie you don’t mention with what the sins wouldn’t be sins any more

  67. Nate Great

    Nate Greatヶ月 前

    This movie was so bad i watched the whole movie and it sucked the plot was fair but the storyline was terrible. This movie jumped all around and want nowhere and the main characters fall in love in like 1 hour off knowing each other it was just so bad, the story should have been about the two girls