Everything Wrong With Planes In 15 Minutes Or Less

This movie is really bad.
Thursday: Action sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Smart guy

    Smart guy12 時間 前

    Crop duster’ s dust tank run out a lot, that doesn’t mean they stop though, they go back refill they’re tanks, they can’t quit until they dust the entire field or it gets dark in which case they’ll come back the next day. Something tells me you know nothing aviation neither does this movie either though

  2. milovan vukmirovic

    milovan vukmirovic16 時間 前

    so ww2 happend in cars ? intresting

  3. JayJay Aviation

    JayJay Aviation日 前

    Kennedy approach is what they actually say lol

  4. Pencil Shark

    Pencil Shark日 前

    I disliked on the video because he said hockey was boring

  5. Radical Radiation

    Radical Radiation2 日 前

    I invite you to my discord which is a discord which you can play many mini games. Although we are still in development. The discord is very fun discord.gg/SdebT5Y

  6. Lee Hong Jin

    Lee Hong Jin3 日 前

    We haven't seen any jet aircraft other than the harriers. If an Me 262 or Gloster Meteor entered everybody would call hacks.

  7. The Valenzuelas

    The Valenzuelas3 日 前

    I have two sides between this movie In the first side, this is my favorite movie I’ve ever seen On the other side, this movie is bad

  8. Imaproshaman

    Imaproshaman5 日 前

    Shouldn't it have been hood wide shut? Nice video though. :D

  9. CampbellCan

    CampbellCan6 日 前

    Bruh 8:57

  10. Golem King

    Golem King6 日 前

    6:43 Aircraft have brakes just like cars.

  11. NSWSteamFan

    NSWSteamFan6 日 前

    C’mon. The film was harshly treated enough.

  12. Zachman0926

    Zachman09267 日 前

    This movie should’ve died a long time ago

  13. Asura Shun

    Asura Shun7 日 前

    What we need is a parody where it shows the sentient vehicles overthrowing humanity

  14. CIA

    CIA9 日 前

    Sin: *SkiPpEr DiDnt USe hIs 50 CaL MacHiNe GuN oN ThE oThEr RaCerS*

  15. Logan Biberdorf

    Logan Biberdorf9 日 前

    Have you seen joe

  16. Logan Biberdorf

    Logan Biberdorf9 日 前

    (Brains splatter the wall behind him)

  17. Logan Biberdorf

    Logan Biberdorf9 日 前

    Joe MAMMoTH

  18. Logan Biberdorf

    Logan Biberdorf9 日 前

    Whose joe???🧐🧐🧐

  19. Joseph Nadler

    Joseph Nadler9 日 前

    5:30 “and your vaguely off-color puns can suck my cockpit” I laughed a little to hard at that one!

  20. Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin9 日 前

    0:09 Lmao you make me laugh

  21. rotten cherries

    rotten cherries9 日 前

    Seems like this guy would sin his own family. I'm glad these are kids movies. As my 8 year old kid love the cars movies and Planes

  22. Iullia Isaeva

    Iullia Isaeva9 日 前

    this movie have a list sins that I expected it would be

  23. Slayerak Idrees

    Slayerak Idrees10 日 前

    13:26 there is a middle finger by Disney

  24. Nermiachaos

    Nermiachaos10 日 前

    Can you PLEASE sin See No Evil, They Live, The Marine, Suburban Commando?

  25. Maxwell Hohensee

    Maxwell Hohensee11 日 前

    See my main question is this: how the hell did World War II happen in the Cars universe?



    How about u shut up for one's on your life

  27. Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson12 日 前

    12:34 Takinging away a sin for the Arsenic and Old Lace Quote. *ting*

  28. Hydreigon Commander 204

    Hydreigon Commander 20412 日 前

    "You're not a crop duster, you're a racer." "And I'm not a cab driver, I'm a coffee pot." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. HolidayRacing

    HolidayRacing12 日 前

    Isn’t that war plane a Nazi dive bomber?

  30. Yoda ZX

    Yoda ZX13 日 前

    Luke skyduster

  31. Devlin Fisher

    Devlin Fisher13 日 前

    Do an “Everything wrong with cinema sins”

  32. Dankest Boi

    Dankest Boi13 日 前

    Ummmmm your video says 15 minutes or less. It’s 15:23

  33. Dustin Shadle

    Dustin Shadle14 日 前

    So um, I'm Dusty, from Iowa, and I flew a few crop dusters a couple of seasons.

  34. Shene Van Aller

    Shene Van Aller15 日 前

    *and your vaguely off color puns can suck my cockpit* LMAO i had a laugh at that

  35. Shawn Conway

    Shawn Conway15 日 前

    So I started off by being like 'okay it's a stupid, probably inoffensive plane movie rehashing cars.' I was not expecting WW2 war flashbacks and dying planes in this kids movie. this raises so many questions I know I wont get answers too.

  36. nyl0n

    nyl0n16 日 前

    12:08 What the fuck? 6 Yamato class ships? Only 2 were built, the Musashi and Yamato.. Also, they shouldn't be surprised that it was the whole enemy fleet, they were sent to take down the Japanese 2nd fleet, the big mama of the 3 fleets sent to take down the troops in Okinawa. About those 6 Yamato class ships, thats 6 of the most powerful class of battleship in the world, they would certainly be able to take down a single squadron of Corsairs, which weren't even meant to take down ships, and instead cover bombers, which they obviously arent in this scene. Just to give you an idea of what should be going on, the US navy sent about 400 aircraft, 30 destroyers, 11 aircraft carriers, 11 cruisers, and 6 battleships. Half of the ships are shooting at nothing, as you can see that no other aircraft are in this scene. slap a r/iamverysmart under my comment all you want but I just wanted to add even more to how that scene is god awful to a person who likes military history. Oh yeah, atleast they got the anti aircraft guns right, I guess thats something, there should be a little Japanese car arming it though, computer controlled AA guns didn't exist at the time, atleast, for the Japanese from what I know.

  37. drunk russians

    drunk russians17 日 前

    Its funny skipper and is squdrons look like german stukas from ww2

  38. LegoWormNoah101

    LegoWormNoah10117 日 前

    First movie: Cars First spin-off movie: Planes Next Spin-off movie: Trains Final Spin-off movie: Boats

  39. LegoWormNoah101

    LegoWormNoah101日 前

    @colonthree93 Funny, because I own *3!*

  40. colonthree93

    colonthree93日 前

    Don't forget about Segways!

  41. Christopher Plauth

    Christopher Plauth2 日 前

    More like after boats: Next spin off: Bikes Final spin off: Humans

  42. Orcas Gaming

    Orcas Gaming22 日 前

    Takes in mind he is facing his fears Does not mention the plane is at such a rate of climb a supersonic jet going 2 times the speed of sound could not get that far before losing altitude due to gravity, take in mind propelled aircraft could only go 300 to 400 mph without a turbo engine, and a duel engined fighter jet can not even reach close going 1200 mph

  43. Orcas Gaming

    Orcas Gaming22 日 前

    First of all, battleships, lots of them without escort or an aircraft carrier. The planes would not have any chance to get through any armor without cannons or bombs, even one ship is to much to handle, especially when one ship is that armed, they also showed 25mm cannons, they do not have such accuracy or a fire rate close to what it showed, its WW2 Disney, there is no such thing as laser targeting yet, especially on Japan’s ships, even the ships are closer to German ships than any Japanese ship I’ve seen.

  44. Camille Cunningham

    Camille Cunningham22 日 前

    Dusty looks like a spit fire wait... Ww2

  45. TS Bolt

    TS Bolt22 日 前

    12:08 All of those ships are Yamato classes, but, ONLY 3 YAMATOS WERE BUILT, AND THE 3RD WAS TURNED TO AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER! So 1 more sin

  46. L3gend_ L3gend

    L3gend_ L3gend23 日 前

    this is going to far for world of cars when ma queen asks doc to train him 2:20 bruh


    TSGz FEISTY25 日 前

    6:21 That is one chody ass plane

  48. Kyle the file

    Kyle the file28 日 前

    I forgot this movie existed

  49. John Karam Paul

    John Karam Paul28 日 前

    Cars 1, Cars 2, Planes 1 (A spin-off to the Pixar Cars films), Planes 2 Fire and Rescue (A sequel to the Pixar Cars spin-off Planes 1) and Cars 3

  50. #Avgeek

    #Avgeek28 日 前

    Also american airlines

  51. Filip Ladan

    Filip Ladan29 日 前

    12:50 Polish*

  52. Cool Corner

    Cool Cornerヶ月 前

    I forgot this movie even existed

  53. Kayla Matteson

    Kayla Mattesonヶ月 前

    Cars, planes, motorcycles, gosh

  54. Bolly Richardson

    Bolly Richardsonヶ月 前

    I almost forgot this was even a movie💀😂

  55. Gg Gg

    Gg Ggヶ月 前

    **** U man

  56. Beck Wells

    Beck Wellsヶ月 前

    I swear to fuck Jeremy is like the son of Grif and Simmons.

  57. Braelen’s Channel

    Braelen’s Channelヶ月 前

    Can you do this BUT with MrTop5 (Dude is so Cringey)

  58. The Valenzuelas

    The Valenzuelasヶ月 前

    5:48 An American Airlines 777 withouth the title

  59. Bryce therealnibba

    Bryce therealnibbaヶ月 前

    Its a kids show my guy

  60. H

    Hヶ月 前

    Oil is poop but mater lightningmqueen an every other car and plain alike drink oil I call sin

  61. Gamer guide Animation

    Gamer guide Animationヶ月 前

    I forgot this existed

  62. Bailey Chap

    Bailey Chapヶ月 前

    Uh, you mentioned planes with their blocks off yet with their propellers spinning, thats because A: Planes have wheel brakes, and B: Just because the propeller is spinning doesn't mean it's creating thrust, the angle the individual blades to adjust thrust, they angle them backward to slow the plane down during landing, and have them horizontal at the gate or on startup, so the engines can spool up without moving the airplane, chocks are just there as insurance. Plane Movie knows how to plane more than the Plane Sinner sinning it.

  63. Ultra _Rage

    Ultra _Rageヶ月 前

    The plane in the background of one of the scenes has no eyes

  64. Lim Zong Ting official

    Lim Zong Ting officialヶ月 前

    How can dusty fly as fast as the jets?

  65. ThatOneKid

    ThatOneKidヶ月 前


  66. MR. Raptor246

    MR. Raptor246ヶ月 前

    Those planes are supposed to have emergency exits