Everything Wrong With School Of Rock In 16 Minutes Or Less

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School of Rock is Jack Black at his best. It's funny, it loves music, and it has adorable kids.
It also has sins out the ass. So we did what we do.
Next week: Robot sins and '90s animated sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Danilo Valadão

    Danilo Valadão8 時間 前

    How dare you?!

  2. Catseye189

    Catseye1892 日 前

    The principle was hot in Adam's family!

  3. Susquean Amerine

    Susquean Amerine3 日 前

    You are so literal and shouldn't watch movies



    I'm not sure whether I agree with this or not. CinemaSins basically has a philosophy that if a movie has to movie, it's a sin. That said, I'm not necessarily saying that they're wrong either.

  5. tim72184

    tim721845 日 前

    #1. It exists.

  6. PS4Fan

    PS4Fan5 日 前

    I like weezer. That is all

  7. PS4Fan

    PS4Fan5 日 前

    This movie is S tier. And that’s coming from a weezer fan

  8. PS4Fan

    PS4Fan5 日 前

    This video should not exist

  9. David Cuellar

    David Cuellar5 日 前

    This one felt more opinion based that actual sins

  10. Imaproshaman

    Imaproshaman5 日 前

    Still a great movie tbh.

  11. Midana

    Midana6 日 前

    I hate this movie

  12. cromusic ibra

    cromusic ibra7 日 前

    Their song earned them a Sin Removal? As far as I'm concerned, that song earned them an extra 1000 sins for committing Treason (you don't put "ooh la la" in the background of a fucking ROCK SONG).

  13. CrispyLand

    CrispyLand7 日 前

    The absolute boomer tier cringe of this movie is why there is no longer a Hendrix, Morrison, or Cobain. This world was simply not meant for their intelligence. JFC

  14. Ashley Randall

    Ashley Randall7 日 前

    How in the world did this not mention the part at the end where his finger is moving in the opposite direction of the credits? That part haunts me and it didn't even happen to me.

  15. Free Bee

    Free Bee8 日 前

    The Doors are awesome!!

  16. 10000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    10000 subscribers with no videos challenge8 日 前

    Me: there’s nothing wrong with this movie Cinema Sins: I’m about to end this whole mans career

  17. charles herring

    charles herring9 日 前

    dude your a dick all music is good and you should incourage the kids

  18. Tim Turner

    Tim Turner9 日 前

    Gotta be honest that "immigrant song aaaaaaaaahh" sin part is what reminded me to like the vid.

  19. Dee

    Dee10 日 前

    Wait...the doors suck?

  20. undead goth girl

    undead goth girl10 日 前

    that patch wasn't punk at all roflmao

  21. Julie Porter

    Julie Porter11 日 前

    I never liked School of Rock for the reason that he mentioned, Dewey is a jerk through most of the movie. Jack Black is okay in small doses, but after awhile his rocker schtick gets old and annoying.

  22. Cipher 863

    Cipher 86312 日 前

    "Read between the lines theo"read between the LINES"

  23. Disgrace Ayala

    Disgrace Ayala12 日 前

    0:16 Jack Black isent even a Punk Rocker hes a Metal Rocker so ima sin this shit 10 times!

  24. sean keenaghan

    sean keenaghan12 日 前

    The doors are unreal

  25. Jameson Jones

    Jameson Jones13 日 前

    The doors don’t suck

  26. Brewbies

    Brewbies13 日 前

    The fact that you didn't mention the 10 year anniversary of this movie makes me think you don't understand the true following that this movie has and that, sir, is sinable. DING

  27. Jfr Films

    Jfr Films13 日 前

    Dewey: **breathes** Cinema sins: What a Dickface

  28. Braeden Lewis

    Braeden Lewis13 日 前

    What about Freddie Mercury being a pianist

  29. George Draganoiu

    George Draganoiu14 日 前

    Everything about School of Rock is perfect.

  30. Hyper Legacy

    Hyper Legacy14 日 前

    Now ik this channel is made to ridicule films but I feel recently it’s been targeting really good films like this and I robot what next endgame??

  31. Demarcus Keene

    Demarcus Keene14 日 前

    11:26 he dead

  32. danandphilandmcr

    danandphilandmcr15 日 前

    School of rock is my fave movie ever. It's the best movie ever.

  33. Big Jack Gameplays

    Big Jack Gameplays16 日 前

    Sinning a millions sins for CinemaSins saying The Doors suck.

  34. Nick Mirisola

    Nick Mirisola16 日 前

    The after credits scene is actually pretty dope it’s fully improvised by jack black and the kids

  35. Big Jack Gameplays

    Big Jack Gameplays16 日 前

    And one of the cutest parts of that movie!!!

  36. Cj varron

    Cj varron17 日 前

    Agreed... The doors suck

  37. Derrick Jackson

    Derrick Jackson17 日 前

    Everything wrong with school of rock more like nitpicking school of rock

  38. Long PeePee

    Long PeePee18 日 前

    The Doors sucked? Lol asshole

  39. Draugr

    Draugr18 日 前


  40. uluc coban

    uluc coban18 日 前

    The doors do not suck! You suck! The doors rule! F*ck you in the ear! Now ım gonna go and listen "riders on the storm".

  41. Jacob Reynolds

    Jacob Reynolds19 日 前

    What kind of a jackass doesn’t like The Doors?! Wtf man??

  42. Gman 207

    Gman 20719 日 前

    Wtf these movie is the best funny comedy you suck for hating on these movie

  43. Quantum Leap Cosplay

    Quantum Leap Cosplay19 日 前

    You're not a big Rush fan? Didn't I see you complimenting your neighbors some years back about playing "Tom Sawyer" disturbingly loudly? Also, why not? Dude, they're the greatest band in the galaxy! If you don't believe me, just look a little deeper about how their music is made and the meaning behind all the lyrics.

  44. Wandergirl108

    Wandergirl10819 日 前

    So wait, all that buildup and the protagonists lose? WTF?

  45. Wandergirl108

    Wandergirl10816 日 前

    @Big Jack Gameplays **eyeroll** Yes, thank you, friend, I am fully aware of how real life works. My issue is that this is not real life. Who wants to watch a movie just to be reminded of how real life works? If real life was so great, we'd just experience real life instead. The point of the entertainment industry as a whole is to DISTRACT us from real life because real life generally sucks. So putting that ending on a scripted movie is just baloney.

  46. Big Jack Gameplays

    Big Jack Gameplays16 日 前

    Real life mate; the cool looking dudes win because they are more selleable, and the kids lose because no one cares about half dead kids...it's the perfect representation of real life.

  47. Joey Kelly

    Joey Kelly21 日 前

    Thumbs down specifically for dissing The Doors. I'm not mad, just disappointed.

  48. Katie Andrea

    Katie Andrea22 日 前

    Nobody cares about keyboard players? Keyboards are pretty similar to pianos and two of the most influential musicians of the 1970’s played piano so your statement gets a sin. *ding*

  49. brandon segura

    brandon segura22 日 前

    Wow super livid about the “the doors suck part.”

  50. Sidra Lais

    Sidra Lais23 日 前

    It’s not lame to kick whilst playing piano

  51. Forrest Lowe

    Forrest Lowe23 日 前

    You DID NOT Just say the doors suck. What the actual fuck. Have you not taste? Riders on the storm, Light my fire, people are strange, break on through? Be thee uncultured? Damn Jeremy I used to have faith in your opinions...

  52. Carlton Powell

    Carlton Powell23 日 前

    I love this as a Melbourne production. IT WAS AMAZING!!!

  53. Luis Alonso Zelaya III

    Luis Alonso Zelaya III24 日 前

    Jack Black. Thats enough.

  54. Pedro Martell

    Pedro Martell24 日 前

    This video made me laugh so hard when he said to the three girls (groupies) 😂

  55. Dr. killpatient

    Dr. killpatient24 日 前

    I hated this movie. I was glad that Jack Blacks career tanked not too long after. ( I did like him in that fat-shaming Farrelly Brothers, Gwyneth Paltrow movie.)

  56. jake gregoire

    jake gregoire25 日 前

    man i like you but the doors are good dude

  57. Hunter Swift

    Hunter Swift25 日 前

    Ight your opinion seemed slightly valid until you said the doors suck

  58. Masta Don

    Masta Don27 日 前

    alot of people I know still talk about an Watch Me Myself & Irene

  59. Robert Clark

    Robert Clark27 日 前

    Did you actually just say The Doors suck? Are you fucking serious man...smh

  60. vicky naomi

    vicky naomi28 日 前

    Dewey isn't selfish... He's a very talented musician who always had the world slamming doors on his face, he just wanted to be happy doing what he loves without having to conform to what society expects from him. He grows to care for the kids and he never stopped being true to himself.

  61. Chris Allie

    Chris Allie28 日 前

    Everything wrong with cinema sins is he sins good movies,apart from this one,i do agree this movie is gay

  62. Allie Young

    Allie Young28 日 前

    do they even realize how many people they turned off when they said that the Doors suck?

  63. MinnyPaws

    MinnyPaws28 日 前

    *Come on baby light my fire..* Totally agree with that sin. My ears broke long ago.