Everything Wrong With Chappie In 16 Minutes Or Less

*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 8/4/15*
Also, TV Sins here: jpgo.info/tv-e4bOvc1mYxFcQ5xPb9Zmow
After District 9 & Elysium, Blomkamp gives us Chappie... a really confusing sort-of-entertaining futuristic AI robot movie... full of sins.

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  1. CinemaSins

    CinemaSins8 ヶ月 前

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

  2. aidenshark06

    aidenshark062 ヶ月 前

    This is the best movie

  3. Shiloh Kaffenberger

    Shiloh Kaffenberger2 ヶ月 前

    CinemaSins to be honest I loved the movie, but I like seeing you point out all the pointless crap and be a comedian for 10 minutes...oh also (duh...)

  4. MxB Masstaa

    MxB Masstaa2 ヶ月 前

    Ok , i was like the vid is sooo late

  5. Joffre Joubert

    Joffre Joubert2 ヶ月 前

    Die Antwoord gives South Africans a bad name , this comming from a south African.

  6. Evil Catz

    Evil Catz2 ヶ月 前

    CinemaSins retard isn’t a race

  7. adam weeres

    adam weeres15 時間 前

    they had such high potential to make this movie great. the idea is amazing and Chappie's character is fun to watch and makes me laugh. What ruined it for me was the "bad guys" who teach chappie. they were quite annoying and made it hard to watch without cringing. the storyline was bad as well. there could have been two AI robots one being chappie and the other owned by the company who wants chappy gone and the storyline could have been the fight between chappy and the company AI. could have made a better movie than this one. would rate movie 3.5/10

  8. Jacob deLeon

    Jacob deLeon16 時間 前

    That's tough I thought it was a amazing movie

  9. Monique Granados

    Monique Granados21 時間 前

    I loved Chappie, started crying when the people put him in the van.😭😭

  10. Max Urich

    Max Urich日 前

    Reeeeeeeee reeeeeeeeeeerrre

  11. Juice_memes

    Juice_memes日 前

    Racist you are . Yoda

  12. Robert Lucchetti

    Robert Lucchetti3 日 前

    Ngl this movie was had me cringing 75% of the time I watched it

  13. Division Year

    Division Year6 日 前

    Me: This movie is actually pretty good Cinema Sins:Sounds like a lot of HOOPLA

  14. Loli4lyf

    Loli4lyf8 日 前

    16 minute or less Reality : it's 17 minute

  15. Gelatina_Royal

    Gelatina_Royal8 日 前

    Is it weird that i genuenly got mad watching the movie bc of how people were treating chappie?

  16. Sniper Van Ryneveld

    Sniper Van Ryneveld10 日 前

    I live in Africa it is not lake this

  17. Kakashi Up in here

    Kakashi Up in here11 日 前


  18. Marcus Rodriguez

    Marcus Rodriguez10 日 前

    Thank you u taking my words

  19. Sydii Plays

    Sydii Plays13 日 前

    This is just disrespect

  20. Jovani Lugo

    Jovani Lugo13 日 前

    7:11 Noice

  21. Danny Martinez

    Danny Martinez13 日 前

    It’s 17:03 minutes so

  22. John S

    John S11 日 前

    It's sinned in 16 minutes tho

  23. Shadow ninja Gaming

    Shadow ninja Gaming13 日 前

    Nothing it is perfect please stop ruining good movies you’re awesome but please stop



    W H O ‘ S R E A D Y TO R I D E O N A Z I P L I N E

  25. TM FireBurst

    TM FireBurst14 日 前

    17 minuets. You lied to us

  26. TM FireBurst

    TM FireBurst11 日 前

    @John S you're a horrible joke but we dont talk about that do we

  27. John S

    John S11 日 前

    @TM FireBurst It's a horrible joke

  28. TM FireBurst

    TM FireBurst11 日 前

    @John S it was joke boiiii

  29. John S

    John S11 日 前

    *minutes. And he did not lie

  30. beast hunter-930

    beast hunter-93015 日 前

    There was nothing wrong with is gay kid

  31. I Do Covers

    I Do Covers16 日 前

    This Is My Favorite Movie Sad To See It Go😔

  32. Michael Barber

    Michael Barber14 日 前

    The guy simply shit on the movie because it had similarities to robocop because apparently any humanoid machine that is in law enforcement is copying robocop. I do agree with the fact that the Moose looks like Ed-209, but the number 5 isnt copying “Short Circuit” either, its just a number buddy, i carry a $5 bill and five $1 bills with me when i go out for easy change, doesnt mean every person with a 5 in their pocket is copying me friend. I love his vids, but this on had too many unnecessary “sins” in it, i got halfway through and had to quit watching because i cant handle bullshit.

  33. Jaden Camejo

    Jaden Camejo16 日 前

    I just watched chappie on Netflix and I FREAKIN LOVE IT

  34. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr16 日 前

    I liked Chappie despite all the flaws!

  35. David Stewart

    David Stewart17 日 前

    I question how in the actual Fuck it is possible to hate this movie

  36. Adrian Melville

    Adrian Melville17 日 前

    This move was dope

  37. XDBeast Comi

    XDBeast Comi17 日 前

    Chappie was sad

  38. rat

    rat17 日 前

    10:14 No, it goes to his SSD. Cpu is for processing +20 sins for CinemaSins

  39. swan_ striker47

    swan_ striker4719 日 前

    Well frick you man I live in South Africa



    Chappie is my second favourite movie and even after this video it is still my favourite

  41. ZA Miner

    ZA Miner19 日 前

    Am South African, about 10 of those sins should be taken away. An example is 6M in a armoured truck, that happens here.

  42. lowrider993

    lowrider99320 日 前

    This movie is even worse than i thought it was, and I thought trailer was bad

  43. Rob

    Rob20 日 前

    i was thinking the same thing about the arm but then though well if they didnt cut the arm right at the connection they would just have to disconnect the remanants of the last arm? whatever idk

  44. James Hubacher

    James Hubacher21 日 前

    8:01 that part was hilarious. All this stuff you're saying makes sense though.

  45. Adam N

    Adam N22 日 前

    You missed a sin at 2:38, there is no way in hell a company that builds robots would use Autocad for any 3d design work on the computer

  46. Akshit Vats

    Akshit Vats23 日 前

    11:23 plzzz turn this into a meme

  47. Akshit Vats

    Akshit Vats23 日 前


  48. nicko317

    nicko31724 日 前

    that burn on Ninja's real name was smooth af.

  49. Christopher Setiadi

    Christopher Setiadi27 日 前

    Everything wrong with cimimasins it says 26 mins or less but it's 17 mins (this is a joke please don't take this seriously)

  50. All Videos

    All Videos28 日 前

    Epic movie

  51. Nate The Master Gamer

    Nate The Master Gamerヶ月 前

    Notices the vid is 17 mins instead of 16

  52. John S

    John S11 日 前

    Notice how it's sinned in 16 minutes or less

  53. The Captain Of GodKillas

    The Captain Of GodKillasヶ月 前

    Mr hanky the christmas poo, i love him and he loves you From south park if anyone did not know

  54. Ryder Draconis

    Ryder Draconisヶ月 前

    Wasn't Chappie a movie about... like a robot boxing match?

  55. skrillex kills

    skrillex killsヶ月 前

    This movie SUCKED ASS!!!

  56. Sid Boi

    Sid Boiヶ月 前

    This is my favorite movie of all time. Don’t destroy this 😭

  57. Werzzy 3

    Werzzy 3ヶ月 前

    Where is everything wrong with transformers?

  58. Orlando Moreno

    Orlando Morenoヶ月 前

    "Rise of the planet of the chappies" dear God I am DYING!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  59. Ik Ben god

    Ik Ben godヶ月 前

    Hey just wanted to say that 6:30 the mention of 600 million is probably talking about the South African currency rand and last time I was in South Africa year ago 20 rand was one pound or 1,35 dollars now it’s lower, so let’s say it’s 10, that is only 60 million however a big sum of money neither the less, I really like what you do and I give you credit for it, but just thought I’d add my opinion. Keep doing what you are doing :)

  60. Matt Bradley

    Matt Bradleyヶ月 前

    The building that is an impractical use of space is a real building called Ponte Tower. Given that it does really exist, it's less of a cinema sin and more of an architectural ballsup.

  61. Rick Van Graan

    Rick Van Graanヶ月 前

    why are you raceest

  62. GavMystro

    GavMystroヶ月 前

    YOU MISSED A SIN AT 3:30 the head of an AI based robot company would know that when he's pitching a robot that can artistically paint, and write poems that it means it can think independantly and possibly has CONSCIOUSNESS and she would know how much of a big deal that is, not just dismiss it as 'oh idc abt a painting robot'

  63. KING PHANDA Boost

    KING PHANDA Boostヶ月 前

    CinemaSins: knowing nothing about South Africa😂😂😂😂 a real South African confirming that

  64. OneeBlyat NONE

    OneeBlyat NONEヶ月 前

    You: *Judges This Movie* People who liked this movie:[Everyone disliked that]

  65. StarShotStream

    StarShotStreamヶ月 前

    Watching your channel has made me a pessimist

  66. SkRxipts Fedated

    SkRxipts Fedatedヶ月 前

    How was ther not a Van Damme's Cyborg reference in the sins?!?!?!?!?!?!

  67. UnluckyArtist

    UnluckyArtistヶ月 前

    why didn't anyone tell me this was literally a movie about die antwoord befriending a robot

  68. Julian Milner

    Julian Milnerヶ月 前

    Robocio, passion of the chappie and rise of planet of the chappies sound awsome

  69. Hoender Borsie

    Hoender Borsieヶ月 前

    Hi.Im sorry to inform you that I just talked to Cyril Ramapoza and he demands that half of these sins should be removed for South-Africa being South-Africa.

  70. Jeff Smith

    Jeff Smithヶ月 前

    No they don't teach their kids how to talk like that

  71. Jeff Smith

    Jeff Smithヶ月 前

    They would be in South Africa because it would be test there so if anything gose wrong nobody would care

  72. C_ Rob

    C_ Robヶ月 前

    Wow cinema sins plotting the future....they stealing spiderMan

  73. Luke Emberson

    Luke Embersonヶ月 前

    Here's what I wanted to know, is how in the movie they got away with calling the Scouts, Droids? George Lucas trademarked the word droid, but it's said many times in the movie. So, did they pay for the rights to use the word or did they just not get caught? My guess is that nobody cared since George sold star wars and he's pretty much off the face of this planet now.