Everything Wrong With The Emperor's New Groove

Everyone I ask seems to remember loving this movie. And that's cool. But when I watched it, I saw a whole bunch of exceptionally weird nonsense. And sins like crazy. So... you know how we do.
Next week: Recent-ish action sins and recent-ish action sins. Wait, what?
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Tracy Mann

    Tracy Mann日 前

    Wanna hear a joke This movie I mean I'm being very nice saying as it's so crap

  2. Bandit Aviation

    Bandit Aviation日 前

    Not one person in this comments section can take a joke. I'm ashamed to be a millennial

  3. User Friendly

    User Friendly2 日 前

    Excuse you? Leave Bucky alone, dammit! Also, there is nothing wrong with this movie. So suck it. :p

  4. Squeakyfir

    Squeakyfir3 日 前


  5. Built andCrew505

    Built andCrew5053 日 前

    This movie was actually good how dare you. I thought the Tom Fuckery was actually funny. (Note that I am just kidding. I’m not offended.) Regardless I love your videos and think you should keep doing them. (That was lame. Sorry CinemaSins.)

  6. kiti023

    kiti0233 日 前

    You gunna do leon the professional, you love the everyone meme

  7. Drule E. Medina

    Drule E. Medina4 日 前

    Beware the groove cinema sins!!! Beware the groove!

  8. Waki Paki

    Waki Paki4 日 前

    God bless you, Warburton

  9. Corben Riley

    Corben Riley5 日 前

    No no he’s got a point It’s a good meme No it’s not it’s amazing No no he’s got a point (So that’s the worst thing I’ve ever wrote)

  10. Ethan Pletnikoff

    Ethan Pletnikoff6 日 前

    Its 12:13

  11. Jonathan Sauceda

    Jonathan Sauceda5 日 前


  12. JD

    JD6 日 前

    *Everything Wrong with The Emperor's New Groove* Me: Wow, look! Nothing!

  13. Jonathan Sauceda

    Jonathan Sauceda5 日 前

    That's my name

  14. Fuck You

    Fuck You6 日 前

    I think it’s inspired from the Inca empire in Peru a long time ago... Which was mesoamerican. :P

  15. Angery React

    Angery React6 日 前

    Imagine being so devoid of joy or personality that you'll attempt to destroy a pure movie for no reason other than to try to make people just as miserable as you, if not more.

  16. Morten Aanstad

    Morten Aanstad3 日 前

    Au contraire, seeing the snowflakes have their childhood ruined is extremely enjoyable (though not as enjoyable as seeing them getting bullied)

  17. The0utcast

    The0utcast7 日 前

    It’s blank

  18. Chloe_thefox Studios

    Chloe_thefox Studios7 日 前

    Him: fuck me sideways! Me: *thinks* i can arrange that My friends: *wtf face* Me: what his voice is hot!

  19. Aaron Mauthe

    Aaron Mauthe7 日 前

    No sins for the deus ex machina TRAMPOLINE?

  20. That Guy

    That Guy7 日 前

    The Emperor's New Groove was Deadpool before Deadpool.

  21. Logan Joiner

    Logan Joiner8 日 前

    This video got a dislike because my love for the Emperor’s New Groove is greater than that of CinemaSins. Albeit, I still enjoyed the video.

  22. Lazys The dank engineer

    Lazys The dank engineer8 日 前

    Czechs notes

  23. destiny kemp

    destiny kemp8 日 前

    I still can’t hate this movie



    Am I the only person who doesn’t find emperors new groove so great...

  25. Nibbets

    Nibbets9 日 前

    How dare you sin this movie

  26. Richard Huff

    Richard Huff9 日 前

    I hope you're not having sex with Deadpool because Deadpool is a sin🛎👋 and having gay sex is a sin🛎👋

  27. Mariann Eråk

    Mariann Eråk10 日 前

    This is the one Disney movie that is better in Norwegian than English.

  28. willy sammons

    willy sammons10 日 前

    Thats john Goodman not Chris farrely

  29. Morten Aanstad

    Morten Aanstad3 日 前

    "Chris Farley's sidekick" is a reference to David Spade



    First of all thank you for pointing out that incas are not mesoamericans do you know how many idiots said that on the internet. Second of all I hate this movie cuz it shows the public false facts about the REAL!!! Incas and the incas are not known by a lot of people and it's a very unique civilization. I'm Peruvian so it's very disrespectful to make fun of our ancestors.

  31. Jeremiah Sherman

    Jeremiah Sherman10 日 前


  32. Garrett Drudik

    Garrett Drudik10 日 前

    "This is a horror movie" I fucking snorted, so thanks.

  33. clyde the frick

    clyde the frick11 日 前

    Delete this *NOW.*

  34. Relentless Rhythm

    Relentless Rhythm11 日 前

    He is such a narcissist and I hate him!

  35. TheWildmanden

    TheWildmanden12 日 前

    How dare you sin this fucking masterpiece!?

  36. hayden higdon

    hayden higdon13 日 前


  37. thebeast619

    thebeast61914 日 前

    I feel like Yzma was turned into a cat because Eartha Kitt was Catwoman on Batman but no one seems to talk about that. Like an overlooked Easter egg sorta. Or maybe it's just so obvious noone bothers to talk about it

  38. Anonymous Viola

    Anonymous Viola14 日 前

    If I buy the “ This scene does not contain a lap-dance” T-Shirt and wore it to school, would it be a sin if nobody noticed it?

  39. D. Paul

    D. Paul14 日 前

    Way to completely miss the point of this movie

  40. Rayan Khan

    Rayan Khan10 日 前

    Way to completely miss the point of the channel

  41. no no

    no no14 日 前

    This recommendation exists DING

  42. no no

    no no14 日 前

    That last scene with the documentary though made me laugh and pull out my heart

  43. no no

    no no14 日 前

    9:12 God that is a whole lot of cursing in one sentence ! Damn!

  44. Kristy Lewandowski

    Kristy Lewandowski15 日 前

    There is nothing wrong with this movie. But, in the words of Kuzco, "Bring it on."

  45. Lmgamer mese

    Lmgamer mese15 日 前

    Nobody: A man who likes to sinnize a movie about a *_B L A C C_* llama released in the new millenium: *_s i n_*

  46. No Gender, Only Soup

    No Gender, Only Soup17 日 前

    I swear I know the dude that plays the villager guy. Could someone tell me who he is or what famous roles he's played?

  47. No Gender, Only Soup

    No Gender, Only Soup15 日 前

    @Morten Aanstad Oh, it's that guy! Thanks for telling me!

  48. Morten Aanstad

    Morten Aanstad16 日 前

    John Goodman ("The Big Lebowski" and "Monsters Inc" probably being some of his most famous roles outside of this)

  49. João Miguel Azoia

    João Miguel Azoia17 日 前

    I watched this movie 3 times once when i was a kid... didnt find it funny another when i was a teenager with my little cousin.... bored finally on college, doing a disney marathon with my ex... i laughted my ass of... but i blame the weed, not the movie. 5/7 would never see it again

  50. max roth

    max roth17 日 前

    "by involving the postal service, youve made this crime a federal one" i'm fairly certain murdering the emperor is already a federal crime 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  51. Groovy Movie

    Groovy Movie17 日 前

    I fully believe his college roommate boned his ex girlfriend cause he brings it up in a lot of his videos

  52. Yasin N94

    Yasin N9418 日 前

    "I'm going to kill you!" Cats.

  53. Godlessanarchist

    Godlessanarchist18 日 前


  54. Paul H

    Paul H19 日 前

    You must see these comments all the time but i will legitimately be fine with you sinning any other movie ever made except this one

  55. Blogger Blogg

    Blogger Blogg19 日 前

    3:41 llama shape cactus next to Yzma....

  56. Becky Ingrahm

    Becky Ingrahm20 日 前

    He has all the llama paraphenalia becuse llamas were extremely important to Incan culture.

  57. Lily McDonald

    Lily McDonald21 日 前

    My mom: 12 minutes cant be THAT bad... Me: oh no, he talks fast

  58. Bob

    Bob21 日 前

    Deadpool came secondary. Just saying.

  59. Lane Hacker

    Lane Hacker21 日 前

    Why are you hating this movie so much lol

  60. Rayan Khan

    Rayan Khan10 日 前

    Cuz that's the point of the channel


    LÉ DOCTÒR22 日 前


  62. Marcos Esteban

    Marcos Esteban23 日 前

    He’s lost my liking since the clone wars check, NOW THIS!!!

  63. Rayan Khan

    Rayan Khan10 日 前

    I mean, it's kinda your fault if you choose to take this seriously

  64. Devin Posey

    Devin Posey23 日 前

    Still love this movie remember seeing it as a kid

  65. Sid Knoop

    Sid Knoop23 日 前

    Okay but the lama stuff in his childhood is just historical accurateness, they were holy/emperor-ly things or something

  66. ghouljoe x

    ghouljoe x24 日 前

    Hey hey buddy leave some for the Nostalgia Critic okay.?

  67. bubblesbaby37

    bubblesbaby3724 日 前

    wrong leverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  68. Massive Cow Breakout 755

    Massive Cow Breakout 75525 日 前

    No no he’s got a point

  69. Massive Cow Breakout 755

    Massive Cow Breakout 75525 日 前

    Oh yeah. It’s all coming together