Everything Wrong With The Emperor's New Groove

Everyone I ask seems to remember loving this movie. And that's cool. But when I watched it, I saw a whole bunch of exceptionally weird nonsense. And sins like crazy. So... you know how we do.
Next week: Recent-ish action sins and recent-ish action sins. Wait, what?
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Alpha AF Music

    Alpha AF Music4 時間 前

    I don’t get the “David spade, 2002, bowling ball, ground beef” thing... Is that in reference to a movie, or something he did? I’m confused...

  2. Lalo Gutierrez

    Lalo Gutierrez7 時間 前

    Your not using proper Grammer!

  3. Lalo Gutierrez

    Lalo Gutierrez7 時間 前

    A federal crime is a big bold crime. Ex: The robber killed 18 policmen.

  4. Lalo Gutierrez

    Lalo Gutierrez7 時間 前

    It,s kuzco it's kuzco it's a wonderful toy, maybe fun for girl or boy!😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Lalo Gutierrez

    Lalo Gutierrez7 時間 前

    What the f*** is wrong with Peru?🙄🙄🙄 This move should get a 1 out of 100 for lazy environment and made up environments! This movie is bold!

  6. mcs 7873

    mcs 7873日 前

    Wow, this guy genuinely sounds pissed off in this video

  7. Dumbagon

    Dumbagon日 前

    Not enough Kronk

  8. Luna Lovegood

    Luna Lovegood日 前

    I had no idea thia movie was so loved until I came to this comments section

  9. Milk The Furry

    Milk The Furry2 日 前


  10. Jym Breitbach

    Jym Breitbach2 日 前

    Fuck off with every one of these complaints. Issue an apology right now

  11. maddie calloway

    maddie calloway2 日 前

    This video should only consist of the opening credits and cinemasins saying "absolutely fucking nothing" the end

  12. Tadeo Gerke

    Tadeo Gerke2 日 前

    b e w a r e t h e g r o o v e

  13. glitterbitesback

    glitterbitesback2 日 前

    Who hurt you?

  14. glitterbitesback

    glitterbitesback2 日 前

    True story. When this came out, I was 10 and had paralyzed facial muscles due to grand mal seizures and I still laughed. My sister said it was a horrifying sight to see (no expressions, just a laughing noise) and it was painful but dammit, I still count it as a fun memory.

  15. Ian Nicol

    Ian Nicol3 日 前

    -1 Sin for the cactus the potion was dumped on in the back ground also turning into a Llama

  16. Robbie Napier

    Robbie Napier4 日 前

    Did he say that pacha was Chris Farley? Because im pretty sure it was John Goodman

  17. Blake Hooton

    Blake Hooton4 日 前

    "It's Kuzco, It's Kuzco, It's Fun, It's a Wonderful Toy, It's Fun for A Girl or A Boy. " LOL

  18. Imaproshaman

    Imaproshaman5 日 前

    Lol, nice.

  19. Lunar_Heart

    Lunar_Heart5 日 前

    This is my mom’s favorite movie and she let me stay up to write an essay on a school night and I forgot the volume button was a thing so.... F**k

  20. Panda Pan

    Panda Pan5 日 前

    This movie is *CoMeNdY* not serious mk?

  21. Anastasia Soboleva

    Anastasia Soboleva5 日 前

    People are complaining about CinemaSins bashing this piece of garbage? Seriously? Out of all the movies they've bashed?

  22. Red Pikmin 01

    Red Pikmin 015 日 前

    Do eww war of the worlds 2005 next

  23. Echo Solaris

    Echo Solaris6 日 前

    We had to watch this movie in my Humanities class. I didn't even watch it I just drew in my book.

  24. The Thing

    The Thing6 日 前

    you should do a cinemasins about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (the movie) I watched tones as a child and I would really enjoy a cinemasins about it.

  25. L Rivers

    L Rivers6 日 前

    I'm not actually a hardcore fan of New Groove in the slightest, but... yeah, you can't just sin the surrealist jokes in a thing for not making sense. It's kind of the whole point of Incongruity Humour Theory, the idea that things that make no sense, or are unexpected, etc, are funny, and this is arguably the MOST instinctual type of humour of all the humour theories as well, so it's... yeah, just don't agree with a lot of the sinning here.... You need a different tactic if you want to sin comedies properly.

  26. Carolyn Muller

    Carolyn Muller6 日 前

    Was...was that a Dan Quayle reference with Deadpool? 🥺

  27. Piper Ramsdale

    Piper Ramsdale6 日 前

    This is unrelated... ...but where's the "In (Sin Timer) Minutes" in the title?

  28. Taner Archibald

    Taner Archibald6 日 前

    Oh come on no sins off for just how funny a character Kronk is and his little tent

  29. TheWhiteCrow

    TheWhiteCrow6 日 前

    I'm going to kill you, hahaha, "Cats", I'm dead

  30. Fluffykitten 101

    Fluffykitten 1016 日 前

    Guys you know most of his sins are jokes

  31. Alicedraws

    Alicedraws6 日 前

    CinemaSins - *makes point about "monkeys on the bed" being racist* Me - *spits coffee* WAIT WHAT!?

  32. The One

    The One6 日 前

    When you pick out flaws in good movies



    This got 94 sins but shrek got 103 what the heck

  34. NectarineAttack

    NectarineAttack7 日 前

    I havent watched the video yet but I just wanted to say fuck you cinemasins for touching this masterpiece from my childhood

  35. James Flowers

    James Flowers7 日 前

    Oh I see!!! You’ll reference Pineapple Express in the ‘audio clips of other movies dubbed over video of the movie your sinning’ but you won’t sin it? SIN COUNT MY FAVORITE MOVIE DAMN IT!

  36. James Flowers

    James Flowers7 日 前

    “Fuck me sideways this is a horror film!” 😂😂😂😂

  37. Orion

    Orion7 日 前

    How is it that I am a month late and after scouring the comments, there is not one reference to the log joke???

  38. chris notyou

    chris notyou7 日 前

    Being offended is a choice. And being offended by song about monkies jumping on a bed is racist. DING!

  39. Kool McKool

    Kool McKool8 日 前

    Also Jeremy, there's a difference between satire and what you're doing. Satire is when you take something serious and exaggerate it. Think about "For a long time, the Catholic church would only read the Bible in the original Wookie so that people couldn't understand it". That's satire, and it works because it takes the serious thing that the Catholics wouldn't let people read the Bible, and then using an exaggeration to make it hilarious.

  40. Kool McKool

    Kool McKool8 日 前

    To quote the Incredibles "You have officially gone too far Buddy"

  41. Meowsta Boi

    Meowsta Boi8 日 前

    Trying to sin a perfect movie? You tried...

  42. Alyssa Gilmore

    Alyssa Gilmore8 日 前

    there is nothing wrong with this gold 😂

  43. Brady McCullough

    Brady McCullough8 日 前

    9:32 GO SUCK A KRONK

  44. Sadnap Champloo

    Sadnap Champloo8 日 前

    Can you please do Everything wrong with Pootietang?

  45. Lauren Quinn

    Lauren Quinn8 日 前

    The real question is; who is Niles and who’s Frasier?

  46. URyan99

    URyan998 日 前


  47. a esmeralda

    a esmeralda9 日 前

    This legit had me LAUGHING bc I’ve thought some of the things he mentioned, doesn’t take away the fact that I’ve watched the movie a dozen times 😭💯

  48. Gilberto Alaniz

    Gilberto Alaniz9 日 前

    Dude.... U have to correct this video. This movie is the best!!

  49. Kristina Brumbaugh

    Kristina Brumbaugh9 日 前

    4:09 *It's Kuzco, it's Kuzco, it's fun it's a wonderful toy! It's fun for a girl or a boy!* Who knew Kuzco had to be a toy!!!

  50. spirtgreat CP

    spirtgreat CP9 日 前

    You just jealous your not in those movies

  51. spirtgreat CP

    spirtgreat CP9 日 前

    That’s offensive to some people

  52. spirtgreat CP

    spirtgreat CP9 日 前

    Why do you talk trash about movies

  53. TheFurryGamer

    TheFurryGamer9 日 前

    I call bullshit

  54. George Tapp

    George Tapp9 日 前


  55. Mary Williams

    Mary Williams9 日 前

    chris farley’s sidekick? that’s john goodman and david spade, where is chris farley?

  56. Mary Williams

    Mary Williams9 日 前


  57. reapermin

    reapermin9 日 前


  58. Betty Perle

    Betty Perle9 日 前

    IT'S A PONCHO!!!

  59. iHubert

    iHubert9 日 前

    Omg Classic Disney movie 😂 Edit: for me im 15 and loved that movie

  60. Lucy

    Lucy10 日 前

    CinemaSins: Unreliable narrator Me: Surprised Pikachu meme.