Everything Wrong With Bird Box In 18 Minutes Or Less

Did you see it/them? I hope not, because you are dead. What? I know, right?
This movie is BONKERS.
Thursday: RomCom sins that angered us.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. legalize homicide

    legalize homicide2 時間 前

    What the hell is the bird box. I've never even seen it advertised.

  2. ŶØ bïçh Lil Rosie *psst call me

    ŶØ bïçh Lil Rosie *psst call me7 時間 前


  3. Boo Gaming Girl

    Boo Gaming Girl10 時間 前

    Everything wrong with this title

  4. Amelia Jackson

    Amelia Jackson14 時間 前

    JPgo: this video is 19 minutes cinemasins: shut up I said 18 JPgo: but it’s Cinemasins: that’s one sin because how f**king stupid you are

  5. LORD Loli

    LORD Loli18 時間 前

    Also btw its been 5 years so those guys could finally get to there house. As they are fully armed

  6. LORD Loli

    LORD Loli18 時間 前

    Lol need an explanation got everything. Your just like them. Don't know where it comes from and how it started. Good plot for me.

  7. LORD Loli

    LORD Loli18 時間 前

    The movie was fine. Not that stupid. And taking other stuff from movies are good. It's like writing a paper, references

  8. LORD Loli

    LORD Loli18 時間 前

    Lol very stupid. Who has this much black paint? Lol for a few windows. I got that much paint. And more in the shed. Boi. And at least with a GPS you who where to drive. Instead of driving blind, also they drove slow.


    LAZAR BEAM21 時間 前

    4:14 machine gun Kelly

  10. Butters Scotch

    Butters Scotch日 前

    The only time where it is good to be blind. Hey, at-least Steve wonder will live.

  11. doppel M

    doppel M日 前

    At the end the monsters could tilt trees but they dont can get in a hous

  12. Kara Karin Stearns

    Kara Karin Stearns日 前

    And once again, he clearly doesn't have any psychology education because he can't even understand the concept of pretending it's not there makes it not real because A LOT of people do that!

  13. jacob fleming

    jacob fleming日 前

    I loved bird box

  14. Kara Karin Stearns

    Kara Karin Stearns日 前

    30 seconds in and I can already tell this guy doesn't have kids.

  15. Bradarious Spar

    Bradarious Spar日 前

    3:00 My reaction to SAO episode 14 before I stopped watching that anime. Plus how I felt watching this movie, and the shittier Netflix Stanley Tucci horror movie that I can't remember the title of - 11:00 Why wasn't John on the other side, facing the door, with the gun? He could've blown the crazy bastard away and saved what's-his-face.

  16. LegoProductions Kirk

    LegoProductions Kirk日 前

    Its sort of like that this movie is part of the rapture. Sinners stay behind on earth after seeing the monster and dont go to heaven And people how have been saved die and go to heaven after seeing it.

  17. Devil0027

    Devil00272 日 前

    This whole movie bothered me. Marauders found them of all places in state at complete random

  18. N7 Tigger

    N7 Tigger2 日 前

    So someone said "Let's rip off A Quiet Place and just change sound into sight."?

  19. Unknown ;p

    Unknown ;p3 日 前

    all this channel is criticizing movies for stupid reasons

  20. Emily G

    Emily G4 日 前

    The only sin I don’t agree with is that Malory’s sister didn’t love her as much as Tom did because she couldn’t resist the monster. Tom said he was in the military and when ur in the military you have to be as emotionally strong as you are physically strong, so that’s probably why he could resist giving in to the monster just a little bit longer than she could

  21. Alter Ego

    Alter Ego4 日 前

    0:40 laughed so hard

  22. Ariz Ariz

    Ariz Ariz4 日 前

    The most sensible person in this movie is douglas!!!

  23. TheRealUnconnected

    TheRealUnconnected4 日 前

    Netflix is so shit. They just pump out d grade crap because they are terrified of losing all their contracts for proper quality content.

  24. FuriousJay 23

    FuriousJay 235 日 前

    u forgot when charlie unlocked the supermarket... i was wondering when did he have time to lock the door during the time when it all started in the U.S.

  25. Wuzi Juzi

    Wuzi Juzi5 日 前

    Where is the sin removal for when mgk dies??? Hes not an actor..ding...he might be because i dont like his fake ass raps no better DING!!! Matter fack this should have a bonus round of sin with an ak 47 fire range ding ding ding ect ect

  26. Wuzi Juzi

    Wuzi Juzi5 日 前

    Tne cliches kill me too....fuxxin savage

  27. Wuzi Juzi

    Wuzi Juzi6 日 前

    Your a fuxxing savage....i want you to make a movie....it will be the best ever made...DING!

  28. Joubert Marthinus

    Joubert Marthinus6 日 前

    krog.....the only thing that makes sense is the fact that nothing makes sense.!

  29. naenae

    naenae6 日 前

    reply with f’s for Charlie

  30. Angelina Luong

    Angelina Luong7 日 前

    18 minute s or less hmm..... 19 minutes

  31. protect_ya_neckツ

    protect_ya_neckツ7 日 前

    My nigga if they did everthing right. There wouldn't be movies

  32. Jacob Diller

    Jacob Diller7 日 前

    After watching CinemaSins Sins (Th3Birdman), I realize how lazy the "sins" are in your videos. Malkovich may not have given a shit in this movie, but maybe you should...

  33. Tenderizer17

    Tenderizer177 日 前

    If I were in a situation where "things show up, and if you look at them you get the urge to kill yourself", I'd look straight at them. Ain't no strange mythological force gonna tell me what to do.

  34. Bass Therapy

    Bass Therapy8 日 前

    Netflix movies fucking sucks

  35. John Cameron

    John Cameron8 日 前

    I am totally sick of the Hollywood crowd and the same old theme in every movie they produce these days. Almost 100% they have to always have a black person as the major character even thou they only make up 16% of the population and the black guy who is always portrayed as the hero and smart one while the white guy is the goon and of course he always eventually has sex with a white woman. Its not only the movies, it is also almost every commercial or Gov advertisement. Well done Sandra bullock you have thoroughly soiled yourself with this one.

  36. Caleb Wilks

    Caleb Wilks8 日 前

    It should have deserved twice as much for being an awful horror movie

  37. RadiatedGamer

    RadiatedGamer9 日 前

    +10000000 Sins because surviving this in real life is almost impossible.

  38. Kaden Morris

    Kaden Morris9 日 前

    Everything wrong with bird box: everything

  39. J-T Vlogs

    J-T Vlogs9 日 前

    What is a sin?

  40. Bart Jansen

    Bart Jansen9 日 前

    That's a sin

  41. Dennis Debro

    Dennis Debro10 日 前

    Title: Everything wrong with the bird box in 18 minutes or less Video: 19 minutes CLICKBAIT!!!

  42. URyan99

    URyan9910 日 前

    *18 minutes or less* Video: *19 minutes 1 second* CinemaSins missed a sin...

  43. Pete Swish

    Pete Swish3 日 前

    URyan99 sins legit stopped at 17:59... lol

  44. Dino Slayer1554 BlueDino600

    Dino Slayer1554 BlueDino60010 日 前

    Solution: live underground Canada: am I joke to you? Solution: live underground Canada: hold my moose

  45. Lili Akari

    Lili Akari11 日 前

    What if someone was blind Bam you get to live

  46. Specim1n3

    Specim1n311 日 前

    It’s 19 minutes

  47. Mr_ Ænonymousツ

    Mr_ Ænonymousツ12 日 前

    7:28 7:29 7:30 7:31 7:32 This will definitely hunt my dreams, this I must screen shot.

  48. OkHi

    OkHi12 日 前

    Yo I just realised that this was posted on my birthday-

  49. Darin Anderson

    Darin Anderson12 日 前

    I have not watch this movie nor will ever watch it

  50. Sheila P

    Sheila P13 日 前

    i never finished watching this movie...I'm glad I didn't. holy friggity frack that is a TERRIBLE ending.

  51. GHOST

    GHOST13 日 前

    What the president declared all borders are closed dont tell me trump make the wall and let the monster paid for it


    QUEENDOM14 日 前

    My dad buys the newspaper every day. My mom gets magazines in the mail from all sorts of stuff.

  53. Carly Vandersluys

    Carly Vandersluys14 日 前

    ahh yes. this is what stale, artificial strawberries taste like

  54. Krys Field

    Krys Field14 日 前

    3:40 Speed reference which Sandra Bullock was in too.

  55. Vent guy

    Vent guy15 日 前


  56. J0RDVN

    J0RDVN15 日 前

    You people are never satisfied with anything. These things aren’t even that bad. You just like bitching like a bitch

  57. Halo Devil

    Halo Devil16 日 前

    Movie is called *Bird Box* But we don't see *Birds* in a *Box* for like 95% of the movie

  58. Halo Devil

    Halo Devil16 日 前

    17:41 ...

  59. LoneRanger

    LoneRanger16 日 前


  60. Shahdon Gray

    Shahdon Gray17 日 前

    It's not a happy ending

  61. Dominique Battle

    Dominique Battle17 日 前

    he's fawkin legend for using "they're just cans". kids wouldn't understand when movies had replay value 😢

  62. Ginko Sensei

    Ginko Sensei17 日 前

    The blind is really lucky Edit: The blind are really lucky