Everything Wrong With Bumblebee In 22 Minutes Or Less

Bumblebee is the best Transformers movie yet. It's got heart, lots of fun, and a simple-ish plot that is easy-ish to follow. But it ain't perfect. So we counted its sins.
Thursday: A sins video of some variety.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Conor LF

    Conor LF21 時間 前

    If in transformers transformers have been on earth for thousands of years and in number 5 we specifically see bumblebee in WW2 why would they go do this, why change the whole time line

  2. Cynical North Gaming

    Cynical North Gaming23 時間 前

    The fact that Ratchet, Ironhide, Optimus, Wheeljack, Arcee, Shockwave, Soundwave, Ravage, etc showed up in their G1 designs as opposed to their Bayverse designs should've been enough of a tip-off, both to the audience and the people making this, that this film *has* to be the reboot they later admitted it was, rather than a prequel to Bay's films.

  3. Chris Rankin

    Chris Rankin2 日 前

    "Detected by the Richter scale" lmao

  4. Sliver Jack 02

    Sliver Jack 022 日 前

    dude there are a lot wrong with this EWW 0:20 #1 the battle on Cybertron is easy to see and follow unlike the other movies with at least 3 cuts 0:32 #2 the difference between 'bots 'and cons is the eye color blue for 'bot red for 'con 0:46 #3 Starscream Skywarp and Thrust were miles above the platform so they couldn't see it and it is well hidden because it is far enough away for it to be insignificant to the 'cons 1:04 #4 the autobots ran away from the fighting to the tower the cons had just arrived when they fired on the tower 1:22 #5 it isn't the halt signal it is the freeze signal when on patrol military members use it to signal they saw and understood it the real sin is that the two guys on the left aren't using the signal 1:34 #6 even if Bee landed in another forest you would still say the same thing 1:54 #7 before bee was runnig through trees and driving then would have allowed him to be caught 2:06 #8 they autobot and decepticon logos are automaticly grafted into their weapons as the weapons are a part of their bodys 2:11 #9 they are weapons apart of his body and look at his wrists and you'll get your answer 3:10 #10 so your saying that to drop something off you need a car. if so how did Peter Parker deliver pizza in spider man 2 3:28 #11 so people who aren't circumcised have corn dog penises

  5. elxr 94

    elxr 943 日 前

    I love your content but There is nothing wrong with this movie you bitch

  6. Kong Thao

    Kong Thao4 日 前

    Biggest sin! He's a machine. They can fix themselves, but not a voice box? So many spare parts after killing an enemy. Can't he synthesize a new voice?

  7. The Mickeydabi

    The Mickeydabi5 日 前

    I remember this Alf episode from when I was a kid and also remember the name of it

  8. Garnix [GD]

    Garnix [GD]6 日 前

    *sad bumblebee noises*

  9. OldLeatherHands&Friends

    OldLeatherHands&Friends6 日 前

    That girl is cute as hell, that movie looks about as shitty as all the others.

  10. Hylan171

    Hylan1716 日 前

    Because Captain Marvel wasn't enough 20th Century nostalgia...

  11. Beginning

    Beginning6 日 前

    How do you not know difference between the Autobots and Decepticons in this movie?

  12. Red Hoodie

    Red Hoodie7 日 前

    I think it's hilarious you think this was as good or better than the original. Hell, this wasn't even as good as Extinction.

  13. KNACK warrior

    KNACK warrior8 日 前

    I hope they make a sequel to this movie.

  14. JoeWaylo Gaming

    JoeWaylo Gaming8 日 前

    10:03 - If they said his first name was Colin Powell, that would be worth 50 sins.

  15. Mystic MTG

    Mystic MTG8 日 前

    Add a sin for her diving into unknown waters there should have been debris and she should have died

  16. Jefferson Smyth

    Jefferson Smyth8 日 前

    Why are they cars on their home planet? Wouldn't they be just normal robots before going to earth?

  17. Dan

    Dan8 日 前

    John Cena was actually good in this film and they would have had a better video if they included some of his lines, also they made the movie look dumber than it is when they don't remove sins for some of the things that were actually funny and clever. But I'm sure they could care less.

  18. Wilo Polis

    Wilo Polis日 前

    I honestly didn't even like Bumblebee but I'll admit John Cena did the best he could with the material

  19. Brenden Campbell

    Brenden Campbell9 日 前

    It's just not Transformers anymore.

  20. blindoutlaw

    blindoutlaw10 日 前

    Hailee Steinfeld isn’t my girlfriend in this scene Where is this?

  21. MyMagnificentOctopus

    MyMagnificentOctopus10 日 前

    Shouldn't she be eating Honeycomb cereal, rather than Cheerios? Seems more bee-themed, even if there are honey nut cheerios.

  22. Ezra Dunlop

    Ezra Dunlop10 日 前

    I’m surprised he was able to find the continuity error for the cassettes and the Alf episode but not that a decepticon showed a hologram of the international space station. The space station that began construction in 1996

  23. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith12 日 前

    You missed the biggest problem with the opening scene...WTF is Bumble Bee transforming to a sports car when he's not on Earth and has never been there?!

  24. KingS1eepy

    KingS1eepy12 日 前

    You don’t brush you teeth before breakfast? So you like your breakfast as a side dish to funk? Lol 🤢

  25. Micartizbroken _

    Micartizbroken _13 日 前

    Us transformers fans know who’s fighting who

  26. Geesmack Joeypads

    Geesmack Joeypads13 日 前

    You know, it wasn't terrible.

  27. Jerromi Muckle

    Jerromi Muckle13 日 前

    Shit was utter fuckin shit. Movie was VERY horrible

  28. Taolo Samuel

    Taolo Samuel14 日 前

    I'm not the only one who hated this movie

  29. Isaac Garvey

    Isaac Garvey15 日 前

    Think about how in pretty much all the bay movies the deceptacons were just trying to rebuild their home and save their species and the autobots stopped them and were treated as the good guys

  30. Philapple05

    Philapple0515 日 前

    I think you forget that memo is a nerd and that the bayverse has nothing to do with this

  31. Sheetal Silveira

    Sheetal Silveira16 日 前


  32. Фаррух Таджибаев

    Фаррух Таджибаев16 日 前

    Э КАК

  33. Joshua Pak

    Joshua Pak16 日 前

    I brush my teeth before breakfast.... to kill the bacteria

  34. Job Acevedo

    Job Acevedo16 日 前

    Alf did not suck!

  35. Mt Maruchan

    Mt Maruchan16 日 前

    Nah you can clearly tell the difference between the autobots n decepticons

  36. George Mason

    George Mason17 日 前

    Alf did suck. But bumblebee transforms while blacking out.

  37. Legendary0425

    Legendary042517 日 前

    Bubblebee doesnt have megan fox in daisy dukes

  38. Farrdawg Joker

    Farrdawg Joker17 日 前

    On Cybertron before Bee had ever been to earth how was he transforming into a car before visiting the planet where cars are from?

  39. Soundwave Superior

    Soundwave Superior18 日 前

    You are wrong

  40. Jesse Tomi

    Jesse Tomi18 日 前

    Is it just me? I didn't see John Cena in this movie

  41. Cyril Copia

    Cyril Copia20 日 前

    It doesn't make sense, In the fifth movie the last knight bumblebee was with hot rod fighting in the world war yet bumblebee was shown going to earth in this movie and no one knows back then that they exist.

  42. Craig Dunne

    Craig Dunne19 日 前

    I think it's a reboot

  43. Tøp

    Tøp20 日 前

    My normal side: ok ok i respect your opinion My Transformers side: *your a sorry excuse for a disgrace*

  44. Dawnraider00

    Dawnraider0020 日 前

    As someone who drove across Texas where the sun set after I entered Texas and rose before I left Texas, I see no issues with that timeline

  45. Paty O’s

    Paty O’s20 日 前

    Why does this video exist the movie was amazing

  46. Trevor Tidmas

    Trevor Tidmas20 日 前

    Also sin the fact optimus was suddenly on earth talking to bee so why in the 1st film he dropped down what made him go back to space if earth's new base for them ?

  47. Marshall Mc

    Marshall Mc18 日 前

    Its a reboot The other movies dont happen in this timeline so shouldnt be sinned

  48. Num47

    Num4721 日 前

    Glad I'm not the only one to use the term bumfuck nowhere to descibe the middle of bumfuck nowhere.

  49. Decepticon Allbro

    Decepticon Allbro21 日 前

    I'm giving cinemasins a sin for saying ravage is a DOG! RAVAGE IS A F***ING JAGUAR!!!

  50. RaenefWyvern

    RaenefWyvern21 日 前

    Add a sin for focusing too much on the humans and not enough on the cybertronians.

  51. mr gorring

    mr gorring21 日 前

    How did cliffjumper have a radio if he wasn't on earth

  52. Brandon Prater

    Brandon Prater22 日 前

    BUMBLEBEE: How now, brown cow?

  53. Brandon Prater

    Brandon Prater22 日 前

    11:22-11:29 PAUL RUDD: Oh no... they're on to me!

  54. SlothyHD

    SlothyHD22 日 前

    1:25. Yes he does the Halt signsl aswell. Simple comand 101. If you see a comand, do it aswell for 1. Do repeat that comand do the guy behind you 2. That you saw the comand and understand it (yes understand. Maybe you saw the comand wrong and that is do verify it)

  55. Victor Kennedy

    Victor Kennedy22 日 前

    Saying this is the best transformers movie is like saying the last shit you took is the best shit you’ve ever let go. The first five minutes of this movie was the best live action transformers movie scene to date but the rest was just utter nonsense. And you people saying it’s a good movie aren’t even talking about the scenes of the movie, you’re just saying it’s a good movie or which transformers you liked. You could have replaced the girl with a whole other family dynamic or what ever and the movie wouldn’t change because the girl is pointless even though they tried to make her one of the biggest points of the movie.

  56. jsprite123

    jsprite12322 日 前

    Best sin ever: All Transformers movies are an excuse to sell toys to kids. Yep.

  57. George Ealy

    George Ealy22 日 前

    Ok, I'm not hating, but just SHUT THE FUCK UP! You're just used to making fun of the Bay films, and you take it out on this movie! This is the only good Transformers movie!

  58. Abnormal Texan

    Abnormal Texan23 日 前

    She has a classic corvette in the same mechanical condition as bumble was. WHY would she be that determined to get the VW running but earlier give up getting the vette running so easily?!? Just get the vette running and then you’re a 16 year old with a Corvette and it wouldn’t leave you after it caused you to become involved in a war between GIANT ALIEN ROBOTS and almost gets you killed several times!!

  59. Jeremy quiring

    Jeremy quiring23 日 前

    The movie is so crap i paused it to watch this :)

  60. Ben Parker

    Ben Parker23 日 前

    Thing is you can figure out the difference

  61. Strive to Find the Light in the Darkness

    Strive to Find the Light in the Darkness23 日 前

    This is the first movie, I have never seen. Well I got what I needed so thanks for saving me time Cinama Sins.

  62. peter g

    peter g23 日 前

    If you’ve seen the the last knight bee was there during wwii

  63. naveed z

    naveed z24 日 前

    19:28 the percentage on the transmission goes from 99 to 40???