Everything Wrong With Bumblebee In 22 Minutes Or Less

Bumblebee is the best Transformers movie yet. It's got heart, lots of fun, and a simple-ish plot that is easy-ish to follow. But it ain't perfect. So we counted its sins.
Thursday: A sins video of some variety.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Olav Andreas Opedal

    Olav Andreas Opedal2 時間 前

    "Decepticons; attack!" ... weren't they already attacking?

  2. Eldrick Tobin

    Eldrick Tobin3 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a> ish I forgot this movie had the Sin of a Copy of the Crib Notes of the rib Notes of The Crib Notes for Teens (more crib notes) of the Hero's Journey where to show a Teen has grown at all... make'em do entitled thing. Then take it away later and SAY its growth. No it's just... the Director decided to NOT have them say "Well. World's safe. Now I need a new car." at the end. Because that would damage all that growth. There's plenty of growth to be had... so why they have to have Baby's First Teen Growth Sin every bobdamned time is beyond me.

  3. Jere

    Jere4 時間 前

    Sin to cinemasins always in army everybody repeats the hand signals always

  4. Dario Mendez

    Dario Mendez19 時間 前

    [<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="171">2:51</a>] My mother said I had to brush my teeth before eating or else the germs in my mouth would get swallowed. i dunno, thought that was sorta interesting

  5. BrovarianMotorWorks

    BrovarianMotorWorks19 時間 前

    Okay so if the movie was a prequel to the first movie how did Optimus show up on the planet in this movie and then in the first movie

  6. Christopher Richardson

    Christopher Richardson日 前

    but ... were those really BEES in the wheel hub?

  7. John Lord

    John Lord日 前

    how did you not trigger on the "objects in mirror" scene? It was on the driver's side mirror! It's illegal to be on that mirror.

  8. WeBe Flexin

    WeBe Flexin日 前

    Narrator from CinemaSins brushes his teeth after breakfast, let’s add 5 sins for that.

  9. Messi Torres

    Messi Torres2 日 前

    No fuck u

  10. opugilist

    opugilist3 日 前

    You are such a stupid asshole.

  11. Smoothwiddit _Hmg

    Smoothwiddit _Hmg4 日 前

    Legit miss getting hype over seeing metal Robots fight bruh

  12. ライオン太陽

    ライオン太陽4 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">2:13</a> when you ask where are the missiles stored in blitzwing's robot form it literally shows you where he stores them a few scenes later. So why was that a sin?

  13. AvEryBadApPLe

    AvEryBadApPLe4 日 前

    Earth isn’t that well hidden, if you already know about it. [DING] Mr. T cereal tasted like fake gold chains. ET cereal 4 da win! [DING]] A Transformers/Gobots franchises got mashed up years ago in the comic some years back. [DING] Jason Bourne robot fight! [DING]

  14. Re PLAY

    Re PLAY4 日 前

    1000000sins for Transformers speaking English At the Start Of The Movie on Cybetron. +Already transforming to cars even tho they never were on Earth. They dont watch their own movies.

  15. Olle Selin

    Olle Selin5 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="385">6:25</a> Think about that

  16. Omar Cordy

    Omar Cordy6 日 前

    You enjoyed the way too much! 🤣

  17. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name7 日 前

    Wtf you say about ALF?

  18. Josh Patino

    Josh Patino7 日 前

    I hate the fact that you critic everything and it’s so pathetic I hate it you make the best movies that cost way more than you seem like they are shit

  19. CholoLife

    CholoLife7 日 前

    this should be called everthing i dont like in bumblebee in 22 minutes

  20. Donovan McNasty

    Donovan McNasty8 日 前

    Says ALF sucked but clearly remembers a specific episode. Ding

  21. Julian Saiz

    Julian Saiz8 日 前

    Wait is bumblebee a prequel or reboot?

  22. Aiden Cross

    Aiden Cross8 日 前

    heres its music <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="33">0:33</a>

  23. XxGucci_Chicken 77

    XxGucci_Chicken 778 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="47">0:47</a> I swear at this point all transformers fans have stopped watching!

  24. monkee5th

    monkee5th9 日 前

    I went to HighSchool in the 1980’s and a friend of mine was a horror movie fan and liked John Carpenter so yes he did talk about the Thing movie in fact it was because of him I saw the movie on video in the 1980’s. So yes a person in the 1980’s could have had that poster. Sin removed.

  25. Bryce Sowitch

    Bryce Sowitch10 日 前

    Why the hell would he fucking know which episode of alf that was like jesus christ



    I still think this movie is great, although it does need a bit more action

  27. Aloy Perez

    Aloy Perez10 日 前

    You forgot a sin, the transformers were already able to transform into earth vehicles even though they havent been to earth

  28. jett tesoriero

    jett tesoriero11 日 前

    I hate how everyone thinks that this is a prequel because if it is, the the fact that bumblebee is shown to fight in ww1 in transformers the last night is just making me angry (it’s clearly either a reboot or a completely different universe to be like the original tv show)

  29. jett tesoriero

    jett tesoriero11 日 前

    I meant ww2

  30. Braxton Moss

    Braxton Moss12 日 前

    The “gas n guzzlin” part made me question your intelligence

  31. The Senate

    The Senate13 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="229">3:49</a> yes

  32. Aaron White

    Aaron White13 日 前

    Alf sucked? You have lost all my respect sir

  33. William Redshield

    William Redshield13 日 前

    I saw this movie last night on netflix. The writing is probably the dumbest shit ever written. And what's up with the character of Memo? Why does he have that dumb face on for two hours? This whole movie was so stupid that I wish I could forget ever watching it.

  34. rummy mossberg

    rummy mossberg14 日 前

    Ok the last knight shows bumblebee was on earth during ww2 but now he just came here in the 80s to this shit is just as confusing marvel and DC universe

  35. zoidus404

    zoidus40415 日 前

    You should have removed 10 sins because it wasn't made by Michael bay.

  36. Tyler Shark9

    Tyler Shark915 日 前

    Because he's batma... Er because he's Optimus Prime

  37. Mike Powers

    Mike Powers15 日 前

    Would love a Transformer movie with minimal to no humans in it.

  38. Red Dragon 123

    Red Dragon 12316 日 前

    woah 42,030 people gets manipulated so fast by this dude atleast 2.8k people clearly knows the movie better than 42,030 people and jeremy make some sins up i mean bruh did 42k people watch the movie i guess not

  39. Matthew Peterson

    Matthew Peterson16 日 前

    I thought this movie was a cartoon

  40. Josh Ringer

    Josh Ringer17 日 前

    Character designs were awesome and OG, the plot was decent except for a few holes. But the characters were too childish and shallow and the movie was too cliche

  41. colodro44

    colodro4417 日 前

    I’d watch Otis and Ron!

  42. Michel-Manuel Ampofo

    Michel-Manuel Ampofo17 日 前

    The first was the most confusing. If these Autobots had not been to earth before how the hell was bumble bee in a car form at the beginning

  43. Axiom Steel26

    Axiom Steel2617 日 前

    Lets be honest....John Cena was the best thing about this movie!

  44. Helliant1

    Helliant118 日 前

    I’m surprised that you didn’t point out in the scene when Charlie and Bumblebee part their ways, he leaves Charlie in the middle of nowhere. How does she get home, she can’t call anyone?

  45. IXWaywardOneXI 97

    IXWaywardOneXI 9718 日 前

    Something that really annoyed me about this movie is that is shows Bee coming to earth in the 80's as like the first one, but in all the Transformer films its shown they have been here since forever AND Bee fought in WW2 yet only came to earth in the 80s😂😅

  46. James Wang

    James Wang17 日 前

    Issa reboot, not a prequel

  47. Phoenix1220

    Phoenix122018 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> It's a military thing. Everyone repeats the hand signals, in which case we should be sinning the two assholes on the left who didn't lol

  48. Amanda Bartlett

    Amanda Bartlett19 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="299">4:59</a> why not knight rider

  49. Zechariah Alanoly

    Zechariah Alanoly19 日 前

    im sick of cliff dying in the very beginning of any transformers media, he deserves better.

  50. Greaser Gaming

    Greaser Gaming19 日 前

    Must have switched to AM radio at the end

  51. TheTaintedWisdom

    TheTaintedWisdom20 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="156">2:36</a> - I actually would've taken a sin off for that. When I saw it all I could think was "Oh Christ, here we go, bad guy is going to throw/drop the intended victim around disorientingly but harmlessly like 7 times which will let the good guy get out of the situation for the 666 trillionth goddamn time." But no! It was actually toying with Bumblebee for a moment before going in for the kill, and his success (seeming success anyway) shows that it wasn't that wreckless for the Transformer to be as cocky with his actions as he was. And considering Bumblebee was *seriously* messed up after the attack, the fact that the kill attempt didn't work wasn't that sinful either.

  52. ShadowPhoenix82

    ShadowPhoenix8220 日 前

    Damnit, then you had to make that Paul Rudd joke about time travel and I almost want to give your credibility back, lol.

  53. ShadowPhoenix82

    ShadowPhoenix8220 日 前

    Your opinion of Alf has negated all credibility you ever had 😝

  54. JR SmileyFace

    JR SmileyFace21 日 前

    The biggest sin is that we SAW optimus fall in 2007. And there was a scene where he became the truck, but there he is with bumblebee, and why do they look so different

  55. James Wang

    James Wang17 日 前

    the movie is a reboot, not a prequel

  56. Scizor

    Scizor21 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1176">19:36</a> oh yeah shoot missiles at the thing you are protecting

  57. Cre Henge

    Cre Henge21 日 前

    The superadvanced undrestood that a sample size of one is enough when it's a White male

  58. Aerozor_2965

    Aerozor_296522 日 前

    in the last knight wasnt bumbleebee shown killing nazis, therefore he was om earth way before this?

  59. chiquilin

    chiquilin22 日 前

    should of taken off a sin because it wasnt directed by michael bay

  60. Thomas-Jay Erichsen

    Thomas-Jay Erichsen23 日 前

    I liked the Bay movies more but actually only the 1,2 and 3. This Bumblebee movie isn't nice I feel like they took Bee and made him to a 6 years old. I like the design and that stuff but the story about that movie was broke. If there would be a different story, then I would enjoy it more

  61. Joshua Green

    Joshua Green23 日 前

    The 1987 issue I think is they are watching a re-run of alf, as the tapes aren't in new condition. Which if purcahsed in 1987 when new they would have that shine, not that aged look that they have. Which would mean it's not 1987. Not even close

  62. T Volk

    T Volk23 日 前

    Bumblebee is not part of the bay films

  63. Rowan Brown

    Rowan Brown23 日 前

    I just, why are they all cars on cybertron. I love the going back to the og designs but, why are they cars?

  64. The_One_Titan

    The_One_Titan23 日 前

    Wait? That wasn't Saturn? I thought it was one of the areas on Saturn!

  65. [Theory Of Everything]

    [Theory Of Everything]24 日 前

    Meet the Bombblessedbee.

  66. The Soviet Doggo

    The Soviet Doggo24 日 前

    Transformers will always be good to me it was my childhood

  67. pengudyst

    pengudyst24 日 前

    the jet blitz turns into is called an a4e skyhawk

  68. Demonics Inc

    Demonics Inc24 日 前


  69. Benjamin Bain

    Benjamin Bain24 日 前


  70. Wall Productions

    Wall Productions25 日 前

    At least he has more love for this movie than anything made by Michael bay

  71. Hallie Henderson

    Hallie Henderson25 日 前

    No sin for the fact that bumblebees voice box isn’t magically fixed when she magically fixes the space car?

  72. N1cky

    N1cky26 日 前

    why do people have problems getting the difference between autobots and decepticons? autobots have bright colors and decepticons have dark colors, it's really not that difficult

  73. Sceptile Guy

    Sceptile Guy26 日 前

    Why did he not talk about how bee was not in ww2

  74. Ray Hemphill

    Ray Hemphill26 日 前

    This movie deserves to be completely sinned it’s supposed to be a prequel and standalone at the same time by showing us how bee lost his voice but gives a massive plot butcher bumblebee was on earth diffing world war 2 killing nazis in the Devils Brigade and implied he just continued to blend in and roam the earth till everyone else arrived but YET he’s crash landing on earth for the first time in the FUCKING 80’S

  75. Toko1945대니진

    Toko1945대니진26 日 前

    In real life though people don't joke about dead parents all the time.

  76. DatBadBoiii Gaming

    DatBadBoiii Gaming26 日 前

    Didnt bumblebee fight the Nazi's. This story wouldnt work because he came to earth after WW2 in this movie.He would have to time travel to get to the 80s.But he came from outer space in the 80s so this wouldnt work unless he went back to space and came back 40 years later.

  77. Thomas Pankiewicz

    Thomas Pankiewicz27 日 前

    optimus prime is *canceled* ... decepticons are also autobots. They're just mean... prime is worse

  78. Donovan Ulrich

    Donovan Ulrich27 日 前

    Prime and all the Transformers came to earth in the first movie, for the first time None of them had a vehicle form, most of them didn’t have color beyond grey. Bumblebee movie, everyone has a vehicle form 20 ish years before they show up again Hollywood, *WRITE BETTER SCREENPLAYS*

  79. The Awoken Couple Black Star & Silver Moon

    The Awoken Couple Black Star & Silver Moon27 日 前

    As bad as every other movie about Transformers

  80. The Flash

    The Flash27 日 前

    You can understand the movie when Michael bay ain't the one directing the movie with ever scene exploding

  81. terrifying tyranitar

    terrifying tyranitar27 日 前


  82. Meles Meles

    Meles Meles27 日 前

    In 1987, you would have taken a 35mm or larger format photo of the Polaroid and then enlarged the 35mm pic once you got it made from the new negative !!!

  83. pp domino

    pp domino28 日 前