Everything Wrong With The Great Gatsby (2013)

Well, Old Sport, here's a very sinful movie. We counted all the sins in The Great Gatsby, and there are a lot of them! A lot, I tells ya!
Next week: Spinoff horror sins, sequel musical sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Alan Hanks

    Alan Hanks日 前

    The sin about the guy putting out the candles snapping had me slapping my knee. Had to edit this comment because this is the funniest EWW ever. "Gatsby made her blossom like a flower" - Awwhhhhhhheeeewwwwww

  2. Diego Edward

    Diego Edward2 日 前


  3. Ashley Simonson

    Ashley Simonson2 日 前

    No it couldn't be set in present day because the moral of the story is to not worship things that don't deserve praise, just like in the roaring 20's, people were obsessed with money and drinking and then it all crashed when the stock market did

  4. Terrell X

    Terrell X3 日 前

    I loved this movie

  5. Audrey Edmunds

    Audrey Edmunds4 日 前

    These are my favorite parts "Asking another dudes wife to dance is just rude and if you ask my wife to dance at a public event, I will shove a nearby large object up the hole from which you pee ". "LOUD NOISES" "What, never? No,never! What, never...? Well, hardly everrrrrrrr!" *DEAD*

  6. KlöndikeBunz

    KlöndikeBunz4 日 前

    just finished the book in school... didn't read a single page

  7. That nigga Zion

    That nigga Zion4 日 前

    read this in 11th grade didn’t pay attention at all until we watched the movie

  8. Jordan Krieger Smith

    Jordan Krieger Smith5 日 前

    "Light the candles one by one, then we snuff them, because it's fun. By the time of morning sun, if we are lucky, we'll be done." I couldn't stop laughing at that part. XD

  9. הראל מטלו

    הראל מטלו5 日 前

    i like the porky pig old sport joke

  10. Sithandiwe Dawn Shange

    Sithandiwe Dawn Shange5 日 前


  11. kordzz

    kordzz5 日 前


  12. Poochilli Pickles

    Poochilli Pickles6 日 前

    Ol spo

  13. Tiffany

    Tiffany7 日 前

    8:20 The Great _Gaspy_

  14. Daisy Cahalane

    Daisy Cahalane7 日 前

    They can’t set in in present day because it is set in the 1920’s in the book

  15. flara lump

    flara lump9 日 前

    Gatsby is a very hopeful person, every party he made and every time he looked at the green light he was hopeful that daisy would come to him one day, and what I loved as well was that when he died from the shot he was "hopeful" that it was daisy. But what really saddened me was that instead it was Nick, the only one that actually cared, we find out that daisy did love Gatsby but was too much of a coward to care. I'm quite angry though that nick is SO OVERLOOKED he is like the gem of the movie except the story isn't really about him he is behind the scenes seeing what's happening writing the biography about it in his head. I really really REALLY LOVE the way this movie feels like a dream, while watching the movie to me I was trying to figure out what was happening but at the same time I knew what was happening, the film had a feeling of it being too good to be true if that makes sence, the backgrounds, the clothes, the camera views and even the language they spoken. This to me is a very well made movie that stands out with the book, btw the cover of the book is fabulous Thanks for coming to my ted talk and have a ghost hug if you read all of it (you can't feel it but its there :) )

  16. CalzoneTrash

    CalzoneTrash11 日 前

    half these sins are just parts of the book

  17. Corvetteman2013

    Corvetteman201311 日 前

    Obviously, the narrator of this video knows absolutely nothing about The Great Gatsby novel. Too bad.

  18. Aliyatopia

    Aliyatopia12 日 前

    They chose the music they did for the soundtrack because it was supposed to represent what jazz music felt like for people back in the 20s. As in, shocking and possibly controversial but exciting and new. That was the intent at least, but honestly - I thought it was pretty distracting too.

  19. Engei

    Engei13 日 前

    Ok this movie is objectively a terrible adaptation, however, the only sin you should've taken off that you didn't is how PERFECT casting Leo was as Gatsby. Most of the other casting, especially Nick, is mediocre to bad, but Leonardo DiCaprio is the perfect person for Gatsby.

  20. Sarah McCausland

    Sarah McCausland13 日 前

    Old sport doesn't sound real after that bonus round

  21. Humidifiers make my Nipples hard

    Humidifiers make my Nipples hard14 日 前

    I saw a lot of mistakes from your judging, saying this movie needs more jazz atleast one song when there was jazz playing in the drunk roofies scene and mentioning the redheads husband not being showed until the end of the movie but he had prior dialogue with Tom when he first came to get gas. Just pointing out your errors of pointing out errors. Still a great video and a good movie, both despite their flaws

  22. Evelyn Maher

    Evelyn Maher14 日 前

    Old sport doesn't even sound like a word anymore

  23. Omz Crisp

    Omz Crisp15 日 前

    *Pizza Time*

  24. Lexi Kaiser

    Lexi Kaiser15 日 前

    All my 4 years of high school the great gatsby was the only the book I read and was interested in

  25. TYCOM125

    TYCOM12516 日 前


  26. Zack The Snack

    Zack The Snack16 日 前

    No sin off for DiCaprio's acting during Gatsby's loss of temper scene?

  27. Gabrielle Rose

    Gabrielle Rose17 日 前

    I lost it when he put the audio if Fergie’s star spangled banner at the end 😂🤣

  28. Abishek Rai

    Abishek Rai18 日 前

    fuck it was real good movie

  29. Aaron Gamboa

    Aaron Gamboa18 日 前

    You got happy

  30. Kelly B

    Kelly B18 日 前

    I just watched this movie last week in school and they expect us to write an ESSAY ON THIS KILL ME NOW

  31. seafoam latte

    seafoam latte20 日 前

    Hamilton reference? I like

  32. James Gozzo

    James Gozzo22 日 前

    you’re 43!?

  33. Msfeelgood

    Msfeelgood26 日 前


  34. Hanna Ström

    Hanna Ström27 日 前

    There is nothing wrong with the great Gatsby

  35. Tiffany C.

    Tiffany C.28 日 前

    I LOVE this movie, but this has got to be the funniest Cinema Sins I’ve seen yet! 😂

  36. violetphoenix13

    violetphoenix1328 日 前

    The soundtrack is great when you forget it's for this movie. The movie looking pretty, but lacking any depth sums up all the characters as well.

  37. Kristina Nunn

    Kristina Nunn29 日 前

    My favorite movie! FYI Daisy doesn't call at the end Nick does.

  38. Whomst

    Whomstヶ月 前

    why is the video quality of this better than netflix

  39. High Elven Wisdom And Love

    High Elven Wisdom And Loveヶ月 前

    Although, I didn’t enjoy the book as much. This was a brilliant movie. Leonardo and Carey Mulligan were amazing in this. It’s a movie I could watch over and over, much like Lord of the Rings. The ending is one of the most heartbreaking to me.

  40. martina shoukry

    martina shoukryヶ月 前


  41. cikis14

    cikis14ヶ月 前

    It will be great to do a cinemasins but for political debates.

  42. Georgiana Page

    Georgiana Pageヶ月 前

    I love it when a book is translated almost verbatim. Visually stunning. I love it!

  43. Nate Rinehart

    Nate Rinehartヶ月 前

    Damn you really trashed this film, you read the book it was based on?

  44. serendipity

    serendipityヶ月 前


  45. serendipity

    serendipityヶ月 前

    man, he should’ve took a sin off at 4:53. THAT WAS THE GREATEST MOMENT IN THE MOVIE!

  46. Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williamsヶ月 前

    My english teacher would hate this video.

  47. Rts

    Rtsヶ月 前

    No-one ever seems to ask whether Daisy is even worthy of the devotion shown her...she's not fyi. There's your high school essay topic, don't use the movie btw

  48. Kevin Meeker

    Kevin Meekerヶ月 前

    9:53 I just lost it. As soon as I heard "Screw all these-" I saw the excessive candles and was like "yea ik where this is going" Then it took a turn and he said pillows and I was taken aback but I knew to wait. It was coming. At that sin, I died of laughter.

  49. Candy Cadet Fan

    Candy Cadet Fanヶ月 前

    *Nick would be excellent at CinemaSins if he weren't EVEN BETTER at kissing Gatsby's ass* LMAO😂😂

  50. Clash Only

    Clash Onlyヶ月 前

    Roll jays

  51. Smug Hat Kid

    Smug Hat Kidヶ月 前

    Not even 5 minutes in and I already have a complaint, you grovel about narration when it's presented as Nick telling a story, also Nick does not "kiss Gatsby's ass" they considered each other friends

  52. Imperfect Is Perfect

    Imperfect Is Perfectヶ月 前

    I've never watched this movie, I don't wish to, but the sins are freakin hilarious.

  53. Ali Heppard

    Ali Heppardヶ月 前

    This is the Great American Novel!

  54. x_sir

    x_sirヶ月 前

    11:17 So I hear he’s a polo player...

  55. Emilily Rose

    Emilily Roseヶ月 前

    Oops- someone forgot to mention the ‘sax’ player didn’t have his hands in the right spot while ‘playing’ it at the party daisy went to. I’ve played sax for 6 years so that was a pretty big deal to me 😂 He had his right hand at the top and his left hand was somewhere I hope lol

  56. Andrew Marshall

    Andrew Marshallヶ月 前

    Holy shit that "Why did they make me read this in school" connected with me hard as heck

  57. tony mullins

    tony mullinsヶ月 前

    CinemaSins dude -- You are so goddamn annoying with the herky-jerky manner in which you narrate the video. Good-bye forever, dick-head.

  58. Free Weed

    Free Weedヶ月 前

    its a sin you called a kanye song jayz

  59. TK Wallace

    TK Wallaceヶ月 前

    To be fair, Daisy’s supposed to be flighty and shallow. She doesn’t love Gatsby, or Tom, or anyone: she’s just “enchanted” by the pretty things he represents (like those gorgeous shirts). Only in Jay’s eyes does she have any passion or substance because he’s deluded, and the camera (Nick) is supposed to shift to reflect that. So that once she turns back to Tom, we can see how little was actually there, while Jay pathetically goes on believing “she’ll leave him, she’ll come back”. Carey Mulligan would’ve have killed this complexity w/the right director. Her “voice full of money” is perfect.

  60. Jordan Eggerman

    Jordan Eggermanヶ月 前

    So, are you 43 years old, have been speaking for 43 years, or have known the word "coupe" for 43 years? How do you remember the exact moment you learned what a "coupe" was? ×ding× Jk, I had to. I have been giving out CinemaSins from birth, so I had to try to catch you in one. Lol