Everything Wrong With How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The third and final entry in this series is pretty good, even if most everyone who saw it forgot it and stopped talking about it almost immediately... which might be more about how long they waited to make and release it. Anyway... How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World has plenty of sins. And we counted them.
Thursday: Not-recent but not-super-old comic action bullsh*t sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. H0p3F1r3

    H0p3F1r39 時間 前

    The ending is just pure thigh power

  2. Dragon Army

    Dragon Army18 時間 前


  3. Quora

    Quora22 時間 前

    Lmao comment section is just defending the characters. I personally don't like the movie, it was weird, and it felt the same as every other movie. Animation was good tho

  4. Lamb Sauce

    Lamb Sauce日 前

    Tj Miller quit on this good successful series but agreed and stuck to the emoji movie...

  5. egg cheese

    egg cheese2 日 前

    Unpopular opinion:i hate this movie

  6. Kati Košeleva

    Kati Košeleva2 日 前

    8:21 that fat s#it says two but shows 3 finger wheres the logic

  7. Twisted Chica

    Twisted Chica3 日 前

    I was having a good day till I decided to click on thisI’ve made a mistake

  8. Willis Patterson

    Willis Patterson3 日 前

    I HATE. How to train your dragon

  9. ismar saletovic

    ismar saletovic3 日 前


  10. Hyen Gemeniano

    Hyen Gemeniano3 日 前

    Sin: Most dragons eat fish. Some eat eels, and Deadly Nadders sometimes eat chicken (DOB). But that was portrayed even in the 1st movie. So meat wouldn’t be that hard to come by. Come on, CinemaSins. You can do better than this.

  11. gacha toothless

    gacha toothless3 日 前

    that is the best movie to ever exsist

  12. xXAngel MoonXx

    xXAngel MoonXx3 日 前

    I legit guessed this movie's plot in the first 10 minutes, maybe less.

  13. Ashcraft

    Ashcraft4 日 前


  14. SirpentPlayz

    SirpentPlayz4 日 前

    For once i want to watch the cinemaWins instead of this one

  15. TimeyWimeyStuff

    TimeyWimeyStuff4 日 前

    I feel like the cinama sins guy doesn't watch the movies he reviews all the way through. If he did then he would know the reason behind sin 96 (the first sin 96)

  16. JuMpStART SavageS

    JuMpStART SavageS4 日 前

    How does Hiccup know the Night Fury mating dance? This signals a much deeper relationship with Toothless than i would have imagined.... Hmmmm.... toothless you say... Lol I'm dead!

  17. Noah Canady

    Noah Canady4 日 前

    Everything wrong with How to Train your Dragon 3.......Nothing

  18. Tom Bennett

    Tom Bennett5 日 前

    12:07 Holy sh***t! It’s Drago’s Bewilderbeest dragon in the top left! Does that mean he’s still alive?!

  19. TehRastaGamer

    TehRastaGamer5 日 前

    Im tilted that the 2nd dragon flirting scene didnt get at least one sin off cause that shit was hilarious.

  20. Josie Kingdom

    Josie Kingdom6 日 前

    Uhh sorry to burst your bubble but Grimmel actually DOES know what a Night Fury is. I’m not sure if they seen the movie but uhh, yeah

  21. Wanted Puppy

    Wanted Puppy6 日 前

    hmmm.... toothless you say... that line was soooooo bad it was funny

  22. Emma Hart

    Emma Hart6 日 前

    You need to take off a sin since toothless became alpha in one of the movies or shows

  23. DodgeThatAttack

    DodgeThatAttack7 日 前

    Welcome to your favourite game show: IS THIS BERK?! "This... Is berk!" *Oh, well that was easy*

  24. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol7 日 前

    Toothless was automatically the king is cause he is the alpha from movie 2

  25. Ariane Gerard

    Ariane Gerard8 日 前

    My biggest problem with this movie is the fact we are supposed to believe that an albino Night Fury (“Light Fury” as Hiccup and Astrid refer to her) could survive in the wild all this time. I see people pointing out that at 12:06 there’s 2 more “Light Fury” looking dragons but imo a collage of dragons like they’re showing at this point in the movie just reminds me of exactly that: a collage. They’re putting in models to fill in space, but they don’t necessarily mean anything. In the movie, the “Light Fury” is described as the “favored bait” for Night Furies since she’s a female. Because no one knows anything about them as a species, maybe she’s unique or maybe that’s just how they are. And the young ones could start one color than mature into a different color as they grow (various dog and horse breeds do the same off the top of my head). I just don’t buy that they’re separate species.

  26. Gundam Dragon

    Gundam Dragon8 日 前

    Cinema Sins for How to Train your Dragon 3 102+1 You missed one Cinema Sin, Surprisingly enough I cannot believe you did not see this one, When its Obviously right there staring at you , 12:05 into the JPgo Video, Clear as day, you can see 2 Light Fury's Among the dragons, One Clearly being Larger than the other one, which I assume is the Mother of the Smaller one, & knowing that "Toothless is the Only Night Fury" the ones pointed out in the scene should not exist. Astrid mentions to Hicccup, "Now thats a King" If Toothless is the King then that would confirm that toothless is the only Night Fury Left, with that said there is no way for those two Light Furies "Which is infact a Female Night Fury" should even exist.

  27. Alekz Prudden

    Alekz Prudden8 日 前


  28. Ahmed Abduljabbar

    Ahmed Abduljabbar8 日 前

    This guy had something bad about every single time someone talked

  29. Angel Avalos

    Angel Avalos8 日 前

    You a hater fuck you

  30. Daymatrian

    Daymatrian9 日 前

    At 12:07 on the left you can notice the alpha from the previous movie.



    Who else agrees this is how the planet of apes sequel should've ended?

  32. Moses Gang

    Moses Gang11 日 前

    "Legend also says that its plate tectonics." XD idk why but this made me laugh

  33. Dashing Dash

    Dashing Dash12 日 前

    Actually The light fury ain’t a Female night fury. If you see Toothless and the Light fury’s baby. They are a mix of black and white. But in the cave scene. We see a teenage light fury. Next to her mother light fury who is pure white. So that means she made with a pure white dragon which night furies aren’t. So that means Male Light furies exist. Which means She is a different species. Night furies are a different species and probably all died except toothless.

  34. Asher Forbes

    Asher Forbes13 日 前

    theres nothing wrong with this movie

  35. Sam

    Sam14 日 前

    Video is invalid Everything was perfect

  36. Thanos united

    Thanos united14 日 前

    Do Godzilla

  37. Vanessa Koehler

    Vanessa Koehler14 日 前

    Just wanted to point this out for anyone who did or didn't know Hiccup is 22 same as Toothless meaning this is actually a 2 year gap.

  38. keenan rachman

    keenan rachman14 日 前

    hey cinemasins at 12:05 there is 2 more light fury

  39. Jack Frandango

    Jack Frandango15 日 前

    Did anyone notice the evil dragon from HTTYD2? At 12:07

  40. Joyce Wong

    Joyce Wong16 日 前

    Did anyone see two light furies at 12:05

  41. duck hunt

    duck hunt16 日 前

    12:07 is it just me or are there 2 baby female night furrys

  42. Kaylee White

    Kaylee White16 日 前

    Ok am I blind or something but where did stormfly come from at the end of the movie.

  43. Ath3na

    Ath3na17 日 前

    At 12:07 did anyone else notice the two other light furries or was it just me

  44. Ezequiel Lola

    Ezequiel Lola17 日 前

    Ir has more great things

  45. Noah Holmes

    Noah Holmes17 日 前

    CinemaSins: *Makes Everything Wrong with HTTYD: The Hidden World* Me: Welp, time to hack someones bank account and steal their money. Me 2 minutes later: Oh right I gotta murder them too.

  46. Ari Hadad

    Ari Hadad17 日 前

    At 11:04, Hiccup looks like freaking Like Luke Skywalker.

  47. Ben Lindsay

    Ben Lindsay18 日 前

    Hi I'm Jeremy welcome to cinema sins😂😂😂😂

  48. Aubree Gaming

    Aubree Gaming18 日 前

    Bruh when I saw this I got mad

  49. Ram Ganesh

    Ram Ganesh18 日 前

    What about the fact that the baby night fury's are mixed gender?

  50. Maya Bouchebl

    Maya Bouchebl18 日 前

    They're not mixed gender, they're mixed species. Toothless & the Lightfury are different types of dragons.

  51. NoPulse Drizz

    NoPulse Drizz19 日 前

    How dare you

  52. Kelvin Kornelsen

    Kelvin Kornelsen19 日 前

    i found another sin that he didnt mention there are more then 2 nightfurys there are actually 4 in total

  53. oz tod

    oz tod20 日 前

    I haven't watched the movie but after this video i think know enough...

  54. Zed Said

    Zed Said20 日 前

    You know what I love the most about this series? It consistently stayed great. Each one has improvements over the past one in terms of animation, story, and characters. Even the spinoff shows and short films were decent for what they were. Not many franchises can accomplish that enduring level of quality.

  55. David Studer

    David Studer20 日 前

    The hero always wins cliché.

  56. batt3ryac1d

    batt3ryac1d20 日 前

    The light fury is clearly a sub species cause hiccups children are a mix of black and white.(unless they darken or lighten based on gender when they age)

  57. Flamer the velcioraptor reviewer/documenter

    Flamer the velcioraptor reviewer/documenter20 日 前

    15:33-15:43 are my favs

  58. can I get 1000 subs with no vids Higgins

    can I get 1000 subs with no vids Higgins20 日 前


  59. KashimusPrime

    KashimusPrime20 日 前

    The only good thing about this movie were the kids. Otherwise, the writers just focused too hard on their Christian the Lion reunion ending pfft.

  60. Alayne Sìdhe

    Alayne Sìdhe20 日 前

    That's not hangliding, thats wingsuiting. I know, i know, they seem very similar, but wingsuiting is a MUCH more dangerous sport, one of the most dangerous in the world. My point is, cinemasins gets another sin.

  61. Sev

    Sev21 日 前

    What if toothless tail Things somehow broke down there wouldnt he be f*cked without hickup