Everything Wrong With Lilo & Stitch In 18 Minutes Or Less

Lilo & Stitch is an animated Disney film with lots of fans and lots of sins. Wait... have they announced a live-action remake of this one yet? They did? Well, regardless, here are the sins we found in Lilo & Stitch.
Thursday: Music sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Cool Doof

    Cool Doof15 分 前

    *how f***ing dare you give this movie almost as many sins as boss baby*

  2. Boisketball Drain

    Boisketball Drain7 時間 前

    Ruining ChildHOODS

  3. Alysha Burch

    Alysha Burch日 前

    He's not going to run if he's on a floaty pod. Probably won't fight to hard either, incase he falls to his freaking death.

  4. Rose Soper

    Rose Soper日 前

    You do not have yoir kids taken away for not having a job or half people wouldn t have thier kids and social worker basically following them is no other kids need attending to in hawii

  5. Sydney Rollins

    Sydney Rollins2 日 前

    Lilo is 8

  6. Noah Turner

    Noah Turner2 日 前

    I forgot how the beginning of Lilo and Stitch rips off the beginning of Halo 2. Anyone else see the similarities?

  7. Xander J

    Xander J3 日 前

    "Nani is a horrible parent." That's kind of the point, she's her older sister, not her parent, so neither one of them knows how to handle this. She's trying her best though.

  8. Mcnerd 213

    Mcnerd 2133 日 前

    “And look at him, he has obviously eaten ten of these things since the movie started” thats racist-(one more sin added) also the last sin is totally true, have you seen the series? And you made me think of the show, which is worthy of at least 20 sins. (20 sins added)

  9. Tiny

    Tiny3 日 前

    Why didnt they give a reference to the thing while stitch was in the kennel? I wouldve.

  10. Tiny

    Tiny3 日 前

    Oh god i see backlash, oh well.

  11. WalrusAndBEYOND

    WalrusAndBEYOND4 日 前

    *ADOP+ TODAY?*

  12. Chloe Kitchens

    Chloe Kitchens4 日 前

    If you read the paper is said.it’s thanking who ever help making this movie happen like mgm or Hollywood studios

  13. CDYTpanda

    CDYTpanda5 日 前

    No matter how much you sin this movie, it’s will always be my favourite classic Disney movie.

  14. Zedthejoker

    Zedthejoker8 日 前

    Mentioned containter is industructable then says lilo should be dead being in said containter attached to back of ship

  15. WarriorHarvestpool

    WarriorHarvestpool9 日 前

    Moral of the story: the alien leader is female?!?!?

  16. Mann Holloway

    Mann Holloway10 日 前

    So we're not removing a sin for how hot naani and her boss is??!

  17. Alphasnowbordergirl

    Alphasnowbordergirl11 日 前

    No kidding, for two years, everytime I got Mint chocolate chip ice cream, it fell off the cone. It wasn't on purpose at all. I feel for that guy.

  18. William Rosen

    William Rosen12 日 前

    Rewatching this my favorite part is that they actually believe Bubbles is a CPS worker.

  19. James Perry

    James Perry13 日 前


  20. Joker

    Joker15 日 前

    15:47 couldn't she just have said your fired?

  21. Patrick Wentzell

    Patrick Wentzell17 日 前

    Ya know a snitch in time does not save nine. four hot girls dancing guys are drooling over this. Here come the men in black. guy with dirt or whatever is on his face looks like burnt skin. fuggly duckling. Board stiff. New Jaws movie this summer attack of the Megladon. Home Alone. "he's got the Groundhog!" insane scientist. Optimus Prime is in this? there Just might be a Gremlin in your house. "Enterprise one to beam up."

  22. Blobbert Mcblob

    Blobbert Mcblob18 日 前

    Nani might be a horrible caretaker, but she's hot, so she's forgiven, right? right!?

  23. Blogger Blogg

    Blogger Blogg18 日 前

    I never liked this movie since my childhood when I saw it in cinema. However many of my friends like it that time.

  24. Mr. Woods

    Mr. Woods20 日 前

    You shall not f with stitch and lilo

  25. Beck Iverson

    Beck Iverson22 日 前

    14:52 cinemasins didn't even think about turbulence and air pressure and other things that make stuff fly little shit

  26. Beck Iverson

    Beck Iverson22 日 前

    10:13 is no one going to question the thicc lifeguard

  27. Jhonnattan Paulino

    Jhonnattan Paulino22 日 前

    Have I detected SIN on my minecraft server?!

  28. MotherGeekster

    MotherGeekster22 日 前

    Nani isn’t her parent though she is a big sister who ended up being a guardian Can understand her lack of “parenting”

  29. Tom Welch

    Tom Welch24 日 前

    And I think I know why Jumba agreed to help stitch. I think it’s because he’s cute. Like when a lil girl begs her mom to get what she wants just by making a face. YAAASSS And if your laughing because stitch survived the explosion. He’s actually indestructible in a way so the explosion won’t affect him. Unless ur laughing for another reason

  30. Tom Welch

    Tom Welch24 日 前

    I actually came to the video to see this. 6:48 because I was watching the movie and thought the same thing. I was like, if it was dead why did you keep it in there 😂😂 I also come because I LOVE THIS MOVIE

  31. Jessica Ashland

    Jessica Ashland29 日 前

    When I first saw this, I think Lilo was a boy...for some reason I was really stupid

  32. Annushka Noor

    Annushka Noor29 日 前

    "Nani is a terrible human being." Everybody HATED that

  33. Picasso Black

    Picasso Blackヶ月 前

    Say what you want, pre-woke Disney ruled.

  34. Jarod Farrant

    Jarod Farrantヶ月 前

    3:33 we wish they were

  35. The Boeing Kid

    The Boeing Kidヶ月 前

    Meega nala kweesta!

  36. Paul Davis

    Paul Davisヶ月 前

    don’t talk to me 🥺

  37. Eitan Klieger

    Eitan Kliegerヶ月 前

    At 2:49 I think it is from Star Wars.

  38. Paul Davis

    Paul Davisヶ月 前

    leave my favorite movie alone 🥺

  39. metronorth6131

    metronorth6131ヶ月 前

    I know what stitch said

  40. BZB

    BZBヶ月 前

    That is the most involved cps person I've ever seen and trust me I've seen a few.



    He’s too hard on the movie

  42. DarkTakanuva

    DarkTakanuvaヶ月 前

    1:09 you'll point out the 3, but not the symbol directly above the arrow that is literally Mickey Mouse's head turned on its side?

  43. Atlas

    Atlasヶ月 前

    Best part of the film is easily the part when jumba rages out at stitch and gets persuaded in about 0.5 seconds

  44. Jared Booker

    Jared Bookerヶ月 前

    2:38 here's a little lesson on piloting. To hit a fast moving target, going in a straight line, your best bet is to tail the bogie and shoot from this position. Chances are low that the pilot will be able to operate the rear gun while flying, if there is even is a rear gun. Plus, if there is a rear gunman on board, than you can avoid it, if your a skilled pilot.

  45. The Sprawl

    The Sprawlヶ月 前

    CinemaSins got out of the wrong side of bed the day he recorded this

  46. The Sprawl

    The Sprawlヶ月 前

    There's something ridiculous about a grown man snarking his way through one of the most joyous, inventive kids' movies of the last twenty years. And I _like_ CinemaSins, but this is the kind of video that makes them look very silly indeed.

  47. Jack Marston

    Jack Marstonヶ月 前

    The Galactic republic Senate house Planet Courasant

  48. Dino_Wolf Hybrid Hero

    Dino_Wolf Hybrid Heroヶ月 前

    I wonder if he'll do the sequels-

  49. Nate Anglesea

    Nate Angleseaヶ月 前

    Wait so does stitch have 4 arms or 6??

  50. Ivory AS

    Ivory ASヶ月 前

    I'mma disagree with you on that one; I've seen *way* worse Angry birds and Puss & Boots to name a few.

  51. Eoin Cleary

    Eoin Clearyヶ月 前

    90% comments: EeW lIlO aNd StItCh Everyone else: scuse me? 10% comments: NaNi Is NoT a TeRrIbLe HuMaN bEiNg

  52. Ashton Schier

    Ashton Schierヶ月 前

    Can this guy stop being a dick about everything, does he even enjoy life wtf

  53. Wyatt PlayzYT

    Wyatt PlayzYTヶ月 前

    Jfc everyone's sinning you. Anyways I learned (from a quick Google search) that Meega Nala Questa means "I want to destroy" in the language of planet turo, which English is also one of them.

  54. Michelle Stillwell

    Michelle Stillwellヶ月 前

    9:59 That's a ukulele, 4 strings not 5.

  55. endersblade

    endersbladeヶ月 前

    Ha. I forgot how much I enjoyed this movie.

  56. Shebakes_ Shepaints

    Shebakes_ Shepaintsヶ月 前

    We see the number 3 but don't sin the mickey silhouette for shameless product placement 🤦🏽

  57. Rebecca Baughman

    Rebecca Baughmanヶ月 前

    It has become apparent that not having seen Lilo & Stitch means I didn't have a childhood, and I'm almost offended.

  58. N and A Gaming

    N and A Gamingヶ月 前

    If they make a live action remake of this someone is being punished

  59. storm wolfen gaming

    storm wolfen gaming2 ヶ月 前

    Is any one hoping for a series on Disney plus about what exactly they do after the movie

  60. Phoebe Cassandra

    Phoebe Cassandra2 ヶ月 前

    Reading the comments of people hating on CinemaSins for doing this one, which I can agree I absolutely adore Lilo and Stitch with my entire being, but I can leave that at the door and just laugh at this guy's abridging