Everything Wrong With Lilo & Stitch In 18 Minutes Or Less

Lilo & Stitch is an animated Disney film with lots of fans and lots of sins. Wait... have they announced a live-action remake of this one yet? They did? Well, regardless, here are the sins we found in Lilo & Stitch.
Thursday: Music sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Koolkid-gm

    Koolkid-gm7 時間 前

    I lost it when he said “you’re a lying asshole little girl” 😂

  2. TheGamingPlatypus

    TheGamingPlatypus2 日 前

    *reads description* Weeeell sh*t.

  3. rOSe qUaRTz

    rOSe qUaRTz4 日 前

    *did anyone see the sex reference in happy feet when Mumble and Gloria are slipping on the ice?*

  4. MegaLink2005

    MegaLink20056 日 前


  5. Murtaza Aamir

    Murtaza Aamir6 日 前

    *NOTHING* is wrong with Lelo and stitch.

  6. Taz Ngozi

    Taz Ngozi6 日 前

    I feel like u don't like this film

  7. L3gend_ L3gend

    L3gend_ L3gend8 日 前

    10:48 is that moanas or Mavis the transformation thing ?

  8. Erik Chalk

    Erik Chalk9 日 前

    Star wars a new hope on the hyperdrive btw

  9. Sukio‘s Art Channel

    Sukio‘s Art Channel9 日 前

    Hold on, so finding slim people attractive is not a fetish but if you feel the same way about fat people it is?

  10. Shadbraw

    Shadbraw10 日 前

    One does not simply sin Lilo and Stitch

  11. Wild Side

    Wild Side11 日 前

    Lilo and stitch was perfect without adding a sequel and TV series to it.

  12. Bob Stewart

    Bob Stewart11 日 前

    All this and Jeremy can't take off a sin for Wynonna channeling Elvis in the closing credits?

  13. Giro and Karin

    Giro and Karin11 日 前

    NOW I see why this has a 1.2/10 on IMDB

  14. Jim Rogers

    Jim Rogers12 日 前

    9:45 it's the 69 position

  15. Ducky Bro

    Ducky Bro13 日 前

    Lilo be like: Just got back from the area 51 raid

  16. Ariella Rose Strand

    Ariella Rose Strand16 日 前

    Oooof you lost me as soon as you called Nani a terrible human being

  17. morgan russmans gaming channel

    morgan russmans gaming channel18 日 前

    With cobra bubbles, the social worker, it's actually theorized that cobra is actually a CIA agent who's using the social worker status as a cover. I think the Jon solo JPgo channel did a theory on it. Considering that he mentions about talking to headquarters about the aliens swinging by every so often to check up on them (lilo, stitch, and the other 2 aliens, sorry, I forgot their names), I would suspect that huess chances are might have a hint of possibility, and why cobra comes by is because it's possible that lilo and nanis parents were also part of the CIA and were best friends with cobra.

  18. No one in particular

    No one in particular18 日 前

    "Nani was a good parent" "Nani was a bad parent" "Bwah Cinemasins doesn't understand the characterization and why Nani is such a good character" so on and so on. Meanwhile I'm just sitting here like "Man, Nani was pretty fucking fine."

  19. Wandergirl108

    Wandergirl10819 日 前

    I don't remember this movie being bad…but it was a LONG time ago…

  20. wolf momma21

    wolf momma2120 日 前

    Gantu: GET OFF MY SHIP! Me: wait.... didn't you NEED stitch? Why would the council want like and not stitch when he was the subject of the mission in the first place!

  21. wolf momma21

    wolf momma2120 日 前

    Also, stitch is doing the fire dance with 4 arms instead of 2 and no one cares, yet everytime we see jumba and pleakly they're in disguise, even in the sequel. ... so why us everything cool with stitch revealing his 4 arms and still called a dog in later movies?

  22. Nightmare Eddy n' Poofball

    Nightmare Eddy n' Poofball20 日 前

    18:01 Am I the only one that noticed that the audio is an Emperor's New Groove reference?

  23. Crossed Roses

    Crossed Roses20 日 前

    Anyone gonna mention the nirvana reference in which Jeremy basically said their album cover “did it better” by having the child naked? Lilo is like six dude gross!

  24. Jack

    Jack22 日 前

    3:07 - FINALLY! This guy gets it too

  25. jay o

    jay o22 日 前

    something something raid something something clap alien cheeks

  26. Random Dude

    Random Dude22 日 前

    Only CinemaSins would call a 6 year old girl a "Lying A$$hole"

  27. Violet Animations or LaLaKittyLOL

    Violet Animations or LaLaKittyLOL22 日 前

    I never noticed the Area 51 thing until now

  28. just a fan

    just a fan25 日 前

    3:22 makes me feel old with that view master thing

  29. James Tangman

    James Tangman26 日 前

    3:03 I don't know why but I found that hilarious

  30. Judson Gaiden

    Judson Gaiden26 日 前

    6:19 Two words: *French Fry*

  31. unicornasaurusrex55

    unicornasaurusrex5528 日 前

    Any other cinema sins video: Guys, he's only joking just calm the f*ck down!!!! Everything Wrong With Lilo and Stich: NaNI Is a gOod PaREnt you TwAt WafFLE

  32. GeoGal TwoThousandFive

    GeoGal TwoThousandFive29 日 前

    You gotta love it when an ad takes up 15 seconds of your time, after you've put yourself on a timer of watching youtube for 3 minutes so you'll actually do your homework.

  33. Privacy Lover

    Privacy Loverヶ月 前

    The alien who said "he's loose on deck C" wasn't seeing the "fUUuutuure". They saw the guns were firing which could only mean that Stitch had escaped, and they couldn't tell from the control room that only the saliva had escaped at that point in time. Did you really sin the movie because mosquitoes exist? Why are you complaining that they took a break to insert a song? It's a fucking Disney animated movie. Of course it's going to have a few song montages, and after 20 minutes of stress, suspense, and sadness it's the perfect time to stop for an upbeat scene. At least half the audience is children. Then you also complain when they go back to the plot?! You can totally surf with someone on the front of the board, have you never seen those viral videos of people surfing with their dogs? Do you even internet? The social worker is giving Nani a chance because it's very traumatizing to remove children from their home, it should only happen abruptly if the abuse or neglect is very serious, which it clearly wasn't. Lilo is extra vulnerable because she just lost her parents and her sister is all that she has left, the ideal situation is for them to remain together so it makes even more sense that he's giving Nani time. In fact, 3 days is a ridiculously short amount of time. Nani wasn't drowning Lilo! She was saving her from drowning. Lilo is clearly a competent swimmer and there was nothing neglectful about bringing her out surfing. No one forgot who had the plan and what the plan is about the mosquitoes. The social worker convinced the Earth nerd alien that mosquitoes are an endangered species and asked them to protect Earth to help to bring back the species. That's why Pleakley said "we" are using Earth to rebuild the population. That was just his perspective about it. Many undeserved sins.

  34. Alyssa Van der Velde

    Alyssa Van der Veldeヶ月 前

    Can you do Stuart Little? Including the great 3rd movie, animated (it is great, no sarcasm.)

  35. RRoJ

    RRoJヶ月 前

    15:39 that was fuckin savage stich the 🐐

  36. Rosie Johnson

    Rosie Johnsonヶ月 前

    With really good movies like this one, the complaints get really nitpicky. Like this one you missed: Lilo ties her hula skirt on OVER her one piece swimsuit while she's running to rehearsal, which means she had to take it off again to get the suit off and put on that little red top (and I assume also underpants) before then putting it back on. All in the few seconds between entering the building and appearing onstage.

  37. Adam Kalb

    Adam Kalbヶ月 前

    "What's the Sitch?"-Kim Possible "No, *who's* Stitch?"-Lilo Pelekai September 12, 2019, 3:15pm

  38. Glorious Victory

    Glorious Victoryヶ月 前

    Didn't they make one or two more of these movies? You should cover that/those.

  39. memphiselle1

    memphiselle1ヶ月 前

    Wait, did you just COMPLETELY skip over the plot point at the end that reveals the Bubbles is some sort of government agent and KNOWS about these aliens? He gets recognized by the councilwoman, and admits to having fooled Pleakley into believing that mosquitoes were going extinct. Guess you're too busy insulting poor Nani as an excuse to add sins to this one. How desperate...

  40. Klm49

    Klm49ヶ月 前

    You dudes at Cinema Sins either 1) don't have children of your own, 2) have Never worked with foster care kids or 3) don't understand at all the system that is foster care in this country!! I know these to be true because NO ONE who intimately knows the system or what happens to kids who go through the system (or hell, no one who understands children's psychology) actually believes that removing a child from their family members is the best possible outcome. Especially in a situation like this where her sister loves her and they live in their freaking forever home, they just are struggling financially after the demise of their parents!! The sister needs help keeping her life together as she struggles to grieve and switch from sister to parent roles!! She needs counseling and guidance and support from a social worker who cares! She DOES NOT need to have the sister taken away - it would be catastrophic for both of them. What they need is the help and support of the state services to make remaining together possible. They do not need the state to remove Lilo and give her to strangers who they would then pay a ton of money to help do what they cannot do as well as her sister! Helping families remain together is the goal of every western country's social services except the USA, and it shows in outcomes for kids. Psychology and brain chemistry of children tells us the disruptive influence of being removed from parents is a life-long trauma. But we as a country would rather the state give up to $1500 a month to strangers (to sorta raise a kid as a job that they went through zero schooling to do well) rather than help the damned parents, or in this case legal adult sister, and keep family members together! These two already lost parents Jeremy, why are you repeatedly insisting they should lose each other too??? So, unless there is abuse in the Home (of any kind that cannot be remedied with education, like the sister here learning how to understand the mind of a 5yr old), kids should stay with parents. For you all to advocate removing the child from their home only due to freaking poverty is a damned cold thing for Cinema Sins to suggest!! And I know you all care about mental health and suicide prevention and all that, so I am not "taking you all too seriously" or whatever. I would include the name of the book I know about this very topic, but I wrote it down on a notepad at work. Will edit to include it later.

  41. Squirtle4thdr

    Squirtle4thdrヶ月 前

    It’s blank

  42. x汗 だく

    x汗 だくヶ月 前

    “SHES SIX! You can’t leave a six year old alone...!” Me, a 11 year old that has been capable of being home alone since she was 7... WHAT AM I THEN? A alien?! *No offense dear aliens.*

  43. Doctor Pepper

    Doctor Pepperヶ月 前

    This is a theory but do you think bubbles is Nick fury in discuise

  44. Ryan Bearse

    Ryan Bearseヶ月 前

    CinemaSins, Can you please try upload Everything Wrong With The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh In 10 Minutes Or Less for me this time? Thank you! It will premiere on Sep 5, 2019.

  45. Naye OtakuGamer

    Naye OtakuGamerヶ月 前

    I just found out that guy was from child services, I always though he was a FBI angent that want it to date lilo's sister 🤣🤣 well, thats what i get for not rewatching the movie since I was 7 🤣

  46. Adam Kalb

    Adam Kalbヶ月 前

    It's pretty cool how this CinemaSins video came up on the 6-year anniversary of Cinemare Sins. August 31, 2019, 8:29pm

  47. Darth Brooks

    Darth Brooksヶ月 前

    X-Wings have hyperdrives.

  48. Christopher Plauth

    Christopher Plauthヶ月 前

    10:22 My question is where and when the hell did Stitch get a knockoff Elvis suit?

  49. ? And ?

    ? And ?ヶ月 前

    Ah yes, a made up movie must follow the specific orders of man-made common sense. Criticizing almost any movie. Totally makes sense. 😒 Good god people like this are so annoying. *EvErY* *tHiNg* *WrOnG* *wItH...*

  50. Brandon Smith

    Brandon Smithヶ月 前

    #39: Why is Nani a terrible human being and why should she have Lilo taken away from her immediately? You never go into detail as to why you think this. Some elaboration woild be nice. #70: Nani being jobless is a cause for concern for the social worker. Any competent social worker would investigate this just like the social worker in this film did and would demand that Nani get a job so that she has a stable income so that she can provide for Lilo. #72: That's a ukulele, you fucking idiot! #83: Do you realize you just answered your own question? Bubbles hasn't put Lilo in a foster home because he's giving Nani a chance by giving her the benefit of the doubt. #84: Actually, this is 100% false. But I guess you saying it's true automatically makes it true, huh? #90: WHAT!? Less than three minutes ago, you were adding a sin for Nani taking Lilo with her to her job interviews! Do you not proofread your shit before you record the audio for these videos? #109: That wasn't her making a snap decision. Both Gantu and Jumba had caused a catastrophe which would likely need to be covered up, meaning that she has to clean up their mess. How the hell could she not be pissed? And if you hadn't dubbed over the line "You'll be lucky if you end up on a fluff truck farm after we sort this thing out" you would have knwon that. #111: Stitch is Lilo's legal property, so, yes, him bejnf taken away would be stealing. And Lilo would be allowed to stay with Nani given that she's obtained a stable income and thus can provide for Lilo. Children are only taken away by social services if the carpet id abusive or neglectful towards the child or if the environment that the child is living in is unsafe. #112: No, nothing in that contract would be null and void given that Stitch was seen as expendable by the Galactic Federation. Therefore, Lilo has the right to keep him since he is her legal property. #114: Again, you state that Nani is a terrible guardian and go on to say that the film suddenly makes her a great despite "al the reports to the contrary", yet there is no evidence in the film to supprt this claim. There is nothing in the film that suggests that Nani is a terrible guardian, nor that she suddenly became a great one. You're just making up bullshit just so you can have an excuse to sin the movie and add to the toal sin counter. #115-116: Dude, just shut the hell up. Again, you're just making up bullshit so you can have a convenient excuse to add to the total sin counter. #117: Did you forget that Stitch and the family act as if he's a dog?

  51. Kirby Randomness

    Kirby Randomnessヶ月 前

    Hold on in the beginning he spoke English he said me not a Christian

  52. Raphael Bataglia Rodrigues

    Raphael Bataglia Rodriguesヶ月 前


  53. Mingled Dwarf106

    Mingled Dwarf106ヶ月 前


  54. Gabriel Alexander

    Gabriel Alexanderヶ月 前

    I was expecting to have a sin off for the Aloha Oe moment but was shocked when it got a sin. Shame on you and your cow!

  55. Caitlin_432xx _

    Caitlin_432xx _ヶ月 前

    Me: HOW is anything wrong with Lilo and Stitch??

  56. musicf3b

    musicf3bヶ月 前

    Lol Lilo is so weird and it’s perfect

  57. Haru Nanase

    Haru Nanaseヶ月 前

    "WHAAAAT!? You expect me to help you, just like that?! JUST LIKE THAT?!!?!" "Ieh." "...Fine!" 🤣🤣🤣

  58. Giedrius Valys

    Giedrius Valysヶ月 前

    9:55 that is no guitar that's an ukulele

  59. Dark_lordofall

    Dark_lordofallヶ月 前

    "This 19 year old who gave up her life to raise her kid sister alone after her parents died is a bad guardian because she can’t afford a babysitter and accidentally left a pan on one time" is a bad take, possibly the worst I’ve ever seen on this channel. Lilo would be better in the foster system than with her loving relative who’s figuring things out?

  60. IAm Lame

    IAm Lameヶ月 前

    you guys know this is satire right? these are not to be taken seriously, they rip on every movie as well as give what they love about the same movie all movies have plot holes and could use critique. If this were a legit movie review I am sure the reviewer would have real world knowledge of how things actually work. Also, pointing out nani gave up surfing and surf championships, got the only easy job any teen could do (humiliating wait service), stopped going to school, just to do her best for her sister. she gave up her whole future to give lilo a fighting chance in this world. Also, also she feeds the fish because she believed he killed their parents in a storm, so now its a religious thing so he doesn't take anything else from her she was always bullied for being a bit odd she feels responsible for killing her parents and knows her sister gave everything up for her. lilo acts out because she feels like everything would have been better without her, again nani tries to show her that she is valued and would do anything for her...... anyway i love cinemasins

  61. Super Boy

    Super Boyヶ月 前

    You decide to sin the best movie ever, now you crossed the line 🔫🗡⚔