Everything Wrong With Lilo & Stitch In 18 Minutes Or Less

Lilo & Stitch is an animated Disney film with lots of fans and lots of sins. Wait... have they announced a live-action remake of this one yet? They did? Well, regardless, here are the sins we found in Lilo & Stitch.
Thursday: Music sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. phag

    phag14 時間 前

    The ableism 🙈😍😍

  2. Lulu Leo-Kelly

    Lulu Leo-Kelly19 時間 前

    Nani is Best Parent, Best Sister Ever. She tries sooo hard! i mean, she and Lilo lost their parents, and she knows that Lilo may be feeling upset or confused, and the way she acts is a response to these feelings, so she doesnt want to yell at her for fear of harming her little sister. Also, common knowledge, children of young ages have some difficulty understanding others, therefore influencing Lilo's 'psychopathic' tendencies.

  3. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo日 前


  4. On-Plot-Point

    On-Plot-Point日 前

    The flouting things are so you can't run from court once your there, and can't murder anyone when they make you mad.

  5. Big Weiner 42

    Big Weiner 42日 前

    Star wars: Small ships can hyperdrive.

  6. Stacey Hankerson

    Stacey Hankerson日 前

    100 sins for calling a CLEARLY ukulele an acoustic guitar *sigh*

  7. bazinga

    bazinga日 前

    This might just be one of CS's most disliked videos

  8. NichikoxD

    NichikoxD2 日 前

    Stitch is perfect

  9. Bo Ex To

    Bo Ex To2 日 前

    Did you just sin the "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" surf scene? How. Fucking. Dare. You.

  10. peacendpola23

    peacendpola233 日 前

    A cinemasins video is not a cinemasins video unless there's at least one "ex-machina" sin...

  11. peacendpola23

    peacendpola233 日 前

    I was about to type an angry comment about you calling out Nani's "parenting" skills, but I loved how everyone else did it... still... *Insert angry comment defending Nani here*

  12. StickLife 101

    StickLife 1013 日 前


  13. Gustavo Deffis

    Gustavo Deffis3 日 前

    jpgo.info/bideo/d4Knxo2grGqnt4Y.html that contract is minus -10 sins not +1 dummy!

  14. советский союз

    советский союз3 日 前

    З is a Russian letter so it's used З 3 looks kinda different

  15. unicorn sprinkles

    unicorn sprinkles3 日 前

    Damn i never realised how terrible of a guardian Nani was.

  16. Greg No name

    Greg No name4 日 前

    Wait...they said stich landed on Area 51, but they also say that there in Hawaii......

  17. My name isnt Relevant

    My name isnt Relevant4 日 前

    "grand theft big wheel" sounds like the term used when a pimp commits grand theft auto while laundering money

  18. dezire dawn

    dezire dawn4 日 前

    No just no this is a monstrosity.

  19. Phi 6

    Phi 64 日 前

    +100000000 sins for coming after lilo and stitch I wish you well but I fear you life has been halved and growing shorter with every view this gets Also tho like stop coming after good films not everything deserves sins especially ones like this or httyd that are just too good and people will just not like you if you keep doing it

  20. Zander the skeleton

    Zander the skeleton5 日 前

    The second my big brother saw this title 2 days ago, he said "nothing is wrong with lilo and stitch!"

  21. Slams The Neko :D

    Slams The Neko :D5 日 前

    You fool. You said 18 minutes or less. This is *19* MINUTES!!!

  22. Blue Diamond Isn't Depressed anymore

    Blue Diamond Isn't Depressed anymore6 日 前

    For people wondering abt the photos in lilo's room heres a copy and pasted thing from google: [Lilo & Stitch] Why Lilo takes pictures of tourists. The photos were part of a larger message about racism that was in the movie originally and was deleted later in production. It's a turn around on all the fat white tourists taking pictures of the cute native girl whether she wanted them to or not.

  23. Patrick Teng

    Patrick Teng7 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="168">2:48</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="179">2:59</a> hah star wars

  24. asher vaughn

    asher vaughn7 日 前

    stop swearing

  25. Stitch626

    Stitch6268 日 前

    I'm stitch!

  26. Savannah Dynasty

    Savannah Dynasty8 日 前

    NOTHING is wrong with this movie.

  27. Diamond Survivor

    Diamond Survivor9 日 前

    I honestly thoght the Lilo and Stitch Movies and Cartoons were pretty awesome! But hey, I'm 10 sooo...

  28. Alena Kerkatta

    Alena Kerkatta9 日 前

    Nani sinned for taking her sis to every interview and not getting the bloody job and also sinned for leaving her home alone for an interview? She left her because she didn't get any of the last few jobs thanks to lilo and stitch's antics!!

  29. Zoanovic 360

    Zoanovic 36010 日 前

    Do the second

  30. Alex Greengrass

    Alex Greengrass10 日 前


  31. ChapstixProductions

    ChapstixProductions11 日 前

    I dont typically condone fighting... but I might have to make an exception for this video.

  32. DiscoRaptor

    DiscoRaptor11 日 前

    It's always entertaining to read the comments of film-specific fans who don't know what CinemaSins is... 😂

  33. NotARacoom

    NotARacoom12 日 前

    Bro, making up a sin that can be answered easily isn't even funny. They have ALIEN tech and yet he's surprised they have waterproof phones.

  34. StickKid

    StickKid12 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a> that's a cliche?

  35. Melissa Davis

    Melissa Davis14 日 前

    This movie is a classic and has no fault. I’ll still watch this for laughs, though. Wow this was really annoying more than funny, idiot narrator gets half the “sins” wrong and inaccurate and it watched fully would see they are explained later. I mean the reason lilo isn’t taken away immediately is because they typically want family to stay together and not be ripped apart. Nani is ninteen or something and just lost her parents and trying to raise a psycho like lilo. First he says that Nani shouldn’t take lilo to interviews, then criticized her when she leaves her alone 😑😒

  36. ItsReservoirHost

    ItsReservoirHost15 日 前

    Ah, the internet.... in less than 10 comments about o of them are about Nani being bullied...

  37. Cole Wilder

    Cole Wilder16 日 前

    Alert hes attacking my childhood now watch it sins boi!

  38. シdefect

    シdefect17 日 前

    Nani is not a terrible human being nor mother because she’s not a mother she’s a sister. Lilo barely got to know her family and very obviously has some depression. Nani knew her family very well but lost all of them and ended up having to raise her depressed sister, on top of this Nani’s own anxiety is making her even more stressed because she literally works for a luau, I know that luau workers do not make that much money at all, which also means Nani and Lilo don’t have any healthcare so Nani can’t do anything about Lilo’s depression and most likely also PTSD. Nani loves her sister but in the end the only thing she can afford to make Lilo happy is a dog, which is why she got stitch. On top of all this, (again), a social worker tries to take away Nani’s only family remaining and soon later ALIENS come and make everything that worse. Nani isn’t perfect, she’s a human being. Who tf cares if she can’t cook sometimes or if she has to work and leave Lilo home? Everything she’s ever done is to try to make Lilo happy.

  39. Gina Bernico

    Gina Bernico17 日 前


  40. duck commander

    duck commander18 日 前

    goddam it there is nothing that wrong with lilo and stitch and you know it. your just making it seem bad

  41. jes k

    jes k19 日 前

    Blue punch buggies!!

  42. Vexxon Games

    Vexxon Games20 日 前

    Is he not gonna sin the fact that Lilo fucking KISSED stitch. That, if taken further would be cross-species sex reproduction. And wouldn't work because he has internal genitals.

  43. Anthony Sanchez

    Anthony Sanchez20 日 前

    Just the idea for this video is a sin in itself

  44. clarkb2697

    clarkb269720 日 前

    I'm gonna sin you for thinking any power grid doesn't require ventilation

  45. Dramatic Dog

    Dramatic Dog20 日 前

    I'm susprised you didn't sin the scense where Stitch is seen being lifted and even riding on the surfing boards despite the fact is supposed to be too dense to survive in water, AKA he should be weighing a ton. Lead is a very dense metal hence a small quantity of it is heavy. Given the size of stitch, if he's so dense, Lilo shouldn't be able to lift him, nor should Nani. And he should sink the end of the board he stands on.

  46. Zarni Maung

    Zarni Maung21 日 前

    Is it weird that this video somehow suddenly made me interested in the rule 34 version.

  47. Fiercefox 444

    Fiercefox 44421 日 前

    No one gonna talk about how he kept sinning the movie for making references to other films that weren’t even out yet?

  48. mojopeach

    mojopeach21 日 前

    i will fuckin destroy you man dont diss Lilo and Stitch it's a fuckin treasure

  49. друг

    друг21 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="734">12:14</a> that song was actually written by a queen saying goodbye to her kingdom, shes singing it to Lilo because she thinks shes losing her. shes saying goodbye

  50. he110me

    he110me21 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="670">11:10</a> CinemaSins has never seen a wholesome surfing family being wholesome **Ding** <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="902">15:02</a> CinemaSins doesn't know what Thrust Vectoring is **Ding**

  51. И͘͢м̴яр̨е̡̛͘к҉

    И͘͢м̴яр̨е̡̛͘к҉21 日 前

    Actually, rocket engines that are pointing to different directions is not only possible, but it is very important to control the spacecraft. True, nozzles that shown in movie is more of aviation jet engine nozzles (jpgo.info/bideo/qad823xnymaup6g.html), but it is definetly not a new concept to rocketry. On rockets gimbals are used mostly doe.

  52. Und3adCrows

    Und3adCrows22 日 前

    I realize just how unpopular my opinion is here, but Jeremy/CinemaSins is actually right about Nani being no where near fit enough to take care of Lilo. To start things off, a few countries outside of the United States (Germany comes to mind immediately.) wouldn't even allow Nani to be Lilo's guardian in the first place as there has to be a 15 year gap before you're allowed be the child's guardian. Regardless of that fact (As Nani and Lilo live in the United States so the law is void.) Nani is unemployed and a single guardian. She seems to only have one friend (David) who works and is likely paying a low paying job and thus wouldn't be able to take care of Lilo while Nani works. Nani's trying her best, yes. But her best clearly isn't good enough. Unfortunately the US foster system isn't very good either but Nani couldn't even hire a baby sitter due to her situation. (And had no where near enough friends to help take care of Lilo.) The sins for taking her to interviews and for leaving her at home alone are in fact justified. The's bottom line is he's sinning her for being unfit, not because he thinks she isn't trying.

  53. daffodil852

    daffodil85220 日 前

    Nani had a job at the beginning of the movie, but gets fired because of stitch. It is one of the problems Bubbles tells her to fix. Social services always tried to keep kids with family if at all possible. They remove kids a lot if they suspect neglect or abuse, but the kids go back a lot. Nani feeds Lilo, has a house, is family, and there is no abuse. I’d be astounded if Lilo got taken away. Kids in abusive Foster homes will repeatedly get sent back.

  54. Engardian

    Engardian22 日 前

    Some mosquitos do hurt when they bite. I don’t know about the kinds in Hawaii, though.

  55. Ariel Gershon

    Ariel Gershon22 日 前

    "The native language of cats walking across keyboards" lol

  56. --__

    --__23 日 前


  57. Angeline Castillo

    Angeline Castillo23 日 前

    first of all Nani is 19 and she's not a parent she's Lilo's sister and lastly there's nothing wrong here

  58. queenofichigo

    queenofichigo23 日 前

    Considering how rampant sexual and physical abuse are in the foster care system and how overworked it already is, having Lilo stay with Nani and providing support would be a much better option than ripping her away from a loving guardian and potentially allowing horrible abuse.

  59. Creanate

    Creanate23 日 前

    Why didn't anyone talkabout MIb reference

  60. Puella Porrim

    Puella Porrim24 日 前

    I know they say Nani is. A bad parent But she's trying her hardest This girl gave up her only chance at a career to take care a Of lilo (as seen in her room there are surfing trophies, she was clearly a extremely good surfer, also seen in the surfing scene)

  61. zebrashark101

    zebrashark10124 日 前

    Nani is only like 19 20ish sooooo yeah she is going to be a mess raising a kid

  62. Bristol AWOL

    Bristol AWOL25 日 前

    The movie was spaceballs

  63. piper scout

    piper scout25 日 前

    Lilo's voice gotten annoying after this movie was made

  64. Tamayako

    Tamayako27 日 前

    Keeping Jumba on a remote-controlled floating pod would probably be for safety purposes. If he were to try anything, he wouldn't be able to run over and attack someone, and if he managed to smuggle in a weapon of some kind, they could move the pod away to throw off his aim. Buuuuut I dunno

  65. Alaina Drinkwater

    Alaina Drinkwater27 日 前

    I can only assume this is the native language of cats who walk across keyboards.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😆

  66. Rebecca Leonard

    Rebecca Leonard29 日 前

    I'm a big geek and I love watching the directors audio commentary on movies along with all other bonus features on the DVD. I have a rule; if a legit mistake or "Cinema Sin" is explained, apologized for, or acknowledged in bonus content, it is no longer a sin. Lilo & Stitch commentary and behind the scenes takes away a good handful of sins, and even explains why Jumba's cell looks so lived in, how this is based on an "Idea," and even talks about Lilo taking pictures of fat people! This movie is an 11 out of a possible five.

  67. AND ME

    AND ME29 日 前

    There are literally many many quadrillion mosquitoes in the world and you ask the aliens to take a few billion... won’t even make a dent. Bastards only live two weeks, so they’ll be back ;( where did I put that bat house?

  68. Dale Hopkins

    Dale Hopkins29 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1021">17:01</a>, isn't the point here that "Bubbles" doesn't really work for social services and is instead poorly undercover since he's obviously actually a member of the Lilo and Stitch version of the Men in Black? That's why the alien lady recognizes him from the Roswell incident.

  69. daffodil852

    daffodil85220 日 前

    Dale Hopkins no, he’s not undercover men in black. He’s Lilo’s social worker before she ever gets Stitch. They even have their appointment set up with him before Stitch gets to Earth. The very first time we see Lilo is the day of the house visit.

  70. Pro Cow

    Pro Cowヶ月 前

    Thats not the plot of hotel Transylvania 3 D:

  71. Tharein Potuhera

    Tharein Potuheraヶ月 前

    North Koreans speak Korean fluently but can't pronounce several South Korean words...

  72. tobias fawn

    tobias fawnヶ月 前

    I am gonna need you to rescind that sin cause you know neither the meaning nor the history of the song that lani sings to lilo so your unaware of the fact that it fits perfectly in the context of the movie.

  73. The TSMU Fan

    The TSMU Fanヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="339">5:39</a> Basically the "Steamed Hams" meme in a nutshell.

  74. Beholden zues 4

    Beholden zues 4ヶ月 前

    I now realize that the small ships sin isn’t a sin, since that was a long time ago in a galaxy far away

  75. Peyton Duncan

    Peyton Duncanヶ月 前

    Cinema sins: OUT OF THIS World me: no pun intended

  76. KitKat

    KitKatヶ月 前

    Excuse me, sir. As an older sibling with an autistic AND epileptic sister, I can understand Nani's struggles that YOU sin her for. Lilo is a difficult child to contain and get along with, and Nani has no parental figures to aid her in Lilo's upbringing. I have parents to help. I get that these videos are made as a "joke" but sinning Nani for trying to do her job and calling her a terrible human being for doing poorly is crossing a line. That's like sinning me for existing. And before you people get pissed for "accusing Lilo of being autistic" obviously you aren't aware that there are various kinds of autism.

  77. JackitZ 06

    JackitZ 06ヶ月 前

    Movie: *exists* CinemaSins: Wow look, Garbage,

  78. Raptor Games

    Raptor Gamesヶ月 前

    The sin tally is 117 coincidence I think not

  79. Phoebe Clark

    Phoebe Clarkヶ月 前

    OF COURSE Nani is a terrible parent. She's 19 years old, her own parents recently died, and Lilo's a handful as is.

  80. person xie

    person xieヶ月 前

    Jeremy: *hates holograms in star wars* Also Jeremy: *doesn't sin the hologram stuff in this movie*

  81. Visual Brilliance Design

    Visual Brilliance Designヶ月 前

    me :sees video title Also me:Nani! wait a minute...

  82. Aiden Johnson

    Aiden Johnsonヶ月 前

    You have chosen Death I see.