Everything Wrong With Dredd In 13 Minutes Or Less

Dredd kicks ass and is far better than the Judge Dredd adaptation that preceded it. But it still has sins, yo. So we counted them.
Next week: Older horror sins, newer hero sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Gilbert Paulsen

    Gilbert Paulsen6 時間 前

    I usually love y'alls shit but Dredd has more history behind it and is pretty accurate so I'm gonna downvote

  2. Dmon Slayr

    Dmon Slayr7 時間 前

    You've sinned the movie Dredd. Sentence...Death

  3. ChuckO

    ChuckO10 時間 前

    Say “I always get and erection when a beautiful woman uses a pair of pliers near my balls”

  4. EB Channel

    EB Channel13 時間 前

    This movie is gold you buggin

  5. Janes Fair

    Janes Fair23 時間 前

    She can decide who she focuses on not what. So yes she can ignore all the other people but since she had to keep focus on everything he was thinking to make sure he wasn’t trying to get lose he could make her see whatever he thought of.

  6. Joemalia Juggalo

    Joemalia Juggalo日 前

    Yeah that’s the word to get out and didn’t care about the movie good movie though but you can look up these days you’re going to have an accident these cops have every legal right to blow your head off and she’s gonna kill her, she’s going to kill the main cut the haircut and that building is not going to be shut up the next day and everybody dies

  7. Thugs4Hugs D

    Thugs4Hugs D日 前

    Talks about taking hallucinogens as if knowagable about drugs but unaware that inhalents work almost instantly as they are aborbed directly through the lungs into the bloodstream. +1 to movie sin - sin counter. Critizices wire origami guy for not noticing a gun fight when he is simultaneously monitoring a 200 floor building with a unspecified number of rooms in each floor by himself. +1 movie sin - sin counter. Criticize signal loss when a nuclear/emp shielded building goes on lockdown even though thats how it works in reality and was masterfully integrated within the plot. Sinima sin - sin counter +10

  8. Alex Chan

    Alex Chan2 日 前

    Sin- not calling for backup while in the park outside the building

  9. Stomping Freak

    Stomping Freak3 日 前

    2000ad Comic came out in 1977. So hall of justice, mega cities, all came first. Your just picking. You’ve got nothing on Dredd.

  10. Michael Richter

    Michael Richter3 日 前

    Its Dredd, whatya expect...

  11. John Petersen

    John Petersen3 日 前

    This video should be Everything Wrong With Dredd in 0 Seconds or Less because there is nothing wrong with that movie.

  12. 1990cb7 Honda

    1990cb7 Honda4 日 前

    Most of these movies he does are pretty good. It’s kinda annoying to consistently hate on good movies

  13. JoeWaylo Gaming

    JoeWaylo Gaming5 日 前

    I'm so tired of "Mutation" as the main storyline myself. X-Men has been throwing that word for years and it's discriminatory at best.

  14. William E. Flores Díaz

    William E. Flores Díaz6 日 前

    Better than the stallone version

  15. Jason Little

    Jason Little7 日 前

    I wondered why he couldn't call in a helicopter or something similar to extract them off the skate board ramp thing. But, I do love this movie and agreed, should of had a sequel.

  16. H4ckerman 420

    H4ckerman 4207 日 前

    Everything *right* with Dredd

  17. Scot Lennon

    Scot Lennon8 日 前

    Okay. To be clear, narration is not a bad thing. You might not like it, but it's far from a sin.

  18. kevin parcour

    kevin parcour8 日 前

    giving sins on the "judgement time" scene? yeah i know im gonna be triggered watching this since dredd is one of may favourites. and now im triggered as fuck.

  19. Jarno Pääkkönen

    Jarno Pääkkönen9 日 前

    Doesn't anyone else find it weird that dredd is happening in pretty far future but in the opening scene the junkies are driving a 1980's vw van, yes I'm a bit gear head but that was about the only thing that bothers me in this pretty great movie.

  20. Jarno Pääkkönen

    Jarno Pääkkönen7 日 前

    @Christopher Rose true. I watched it again yesterday and there are allso 80'toyotas. Vw just hurts my eye. 😅

  21. Christopher Rose

    Christopher Rose7 日 前

    I know what you mean, but I think it was just a compromise for the sake of practicality and budget. Either design and build 20 or 30 'future car' props and completely redesign a city. Or just put it in a current day city and add some reasonably timeless vehicles, IE not current not super old. I'd rather it looked the way it did than a poorly done, due to budget, attempt at 'futuristic' more true to mega city 1 in the comics.

  22. BONOKI

    BONOKI10 日 前

    for the love of the Force, you should have your own 15 min' show on CartooNetwork's 'adult swin'. you keep getting funnier & better everytime i watch your video... thank you. thank you. thank you. by the by, can you do Judge Dredd with Sylvester,... i can't seem to find it. thanks again.

  23. daethe

    daethe10 日 前

    You sinned for him threatening the bum about where he was sitting, and then completely failed either to notice or reference that that bum got killed when the place went on lockdown because of where he was sitting

  24. Ben Jackson

    Ben Jackson11 日 前

    I would've downvoted if you hadn't dropped a sin for the incendiary.

  25. Ben Jackson

    Ben Jackson11 日 前

    Lol I forgot i saw this already

  26. Tom Jones

    Tom Jones11 日 前

    @cinemaSins If your first sexual encounter involved choking and convulsing you must have been sucking on another dude's schlong. Please don't say it was Bill Clinton. It's way too much damn information. I'm giving you 1,000 sins.

  27. Blue Falcons Suck

    Blue Falcons Suck14 日 前

    All that CGI... you think they'd have thrown a few bucks at giving him a chin. I've seen pancakes with more prominent features.

  28. MCG55SS

    MCG55SS14 日 前

    Sad this film was just average. I still prefer the old one as a movie

  29. Abhishek Parmar

    Abhishek Parmar14 日 前

    After watching u sin and unsin got and incendiary unsin as well, now I know what a sucker you are for karmic kumuppence and heroes taking the fight to villans.

  30. Chick Sage

    Chick Sage14 日 前

    Slo-mo hits you instantly because you smoke it, acid and shrooms are ingested. minus 1 sin?

  31. Menof War

    Menof War15 日 前

    Mega City One is from comics so wtf????

  32. Kevin Schlueter

    Kevin Schlueter16 日 前


  33. Eyedeas Never Die

    Eyedeas Never Die18 日 前

    Annnnd off to watch CinemaWins on Dredd for some balance

  34. Mint-Berry Crunch

    Mint-Berry Crunch19 日 前

    Very unfunny.

  35. Gojira

    Gojira20 日 前

    that stupid face he keeps making

  36. pierce Spearey

    pierce Spearey21 日 前

    Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the dead, the end of the world I think would have those of sins

  37. Mr Wisski

    Mr Wisski21 日 前

    *PSST* Check the background at around 4:07. Can't believe ya'll missed that. Yer Welcome.

  38. Dreadpirate Dan

    Dreadpirate Dan22 日 前

    I stayed a long while

  39. Sirlagsalot

    Sirlagsalot22 日 前

    I wouldnt normally comment this but a minigun is not a 50.

  40. Nostrol Fozgu

    Nostrol Fozgu22 日 前

    CinemaSins is actually annoying. And they have the nerve to call the people who made this movie dweebs? Ego is hilarious.

  41. Alex West

    Alex West23 日 前

    yo cinimesins i didnt watch your video i just want you to know i love dredd and im gonna report your channel for hate speech

  42. Rob Webster

    Rob Webster23 日 前


  43. Fendy Susanto

    Fendy Susanto24 日 前

    For you Mama " I'm Batman. "

  44. Mark Goding

    Mark Goding25 日 前

    Haters gotta hate.

  45. Dipsekhar Samajpati

    Dipsekhar Samajpati26 日 前

    All I am hearing is the narrator complaining about a cinematic masterpiece like a bitch. Those 20 sins looked really desperate.

  46. Robot Raptor

    Robot Raptor27 日 前

    This movie is awesome. But one sin you guys missed..why would they build a skyscraper and leave that huge gap in the centre. Rather than use the space and double the capacity.

  47. Jay Obrien

    Jay Obrien27 日 前

    Just make the damn sequel already. SMH

  48. noe chavez

    noe chavez28 日 前

    Almost sounds like CinemaSins doesn't know that Dredd comics are a thing. Mega City 1 has been the cities' name since the beginning

  49. BIG M 3472

    BIG M 347228 日 前

    i liked this movie!! too bad no sequel.

  50. Banana _2.0

    Banana _2.029 日 前


  51. Dan S

    Dan Sヶ月 前

    One more sin is that they entered the building during day time, and it become night time when they have their comm signals back (and clearly the skate park is outdoor when you can see the city night lights), then become day time again when they leave the building. So they survived at least 12+ hours in that building?

  52. Roger Deese

    Roger Deeseヶ月 前

    Miss Cleo LOL Damn making me feel old....

  53. Mr Rieper

    Mr Rieperヶ月 前

    Would Dredd really lock some guy up for the crime of "sitting", as you put it? Yes, he's that much of a prick.

  54. Miguel Aguilar

    Miguel Aguilarヶ月 前

    I didn't know that this was a thing

  55. Nick Cornwall

    Nick Cornwallヶ月 前


  56. Einsam Scheissekopf

    Einsam Scheissekopfヶ月 前

    Because they are orally ingested or absorbed Whereas vaporizing nearly anything has an almost instant kick in

  57. Axos 001

    Axos 001ヶ月 前

    The name Mega-City 1 has been in the comics for 30 or so years and it was a kids comic so.....

  58. Alex Pattison

    Alex Pattisonヶ月 前

    Nothing, absolutley nothing at all

  59. elizabeth pinkerton

    elizabeth pinkertonヶ月 前

    Lost me when Dredd took his helmet off!!!!!!

  60. Greg Flowers

    Greg Flowersヶ月 前

    that movie was just stupid

  61. Bill Henry

    Bill Henryヶ月 前

    A far sight better than the Stallone version. Though both versions did a bad job representing the Judge cycles.

  62. Golde Mike

    Golde Mikeヶ月 前

    there are no sides omae wa mou shindeiru

  63. big ron

    big ronヶ月 前

    Dredd is a great movie and this video is fucking shit