Everything Wrong With Dredd In 13 Minutes Or Less

Dredd kicks ass and is far better than the Judge Dredd adaptation that preceded it. But it still has sins, yo. So we counted them.
Next week: Older horror sins, newer hero sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Deadlyaztec27

    Deadlyaztec273 時間 前

    10:05 that's actually a white phosphorus round. It's a real thing and causes a horrible death.

  2. Harry Lucky

    Harry Lucky日 前

    Everything wrong with Cinemasins.. Cinemasins Sin counter 1 ...

  3. flashtu

    flashtu2 日 前

    No ABC Warrior Robot...movie failed🐨🙈🙉🙊

  4. David

    David2 日 前

    Fuck you

  5. rj benjamin

    rj benjamin2 日 前

    I disliked this video

  6. Another Mouse

    Another Mouse2 日 前

    Failing to research 2000AD before trying to condemn Dredd ... 'ding'

  7. Liberty Prime

    Liberty Prime2 日 前

    Lena headey and... holy fuck is that general hux

  8. Bryon Dean

    Bryon Dean4 日 前

    When testing building alarm systems, you do have to call to tell the company that monitors to ignore the alarms. I have to test systems for skyscrapers, banks etc... The only way to test an alarm is to set it off, every single one, one at a time, all day along.

  9. Lich Lord

    Lich Lord4 日 前

    I'm bored and will nitpick you back! Mostly started as wanting to put some things into context having skimmed a few of the books. Then it was more... "You know, that actually makes total sense and was good writing as an excuse for why X happened." >Who would want to be judge?! Megacity 1 has an unemployment rate hovering around 85-90%. So literally anyone. >17,000 serious crimes per day? That's low! 17,000 major felonies. In their sector. There are like a thousand sectors. >So the drug starts working automatically? Crack and Heroine are also pretty much instant. Or so I've been told... >Why not take off the helmet when you don't need your powers? Why give them a sin when Dredd basically tells the rookie the exact same thing in universe? >They are being told to ignore the emergency signal?! They are being 'those signals are just a test, don't want to waste your time'. While it wasn't EMS I was involved in similar things. We would 'run trucks' (repair techs) to company HQ to test the system. Some times this was setting up appointments, sometimes this was national emergency wake the CEO up at 3am with alerts level. But so we didn't get the place flooded with repair guys who we summoned in the middle of the night and the CEO practicing for a doomsday scenario when we just wanted to make sure computers were talking to each other and tickets were being processed correctly, we would inform people involved of an upcoming test and to ignore alerts. >That's what you do in an emergency, block radio signals It's a test of nuclear bomb shielding, I'm guessing the faraday cage effect is real. >Shouldn't she stay at the office? Wouldn't that be a total waste of resources if she gets killed on partol? Welcome to the world of judge dredd. Their thought process is they don't have enough people to waste coddling a handful. The authors thought process is fascists are idiots and run this world like idiots.... You... You guys know Dredd isn't a good guy right? >This building is too big to exist! We could build an elevator to space if we felt like spending the time, resources, and money. >How the fuck did this work? Given how those things actually work it'd be more likely as soon as she got of range and the receiver didn't 'hear' her device anymore the building would have exploded before she even hit the ground. >Sentence.... Judgement Night Sentence... 10 years in the isocubes.

  10. Spinikar

    Spinikar4 日 前

    Serioulsy about the time? Thats how modern computers work as well Called millieseconds. 1000ms to 1 sec. Granted, not useful for humans in real time though.

  11. Twood

    Twood5 日 前

    Clerks. typist. Coffee vendors😂😂😂😂😂

  12. DeakanFrost

    DeakanFrost5 日 前

    These are just your opinions. If you want to complain about things that are wrong then you should find out the facts about that world. Don't just spew out your own personal opinion and say that they are things that are wrong with the movie. we who really like it see the little flaws but it is so much better than Judge Dredd from 1995. But that's just my opinion.

  13. SendarSlayer

    SendarSlayer5 日 前

    The numbers for time keeping were pretty obvious. H:M:S.MS. Yeah sure the 700 is a little weird, but it could be either a prefix code or hours since an event. Such as the last backup or something. Which happens every month.

  14. Derek R Watson

    Derek R Watson6 日 前

    Great movie. I only got ten seconds into the video, and it sucks.

  15. Kamyab Kaze

    Kamyab Kaze7 日 前

    This movie is Cyberpunk in a nutshell

  16. Grifski 301

    Grifski 3017 日 前

    You are so boring , all you do is repeat yourself in each review

  17. Me here

    Me here8 日 前

    How this has 1 million views is beyond me. A million views and only 3k comments on how annoying the narrator is. You counted F A squared you moronic annoying ass. Its pratt crap like this that ensures real movies get passed up for all the marvel crap in the cinema's these last few years.

  18. James Neave

    James Neave8 日 前

    FYI this building is set to "War" As in nuclear. Radio signals can't get in because it's more a Faraday cage hardening it against EMPs from the nukes going off. It's now an NBC bunker for those 70,000 people.

  19. DrNazoo1983

    DrNazoo19839 日 前

    I'm adding _at least_ 100 sins because CinemaSins still hasn't reviewed that butcher's shop of hammy acting that was the original Dredd movie!!

  20. jcatchable

    jcatchable9 日 前

    Miss Cleo is dead bro. Not cool. But funny.

  21. The Immortal Pwnage

    The Immortal Pwnage9 日 前

    11:00 running out of bullets : Dredd just had to call out commands for his gun to cycle all his ammo and had to result in an unconventional shot. Sure he could have had more of that type of ammo. That's the only hole in this situation.

  22. uosdwiSrdewoH

    uosdwiSrdewoH10 日 前

    I'm sure somebody mentioned this but how did Dredd not get at least one sin off for shooting out the tires? They always get a sin for not shooting tires but not even a mention when they do?

  23. John Doe

    John Doe10 日 前

    The only thing wrong with Dredd is that this video exists because of it.

  24. MrGaurdians

    MrGaurdians10 日 前

    Well that movie was one of most accurate movies of dredd. And everything is told in Dredd musical go check it.

  25. kmaru80

    kmaru8011 日 前

    Of all the CGI sins that have come forth since Jurassic Park, digital squibs may be the most egregious

  26. FBI- Federal Bureau of investigation _

    FBI- Federal Bureau of investigation _14 日 前

    I think the entire movie is terrible.

  27. Michael Papadakis

    Michael Papadakis14 日 前

    It feels like you are trying too hard to find flaws with this movie. especially since I know how much you really like it.

  28. Vesstig

    Vesstig15 日 前

    Everything wrong with CinemaSins, the clickbating of old classics while simultaneously not having anything of value to add that's actually sin worthy just to rip on a classic. Jesus I wish I had your job cause you make salt mining look easy

  29. PAIN lmao

    PAIN lmao16 日 前

    Me: *eats pancakes for dinner* Cinemasins: so you chose to. Die

  30. zig zag

    zig zag16 日 前

    Hay I’m South African and that’s normal driving in johannesburg

  31. Wilebaldo Andaluz Gascón

    Wilebaldo Andaluz Gascón16 日 前

    Please.... Stop talking! Just....

  32. hypernovaD

    hypernovaD16 日 前

    10:05 You may be giving sins to this movie, but that laugh was the most genuine i have heard you laugh.. this convinced me you enjoyed this movie more than you let on.. just admit it..

  33. Jacob Burton

    Jacob Burton15 日 前

    And the fact he's still laughing a bit in the next sin

  34. TomasPabon

    TomasPabon17 日 前

    3:48 I forgot Almost Human was a thing

  35. quic grid

    quic grid19 日 前

    Here's the thing. You just added a sin due to the fat criminal talking shit since they outnumbered the Judges (like an Imperial Droid talking shit to a Jedi due to outnumbering a Jedi) and yet the reason why Judges are so good is BECAUSE of their gadgets and yet you added a sin for the gadgets? 1 sin for you guys.

  36. Alphasnowbordergirl

    Alphasnowbordergirl20 日 前

    Sure reference Almost Human while I grieve its cancellation

  37. クぅ媛Museboy

    クぅ媛Museboy21 日 前

    Plot Twist:Nothing is wrong with Dredd!!!!!

  38. Jaqen H'ghar

    Jaqen H'ghar21 日 前

    Imagine trying to rob a house then you hear this behind you 10:09

  39. Judge ENZA

    Judge ENZA22 日 前

    dredd is not the law!!!!! i am the law !!!!!!!

  40. Lee Wright

    Lee Wright26 日 前

    Don't talk shit 'bout Dredd!!!

  41. DommyBoy Smith

    DommyBoy Smith27 日 前

    ...."clerks, typists, coffee vendors!" I nearly choked to death

  42. Richard Siddaway

    Richard Siddaway27 日 前

    "This is like an imperial droid talking smack about a Jedi just because..." NEEEERRRRRRDDDDDD!!!

  43. Itsara Kongkawe

    Itsara Kongkawe28 日 前

    ควย อะไรของมึง...

  44. Mr. Black

    Mr. Black29 日 前

    The Biggest Sin in the Dredd movie was: When the 2 teen boys came out to shoot Judge Dredd..... Dredd shoots them both with a "Stun bullet".....but, The Law-giver has NO Stun bullets!!!! The 6 types of ammunition that the Law-giver fires are: Standard execution on semi-auto and Rapid fire, Armor-piercing, Ricochet, Incendiary, Heat-seeker, & High explosive rounds. The second biggest sin is: ALL of the Judges are out of uniform!!!!! They're supposed to be wearing Green boots, Green knee-pads, Green gloves, and Green elbow pads, and they're supposed to be wearing a chain connected from the zipper to their badge. The 3rd sin....is the Judges Law-Masters.....The Law Master is supposed to have grotesquely FAT Thick wheels. The 4th Sin is: When Anderson got captured....Ma-Ma _didn't_ immediately kill her! She had NO reason to keep her alive!

  45. Alicia Williams

    Alicia Williamsヶ月 前

    I love Jeremy😉😉☺

  46. Chris Crook

    Chris Crookヶ月 前

    There is nothing wrong with Dredd. Everything you sin has been judged as a kind of pft or soft fart sound. Best comic film to this date I reckon.

  47. Fraser Green

    Fraser Greenヶ月 前

    "Normie who doesn't know anything about Judge Dredd tries to talk about Judge Dredd." Fuck off back to sportsball, normie.

  48. 10_Gauge

    10_Gaugeヶ月 前


  49. James Seaton

    James Seatonヶ月 前

    Dislike for the false Star Wars reference, in the clone wars plenty of Droid to talk smack to Jedi along with the separatist using droids not the empire. 1 sin added to Cinema sins.

  50. bigemugamer

    bigemugamerヶ月 前

    3:35 Cinema sins has clearly never smoked rock.

  51. Blatherskite

    Blatherskiteヶ月 前

    Such a shame that the Stallone version had all the mega-budgets to realize the world of Dredd but failed to nail the character or tone, or anything much apart from the city itself, while this version gets just about everything right but only had about 1/3rd the budget of the Stallone movie (adjusted) so had to be set mostly in one location. Where's the JUSTICE in that? I almost wish the 2012 production had cannily bought up some unused city footage left-over from the 1995 movie and used it to flesh out the Mega City One that we see in this film, which (due to budget restraints) looks nowhere near crowded or futuristic enough. The city skyline is supposed to be densely-packed with massive tower blocks, multi-lane fly-overs, etc. My only wee gripe with 2012 Dredd is that when they're outside in the city streets it just looks like what it is: modern-day Johannesburg.

  52. mikael hällen

    mikael hällenヶ月 前

    Why does we not get a sequel 😭

  53. viper4991

    viper4991ヶ月 前

    1 of the most underappreciated underrated movie of all times. Woulda killed for a 2nd movie

  54. gior nikitop

    gior nikitopヶ月 前

    one can't just talk bad about Dredd. you just can't.

  55. aaron gibson

    aaron gibsonヶ月 前

    “Utility belt the movie” ten sins for stealing a joke from teen titans go “the movie.

  56. BMRTV

    BMRTVヶ月 前

    Doesn't his helmet's X exactly block his sight?

  57. Amy Mugge

    Amy Muggeヶ月 前

    Also did Jeremy major in alliteration in college? ALSO also I'd like to meet this college gf I've heard so much about.

  58. Amy Mugge

    Amy Muggeヶ月 前

    Fun fact: Justin Bieber is partially responsible for the score in the slow-mo Momma death scene.

  59. Beau Shaver

    Beau Shaverヶ月 前

    Had to tack on 20 arbitrary sins to make sure there were enough because this movie is so kick ass

  60. Beau Shaver

    Beau Shaverヶ月 前

    The crime rate is low because repeat offenders are killed or isocubed

  61. Beau Shaver

    Beau Shaverヶ月 前

    Hey in DS9 Earth got pretty rough LoL

  62. Shawn Walker

    Shawn Walkerヶ月 前

    Yeah, but they make it sound like hell on earth. The odds are 0.002 percent. That's fucking Earth in Star Trek.

  63. Kareem Harper

    Kareem Harperヶ月 前

    Ms. Cleo shout out for the win.