Everything Wrong With London Has Fallen In 17 Minutes Or Less

Not too long after Olympus Has Fallen... some of the same people go to England for contrived reasons and behold... now London is falling down too. Who'd have thunk it? Here we count the sins of London Has Fallen, and lo, they are many.
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Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Adam Pilot

    Adam Pilot12 時間 前

    London fell after Sadist khan was elected as major.

  2. Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson14 時間 前

    Morocco is America's oldest ally. Morocco recognized the United States in 1776, and we formalized relations in 1787.

  3. That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-

    That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-14 時間 前

    Steryotypical racism at it’s finest Fun movie tho

  4. Autumn Conti

    Autumn Conti23 時間 前

    Gah!! Radha Mitchell!

  5. Harley Earl

    Harley Earl日 前

    One of the things that bothered me was how London became a ghost town just because the government told everybody to get indoors.

  6. Ryan Hill

    Ryan Hill2 日 前

    Add one more sin for the fact that not even one of the two MI6 agents in the safe house stayed behind to help Mike protect the president or even help transport him to safety. It was as if the scriptwriters wanted Mike to be the sole hero of the show.

  7. Annie BornAgain

    Annie BornAgain2 日 前

    I understand you saying wouldn't they have taken longer to make sure everything was in place for so many high profile people to attend a funeral but not really which i think is stupid but if we look back at princess diana funeral for instance. She died on August 31st (september 1st depending on the hour time differenece !!) and she was buried with full march through london only six days later with some of the biggest names around the world being there. It's honestly crazy to think so many high placed people would be in one place but you only have to look at memorial services or poppy day to see for that all the heads of our emergency and military services are seen...but what else is supposed to happen you can't run a country with confidence if you hide from the risks. Now as far as THIS movie was considered it sucked big time it was terrible beyond belief, why in any gods green earth would a real security personal give his full name to someone while under terrorist attack and his wife at home expecting there child with no protection !!

  8. Deipatrous

    Deipatrous3 日 前

    London is still there. Bummer.

  9. NateLB

    NateLB3 日 前

    Why would you need a camera on every corner in a room?

  10. Kainable87

    Kainable875 日 前

    I love action film cinematography... that tracking shot at the beginning is key to an action movie. The only thing that is more required for good blocking and cinematography in an action movie is the star blowing something up and not watching it. Oh and anything with a 3 on a governmental vehicle “Air Force 3” “executive 3” is carrying the speaker of the house.

  11. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin7 日 前

    that car that you thought was made of brass, is a saab, so they are safe

  12. Caesar Speaks

    Caesar Speaks8 日 前

    The oldest military alliance we have is with Morocco

  13. Rashida Ahmed

    Rashida Ahmed9 日 前

    Bro Angel has fallen

  14. Alex playz mc

    Alex playz mc10 日 前

    I gonna watch it on Sunday

  15. Philip Martin

    Philip Martin11 日 前

    Everything Wrong With Punisher: War Zone (2008)

  16. AaronShenghao

    AaronShenghao11 日 前

    5:51 To be fair, that is a Swedish Saab, they are built like tanks with diamonds... just like Volvos

  17. Alice The Magical Elf

    Alice The Magical Elf11 日 前

    Isis' dream that will now never come true

  18. Raul F. de Almeida

    Raul F. de Almeida12 日 前

    I thought at the end you guys would make the matrix reference when potus said "that's the sound of inevitability*

  19. John

    John12 日 前

    This movie was so boring, it makes the sins video boring

  20. Magdy Ali

    Magdy Ali12 日 前

    Textual harrassment 🤣🤣

  21. Dutch Van der Linde

    Dutch Van der Linde13 日 前

    You missed THE BIGGEST SIN............ The British police arent using teacups as guns

  22. wamu lume

    wamu lume13 日 前

    4:50 The royal guards continued marching even though the terrorists posing as royal guards were shooting at world leaders RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!!!

  23. Laxey Stu

    Laxey Stu13 日 前

    To a Brit, saying 'Prime Minister Clarkson' is still meaning Jeremy Clarkson has got the job, no matter what the movie thinks.

  24. adamshiftyelso

    adamshiftyelso14 日 前

    8:21 Most Londoners know this is actually Moorgate Station, but let’s change the name to Charing Cross Station for no goddamn reason (ding)

  25. xtro intro

    xtro intro14 日 前

    This movie's biggest sin is it being made. Worst movie in history.

  26. Gary Kinsella

    Gary Kinsella14 日 前

    This is just like Brexit at the moment, no organization and total flop. Not seen a decent UK movie for years and then they do and still make a mess of it.

  27. Bubby Zack

    Bubby Zack15 日 前

    If a former Prime Minister died London and the surrounding areas will be locked down limited air traffic in the day or two before and no merchant civilian ships. On the Thames limited traffic not large crowds around the general church. At least a month of planning and at most three months to get everything in place. World leaders would be more then be brought in secretly

  28. John Headley

    John Headley15 日 前

    Remember when CinemaSins actually pointed out real flaws instead of stretching the limits of logic and nitpicking just to pad their runtimes? Pepperidge Farms remembers. Barely. "Omg they're showing me things that set up the plot of the movie. SIN!" "OMG that driver could've pulled up another five whole feet but he didn't. SIN!" Ha...ha...ha? Much funny. Very satire. So wit! WoW.

  29. waringmeout

    waringmeout16 日 前

    Just be quiet these movie companies are making more entrainment than u doing this shit

  30. Assassin Donkey

    Assassin Donkey17 日 前

    Looks at that schnoze

  31. Ian Rivers

    Ian Rivers17 日 前

    The senior UK police officer referred to as 'Chief Inspector' by Morgan Freeman is actually a commisioner , going by the rank on his shoulder. Which means he is London's police chief, not a Ch. Insp, who would normally head up a department in a police station, not run the capital! An over looked movie sin.....

  32. Shell Mcbath

    Shell Mcbath17 日 前

    Why does Morgan Freeman sound like he saying a poet or important sentence to everyone when he talks he sounds like he was in the big impact movie even tough I know he was in the movie in this movie he sounds as serious as the movie ‘ big impact’


    WINTERS-_-WRATH18 日 前

    Do u no how many cctv cameras there are in London u cant piss up a wall whith out some one watching u so this is totally unreal.u want get any near buckingham place.What a joke

  34. Throwaway Account

    Throwaway Account18 日 前

    15:54 discount Sandra Bullock is married to Tom Hardy

  35. Alan Robinson-Orr

    Alan Robinson-Orr18 日 前

    London proper????

  36. that calculator guy

    that calculator guy20 日 前

    Why is it that they created a movie called london has fallen but they mostly focus on the US president and how he survives a terorist attack

  37. Elysia

    Elysia21 日 前

    wait, they anted to kill the president?, imagine a terorist group wanted to do that now and some of the good guys helping them because they dislike the president

  38. LK

    LK22 日 前

    2:00 is that Six?

  39. x_401_err0r_x

    x_401_err0r_x22 日 前

    I think London has Fallen is actually the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

  40. PRO’s Gaming

    PRO’s Gaming22 日 前

    2016: No 2017: No 2018: No 2019: Yes

  41. Cassivellaunus Honestus

    Cassivellaunus Honestus23 日 前

    Holy shit! I had totally forgotten I saw this movie.

  42. ali

    ali24 日 前

    either way if it has guns, dying, or action i'll watch it and not care at all

  43. ShadowNinja

    ShadowNinja26 日 前

    Why was this video for so long not available in Australia?

  44. Shura Valentine

    Shura Valentine27 日 前

    american people hoping that their president is just like the one in every movies they ever watched. but they got bush the butcher obama the golfer trump the loser

  45. johnsonrob

    johnsonrob28 日 前

    Films (movies) like this are the reason why Trump thinks that he can buy Greenland >

  46. Recluse Spider

    Recluse Spider28 日 前

    Borris Johnson will just kill everyone like the current US president

  47. CopeyCapri

    CopeyCapri28 日 前

    The car at 5:58 looks like a Volvo...if so then i think thats probably the most realistic part of the film...

  48. Cydonia

    Cydonia29 日 前

    literally the worst film I've ever seen

  49. sandalssuck

    sandalssuck29 日 前

    Why is the main terrorists nose so goddamn huge?!

  50. username1nmillion

    username1nmillion29 日 前

    *EVEN THOUGH* I enjoyed this and agree with you about what you've pointed out I'm {only slightly} disappointed you chose to find fault with a Movie starring 1 of my favorite action hero actors -> Gerard Butler. I'll be "CUT" {triggered} *IF* in a future video criticize the latest installment of this franchise *ANGEL HAS FALLEN* I actually had a hand in helping Gerard Butler write the script for that. 👨‍⚖🤬🙋‍♂️👥💬

  51. Mr.BigBoss7

    Mr.BigBoss7ヶ月 前

    Schwans has some dope shit to stuff your freezer

  52. Catherine 480

    Catherine 480ヶ月 前

    As someone regularly shunned for talking during movies, this channel is now the only place I wish to watch films ever again; take that, family! (Though I think they benefit too from this deal).

  53. David Davies

    David Daviesヶ月 前

    Everything Wrong with CinemaSins: "Why is everything going on in London like nothing even happened?" You clearly didn't see the people walking away from the scene of the London Bridge attacks while still holding their beers very carefully so as not to spill any. If you're a terrorist, London is the worst place to attack if you want to cause widespread panic.

  54. Raditz _

    Raditz _ヶ月 前

    Watch any movie, then straight after youtube cinemasins and see if you saw the same sins🤔

  55. Wafflegamer 2384

    Wafflegamer 2384ヶ月 前

    3:46 it’s the chopper that gets shot down first in an attack

  56. Liam Crider

    Liam Criderヶ月 前

    6:00 it’s a Saab, it’s made to last.

  57. Rory Cox

    Rory Coxヶ月 前

    thanks for pronouncing 'buckingham' correctly!

  58. Josh Luck

    Josh Luckヶ月 前

    Awful film, such a ridiculous plot

  59. Joshua Myers

    Joshua Myersヶ月 前

    3:46 The Beast's windows are tinted in real life

  60. PDX LockPicker

    PDX LockPickerヶ月 前

    You take that back about underworld! It's edited beautifully