Everything Wrong With Aladdin (1992)

With the new "live-action" Aladdin coming to theaters soon, we decided to go looking for sins in the beloved animated original. Because that's what we do. We nitpick things people love. And Aladdin has some sins, people.
Next week: 2 new sins videos.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Draxx Them Sklounst

    Draxx Them Sklounst3 時間 前

    I've always been on about how he wished to be a prince, therefore losing his clothes doesn't turn him into a non prince. And we find out in the third movie his father is the King of thieves. So yup. He's a prince.

  2. Draxx Them Sklounst

    Draxx Them Sklounst3 時間 前

    "but you're old" "that's racist"

  3. Sonicmaster047

    Sonicmaster0472 日 前

    In response to the "Infinite Genies" idea at the end, I think in the novel version of the movie Genie states that wishing for more wishes is also a unwritten rule or a rule he personally holds XD

  4. Pave Stiletto

    Pave Stiletto4 日 前

    It wasn't Cheney, it was Biden.

  5. Ash Thompson

    Ash Thompson4 日 前

    You forgot to sin the fact that Jasmine is literally 14-15 years old AND JAFAR HAS HER IN LITERAL CHAINS (Disney movies being more sexual than you remember part2)

  6. Winnie H

    Winnie H5 日 前

    Movie= *exists* CinemaSins= Well my college girlfriend!.....

  7. dustinb42

    dustinb425 日 前

    Okay, but "Crazy Hakim's Discount Manure" is still funny.

  8. Sylvia-Novella Underwood

    Sylvia-Novella Underwood5 日 前

    What if flunked were actually Floosies?

  9. Sylvia-Novella Underwood

    Sylvia-Novella Underwood5 日 前

    Umm wow and. In a kids film

  10. Angela Playz

    Angela Playz6 日 前

    I would've added a sin for in "Friend Like Me" when the girls came in cause it was inappropriate

  11. Nicholas Prathaftakis

    Nicholas Prathaftakis6 日 前

    do the return of jafar next

  12. Second account

    Second account6 日 前

    The animators were so busy animating the genie they had all these continuity errors lol

  13. DolphinGamez12

    DolphinGamez127 日 前

    'Releasing a sins video before a related sequel comes out in theaters' cliche *DING*

  14. Rose dowling

    Rose dowling7 日 前

    Do everything wrong with the new aladdin

  15. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool8 日 前

    Do the new one

  16. George Tapp

    George Tapp9 日 前


  17. CeltycSparrow

    CeltycSparrow9 日 前

    Sin it all you want, but you have to admit that the Sultan in the live action version of this movie was done better. He wasn't a chubby man child playing with toys. He actually felt like a legitimate man in power. As did the beautiful Princess Jasmine. Naomi Scott did an amazing job.

  18. newo1615

    newo16159 日 前

    JAMES ACASTER!!! 11:42

  19. Story Time

    Story Time9 日 前

    I NEED you to make one for Aladdin 2019

  20. Lauren Nicole

    Lauren Nicole9 日 前

    This college gf can be referenced in every aspect of life

  21. Chris Ducat

    Chris Ducat9 日 前

    My childhood??? YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR, CINEMASINS!!!!

  22. Grace Eldridge

    Grace Eldridge9 日 前

    Am I the only one that realises that he could just wish for infinite wishes

  23. Monte Hall

    Monte Hall10 日 前

    jpgo.info/bideo/g5eilJBjkIWr2W0.html AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHH

  24. Night Mare116

    Night Mare11610 日 前

    6:28 well shit's 8:00 wow this movie was very dark

  25. Callum Fitz-Patrick

    Callum Fitz-Patrick10 日 前

    I love this film and the remake , sorry not sorry xx

  26. crazy land

    crazy land12 日 前

    I sometimes feel like Jeremy is still bitter about his college girlfriend... oh well he makes us laugh so who cares if he suffers? hahaha I have no emotion.

  27. Gaming_highlights 2

    Gaming_highlights 213 日 前

    0 sins from me. This movie is perfect.

  28. Kiara LionessTM {Kiara Fray Fairchild}

    Kiara LionessTM {Kiara Fray Fairchild}13 日 前

    “Do you trust me?!” “Why the f*ck would she, dude?” Lmao dead 😂

  29. chrome

    chrome14 日 前

    How dare you.

  30. Swagata Raha

    Swagata Raha15 日 前

    3:08 .... You shud see Michael Jamison and his tigers on youtube

  31. solaire of astora

    solaire of astora15 日 前

    Always had a crush on the girl in this movie.

  32. Harley Ravenkey

    Harley Ravenkey15 日 前

    L, did you know that gods of death like apples?

  33. Brian Fewer

    Brian Fewer16 日 前

    Wait, you didn't sin the fact that they went from Arabia to Greece to China and back in a single night BEFORE anyone noticed she was gone? I mean, how fucking fast is that carpet? instagram.com/p/Bu9EAlHHS5u/?

  34. Brian Fewer

    Brian Fewer16 日 前

    Everyone knows that mind control only works on the weak minded... You didn't complete your Jedi training, did you?

  35. CassieSol919

    CassieSol91916 日 前

    8:01 - Yes slaves. The Arab slave trade lasted for approximately 1000 years. Look it up.

  36. Miss Movies & Music

    Miss Movies & Music16 日 前

    Count the sins for Aladdin (2019) please

  37. Diamonds In the Rough

    Diamonds In the Rough17 日 前

    Yaaaas Darell

  38. shadowsa2b

    shadowsa2b18 日 前

    alladin is not _actually_ a prince, since his dad, the "king of theves" is not actual royalty. besides, he doesnt find out about his dad for another two movies. as far as we know, the wish did not genesis a whole new country and parents for him. but speaking of disney princes, alladin takes three whole movies and an entire animated series to get to become one officially. and hes like the only other disney prince that has a character and isnt a token -- and the other one is a freaking lion. wheres the gender equality?

  39. shadowsa2b

    shadowsa2b18 日 前

    "but youre so oold..." "thats racist!" no its not. its ageist! but also practical. men have shorter life expediencies than women, and jafar is old enough to be jasmine's dad. he really should not be trying to marry her! but of course its the power he really wants...even though he basically already has it.

  40. shadowsa2b

    shadowsa2b18 日 前

    "...good example for the monkey cliche" what cliche is that?! lol

  41. XerxikLinaak

    XerxikLinaak20 日 前

    You must sin Hunchback of Notre Dame.

  42. wolf momma21

    wolf momma2120 日 前

    Actually, anakin had a mother to shape his basic sense of morality. It wasn't til late in his teen years, maybe early 20's when she died that he went off the deep end and really.... the range of reactions is so diverse for that situation that predicted emotional reactions can't be gauged.

  43. Cunning Smile

    Cunning Smile21 日 前

    7:30 It only works on WEAK minds

  44. Cunning Smile

    Cunning Smile21 日 前

    6:31 Genie means he can't restore life. Instead he creates zombies

  45. Cunning Smile

    Cunning Smile21 日 前

    0:49 Knowing this guy, it was. Seriously I can't tell if he's serious half the time.

  46. An Aussie

    An Aussie21 日 前

    Is the tiger even tame? Or is it just devoted to Jasmine?

  47. Mogul DaMongrel

    Mogul DaMongrel21 日 前

    10:00 I think the wish was just to look like a prince, otherwise the genie just wrote into history the pre existance of an entire country to which Aladdin is a prince of. Also where did all the servants slaves a flunkies go after the parade?

  48. hunter vest

    hunter vest22 日 前

    Can you do Aladdin 2

  49. Truth Stalker

    Truth Stalker22 日 前

    6:20 *Gotta love that **-SILENT-SIN-REMOVAL-** !!* 😎👍 💖

  50. Aurora

    Aurora22 日 前

    Still love Aladdin

  51. TheBandit025

    TheBandit02523 日 前

    8:24 We don't know that until King of Thieves

  52. Gaile Oxstain

    Gaile Oxstain23 日 前

    Also, the original Alladin from 1001 Arabian Nights was actually a Chinese peasant, not Arabic. Actually, Alladin wasn't even one of the original 1001 Arabian Nights stories, it was added later! That's not me sinning the Disney film, just me sinning the original story for piggybacking off a famous anthology and getting more recognition than the anthology itself.

  53. Serpico Gamer

    Serpico Gamer23 日 前

    I’ve always thought this but if you only have 1 wish then why not wish for more wishes?

  54. ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku

    ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku23 日 前

    Dude, what’s your beef with apples?

  55. Carter Hughes

    Carter Hughes24 日 前

    This movie: 105 sins. Peter Rabbit: 98 sins. HOLD UP

  56. Spider- Man

    Spider- Man24 日 前

    3:05,SAME F#$%*& SH*$ WITH THE CARPET

  57. jonRbukle Channel

    jonRbukle Channel24 日 前

    1:46 Anakin Skywalker had a mom

  58. Иван Драго

    Иван Драго24 日 前

    Infinite genies? According to the genie, you can never duplicate the genie of the lamp. That was just before that Ed Sullivan reference.

  59. Rikard

    Rikard25 日 前

    Anakin Skywalker didn''t have any parents and look how he turned out. He became a child killer.

  60. Tiredof Allthis

    Tiredof Allthis26 日 前

    Missed the part where they have to fly about 800 mph to get from Egypt to China and then back in the span of 1 night.

  61. Kat Gaglioti

    Kat Gaglioti26 日 前

    Here’s my problem: in “a whole new world”, they manage to take a trip around the world in 5 minutes. How is that possible?! Other than that, Aladdin is still one of my favorites