Everything Wrong With Alita: Battle Angel in 17 Minutes or Less

James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez created something special with Alita: Battle Angel. They also created something messy and full of sins. So...
Next week: '80s sins and recent scary sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Orodon Kassa

    Orodon Kassa40 分 前

    I actually did not like this movie that much...

  2. Wolf Lover

    Wolf Lover2 時間 前


  3. Ryan

    Ryan16 時間 前

    Not your best work. I don't agree with a lot of these sins.

  4. B a t y a ‘s D a n c i n g

    B a t y a ‘s D a n c i n g20 時間 前

    I started watching this movie realized I wouldn’t enjoy it and then watched this instead much more enjoyable

  5. Robert Westerfield

    Robert Westerfield21 時間 前

    I love this move! YOU are too funny.Oh shit you are the MAN! Small hats....

  6. Kenyan Cobb

    Kenyan Cobb日 前

    Bro i cant wait for Birdman to sin this there is so much wrong with this p.s. still like This chanale

  7. pandora darkwater

    pandora darkwater日 前

    u are such trash ...hate u ....always the same u rip on everything ..often so imagined it hurts u and your channel are shit

  8. 加内亚斯特方

    加内亚斯特方日 前

    8:37 ok, several things stemming from this one remark mr. sins: you need to cut the social justicing because it frankly ruins an otherwise very enjoyable collection of videos and in this particular case makes you look ignorant. All gender fluid nonsense aside, the “he” pronoun is the default pronoun in the english language, to be used for undetermined gender. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s a gross mistreatment of the english language to select a plural pronoun “they” to serve as a placeholder for a singular noun “winner”. As far as the english language in its present form is concerned, “they” does not suggest that the gender of the winner is undetermined, but instead suggests that there are several winners. Social justice is not entertaining or funny. In fact, its practitioners are a very serious bunch. Don’t get brainwashed into not being funny.

  9. Lost Planet

    Lost Planet日 前

    If you known this movie is based in a 80 anime mos of the movie is identical as the anime

  10. cypher jackson

    cypher jackson2 日 前

    movie would've been better without the cringy love interest plotline thrown in

  11. Anime Type Channel

    Anime Type Channel20 時間 前

    Yeah why does everything gotta be romantic in movies like sci-fi is interesting enough on it's own.

  12. Christopher Hoffman

    Christopher Hoffman2 日 前

    The announcer guy reminded me of the pod racing announcers in Ep 1. Of which was still insanely annoying af.

  13. london mockett

    london mockett2 日 前

    3:48 that’s my friend Dave Lang rollerblading

  14. Stefan

    Stefan2 日 前

    Why is cinema sins getting woke?

  15. Catalina Rodriguez

    Catalina Rodriguez2 日 前

    You make me hate movies I thought I liked.

  16. Joey

    Joey2 日 前


  17. Manes Musicorum

    Manes Musicorum2 日 前

    is the announcer in the roller ball scene the same announcer in the pod race scene in starwars?

  18. Graf Vladumir

    Graf Vladumir3 日 前

    To be honest, just watch the Anime Film, its so much better... This is the kids version, the Manga and Anime are for adults!

  19. Elise Courtney

    Elise Courtney3 日 前

    JAI! not kidding hes my cousin! lol didnt know he was in this

  20. Jeopardy Dexter

    Jeopardy Dexter3 日 前

    The ending throws a lot happening at once. But I really liked this movie. It should have been a hit. I'd like a sequel to see her confront Nova.

  21. Lewis Irwin

    Lewis Irwin3 日 前

    You take that back about Rollerball, Rollerball is awesome! The James Caan version at least, the other one can go suck a lemon.

  22. ramon paez

    ramon paez3 日 前

    Any one else realize that this movie´s name translated from spanish would be Chicken Wing Battle Angel?

  23. Edward Whalen

    Edward Whalen3 日 前

    Or, maybe he's just a thirsty extra HAHA great one!

  24. Elijah Ken

    Elijah Ken3 日 前

    "All these words require lips" Harvey Dent: Am I a joke to you.

  25. Rangerross nnn

    Rangerross nnn4 日 前

    alita's brain has the structure of an organic brain but is made of a different material. that's why it was preserved for all those years

  26. Rangerross nnn

    Rangerross nnn4 日 前

    there are actually many communities outside iron city and only in iron city can you see a high percentage of cyborgs. they are persecuted outside iron city

  27. Rangerross nnn

    Rangerross nnn4 日 前

    the dry ice walls are a stream of pressurized water to protects the "factories" and the main cables connected to zalem

  28. Mr A-H0Ie

    Mr A-H0Ie18 時間 前

    Dry ice is solid CO2, not water.

  29. Rangerross nnn

    Rangerross nnn4 日 前

    if you actually read the source materials, you would slash the sins in half. just my two cents. hehe

  30. Filip

    Filip4 日 前

    lets raid the zalam

  31. Acevfx

    Acevfx4 日 前


  32. Cursed Moon

    Cursed Moon4 日 前

    Another sin is how fast she fell in love with this fuck boy

  33. Mp Extory

    Mp Extory4 日 前

    "Fucking run dude!"

  34. azdgariarada

    azdgariarada4 日 前

    "And now her bush is legendary" Holy shit, I haven't laughed that hard in ages.

  35. Rachit Singhal

    Rachit Singhal5 日 前

    'Nova has taken ova' priceless!

  36. Brent Coker

    Brent Coker5 日 前

    That's like telling a toddler, "Go ahead and run this 5k. See what happens." Does anyone have toddler I can borrow? I'm about to revolutionize parenting.

  37. Di KyngPyn music

    Di KyngPyn music5 日 前

    Face-ist!? Lol

  38. Andrew Sheneman

    Andrew Sheneman5 日 前

    This video is 18:07 too long.

  39. Mad_Hatter_LPS

    Mad_Hatter_LPS5 日 前

    Ah the plague of live action anime movies, they end on cliffhangers that will never be resolved due to them being horrible. And before you type anything yes Alita battle angel was a Japanese graphic novel, I do however forget if it was ever made into an proper anime or if it was simply an hour long OVA.

  40. FullAsylum

    FullAsylum5 日 前

    There were multiple sins for the oh-so-obvious screenwriting that the movie was going to take the characters to Zalem. Except it never happened. Shouldn't you give those sins back?

  41. TheNoviceTrekker

    TheNoviceTrekker6 日 前

    Why did Johnny Rico kill a child?

  42. Tracer757 AEBG

    Tracer757 AEBG6 日 前

    Yes i agree this movie is weeb garbage

  43. Denis Sal

    Denis Sal6 日 前

    Unexpectedly, the movie turned out to be very good. Hoping for the sequel.

  44. Shiny Whimsicott

    Shiny Whimsicott6 日 前

    Liked for proper flea termination technique.

  45. Kat Mon

    Kat Mon7 日 前

    if they ain't talking part 2 i don't wanna talk

  46. James Quinn

    James Quinn7 日 前

    I will kill you, sir

  47. Steve Weigner

    Steve Weigner9 日 前

    "She woke up with pruning shears for an arm and now her bush is legendary" Best quote... XD XD ZD

  48. kevin waag

    kevin waag9 日 前

    Hey I happened to really like this movie! I just wish we get to see the end

  49. Chris P

    Chris P9 日 前


  50. TheTenzen12

    TheTenzen129 日 前

    One of your sins is invalid (actually multiple). It was Thor who stole anus from Alita not vice versa. Don't trust norse gods, you never know what they do to your anus!

  51. dustyluckyblond

    dustyluckyblond9 日 前

    yeah was pretty good movie I watched today

  52. videohistory722

    videohistory7229 日 前

    The "dry ice smoky cloud walls", as you call them, were actually waterfall barriers.

  53. Young Yodah

    Young Yodah10 日 前

    I loved this movie

  54. Archnid 001

    Archnid 00110 日 前

    she knows what magic is because her brain still human.

  55. josh aho

    josh aho10 日 前

    Does this dude even watch the movies he is the pickiest person I have ever seen I bet he is the hardest person to please and how do you add a sin for the doc calling her sweetheart he adds sins to scenes that don't make sense

  56. Andoz Krishnadas

    Andoz Krishnadas10 日 前

    I do not stand by in the presence of shitty reviews

  57. George Tudor

    George Tudor10 日 前

    Did anyone else see the livestream of the channel criticizing this video? And all the fans of the channel claiming that this channel isnt satirical and they need to be responsible with their opinions....

  58. Darthvoids

    Darthvoids10 日 前

    Everything wrong with Charlie’s Angels and Charlie’s Angels full throttle

  59. account eliminato

    account eliminato10 日 前

    I admit it’s hard to sit through a cinema sins episode of a film you loved, but for the references I could do this and much more

  60. Charles צ'ארלס

    Charles צ'ארלס11 日 前

    Toddler Teeth & Pancake Eyes Lol :D I don't know if that would work as a pickup line but I'll try #Yolo

  61. Philip Martin

    Philip Martin11 日 前

    Everything Wrong With The Punisher (1989)

  62. AWolfe 28

    AWolfe 2811 日 前

    Please do requiem for a Dream!!!!