Everything Wrong With The Predator (2018)

It's almost like no one knows how to make a good Predator movie except John McTiernan. And honestly... that dude is available... so what's up?
Thursday: Recent-ish animated bullsh*t sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Andrew Peters

    Andrew Peters14 時間 前

    The predator is called yejah

  2. Nakatomi Uk

    Nakatomi Uk2 日 前

    The whole fucking movie was terrible I knew it was shit the moment the first ship did a space tear I was like WTF

  3. Artjoms Pugacovs

    Artjoms Pugacovs2 日 前

    3:32 wtf is this comedian doing here :D Now i cant take the movie seriously anymore.

  4. Oscar Does

    Oscar Does3 日 前

    I actually liked this movie A bit too much humor but I liked it

  5. L. Rodrigo Andrade

    L. Rodrigo Andrade4 日 前


  6. Skyler Turden

    Skyler Turden5 日 前

    Who signed off on this horse shit. Fucking horrible. Jesus christ

  7. ObsessionPC

    ObsessionPC6 日 前

    I have to say, after reading the reviews and seeing some of the footage, I was disgusted and I knew I wouldn't enjoy this movie. So much potential, so much waste. I think they just need to stop making more of the same. Especially when they do such a horrible job with it. I hate movies that make super heroes invincible and move the plot with convenient coincidences and such. YUK. Great summary CS!

  8. Travis Lindsey

    Travis Lindsey7 日 前

    That's my new suit bubba . hope they got it in a "I'm ten inches flaccid "

  9. ColinsEagleEyeView

    ColinsEagleEyeView8 日 前

    Possibly thee worst movie i have ever seen.

  10. Ricardo Pereira

    Ricardo Pereira11 日 前

    this movie was absolute shit !!

  11. Wilson23

    Wilson2311 日 前

    Damn. WTF is this? LOL. I thought it was Predator with Adrian Brody. But they did another one? What a silly film.

  12. Ano Nymous

    Ano Nymous11 日 前

    It is the worst time to be alive, movie wise. Why does todays cgi look so bad..... :( Every single movie looks so fake.

  13. PeterSellers22

    PeterSellers2212 日 前

    An unremittingly appalling movie

  14. Ralsei The cute but deadly fluffy boy

    Ralsei The cute but deadly fluffy boy12 日 前

    Everything wrong with alien vs predator? anyone?

  15. Daroslaw Toorek

    Daroslaw Toorek12 日 前

    Find 10 differences: jpgo.info/bideo/fJ-LuGyos3m_0Xo.html

  16. Jerome Cordeau

    Jerome Cordeau13 日 前

    Suprise he didnt point out the scene , were Munn character can run as fast as a Predator.... this movie is so bad finally saw it yesterday .

  17. Bobbert Bobby

    Bobbert Bobby14 日 前

    yeah...this movie screwed the pooch right from the git go if you ask me (and yes I know noone did). I mean ok, this predator is a traitor to its homeworld. It decides "Hey, ya know what..Im gonna help out these humans." So im gonna steal what seems to have been a extremely valuable uber advanced suit of armor and weapons system that I believe will give the humans a fighting chance cause afterall remember for some reason Im friendly to these humans and am going there to help them.... Predator gets to Eath after being chased and has its ship disabled. it crashes down in an escape shuttle and finaly gets out of the capsule on this mission to help the human race. Predator immediatly murders and skins one of these humans within 2 minutes. Brilliant!!!!!!!!

  18. kuzia1984

    kuzia198416 日 前

    This movie is an abomination and an offense towards Predator 1&2.

  19. Kevin Hernandez

    Kevin Hernandez17 日 前

    boy.. this movie sucked...

  20. Felice Fiorenza

    Felice Fiorenza19 日 前

    Hm 6:07 maybe that's because the kid playing with the the hand thing??

  21. Overgrown Dwarf

    Overgrown Dwarf19 日 前

    2 Other things. When showing the iPad photos to Olivia Munn, it shows a still of the OG Predator in Mexico. How? Were there cameras set up in the Mexican jungles? Did Dutch carry a disposable with him? Is the first Predator a "found footage" film? Why are the co ordinates for Caimanes, Chile? With the SUPER Predators (not the ones Hillary Clinton was talking about), why do they seem to have technical readouts and zoom functions, without a helmet? Cybernetic implants? Narcos guy shoots the face right off it in the end, and there's no evidence of that. ON THE DREADLOCKS: Nebraska literally asks "What's with all the dreadlocks?" at the baseball pitch, and Olivia Munn says "They may be some kind of sensory organ." Which, although I preferred the concept as actual hair, it is a cute way of explaining away "Hur-Dur PredDreds on their dawgs too."

  22. CHANGO21

    CHANGO2119 日 前

    lol I fuckin loved predator 2

  23. Sugar and Cyenide

    Sugar and Cyenide20 日 前

    God this movie was so f'cking dumb and terrible! I honestly wanted to walk out of the theatre.. and needs more sins!

  24. Orchidalicia 799

    Orchidalicia 79921 日 前

    My favourite Predator of all the films is the last 15 minutes of Predator 2, I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the 11 on the screen😍😍😂

  25. Torra Skyye

    Torra Skyye21 日 前


  26. KARAGOTH Shlomi Dabush

    KARAGOTH Shlomi Dabush21 日 前

    only movies still good were predator 2 and predators all else were total shit

  27. Jefferson Sousa

    Jefferson Sousa22 日 前

    If this movie was not about the Predator, but yes about the Nut Squad fighting a generic alien species while doing some dark humor, I truly believe this movie would have been good (Maybe even great, if they got the kid out of the script...). When people go see a movie about the Predator, they don't want to see comedy, good or bad, they want to see the Predator being a badass and letting everyone in the movie afraid as hell.

  28. JCTooL1

    JCTooL123 日 前

    I hate how ANYTHING in movies is discovered using a microscope, morphology yes, DNA, macro molecules, ions, biochemistry.... no, just no. I suppose it would be hard to shoehorn a working biochemistry or physics lab with the knowledge required to use specific equipment is not gonna be as exciting. PCR is lame, does not look exciting and is laborious soooooo stop it movies. Bloody hate genetics, Biochem woooo!!

  29. Neil Davison

    Neil Davison23 日 前

    The Super Predator ship did not just Decloak at all Get your facts right!!! Rory did it playing with the Helmet which is linked to the Ship. For the Record I Loved The Predator only because it wasn’t trying to be the 1987 Version? and yes it’s Flawed but it’s a Mooovie and not real you know!!!

  30. TheJewishHeart

    TheJewishHeart23 日 前

    I'm pretty sure this movie was written by retarded children.

  31. Judson Gaiden

    Judson Gaiden23 日 前

    2:15 Was "Shane Black Special" a reference to "Sgt. Rock Special?" 4:02 That tie-in was one of the few positive details going on here. Predator 2 is underrated. They'll never top the first, but the second wasn't bad. 5:26 He's Canadian. You can tell because he pronounces "been" properly. 5:36 His dad was killed by the "city" Predator in 1997, so what you mean to say is that he "had" experience. 8:09 Notice how it transforms from a left arm to a right arm which is a blatant insult to the audience's intelligence. 10:15 The law wouldn't recognize that as "murder" since it was an automated function of the helmet (which is lame). No premeditation = not murder.

  32. Paul Snell

    Paul Snell25 日 前

    The film is awful.... but it was fun and there is a twist. Humans are now considered Predators

  33. Paul Snell

    Paul Snell25 日 前

    There is no reason to deny this we are predators. The best Earth can offer

  34. Nick Britten

    Nick Britten26 日 前

    The Predator... way to kill a franchise stone dead. Next Terminator, then the last Star Wars Film.

  35. Paw Hunter

    Paw Hunter24 日 前

    And 007

  36. Nick Britten

    Nick Britten26 日 前

    12:15 kid knows the password to get into the ship how exactly!?

  37. Nick Britten

    Nick Britten26 日 前

    10:35, he missed!? At that close range!? Is it blind!??

  38. Nick Britten

    Nick Britten26 日 前

    9:00 worst parents ever!

  39. John S

    John S21 日 前

    Because 4 separate comments are totally necessary

  40. Martin Gardner

    Martin Gardner27 日 前

    Like Alien in 1979, I see scientists are still examining alien shit they've never seen before in an open room with absolutely no protection. I'd want 10-foot concrete walls with only cameras to see in the inside until I knew what was in there was safe.

  41. Martin Gardner

    Martin Gardner27 日 前

    I just wanted the Predator to kill all the annoying two-dimensional characters. And quickly.

  42. Joshua Garcia

    Joshua Garcia27 日 前

    The movie should've ended when the 11 foot predator took the kid and put him in the ship so the kid could grow up and become a warrior which would've made for a fine sequel i believe

  43. Tee Price

    Tee Price27 日 前

    Predator decloaks in the kitchen. Chris Hanson appears, tells the predator to have a seat. The following conversation would have been a better movie.

  44. william corlett

    william corlett27 日 前

    You need to add the fact the kid goes into fits when there are loud noises - at least at the start - but somehow is okay with explosions, gunfire etc Oh and how exactly did the good doctor catch up to a flying spaceship just in tome for the big finale?



    ain't like dusting crops, farm boy. Without precise calculations we could fly right through a star or bounce close to a supernova, and that would end your trip real quick, wouldn't it?

  46. Billy Cranston

    Billy Cranstonヶ月 前

    Fuck you announcer guy i loved predator 2 its my favorite predator as a character but my 2nd favorite predator movie. Still fuck you predator 2 is excellent.

  47. Created Figure

    Created Figureヶ月 前

    I wish they would stop messing up classic movies

  48. Wolf Predator

    Wolf Predatorヶ月 前

    Idk what y'all saying I like that movie only ONLY couse predator is in it

  49. TheAllKnowing512

    TheAllKnowing512ヶ月 前

    I thought the whole movie was shit they ruined it by keeping up with society with hinted trends and very corny acting this movie was cringy and the CGI was horrible they didnt even try this movie literally killed the legacy of PREDATOR.

  50. Guitar Chugs

    Guitar Chugsヶ月 前

    I love predator 2! Danny Glover was a badass

  51. Larnciel darknciel

    Larnciel darkncielヶ月 前

    Why would a superior race like the predators mix their DNA with ours? They are clearly stronger, faster, and way more intelligent. they are technologically speaking at least millions of years ahead of us. The kid doesn't show any signs of understanding predator technology. He was literally playing with the predator gear. This is the worse movie ever made. I just never imagined I would live to see a movie worse than Dragon ball evolution. This movie is so stupid. The acting is trash. The story is so retarded that even if you turn your brain off, you would be like, What? The people responsible for this movie shouldn't be considered for any other project. I thought alien covenant was bad, but this movie movie is evil. Why is the predator shown without a mask throughout the whole movie? You see the thing so much is no longer interesting. I always thought the predators wore their masks because the levels of oxygen on earth were too low for them to survive for long. They are not call predators. That's the tittle of the movie, you fucking idiot. The thing has no name. You didn't see Arnold calling it, Hey predator I am over here kill me. It has no name. Yes he is a predator you fucking idiot. We humans kill things we don't eat, but we still predators. Cats and dogs kill things for fun, but they still are predators. The predator kills humans for fun. He is a predator. You know what is not a predator? a gazelle, zebra, etc. Anything that kills other living things is a predator regardless of motive, he is preying on us. We don't even know what the predator does to the skin of its victims. The predator kill the predator Franchise. Alien covenant kill the alien franchise.. Fuck off with the David story. Scott just tell the actor you are in love with him you gay fuck. Terminator dark fate will kill the terminator franchise. It all has come full circle now From amazing to WTF is this shit.

  52. Oof

    Oofヶ月 前

    Earth: has autistic humans Predators: *I’ll take your entire stock*

  53. The Last Boy Scout

    The Last Boy Scoutヶ月 前

    11:05 I wish I didn't.

  54. Mongoose

    Mongooseヶ月 前

    6:04 The reason the predator's ship uncloaked at that moment was because the McKenna kid hacked into it and took down it's camaflauge and shields through the predator software his dad sent to his address.

  55. Irish Tyrant

    Irish Tyrantヶ月 前

    Only thing wrong with this movie is it got a greenlight. Even the script we didn't see was just atrocious

  56. Sonny Valentyne

    Sonny Valentyneヶ月 前

    This movie is shit.

  57. stripe801

    stripe801ヶ月 前


  58. stripe801

    stripe801ヶ月 前

    yeah oLivia munn having aLL these skiLLs is fuckin ridicuLous

  59. stripe801

    stripe801ヶ月 前

    this movie hurt to watch. it was awfuL. this & AVP2 are the worst. the human scenes in AVP2 are awfuL & i cant stand the protagonist in this.

  60. Lakaveli B

    Lakaveli Bヶ月 前

    117 thats Not enough

  61. Echelon Force

    Echelon Forceヶ月 前

    Fuck John McTiernan.Shane Black is faithful to the comics.

  62. Conner Plays alot of games.

    Conner Plays alot of games.ヶ月 前

    I dident like the newest one but all the others are ok

  63. Porter Schoen

    Porter Schoenヶ月 前

    The sound of a human being skinned is a cross between ripping and cracking.