Everything Wrong With G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra in 18 Minutes or Less

G.I. Joe; The Rise of the Cobra is definitely a movie that happened, though it's arguable whether or not it should have. There was a sequel, and this movie has its fans, so...
We count sins for a living, and this film has plenty, yo.
Next week: Something animated.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Majoranimefan123

    Majoranimefan123日 前

    Stop making current references to movies that came out after this it’s fucking stupid

  2. Juan Consuegra

    Juan Consuegra日 前

    Finally somebody as cinema sins says the forced relationship between Scarlett and ripcord which Scarlett never had any interested at all with any other Joe’s if it wasn’t snake eyes and we never got her relationship with snakes in this movie which I know for a fact pissed off a lot of the gi joe fans like myself😑😑😑😑😑



    Juan Consuegra yea it Was a big fuck you to G.I fans -_-

  4. 67th Sin

    67th Sin日 前

    @13:36 he really said "get your mathematical calculations Off of my Joe boner"

  5. Dill Pickle The Cactus Cat

    Dill Pickle The Cactus Cat2 日 前

    At this point I’m literally watching movies for free with an added bonus of this fucking dude.

  6. Captain Smoke

    Captain Smoke2 日 前

    Every woman in this movie is just a superhot chick. lol What's the redhead's name?

  7. RandomNumber

    RandomNumber2 日 前

    "Dammit," I said to myself just before watching this video, "I'm so SICK of politics right now. I'll watch some CinemaSins to escape that..." Nope.

  8. DaemonCaedo1

    DaemonCaedo13 日 前

    Is there a reason Snake-eyes' mask has to have a goofy looking mouth modeled on it?



    DaemonCaedo1 Nope! It looks so fucking stupid

  10. Pioneering Eagle

    Pioneering Eagle4 日 前

    only resion thoughs two wear it is its exspensive and is disined for only tranys who have not bean fuly trained so they can keep up with the team

  11. Thicc Fila

    Thicc Fila5 日 前

    Fidget spinners in 2009 I didnt even know

  12. Joey Mulvaney

    Joey Mulvaney5 日 前

    The reality behind powered suits like that would be terrible In halo the Spartans are only able to use it because their bodies have been surgically and genetically upgraded so much their bones wont snap like twigs every single time a movement would be made. If normal humans used such suits, they would quickly die, as even their spasms from pain due to the initial movements breaking their bones would continue to break their bodies.. Would be bad all around

  13. We've Been Attacked

    We've Been Attacked5 日 前

    3:53 discount Oscar Isaac

  14. Orrenman

    Orrenman6 日 前

    I'm a computer! Stop all the downloading!

  15. Kirsty

    Kirsty6 日 前

    Oh boy, as someone whom is Scottish, that accent was terrible.

  16. Lucian Starkiller

    Lucian Starkiller6 日 前

    Am I the only one who thought JGL was Dr Mindbender the entire time during the first watch?

  17. Nick Collins

    Nick Collins7 日 前

    *ITS **18:16** SECONDS!!!!*

  18. ボイshrek the duckボイ

    ボイshrek the duckボイ7 日 前


  19. BestHotboi NA

    BestHotboi NA8 日 前

    9:50 is just a cut scene from the 1st Mummy movie lol, i swear

  20. Devonte McCoy

    Devonte McCoy8 日 前

    Don't make me shoot a women that's racist😂😂😂😂😂

  21. ummm help

    ummm help9 日 前

    G.I. Joe american hero killing hundreds of civilians in foreign countrys

  22. Ofnir

    Ofnir10 日 前

    Cinemawokesins ...sorry that came off (forced)

  23. David Bro

    David Bro10 日 前

    Red head chick is 🔥 gonna watch Continuum again

  24. BigDutchKingTut

    BigDutchKingTut10 日 前

    @13:13 and of course the black guy get brutalized by the police..? That's racist.

  25. BigDutchKingTut

    BigDutchKingTut10 日 前

    @9:24 and that's racist. 😏😉👍

  26. Philip Martin

    Philip Martin10 日 前

    Everything Wrong With Justice League of America (1997)

  27. Brody Ramsey

    Brody Ramsey10 日 前

    So you just hate all movies or something?

  28. subito113

    subito11311 日 前

    Lather, rinse, and obey. Its time to wash your hair today!

  29. Dominic Sedillo

    Dominic Sedillo11 日 前

    Oh man! They said "ATM Machine"!!!!

  30. hewstopia H. Christ

    hewstopia H. Christ12 日 前

    Drumpf bad

  31. Sheryl Wilkins

    Sheryl Wilkins12 日 前

    That explains the MAGA rallies. LOL

  32. Killergamers118 Windshuttel

    Killergamers118 Windshuttel12 日 前

    4:28 he sounds like captain Mac Millian, ghost and Soap from the Cod me series

  33. tornadosirenlover100

    tornadosirenlover10013 日 前

    Oh hay a MST3K reference and I'm only half a minute into the sins!

  34. Kobe Teeth

    Kobe Teeth13 日 前

    A fucking Tremors reference. I can die happy now.

  35. V Supreme

    V Supreme13 日 前

    Red stuff are tracer rounds

  36. Holy Cucumber

    Holy Cucumber14 日 前

    Tbh some of these “sins” are actually over the top. It’s like you’re the most serious person who can’t even have a little fun moment.

  37. Holy Cucumber

    Holy Cucumber9 日 前

    Basketball Kev i get the ourpose is to be sarcastic but at the same time some sins make abosulute no sense at all. In either a funny or serious way

  38. Basketball Kev

    Basketball Kev9 日 前

    Ohhh the irony of your comment 😂😂😂 you sound like the exact person you just described, youre not supposed to take this channel that seriously lbs its all in good fun my guy

  39. studinthemaking

    studinthemaking14 日 前

    This movie was so awful. It made cobra looks good.

  40. Man In A Bubble

    Man In A Bubble14 日 前

    Great video!! Hi GIJOE Fans! Just saying hi. I am a filmmaker about to release a GIJOE Fan Film. Come visit me. :)

  41. Aiden The Green Stone Knight

    Aiden The Green Stone Knight14 日 前


  42. Chris Grey

    Chris Grey14 日 前

    I don't see how Channing Tatum is love to keep on acting he can't act worth 💩

  43. Chris Grey

    Chris Grey14 日 前

    The second GI Joe movie was so bad did cancel the plans for a GI Joe and transformers crossover movie.

  44. Corey Kelley

    Corey Kelley14 日 前

    I guess you never actually watched the GI Joe cartoon?

  45. Beckett Scott

    Beckett Scott14 日 前

    He did try to shoot the tires

  46. drewski west

    drewski west15 日 前

    i really used to love this channel even when the voice actor got updated to you but the quality has gone so far down hill i just can't abide your fake, forced laugh is no longer remotely funny it's just cringe inducing... along with all your shitty attempts at jokes forced horrible attempts at jokes i really hope you guys can recover but i fear... it's too late

  47. David Bolha

    David Bolha15 日 前

    Corel Draw ! Man I still have that program. 😂

  48. Aeriok

    Aeriok15 日 前

    you missed the Sauce/blood on the accelerator suits, and then there is the control pad that Cobra Commander... its 4 rectangular buttons with no markings on them... leading whoever is using it has to play Eeney Meeney Miney Moe

  49. Bo Bandy

    Bo Bandy16 日 前

    I don’t remember this movie well but Joseph Gordon too many names was the crazy bad guy

  50. Matthew Landrigan-Reid

    Matthew Landrigan-Reid16 日 前

    This movie would of been better if it was based on the Cheat Commandos (and funnier).

  51. Steve Gonder

    Steve Gonder16 日 前

    I enjoyed your videos until you had to make a MAGA comment...how original, it’s not like every news reporter, late-night comedian, and actor, doesn’t already make anti-Trump comments. Conservative is the new counterculture.

  52. Matthew Ramirez

    Matthew Ramirez16 日 前

    How do you shoot women and children? You just dont lead em as much!

  53. Greg Flowers

    Greg Flowers16 日 前

    Dumb movie; not g I joke. Could have called anything else and it would have been anything else. Just because you try to relate by giving the characters the same names, doesn't mean they are. Obviously the creators is this "movie" didn't know a damn thing about g I joe.

  54. Nazael Rahl

    Nazael Rahl16 日 前

    Rachel Nichols is not my gilrfriend in this movie.

  55. QuantumS1ngularity

    QuantumS1ngularity17 日 前

    Actually sunglasses in the rain kinda make sense when you ride a motorcycle w/o helmet. Not that any sane person would ever do that irl, but you have to put yourself in the place of a very depressed man. A lot of abnormal things start to look ok to you then.

  56. Wes Idk

    Wes Idk17 日 前

    The ninja guy is my favorite action figure and he is really cool and he's really awesome and cool and if you don't like him you suck

  57. j2323j

    j2323j17 日 前

    FACTS 💯

  58. Deranged Deystroyer

    Deranged Deystroyer17 日 前

    Oh you actually added 20 sins

  59. Grace Woofter

    Grace Woofter17 日 前

    10:35 I am so proud of you, CinemaSins.

  60. Aliksandr Daisuke

    Aliksandr Daisuke17 日 前

    Surprised you didn't sin how the underwater base beneath the ice was destroyed by ice chunks SINKING down onto it from those explosions. Ice doesn't sink, it floats!

  61. Njotu Awasi

    Njotu Awasi17 日 前

    the rise of cobra😂😂😂😂

  62. Ragnar-USA

    Ragnar-USA17 日 前

    1641 is considered NOT 17 century .

  63. Sasquash

    Sasquash17 日 前

    Uuuuug, his Scottish accent is horrendous.

  64. ThirstQuencher2

    ThirstQuencher218 日 前

    LOVE the CorelDraw / Windows 95 Reference!

  65. Dave K

    Dave K18 日 前

    Sin missed: at 16:58 when the underwater base explodes, all the ice sinks! lol ... [BTW, love the videos, great cráic :) ]