Everything Wrong With Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope - With Kevin Smith

*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 11/26/15*
Also, TV Sins here: jpgo.info/tv-e4bOvc1mYxFcQ5xPb9Zmow
Finally, after three years of requests, we take on Star Wars. But with the help of geek god Kevin Smith, which seemed only appropriate given the man's credibility AND his professed love of Cinema Sins. So sit back, strap in, and get ready for sin hyperdrive.

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  1. CinemaSins

    CinemaSins年 前

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

  2. Alysa Aiday

    Alysa Aiday9 日 前

    @Toberlone: And I'm *Quite* sure that Vader, who he defeated 20 years ago, would *Not* want to know his former teacher was on his childhood home planet he was *SO Desperate* to leave!!

  3. Alysa Aiday

    Alysa Aiday9 日 前

    @Odin Satanas: He, Vader, said: "No Disintegrations", while referring to Han, Leia, Chewie, & C-3PO; Who, being a droid - That *Vader* built as a child! - is never alive in the first place. So...

  4. Odin Satanas

    Odin Satanas14 日 前

    Honestly, as metal as it is to melt the flesh of these dick moisture farmers I love the fan theory boba Fett killed them, hence Vader's no more incinerations in empire, and seems kind of pissed at him

  5. Juan Solo

    Juan Solo17 日 前

    @Alysa Aiday well, im glad u enjoyed it.

  6. Alysa Aiday

    Alysa Aiday17 日 前

    Sin 39?? *NOT ENTIRELY* true! There *IS ONE* life form that time - Luke!!


    BENEUPHO16 時間 前

    im sorry no need to be rude rude but there was no cgi in this movvie it was hand drawn

  8. sagar sondarva

    sagar sondarva日 前

    That's why cinemawins got more views, more likes and less dislikes because it has no Kevin Smith in it...

  9. Henry Pettit

    Henry Pettit4 日 前

    How do you reupload it with you the annoying dude

  10. Gaius Zeno

    Gaius Zeno4 日 前

    God Kevin Smith sound so different than in clerks - Jay and silent Bob strike back.

  11. Bango Bongo

    Bango Bongo5 日 前

    He said office in space and there is going to be a show like that

  12. Indistree

    Indistree6 日 前

    Kevin Smith would be terrible at Cinemasins. *Ding*

  13. Jon W

    Jon W6 日 前

    The Star Wars comics tell us that the Death Star gunner was conflicted after destroying Alderan, which caused him to delay the firing on Yavin 4 as he tried to come to terms with ending so many lives again.

  14. Aliosha Pugachev

    Aliosha Pugachev7 日 前

    I hate Kevin Smith’s stupid voice! Why does he need to be here!

  15. Alysa Aiday

    Alysa Aiday9 日 前

    So, Rebels send *THREE* ships in the trench, but *ZERO* ships behind Vader and his 2 wingmen!?! Hey! *AFTER* Vader & his 2 flankers go in, SEND MORE FIGHTERS DOWN AFTER THEM!!!! "We Hate when you do this to kill us! Let's see how you like it!" *THEN* Tarkin - Fucking Bastard! - doesn't even listen to the guy, just all: "I'm gonna beat the Rebellion", and NO realization of the danger he's in of dying when this sucker explodes!!! Hell, say they *DID* destroy the Rebel base, *WITH* the Death Star blueprints and Leia inside. Vader finds out, Tarkin gets his ass chopped into sashimi by Vader's lightsaber - NO WAY Vader stops at just Force Choking, man!!

  16. Crescent City Kid

    Crescent City Kid10 日 前

    Try making something yourself, rather than shitting on something someone else has made. You are a parasite.

  17. Lucas A&S

    Lucas A&S3 日 前

    i bet you watched star wars as a kid and think is good lol

  18. joshua vickrey

    joshua vickrey11 日 前

    Aye "except Gary Indiana, of course" I feel attacked fucking hate lake station aka east Gary

  19. Nick Colbert

    Nick Colbert11 日 前

    "Video gets re-uploaded but still has the side guy that the creator likes but everyone hates" cliche. Sin!

  20. Big T

    Big T12 日 前

    Kevin Smith has the worst delivery. Maybe ever

  21. Grayson DuBose

    Grayson DuBose13 日 前

    i like kevin smith more. fight me

  22. Eric V Duval

    Eric V Duval13 日 前

    Surprised that you didn't notice the wire connecting to obi wan's lightsaber during the duel with Vader and that deserves 10 sins.

  23. Eric V Duval

    Eric V Duval13 日 前

    "Only imperial stormtrooper are so precise" And cue the stormtrooper missing montage.

  24. Jonathan Winstead

    Jonathan Winstead14 日 前

    The storm trooper aiming line had me weak.

  25. strangebrew420

    strangebrew42014 日 前

    Someone out there make an edit of this with all of kevin Smith cut out

  26. strangebrew420

    strangebrew42014 日 前

    When i start to think cinemasins has an annoying voice I remember Kevin Smith is even worse. His sins are waaaaaay too long too

  27. strangebrew420

    strangebrew42014 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="160">2:40</a> luke is definitely lying. Thats why uncle says "you can waste time with friends later"

  28. David Bantner

    David Bantner14 日 前

    Kevin sucks. I couldn't even make it through this. Again Kevin sucks.

  29. Christopher Sandidge

    Christopher Sandidge14 日 前

    Kevin Smith is always a win. I apparently watched this video, because I gave it a like. I'm sinning myself, because I watched this video, while completely wasted, and don't remember. And I'll be in the same boat tomorrow.

  30. Dieselpotamus

    Dieselpotamus14 日 前

    Hey Kevin. Where was this sense for logic and continuity in those awful movies you made with your kid in em?

  31. Souvenir succes

    Souvenir succes16 日 前

    Did anyone else actually enjoy Kevin's comments in this vid? Like I get why ppl find them obnoxious or awkward, even stupid compared with Jeremy's comments, but overall I actually liked what he brought to this vid , I probably would have forgotten it if it wasn't for his part in this vid.

  32. mikesteelheart

    mikesteelheart16 日 前

    That shot of the Millennium Falcon at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="695">11:35</a> in The Death Star hangar bay deserves a sin off!

  33. Ottere

    Ottere17 日 前

    The reason why they didn’t shoot at the escape pod is that it would damage their chances at getting promoted. I’m not actually joking that *is* the reason why.

  34. DapperJazz

    DapperJazz18 日 前

    The fact that I’ve actually finally seen this movie and can see this EWW, makes me happy

  35. The Goat

    The Goat18 日 前

    God that other guy is so damn annoying

  36. Scott

    Scott19 日 前

    Can't believe they missed one of my biggest gripes. Luke has dreamed his whole life of nothing but getting off that planet and at the moment he finally does he doesn't seem all that impressed or excited about it. I would at least be looking out the window. Has he ever even been on a starship before? I always loved at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="778">12:58</a> when they come out of the smuggling holds in the Falcon and Han scratches Chewie's head like you would a puppy. Do you think Chewie enjoyed that or did he find it highly disrespectful?

  37. Dustin Dick

    Dustin Dick19 日 前

    "You've got some Phantom Menace in my New Hope" That's brilliant!

  38. Justin Lane

    Justin Lane19 日 前

    Silent Bob needs to remain silent

  39. Juan Solo

    Juan Solo20 日 前

    Look. Kevin smith sucks at this... Thats all i got.

  40. poupon macaque

    poupon macaque21 日 前

    Sad that people don't know who Kevin Smith is

  41. Thaifighter Logs

    Thaifighter Logs21 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1104">18:24</a> It only took another 42 years for Chewbacca to finally get his medal. :P

  42. Michael Rocco

    Michael Rocco21 日 前

    tried. couldn't sit through KS's voice.

  43. John Gault

    John Gault22 日 前

    There's too much of your father in you makes me a little uneasy

  44. Caitlin The Noodle

    Caitlin The Noodle22 日 前

    Still my favorite of the 11

  45. Indistree

    Indistree22 日 前

    Every Kevin Smith joke fell flat.

  46. zerocool gonna hack u

    zerocool gonna hack u22 日 前

    Lol how did he get Kevin Smith in it 😂

  47. Nomad 1-4

    Nomad 1-422 日 前

    Whos the fucking other guy? He needs to stop taking?

  48. Evan Blough

    Evan Blough22 日 前

    "Little right height" was one of the peak jokes in this one ngl

  49. David Cutts

    David Cutts23 日 前

    I consider this Star Wars 1. Go F yourselves!

  50. David Cutts

    David Cutts23 日 前

    Never knew his name was Jeremy, and boy howdy, do I have new found respect for what he does, you know, compared to what's his face.

  51. Travis James

    Travis James24 日 前

    The one stupid guy ruined this video by taking 2 minutes to read each sin

  52. Michael Paradise

    Michael Paradise24 日 前

    Love Kevin Smith, but even he will admit he talks too much.

  53. Allen Lea

    Allen Lea24 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="440">7:20</a> * laughing * me too.

  54. Odysseus Rex

    Odysseus Rex24 日 前

    OK, Kevin Smith added nothing to this. His garbage caused me to turn it off about the eight minute mark, and dislike it.

  55. Jesse Caldwell

    Jesse Caldwell24 日 前

    Lack of Y-wings hurt me ..

  56. Grace

    Grace25 日 前

    Aunt Beru delivers that 'He's too much like his father' line about Luke as if Anakin were a mischievous lil scamp and not a monster twice guilty of baby genocide.

  57. Misha Rosalie Bößenecker

    Misha Rosalie Bößenecker25 日 前

    It isn‘t racist, it is common knowledge (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="293">4:53</a>).

  58. Kevin Ross

    Kevin Ross25 日 前

    Challenge: Sin every movie to win Best Picture.

  59. Jackson Phillips

    Jackson Phillips25 日 前

    Sin because cinima sins used parsecs as a measure of time when it is a measure of distance

  60. Jaisen Roa

    Jaisen Roa25 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="29">0:29</a> vader isn't practicing social distancing

  61. Maggie A

    Maggie A25 日 前

    Blasphemy, there is nothing wrong with Star Wars. Its perfect. Go home Kevin, you're a tool.

  62. Follow MrDozGaming828 on Twitch

    Follow MrDozGaming828 on Twitch26 日 前

    Everyone who hates Kevin or doesn't know him deserves their own sin.

  63. Robert Gray

    Robert Gray27 日 前

    The second dude needs to shut the fuck up

  64. AlphaLaufert99

    AlphaLaufert9928 日 前

    Can we just stop with this "StOrMtRoOpEr HAvE Bad AiM" stuff? They have an excellent aim, if they didn't someone had to die in the death star shooting. Even by luck one of those shot should have hit someone

  65. NChapters

    NChapters28 日 前


  66. Brian Smith

    Brian Smith28 日 前

    With the Mr. Keeping It Real scene, I love that Yularen is there in the background not saying or doing anything. This guy has worked with Jedis sooo many times, and he's just like 'yup that guy is gonna get owned. Let's all just watch this"

  67. kicker121000

    kicker12100028 日 前

    Kevin Smiths movie sins are entirely too long of explanations. I don't dislike Kevin Smith but he definitely isn't a Cinema Sins commentator


    CRAZYCHRIS29128 日 前

    I love this combination of Jeremy’s cynical sarcasm and Kevin Smith’s oddly witty commentary it adds so much more humor to an already awesome video.


    CRAZYCHRIS29124 日 前

    Travis James Actually I am dead serious. I genuinely enjoy both Jeremy and Kevin’s snarky and sarcastic humor and I think it adds a lot of fun to an already fun video.

  70. Travis James

    Travis James24 日 前

    Oddly Witty? You’re joking right

  71. mr bojangles

    mr bojangles29 日 前

    just how common are is the name Kenobi anyway and Skywalker for that matter, also troopers had to go to a health and safety briefing first. thus the 1 and half day delay

  72. Skümmtööns '66

    Skümmtööns '6629 日 前

    1 sin for each complaint about Kevin Smith and his voice.

  73. Paddy McFreddy

    Paddy McFreddy29 日 前

    They need to burn the Javas, because if you bury someone in the dessert they wont decay.

  74. yaw frimpong

    yaw frimpong29 日 前

    Will Smith, Alex Smith, whatever smith Kevin smith is 0/10

  75. CorporalPig22

    CorporalPig2229 日 前

    If you had originally done this video on the day of this reupload, the thing about Chewie not getting a medal would *_not_* have aged very well.

  76. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller28 日 前

    @CorporalPig22 I gave up watching these movies.

  77. CorporalPig22

    CorporalPig2228 日 前

    @Andrew Miller Chewie got a medal at the end of The Rise of Skywalker (if you haven't seen it, then I apologize if I spoiled anything).

  78. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller28 日 前


  79. lookarabbit

    lookarabbit29 日 前

    Lul, i actually think smiths criticisms are pretty valid.... But what would he know, not like hes a director or actor or anything.... What would a guy with so little credibility have to offer?

  80. Hourglass Independent

    Hourglass Independent29 日 前

    Every time Kevin smith starts talking in this, I just get bummed out that I have to listen to it for a few seconds.

  81. Michael Haase

    Michael Haaseヶ月 前

    Two sins you missed: 1) everything is FLOATING in the compactor. They could blow the Death Star up because it was made of styrofoam. 2) I know it's under construction, but the Empire had time to build trash compactors, but not a sewage system? So, didnt Luke and team all just land in bodily fluids when they landed in the compactor?

  82. Skümmtööns '66

    Skümmtööns '6629 日 前

    Oooh, Good one- ✨Ding✨

  83. FlameDarkfire

    FlameDarkfireヶ月 前

    Can we also point out that Vader SHOULD be able to tell Luke is a force sensitive? Later on we see him sense Luke when he’s in orbit around a planet and Luke is ON the planet, why couldn’t he sense his son on Tattoine, or sense Obi Wan for that matter?!

  84. Mewtwo jedi420

    Mewtwo jedi420ヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="479">7:59</a> what the fuck man!

  85. Sal Campagna Jr.

    Sal Campagna Jr.ヶ月 前

    It always pissed me off that these ships don't have target tracking AND why couldn't they have mounted guns to the rear of the ship?

  86. Earl Sun

    Earl Sunヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="612">10:12</a> I never knew Luke was a grey Jedi; he was fitting as one in TLJ.

  87. The green Beret

    The green Beretヶ月 前

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="173">2:53</a> the droid that messes up did it on purpose so that r2-d2 can go with Luke so u should do some research before you sin

  88. Bakartxo Celaya

    Bakartxo Celayaヶ月 前

    1. Stop being so lazy.

  89. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller28 日 前

    @Bakartxo Celaya Why reply to yourself instead of editing your comment?

  90. Bakartxo Celaya

    Bakartxo Celayaヶ月 前

    28. Fuck you Kevin.

  91. Bakartxo Celaya

    Bakartxo Celayaヶ月 前

    27. Luke playing with his toys isn't a sin!

  92. Bakartxo Celaya

    Bakartxo Celayaヶ月 前

    26. R2 was the only other droid of his kind in they were selling, so naturally they would choose the only other option.

  93. Bakartxo Celaya

    Bakartxo Celayaヶ月 前

    25. Do you see where they live? I think this is probably the best option they had.

  94. Theron Erickson

    Theron Ericksonヶ月 前

    Kevin Smith is not funny.

  95. Dragone Flix

    Dragone Flixヶ月 前

    this is actually really eye opening they had some genuine mistakes or dumb things in this movie i hadn't noticed before...

  96. Everything Thrice

    Everything Thriceヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="278">4:38</a> Makes Ghostbusters reference Reverse ding sound

  97. Everything Thrice

    Everything Thriceヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="222">3:42</a> sweet home Alabama