Everything Wrong With Limitless in 17 Minutes or Less

Limitless. It was a movie. Then it was a show. Basically a pill makes you Lucy, or some such. It's sinful as hell, even though it's not terrible and you probably forgot all about it.
Next week: A classic film people will hate us for sinning; a classic film no one will hate us for sinning.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Cook Oo

    Cook Oo9 時間 前

    The limitless tv show made the same joke about the kung fu fight

  2. Chad Warden

    Chad Warden日 前

    Its quite impressive they were able to make Bradley cooper look ugly at the start of the movie

  3. Cpt Malcolm Reynolds

    Cpt Malcolm Reynolds2 日 前

    This drug does exist irl. Modafinil

  4. ham

    ham2 日 前

    I loved the tv show, so sad they cancelled it after 1 season. The main character was a genuinely good guy unlike in the movie



    Hi i love your videos

  6. Edsel Balbuena

    Edsel Balbuena4 日 前

    Uses that same actor

  7. Edsel Balbuena

    Edsel Balbuena4 日 前

    There is a show limitless

  8. Imaproshaman

    Imaproshaman5 日 前

    Yeah basically, lol.

  9. Jake Beezy

    Jake Beezy5 日 前

    @Cinemasins do Grey's anatomy 👍👍👍

  10. Tyler Thomas

    Tyler Thomas6 日 前

    We use 100% of our brain at 25% capacity

  11. Lety Castillo

    Lety Castillo6 日 前

    6:27 Whoa, whoa whoa... Coastal European village? No way! That is Puerto Vallarta's Malecon in Jalisco, Mexico. You can spot some of the popular clubs like Punto V. Nowadays it is impossible to drive a car trough the Malecón, it was turned into a pedestrian walk since 2013.

  12. Nicholas Romanias

    Nicholas Romanias6 日 前

    If you had that pill this could’ve been 5 minutes long

  13. Random Task

    Random Task6 日 前

    I had an asshole deliberately shoulder bump me in New York so Jeremy has lived a sheltered life.

  14. Marc a

    Marc a6 日 前

    I def dont use 100% of my brain everyday lol. I'm lucky if it gets used at all.....

  15. ForeverFornever37

    ForeverFornever3711 日 前

    Who doesnt have cds I know I fucking do even if its one it still counts 😂

  16. simon larsen

    simon larsen11 日 前

    “Can you imagine limitless as a tv show”😂😂😂

  17. Navid aslami

    Navid aslami11 日 前

    This is a really good movie. And i will never watch your bullshit videoes again.

  18. Strong Fatman

    Strong Fatman6 日 前

    This is really good video. And i will never see your bullshit comment again.

  19. Razzle Dazzle

    Razzle Dazzle12 日 前

    Adderall is basically NZT.

  20. Nathan Grima

    Nathan Grima13 日 前

    Still one of my favourite movies besides it's shortcummings

  21. Non Active

    Non Active13 日 前

    Is this a different narrator?

  22. Timur Faiazov

    Timur Faiazov15 日 前

    What? You didn't make even one wrong thing with Limetless.. The only wrong thing here is this video, not even funny.

  23. Arpit Agrawal

    Arpit Agrawal16 日 前

    17 min or less...... LoL

  24. C Dread

    C Dread17 日 前

    I thought this movie sucked

  25. Grandma Great’s Christmas

    Grandma Great’s Christmas17 日 前

    Do you want to be president or brain dead? Why not both? 😂😂😂

  26. EricWilliam G

    EricWilliam G19 日 前

    On sin 89 I disagree on the concept of the knowledge dosnt equal ability, all really good combatant is simply is a person with the knowledge of his strength combined with the knowledge of where to place the strike or move. The physical aspect only relies on the amount of force he can generate which given the explanations in the movie he would be able to perform seeing as he can project the muscle memory required to fight simply by quantifying seen fights.

  27. daris johnson

    daris johnson20 日 前

    It's 2019 and i have a shit load of CDs! Fuck digital lol

  28. Steve

    Steve21 日 前

    And this episode of Cinema Sins is hilarious!!!!

  29. Steve

    Steve21 日 前

    Its really disappointing that the TV show seasons and contracts weren't planned. The first season was great, had Bradley Cooper in it, and has 21 episodes - Super unique these days

  30. Ryan The Blue Pony

    Ryan The Blue Pony21 日 前

    14:38 Liar Liar reference. Loved that movie.

  31. Bangaly

    Bangaly22 日 前

    That drug is basically adderall on like 100

  32. Booyabocka

    Booyabocka22 日 前

    Since when did a coked out Kermit start narrating these things?

  33. Tyler Price

    Tyler Price23 日 前

    Kudos for the Liar Liar quote

  34. Møtíf

    Møtíf24 日 前

    This movie was for people who think movies like Inception are too complex and think movies like Lucy, Now You See Me are smart.

  35. elephant march

    elephant march24 日 前

    "You wanna be President or Brain Dead". Boy did THAT not age well...

  36. avantay dupree

    avantay dupree21 日 前

    elephant march imagine thinking trump is a bad president

  37. Ahmed Agbabiaka

    Ahmed Agbabiaka25 日 前

    Abbie Cornish aka discount Nicole Kidman can get the business

  38. Jeffrey Dean

    Jeffrey Dean27 日 前

    ROFL you do know there WAS a limitless TV show right? That was a joke? You missed a sin. At the beginning he tells his ex brother in law that he hasn't "written one word" on his book. You don't get a book contract for a non existent book. You have to show a publisher at least SOME of the book before they give you a contract.

  39. Muzicsoulrhythm

    Muzicsoulrhythm28 日 前

    voice = seth rogans?

  40. Nakith N

    Nakith N28 日 前

    This film ain't good but it's definitely better than Lucy and also more entertaining

  41. Elizabeth Nixon

    Elizabeth Nixon28 日 前

    Ugh THANK YOU! I watched this movie with my ex and some friends and they didnt understand why I hated this movie so much. So fucking dumb. I was pretty much done somewhere between fucking the landlords wife and learning to play the piano in three days (I had the same "what the fuck" reaction to the yada-yada-ing through the connection between knowing how to do something physical and being able to do it without physically building the muscles required). It only got worse from there.

  42. Iafiv Iv

    Iafiv Iv28 日 前

    7:42 'why do we like this character?' maybe everyone is a selfish prick????judging by how much money the movie made compared to the budget about 5,5 times the budget maybe people are just jerks overall?

  43. Jab Lo Sounds

    Jab Lo Sounds29 日 前

    anybody notice his voice is super different? He sounds like a discount kermit the frog... What's up with that? Did you have a cold or something?

  44. Zach m

    Zach m29 日 前

    Vernon did admitt to using it

  45. B. Chandler

    B. Chandler29 日 前

    *_"The difference between poor white people and poor black people is that poor whites dont think it should be happening to them."_* - Dave Chappelle

  46. Pooja B

    Pooja Bヶ月 前

    There was a Limitless TV show

  47. JOHN

    JOHNヶ月 前

    Has his voice changed? Sounds alot more like kurmet the frog to me .

  48. Scott Smith

    Scott Smithヶ月 前

    Now we need a TV sins for Limitless, which is a surprisingly good watch.

  49. teudaan

    teudaanヶ月 前

    If you take adderall while studying medicine; after the night, you'd swear you'd taken this pill. Like , wtf its morning already and the test is in 15 minutes? I can still go for another 10 hours at least!

  50. Justin Chiao

    Justin Chiaoヶ月 前

    You didn't mention how Bradley Copper's mandarin is bullshit.

  51. 30fpsKiks

    30fpsKiksヶ月 前

    Is the movie like the backstory origin to senator morra in the tv show version?

  52. ArrowHead x

    ArrowHead xヶ月 前

    Its a brain steroid that make you dumber than you was before you took it once it wear off

  53. Grandma Great’s Christmas

    Grandma Great’s Christmasヶ月 前

    I would clean my place if I were on brain-steroids.

  54. R.I.P Layer

    R.I.P Layerヶ月 前

    i don't know why i started watching some guy bitching about my favorite movie

  55. John S

    John S28 日 前

    Except he's not bitching.

  56. William Walsh

    William Walshヶ月 前

    3:01 The best part of this film was the sex scene with this lovely Asian woman. Unfortunately it was basically a quick montage.

  57. Phazz

    Phazzヶ月 前

    Eh, I thought I'd give Cinemasins another shot after the slow degression into "everything's sexist", but it appears it hasn't really gotten its old charm back. I liked the movie, I know there's plenty of stuff wrong with it, but you can also basically feel the "this guy is portrayed as chauvinistic, so he's basically satan" in so many of the sins, that it sort of loses its charm. Just as an example the "mystery hotel room murder". It's not terribly hard to figure out that yes, he did kill her and then decided to wipe the room himself in order to make sure he's got no dirt on him and that his old gf he just got back together with doesn't find out anything. The sins were even really close together and yet it didn't seem to click. Also the hell was the math with the pills? Guesstimate 150, know he's taking one a day, then later two a day and that somehow gives him 6 weeks? More like roughly 4 months, if he starts taking double doses halfway through and hasn't gotten any new pills via stealing them from a list of addresses in a neat little notebook he has.

  58. G M

    G Mヶ月 前

    In the wolf of wall street, Jordan drives his car home and thinks he did not damage the car once. I like to think there is a cut of limitless where we see how badly he is misremembering this. It will look like the adventures of sir digby chicken caesar.

  59. Blue Pack

    Blue Packヶ月 前

    When we watch my movie we know everything wrong but do I care?

  60. Daniel Carrington

    Daniel Carringtonヶ月 前

    7:08 I thought the same thing...... In a movie that is about being as smart as u can be.,..... Why get a loan when u can have way more than that in a few days.... Let alone u should make more than $1200 in one day.... Take the $800 to blackjack and count ur ass off

  61. firew0rrior

    firew0rriorヶ月 前

    Yeah I thought this movie was a little... Meh

  62. Shadow__TTV

    Shadow__TTVヶ月 前

    Machine Gun Preacher was a good movie

  63. John S

    John S28 日 前

    It is. Same with 9th Company

  64. murat birol

    murat birolヶ月 前

    If he learned a programming language he would be a billionaire under a month. Being that smart and not seeing fastest way to make money is bullshit.