Everything Wrong With Limitless in 17 Minutes or Less

Limitless. It was a movie. Then it was a show. Basically a pill makes you Lucy, or some such. It's sinful as hell, even though it's not terrible and you probably forgot all about it.
Next week: A classic film people will hate us for sinning; a classic film no one will hate us for sinning.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. peter tuann

    peter tuann22 時間 前

    he fucked his landlord's new young hot Asian wife? not a good idea if he wants to stay there.

  2. katy k

    katy k日 前

    Wow kermit Congrats on the new job 💕. Love the content BTW

  3. Amanuel Mehari

    Amanuel Mehari2 日 前

    Anyone who can talk this long about this film to that level of detail close to what the makers of the film were thinking, must be paid by the same company or is the same person that made it.

  4. yuvin danuka

    yuvin danuka2 日 前

    Trust me You have no idea about this drug The drug effect is similar to a manic state.

  5. Simple Head

    Simple Head2 日 前


  6. Grenade Lovers

    Grenade Lovers3 日 前

    Why is it that in the TV show he needs the shot in order to use nzt but in the movie there's no such thing

  7. samthor

    samthor3 日 前

    Eddie is an idiot's idea of a smart guy, a loser's idea of a winner. a Beta's fantasy of being Alpha. become "smart", "successful", and land babes without putting in any of the actual work to learn, grow, and improve. PLUS a little action adventure on the side.... i'm sure this was a big hit with the dude bros.

  8. GamingDeadPool

    GamingDeadPool4 日 前

    this movie will make its own video about this video explaining why its wrong and how its actually a waste of time to watch

  9. Harish Mukkapati

    Harish Mukkapati4 日 前

    Do Parasite

  10. SayGoodBye_00 Ent

    SayGoodBye_00 Ent7 日 前

    JPgo sin for saying 17 minutes or less and then taking 19 minutes

  11. John S

    John S6 日 前

    Except it's sinned in 17 minutes or less.

  12. jfelton3583

    jfelton358311 日 前

    This movie wasn't bad. A few minor writing issues but it was a good movie. I thino a sequel introducing a new character would be dope. Like a black street level drug dealer who stumbles across it and stumbles into arms dealing for the U.S. or marketing selling drugs for some pharmaceutical company. Finds himself in backroom offices with rich high power money moguls and politicians. How you say? Maybe the drug bought back something he read by warren buffit or some other rich successful millionaire public figure that talked about surrounding yourself witj rich successful millionaires or mentors and you'll become one so maybe he gets a job at a high end exclusive country club and people are basically impressed with his knowledge due to active reading with drug and someone he meets brings him in on a project or something and the journey starts from there

  13. Kenneth lalanne

    Kenneth lalanne12 日 前

    Now they do have a tv show🤣🤣

  14. Irregardlessly Unthawed

    Irregardlessly Unthawed13 日 前

    “Ya, in your bra!” Jim Carrey cliche!

  15. QuantumS1ngularity

    QuantumS1ngularity13 日 前

    C'mooooon ... Unless the pill can give me the ability to control objects and matter with my mind or the ability to teleport i'd go for the exact same route - money and women. Only i'd aim much higher than $40mil. In 2011 you could've made $40mil easily even with bitcoins. There are lots of different way where you can make much much more money. With my new superpowers and superskills I'd probably go on a killing spree and blackmailing of top criminals and corrupted political figures. Something like Deadpool where they'd beg me to pay me so i leave them alive.

  16. metalchono

    metalchono13 日 前

    There were 2 "He did a Peter Pan right here" moments for the outtakes.

  17. Tyler Keim

    Tyler Keim14 日 前

    I'm making this comment before watching the video... I'm literally scared right now because I'm decently drunk and limitless is one of my favorite movies of all time... Wish me luck people!

  18. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse15 日 前

    Dude sounds like Kermit the frog

  19. Nabil

    Nabil16 日 前

    This movie made me feel like I was on NZT

  20. 1369Stiles

    1369Stiles16 日 前

    jesus fucking christ. you had to bring the 10 percent into this. why is it that people nowadays have a hard problem with this concept. its about "potential", not actual physical use. the proper analogy would be this........you buy a high end gaming computer and then only use it for web surfing. yes, you are physically using every single part of that computer; but, you are only using 10 percent of its actual potential. its not a hard concept to understand, yet you idiots cant seem to get it nonetheless.

  21. Møtíf

    Møtíf16 日 前

    This movie is for dumb people to think they’re watching something intelligent. Like Lucy.

  22. arielatom03

    arielatom0316 日 前

    These sins are bullshit. What happened cinemasins? You used to be cool.

  23. EnigmaT1m

    EnigmaT1m17 日 前

    Everything wrong with Limitless in 3 words or less: The entire premise. That said, I really enjoyed both the film and the TV series

  24. Riggs18792

    Riggs1879218 日 前

    I don't know what I'm talking about, but i have to say this. Drinking blood.. It must be pretty icky.

  25. ManOnTheMoon 69

    ManOnTheMoon 6918 日 前

    How did this movie get more then double the amount of sins as the last airbender. This dude is on drugs lol

  26. blue sky

    blue sky20 日 前

    nothing wrong in this movie you fucking asshole

  27. John S

    John S19 日 前

    Prove it.

  28. Tre Steiner

    Tre Steiner22 日 前

    watch the limitless on netflix its a hell of alot better

  29. Mark Montgomery

    Mark Montgomery23 日 前

    The movie did disappoint. Concept is great but everything else was poop

  30. JustinFaiLz

    JustinFaiLz24 日 前

    this movie is so bad and people think its woke as hell

  31. drew bigler

    drew bigler27 日 前

    He knew the pills were in the oven, because Vernon said "The boy's in the kitchen are calling it NZT."

  32. Jedaiah Zinzo

    Jedaiah Zinzo27 日 前

    this idiot thinks that if you go to someones house to shoot them that theres no chance theyll fucking run from you...sin

  33. mcflu

    mcflu28 日 前

    “Ha can you imagine a limitless tv show? As if....” plot twissttttttt!😌

  34. Vaneesa Dotson

    Vaneesa Dotson29 日 前


  35. Get outta here!

    Get outta here!29 日 前

    Lol you are a national treasure

  36. James Mulvey

    James Mulveyヶ月 前

    That wasnt an amoebic cell, it was a neuron

  37. Nobody Bolanos

    Nobody Bolanosヶ月 前

    Why is there not a limitless tv sins

  38. BeKay

    BeKayヶ月 前

    Your're on nzt and your're laughing?

  39. Nathan Currie

    Nathan Currieヶ月 前

    I liked this movie

  40. Dammn Deejay

    Dammn Deejayヶ月 前

    17:06 is easily the best part of the video Didn't even know Molly had a sister named Sandra LOL

  41. biologyprodigy

    biologyprodigyヶ月 前

    He also mispronounces familial adenomatous polyposis.

  42. Snarky Mark

    Snarky Markヶ月 前

    I loved this film. He starts out as a complete worthless prick. And, while on the drug, becomes a smarter, more cunning prick. It just goes to show that intellect alone doesn't determine integrity.

  43. Michal I

    Michal Iヶ月 前

    Spoiled kid who grows into a JPgor nagging about every subtle little thing just to prolong the video. King of fucking haters. Watching this everyday i would probably cut myself

  44. BestHotboi NA

    BestHotboi NAヶ月 前

    I thought Bradley was about that tall :/

  45. Andrew Reynold

    Andrew Reynoldヶ月 前

    Is this all you can go on about, pathetic crap this a great movie and it represents crystal meth and what meth does so what your going on about is pathetic and you should stop doing these movie reviews cause your really bad at it

  46. Sexy T-rex, Lord of endless memes

    Sexy T-rex, Lord of endless memesヶ月 前

    True. I guess its like meth and adderall in one pill. Interesting !

  47. Just a sec

    Just a secヶ月 前

    I stopped after the first minute. Forgot how great that film was. Gonna watch it for the 100th time..

  48. Eric Syntharen

    Eric Syntharenヶ月 前

    2:24 Discount Jim Carrey.

  49. Jonathan McGillivray

    Jonathan McGillivrayヶ月 前

    The guy who plays Vern (the ex brother-in-law) looks like a Tom Cruise/Jim Carrey hybrid 😂

  50. Fancypants15

    Fancypants15ヶ月 前

    I think cinemasins has strayed a little from their original point and just look for spots they can insert a joke. They sinned virgin because this is the best movie they made? What is that? Where are the real sins or errors in the movie not virgin makes bad movies hahaha.

  51. Dishonoredlover

    Dishonoredloverヶ月 前

    How bout the fact that the pill itself shouldve made him smart enough to be able to create more pills all on his own?

  52. scott campbell

    scott campbellヶ月 前

    Cinema sins be like "they used camera filters" 15 dings

  53. Aaron Bryant

    Aaron Bryantヶ月 前

    And didnt cure cancer. That is so right!

  54. Kerryn Samanovic

    Kerryn Samanovicヶ月 前

    This guy annoys me.

  55. Hey Edgar

    Hey Edgarヶ月 前

    Takes NZT* "Hey I have a brilliant idea, let's get a loan from a mobster"

  56. Rimuru Tempest

    Rimuru Tempestヶ月 前

    This movie was so forgettable I forgot this video even existed until now.

  57. Arne Roscam

    Arne Roscamヶ月 前

    Clean your room before you change the world, not the best use of his time but wouldn't call it a sin

  58. Pamela Haskell

    Pamela Haskellヶ月 前

    Boring is an understatement 😴 But started my hate of Bradley Cooper 🖕

  59. Dandaistan

    Dandaistanヶ月 前

    The drug is based on modafinil

  60. Zoe Nelson

    Zoe Nelsonヶ月 前

    Man I love this film.

  61. Serdar Joshua

    Serdar Joshuaヶ月 前

    the movie got worse and worse by minute

  62. Manifestus

    Manifestusヶ月 前

    Giving fifteen sins for one thing thirty sin for another is just LAZY AS FUCK, hence I have finally decided to give up watching this channel

  63. Olle

    Olleヶ月 前

    This movie is actually really good

  64. John S

    John Sヶ月 前

    Yet really sinful.