Let’s just be real for a second: You’re going to regret ordering the Sofritas over steak, you want a burrito- not a salad, and you’re gonna get guac no matter how much more they charge you for it. This is EVERY CHIPOTLE EVER.
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Ian Hecox // ianhecox
Olivia Sui // oliviasui
Shayne Topp // shaynetopp
Courtney Miller // co_mill
Damien Haas // damienhaas
Director: Ryan Todd
Writers: Ryan Finnerty & Monica Vasandani
Executive Producer: Ryan Todd
Production Manager: Margo McHugh
1st AD: Marcella Gersh
DP: Katie Eleneke
DP: Nick Giomuso
Cam Op: Brennan Iketani
1st AC: Jacqi Jones
DIT: Matt Duran
Art Director: Steven Cirocco
Set Decorator: Tayler Nicholson
Props/Stage Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Script Supervisor: Eddie Vigil V
Hair & Makeup Department Head: Rachel Jenkins
Wardrobe: Athena Lawton
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  1. Gingka Hagane

    Gingka Hagane分 前

    0:20 hold up one piece of steak

  2. Alex The gamer

    Alex The gamer29 分 前

    Damian: *doesnt know how to wrap a burritos* Me: *alway re-wrapping my burritos at 12* ;-;

  3. George Flores

    George Flores3 時間 前

    Honestly I didn't understand a single thing you said in Spanish I don't know if it's me or you

  4. Emi Shenaj FIRE Channle

    Emi Shenaj FIRE Channle5 時間 前

    "Nonono! Guaccamole is guaccamole! Im dead

  5. Alexander F.Hamilton

    Alexander F.Hamilton12 時間 前




    6:13 Shayne said taco bell instead of chipotle

  7. Jalen Webster

    Jalen Webster16 時間 前

    Yo I worked at chipolte and I related to everything

  8. Meme Lord

    Meme Lord日 前

    The burrito bit was so true the man making my burrito literally just rolled it like a cylinder

  9. TSE_AqualadxX _

    TSE_AqualadxX _日 前

    Every game night ever Every movie night ever Every restaurant ever Every photo ever Every girl ever Every boy ever Every employee ever Every step mother ever Every step father ever Every sibling ever Every phone ever Every step sister ever Every step brother ever Every movie ever Every school ever Every Santa ever Every king ever Every Queen ever Every streamer ever Every gamer ever

  10. Freddie Pickering

    Freddie Pickering日 前

    At 6:14 he said this is a taco Bell 🤣🤣

  11. Brendo4Life

    Brendo4Life日 前

    1:14 I didn't quite understand. Is she trying to be a hero with social justice?

  12. Kareem Abbas

    Kareem Abbas日 前

    I feel like they waste a lot of food

  13. Bong Yan CHEE

    Bong Yan CHEE日 前

    Worker: hi Me (a dumass): thank you

  14. Death Slayer - Brawl Stars

    Death Slayer - Brawl Stars日 前

    The blonde girl looks like Gwen from Into the Spiderverse

  15. Edward Amores

    Edward Amores日 前

    you sack a kikbeter

  16. abdulrahman khifo

    abdulrahman khifo日 前


  17. banana 101

    banana 101日 前

    Me an intellectual: Beans are beans!

  18. Toony Motions

    Toony Motions2 日 前


  19. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet2 日 前


  20. Crupplin

    Crupplin2 日 前


  21. Youtube_boy 23

    Youtube_boy 232 日 前

    Why did you waste all that food

  22. jerlynbergadonath

    jerlynbergadonath2 日 前

    7:46 where is the f______ watch

  23. Enzo Rivas

    Enzo Rivas2 日 前

    Shayne sounded Italian

  24. MixTape_Aiden

    MixTape_Aiden2 日 前


  25. Grace Whitene

    Grace Whitene3 日 前


  26. Prptheawesome

    Prptheawesome3 日 前

    I like how Shayne was speaking Spanish, but says I would like.

  27. a random guy on the internet

    a random guy on the internet3 日 前

    0:25 the netherlands in a nutshell

  28. Benjamin Kim

    Benjamin Kim3 日 前

    i'm 10 and know how to fold a borito.

  29. Bot Boy

    Bot Boy3 日 前

    Bruh guacamole is free we all know

  30. Ming Han Guan

    Ming Han Guan3 日 前

    6:10 ouna tortija

  31. Mitchell Rumfeldt

    Mitchell Rumfeldt4 日 前

    Look at Shane’s face from 1:54 to 2:25

  32. Sephiroth_xo Ali

    Sephiroth_xo Ali4 日 前

    The blonde hair guy is in the goldbergs

  33. Zoro

    Zoro4 日 前


  34. Logan Garner

    Logan Garner4 日 前

    3:01 worlds biggest burrito

  35. J_Bokki

    J_Bokki4 日 前

    Can you guys do every army navy (the restaraunt) ever

  36. dev 7925

    dev 79254 日 前

    I’ve been watching a lot of old smosh and I accidentally clicked on this video and I almost started crying after seeing what my childhood turned into since Anthony left and that company bought smosh even Ian looks sad also speaking of Ian he’s hardly in here and he started this channel.

  37. Stormy Kae

    Stormy Kae5 日 前

    My damn life working at chipotle

  38. Hatsuko Haia

    Hatsuko Haia5 日 前

    "uh, courtney, this is a taco bell."



    2:01 shaynes face tho 😂

  40. Owen n

    Owen n5 日 前

    people who ate chipotle today | V

  41. Rohan Vellanki

    Rohan Vellanki5 日 前


  42. poop pooper

    poop pooper6 日 前

    In the first one they didnt ask black or pinto

  43. Harry Vass

    Harry Vass6 日 前

    ,.x JMy

  44. AshesToDust

    AshesToDust7 日 前

    My boi Damien shined

  45. Eli the one wheeler Yt

    Eli the one wheeler Yt7 日 前

    Qua-so in point, they have had service.

  46. YouTube Boss

    YouTube Boss7 日 前

    Who else gets Colgate optic white ads for smosh

  47. Sophia Michalovits

    Sophia Michalovits8 日 前

    Shane: this is a Taco Bell Me: wait a minute...

  48. Michael Albuernr

    Michael Albuernr8 日 前

    Indentured servants don’t get paid

  49. Cool Gamer

    Cool Gamer8 日 前

    6:13 is no one going to talk about how he said it was a Taco Bell

  50. CmpAnimates

    CmpAnimates8 日 前

    Damian making the first burrito made me scream eternally

  51. Vega Yagami

    Vega Yagami8 日 前

    If you're trying to eat healthy, why are you at a Chipotle?

  52. ツUcanet

    ツUcanet9 日 前

    6:03 me and my sister

  53. RAINDR0P -1

    RAINDR0P -19 日 前


  54. Itzel Sanchez

    Itzel Sanchez9 日 前

    4:01 when your teacher looks at you discussing homework

  55. Itzel Sanchez

    Itzel Sanchez9 日 前


  56. Itzel Sanchez

    Itzel Sanchez9 日 前


  57. Vicki J

    Vicki J9 日 前


  58. Arianaxedits By Suzy

    Arianaxedits By Suzy10 日 前

    Yeah but guacamole is guacamole- Courtney Miller 2019

  59. RTS FireWolf

    RTS FireWolf10 日 前

    Puado ir el bano

  60. Phoenix_Soul Art

    Phoenix_Soul Art10 日 前

    I want chipotle now