1. Damien Haas

    Damien Haas27 日 前

    In a way, this let me live out my dream of eating a ghost.

  2. S J

    S J2 日 前


  3. Fire Tiger

    Fire Tiger7 日 前

    Damien Haas wats up boi

  4. George Day

    George Day10 日 前

    Okay Pac-Man.

  5. ABC123

    ABC12311 日 前


  6. Christopher Twomey

    Christopher Twomey13 日 前


  7. actualavocado

    actualavocado51 分 前

    garrett looks like the creepy thin guy from charlies angels

  8. Trent LaCompte

    Trent LaCompte時間 前

    Bad Food: I fear no man, but that thing, it scares me. SHAYNE

  9. coco noot

    coco noot4 時間 前

    10:00 - 10:05 ... I wish this look was more than just this look..

  10. Ivanna Moreno

    Ivanna Moreno10 時間 前

    Can we have shayne and courtney switch spots? I think that will be so funny and the best for shayne.

  11. Seah Dedric

    Seah Dedric12 時間 前

    Josh tasted everything and ignored it. Malic acid apparently isn't sour and Taste wierd and egg whites taste like water

  12. Flame Skull

    Flame Skull21 時間 前

    it seems like a regular burger don't eat the stick i always do that.

  13. bartpeetam

    bartpeetam日 前

    They should try Hákarl (fermented shark).

  14. ChatterBlocks

    ChatterBlocks日 前

    “It has ghost in the name” “your supposed to die” hahahaa

  15. Megan Lytle

    Megan Lytle日 前

    Damien is only my favorite person on smosh for “Any music ya wanna listen to P R I N C E S S D I A N A?” Edit: Also him screaming “MILK!” Is the best

  16. Nalayak Ojas

    Nalayak Ojas2 日 前

    Olivia is so angry !!!!!!!

  17. Demo Dex

    Demo Dex2 日 前

    suggestion would be, if they yeet it they still lose. That way you can have more than 1 loser eating the last thing

  18. marcoman 20000

    marcoman 200002 日 前

    is that my mythical friend josh

  19. Mellodee Klemmetsen

    Mellodee Klemmetsen2 日 前

    11:04 I don’t know why I found that so funny

  20. Kendall Walker

    Kendall Walker3 日 前

    I watched this while eating...😳

  21. Son of Jupiter 12

    Son of Jupiter 123 日 前

    "Don't! Trust! Garret!" And Garret is just schocked

  22. fnafgaming

    fnafgaming4 日 前

    Can i do eat it or yeet it because i can eat anything

  23. Celine Ho

    Celine Ho4 日 前

    more pls!!!! are there only 4 episodes :((

  24. Denise Michelle

    Denise Michelle5 日 前

    Lasercorn and Joven should be on the next one lol

  25. FS Bomber

    FS Bomber5 日 前

    Yeet is my favorite word

  26. Nathan-Ace Jimenez

    Nathan-Ace Jimenez5 日 前

    Get Shaun Evans on this show.

  27. SoftballLover

    SoftballLover5 日 前

    I thought Garrett was Gordon Ramsay

  28. Dan Jordan

    Dan Jordan5 日 前

    Please have the Smosh Games crew on together (+Shayne of course)

  29. Melindal Ly

    Melindal Ly5 日 前


  30. Aiman Uzair

    Aiman Uzair5 日 前


  31. East '

    East '6 日 前


  32. sf nolastname

    sf nolastname6 日 前

    Garrett reminds me of David tennant :0

  33. xzacter nahuliak

    xzacter nahuliak6 日 前


  34. Jackson Dilts

    Jackson Dilts7 日 前

    The chef guy wants clout

  35. real__ life__lag

    real__ life__lag7 日 前

    More mythical

  36. Brandon Magana

    Brandon Magana7 日 前

    6:14 when your mom gives the one dessert to your brother

  37. Luther Moore

    Luther Moore7 日 前

    I always knew Shayne was a superhuman.

  38. NRD Big

    NRD Big7 日 前

    Change the rules where if you yeet the dish you have to stay in but if you eat it your safe

  39. matherly007

    matherly0078 日 前

    Both times shanye has eaten something REAL bad but not felt it is when josh is there. (hot sauce episode from gmm)

  40. Daniel Bogue

    Daniel Bogue8 日 前

    Olivia should’ve gotten the Twinkie because she did the hot sauce Twinkie in a previous episode that’s just my opinion

  41. Albert Hawes

    Albert Hawes8 日 前

    Shayne looks a bit like Wesley from the princess bride Like if u agree 👍👍

  42. KK P

    KK P8 日 前

    Yall should put a laxative in the next big bit

  43. Cindy Rahn

    Cindy Rahn8 日 前

    Petition to have shayne as the host and Courtney in every episode



    Courtney was so horny for some reason

  45. Peach Trees

    Peach Trees8 日 前

    Josh is hot period

  46. _Cherry& ThePotatoes_

    _Cherry& ThePotatoes_8 日 前

    Olivia: I did SO much for you Shane: I did too (Boi she litterally ate GARLIC for you)

  47. Dark Arts Media

    Dark Arts Media7 日 前

    Watermelon Playz123 he ate the sour burger for her

  48. zombiekillr215

    zombiekillr2159 日 前

    Olivia is the bigger man

  49. Shelby Horne

    Shelby Horne9 日 前

    Damien: oh, I'm gonna die

  50. El Fin

    El Fin9 日 前

    “Can I try it?” “NO!”

  51. Emma K

    Emma K9 日 前

    I love Josh! He is the sweetest. And so smart!

  52. American BlackUp

    American BlackUp9 日 前

    I love this

  53. Ognen Majnov

    Ognen Majnov9 日 前


  54. Rips Rops

    Rips Rops9 日 前

    who else tought Josh bite the toothpick? :D

  55. annichouuw Sama

    annichouuw Sama9 日 前

    I wan’t a new episode where they try how far Shayne can go foodwise

  56. R Gazsy

    R Gazsy9 日 前

    2:37 Courmian!

  57. Maryama Farah

    Maryama Farah9 日 前

    "he calls me Sir in the kitchen, it's a privilege to serve him for a change" We always knew Josh Thanks for the confirmation

  58. Ruckhus Studios

    Ruckhus Studios10 日 前

    This is beyond science.

  59. Ariana Jarrells

    Ariana Jarrells10 日 前

    Rhett and Link need to be on this game lol

  60. Talia Anderson

    Talia Anderson10 日 前

    shane with the burger in this episode is like the egg whites cereal in the other one

  61. Eden Gaming

    Eden Gaming10 日 前

    Shane’s face when Olivia pressed the bell at 10:23

  62. Snav Omni Savage

    Snav Omni Savage10 日 前

    They should host this game at a maternity ward, "KEEP IT OR YEET IT"

  63. VintageSnyder

    VintageSnyder10 日 前

    I had no clue Mari Atomic is a wrestling fan

  64. James Paschak

    James Paschak10 日 前

    Can we have a taco with prunes in it?

  65. TinySneakyBagel

    TinySneakyBagel10 日 前

    0:25 Olivia questioning all her life decisions

  66. Fulano de Tal

    Fulano de Tal10 日 前

    Where's #5?