Does Planet 9 Exist?

A planet has been predicted to orbit the sun with a period of 10,000 years, a mass 5x that of Earth on a highly elliptical and inclined orbit. What evidence supports the existence of such a strange object at the edge of our solar system?
Huge thanks to:
Prof. Konstantin Batygin, Caltech
Prof. David Jewitt, UCLA
I had heard about Planet 9 for a long time but I wondered what sort of evidence could support the bold claim: a planet at the very limits of our ability to detect one, so far out that its period is over 60 times that of Neptune. The planet 9 hypothesis helps explain clustering of orbits of distant Kuiper belt objects. It also explains how some of these objects have highly inclined orbits - up to 90 degrees relative to the plane of the solar system. Some are orbiting in reverse. Plus their orbits are removed from the orbit of Neptune, the logical option for a body that could have ejected them out so far. The fact that the perihelion is so far out suggests another source of gravity was essential for their peculiar orbits.
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    David Bowie it is.

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    1:10 looks like the scientist got hit by solar flares

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    Once we confirm planet 9 we're gonna suspect planet 10 the next week after

  5. T Brown

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    These guys are just telling stories. Space is fake. We would not have atmosphere pressure without a container. The air we breathe would escape into the ever expanding vacuum. Wake up people it's all just sci-fi. Nobody is going out into space. Any Christians on here, need to turn away from these lies and read their Bible's.

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    Pink circle on Uranus ? Somebody's been bleaching

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    What happened to my Veritasium subscription????!!!! I click on this vid, and it's not there.

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    The Egyptians, the Mayans, the Aztecs and no big telescopes, at the end... amazing results.

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    1:49 Hehehe... Ehehaha... Discovered Uranus....

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  12. Gustavo XD

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    You mean planet 10.

  13. BenjamUniverse

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    They got rid of Pluto just so they wouldnt be proven wrong when they claimed people were crazy for believing in Nibiru aka Planet X.

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    why does he have no forehead it unsettles me wtf

  16. Azam Shamil

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    I think planet9 or planetx is nothing but a Blackhole lurking ouside the oort cloud. Bad idea.

  17. Justicar333

    Justicar3332 日 前

    Yep, it's called Pluto. Now planet 10 we are still looking for, but the math looks promising.

  18. Chewy V

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    You would think that using a computer model of orbiting planets with planet pushing all the other planets to the opposite side of its orbit would give them a clue of where it could be orbiting ... I mean you have a computer model showing you exactly what you can expect ...

  19. Mr. Bhatti Official

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    Does a trebuchet can through an object fast enough to escape earth?🤨🤨🧐 If yes how big it would be???🤯🤯🤯 I wants to know it very badly 😏

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    7:23 "The pink circle is Uranus" Haha Noice toit.. I will see myself out...

  21. Matthew Payne

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    two additional dwarf planets orbit past past Pluto. One is bigger then Pluto. So if Pluto becomes a planet again. we will be looking for planet 11.

  22. Titan Methane Moon

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    You earthlings are so cute. Us space bodies know planet 9 is there

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    15:15 I vote David Bowie for the planet 9's name

  24. Akhanyatin Aten

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    interesting, none of them mentioned primordial black holes. there was a recent influx of articles in my feed that postulated that planet 9 could maybe be a PBH

  25. grendol

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    1:Mercury 2:Venus 3:Earth 4:Mars 5:Jupiter 6:Saturn 7:Uranus 8:Neptune 9:Pluto I get it, I am in the old school camp regarding Pluto being called a planet. What you are looking for is what I called Planet X (X=10) back in the ‘80’s.

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    Like for David Bowie

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    Another damn fine video

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    Didn't know it was Bill Nighy who found the kuiper belt

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    I would only be sad that David Bowie wasn’t around to appreciate having a whole planet named after him. I mean that’s next level stardom...

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    I'm here right after I heard that planet 9 is actually an ancient black hole 😟😟😟

  33. Bettiluck

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    @Minotaur Its Basically a black hole with the size of a water melonen and a mass about 4-5 times of the earth

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    Sayeedy's Asylum nigga explain

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    Fantastic planets and where to find them

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    Don't look in all the places where you won't find it. I hope that helps.

  38. BenBRockN

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    What if the entire gravity of all objects in our solar system is being affected by Planet 9 kinda like the intermediate moment of inertia video. The solar system is moving forward in space on its greatest moment of inertia, and Planet 9 sometimes flips the orbits of Kuiper belt objects.

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    Can we please make Pluto planet again

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    planet 9 will be considered a rogue exoplanet by scientists

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    Derek asking all kinds of great questions . . .

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    time . 11:11 . this seems related to the linked discussion about flipping spinning bodies .

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    i'm down with calling planet 9 "bowie"

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    If IT does exist, the people will call it: Planet 9

  49. Planet 9

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  50. Alice Eliot

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    Yes, it's called "Pluto".

  51. Daniel Wisehart

    Daniel Wisehart5 日 前

    Did you see the article MIT Technology Review did on Planet 9? There are some astronomers who suggest it might be a miniature black hole:

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    I just love how that blushing like an anime girl. 😍

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    Just zoom out google earth and get the picture of the planet... duh!

  54. Peter Mozuraitis

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    Not to diminish Constantine’s work and enthusiasm but I feel like he embodies one of the most powerful human impulses; to seek out and explore the horizon, to discover the next chaotic unknown. Whether it be a prehuman hominid ape or a 21st century physicist he has that instinct to find the next untouched shore. Whether or not there is a ninth Planet, regardless of if he finds it I’m glad there’s people like him always searching

  55. Bill Rich

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    There is a wrong way to orbit...?

  56. deathchilde

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    "Who found the kuiper belt?" 'i found the kuiper belt' "Whhhaaaatt!? Sucks to be you. Others get to name their discoveries like a floating rock. You found a whole bunch of them and it's named after a dead guy" Some guy could just randomly predicts a 2nd belt and then get it named after him before ever being found. *Note: works better if your name is respected in the particular field*

  57. SuicideBunny6

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    *Sometime in the future* "So what are the planets of the solar system called?" Well, there's Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and David Bowie

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    0:57 That's a mix of Steve from smash mouth and Elon Musk

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    Your wide angle lens is giving me a headache.

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    so every 10,000 yrs human race is wiped out and restarted? by Ninethians?...last great flood was around 10 thou years are we due to see this Planet 9 soon? fks youtube has just created more questions than answers!

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    "That's a great question "

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