Disney's Feast - Special Look

Disney's Feast premieres in front of Big Hero 6 in 3D on November 7.
“Feast,” a new short from first-time director Patrick Osborne (head of animation, “Paperman”) and Walt Disney
Animation Studios, is the story of one man’s love life as seen through the eyes of his best friend and dog, Winston, and revealed bite by bite through the meals they share. The short opens on Nov. 7, 2014, in front of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Big Hero 6.” For more information:
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  1. Obi Wan

    Obi Wan4 ヶ月 前

    this kind of animation style will be used in marvel 's What if

  2. MiniMedley

    MiniMedley6 ヶ月 前

    Guys this the cut-off version

  3. Fif Gallag

    Fif Gallag9 ヶ月 前

    **sigh** it's been nearly five years i still think the damkeeper should have won, but... hell, i'll admit it, this is really good

  4. sarah Alvarado

    sarah Alvarado9 ヶ月 前

    This short always makes me hungry.

  5. Tee Black

    Tee Black年 前

    That HUNGRY dog is cute

  6. Mr Claw Machine - Roblox

    Mr Claw Machine - Roblox年 前

    Same dog breed, same love of eating..... was my dog filmed animated???

  7. Brie Summers

    Brie Summers年 前

    He's a hungry boy, like me! 😃 🍽🍕🍞🥪🌮🥧🧀🥖🍝🥗🍦🍹🍉🍍🍇

  8. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith年 前

    That dog was eating so god damn much and doesn’t even get sick what the hell

  9. origamicrow

    origamicrow年 前


  10. DatRabbitisHere

    DatRabbitisHere2 年 前

    why is this getting weird ass hate

  11. big boi thicc

    big boi thicc2 年 前


  12. Michael Yoo

    Michael Yoo2 年 前

    what type of dog is in this video?

  13. deez nuts Avenue

    deez nuts Avenue年 前

    Michael Yoo boston terrier

  14. Blue2005!

    Blue2005!2 年 前

    o.m.g that is so cute😇

  15. Ana Ramirez

    Ana Ramirez3 年 前

    i think this dog is a Bostonterrier

  16. 알로항

    알로항3 年 前

    puppy so cute

  17. StardustLive5

    StardustLive53 年 前

    oh man, that was so cute

  18. Poke Gigan

    Poke Gigan3 年 前

    This animation made me laugh but torwards the end I started to cry and hold in my tears

  19. sophia yoon

    sophia yoon3 年 前

    The Guy looks like Markiplier! Anyone else agree?? XD

  20. Krusty Kraken

    Krusty Kraken4 年 前

    Maybe some people prefer this over what I think is superior, but I find it more appealing when the lighting does not wash out a color, but instead increases the saturation. Also, I don't think humans really understand shadow very well, and it should be simplified, although I'm not sure how.

  21. aaliyah page

    aaliyah page4 年 前

    @Krusty Kraken o

  22. Krusty Kraken

    Krusty Kraken4 年 前

    @Lila Paige Because I don't have a perfect model of shadow either, but I can tell that it feels off.

  23. aaliyah page

    aaliyah page4 年 前

    why do you say humans like you're not lmao

  24. Team Jones

    Team Jones4 年 前

    this dog is cute :-)

  25. Darien Gumm

    Darien Gumm4 年 前

    this looks like my dog when he was a puppy!

  26. hurgmendertheoriginal

    hurgmendertheoriginal4 年 前

    This is so cute

  27. jesus christ on a motorbike

    jesus christ on a motorbike4 年 前

    Aw so cute ;)

  28. T Allen

    T Allen4 年 前

    This is so cute!😍 and I never got to see the movie!😭

  29. DeTecTiveK- Gaming

    DeTecTiveK- Gaming4 年 前

    The pup looks like my dog and it's a Boston terrier

  30. im idosmothies

    im idosmothies4 年 前

    seen the full virsion

  31. Name not found

    Name not found4 年 前


  32. ItzJudahAF

    ItzJudahAF4 年 前


  33. Gardiken

    Gardiken4 年 前

    The thumbnail made me think it was Iggy, from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, getting offered some Gum by Avdol, also from Jojo.

  34. Katiria Gonzalez

    Katiria Gonzalez4 年 前

    it's doge playing grow and raise an epic doge!

  35. Katiria Gonzalez

    Katiria Gonzalez4 年 前

    see it

  36. Katiria Gonzalez

    Katiria Gonzalez4 年 前

    I have a video

  37. inceptional

    inceptional4 年 前

    Really like the way this is done visually, where it's all rendered in full 3D (or so it seems) but still looks like a traditional hand-drawn animation. I much prefer this kind of approach (and the similar style seen in Paperman too) to the more cg rendered look that most modern animated movies go for. The technique is still not quite perfect here, because it still has a bit of a "computery" look to it, but it's almost there. I'm hoping we start to see a lot more movies use this 3D-2D technique in the future.

  38. Abe Sorilla

    Abe Sorilla4 年 前

    happy new year everybody!! 😀😀😀😀

  39. Unorganized Squiggles

    Unorganized Squiggles4 年 前

    Does anyone know the dog's name? 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  40. adam chavez

    adam chavez4 年 前

    this one made me sad

  41. T Allen

    T Allen4 年 前

    Why ppl keep saying it's sad like WHY

  42. Martusgaming

    Martusgaming4 年 前

    The dog lived. Did i spoil?

  43. Skye 12

    Skye 124 年 前

    it cute😍😍😍😍😍

  44. Purple Guy

    Purple Guy4 年 前

    WALT DISNEY IS 666 ......A113 ......SATANISM

  45. Fridgemasters

    Fridgemasters4 年 前

    The shading and color remind me of the Wind Waker.

  46. Darkclaw Draws

    Darkclaw Draws4 年 前

    Well, at least it looks better that Rattatoui

  47. Darkclaw Draws

    Darkclaw Draws4 年 前

    Cuter too

  48. T Allen

    T Allen4 年 前

    Yeah true

  49. AgDrake0

    AgDrake04 年 前


  50. FoxMom EvaBraun420

    FoxMom EvaBraun4204 年 前

    *_seems better than the frozen movies_*

  51. Planet Oasis

    Planet Oasis4 年 前

    Oh good, it's just a short...I watch every Disney movie comes out but I'm sure I wouldn't want to pay 12 bucks to go see a dog eat for 1h and 30mins.

  52. Esora

    Esora3 年 前

    I would too

  53. T Allen

    T Allen4 年 前

    I would 😛

  54. Kenzaroo

    Kenzaroo4 年 前


  55. T Allen

    T Allen4 年 前

    Why!?!its cute!😕

  56. Dacry

    Dacry4 年 前

    Abandoned by Disney

  57. Stephanie Nirello

    Stephanie Nirello4 年 前



    HELLO GOLFY4 年 前

    Love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please expand these characters.

  59. Rachel Miller

    Rachel Miller4 年 前

    aww puppy!

  60. MatiasDarRobles

    MatiasDarRobles4 年 前

    RIP dog... that's not the way to feed a dog xD.. this is so american xD the diabetic country

  61. lolguitar

    lolguitar4 年 前

    omfg I swear this film is so sweet I love it!!!!

  62. Larkspurr

    Larkspurr4 年 前

    Anyone else see the animation like The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker for Wii U? Like it totally looks alike!

  63. hassmann2000

    hassmann20004 年 前


  64. Chapniak

    Chapniak4 年 前

    i love this short, but they need to make a movie out of this!!!

  65. Ruby Cherry

    Ruby Cherry4 年 前


  66. Oslin Torres

    Oslin Torres4 年 前

  67. superbuffguy100

    superbuffguy1004 年 前

    French Bulldog? Maybe a mix with something?

  68. Laurah Baptiste

    Laurah Baptiste4 年 前

    +Kendall Weller yes, thank you

  69. Kendall Weller

    Kendall Weller4 年 前

    @superbuffguy100 It's a boston terrier.

  70. GabrielleVictoriaW.

    GabrielleVictoriaW.4 年 前

    @superbuffguy100 Actually, I was thinking boxer

  71. MrSpecter91

    MrSpecter914 年 前

    Iggy? Is that you...?

  72. Ana Barrientos

    Ana Barrientos4 年 前

    Xeyioppasdfghkkl X con Ghhkgfjkhkkcz jggfsgpufzvllkc nvfugkhgggjbyhmkjkkmm. Mmmmmgffffgfffgrhruyj realizar jhgxvcknf

  73. happy kids channel

    happy kids channel4 年 前

    Cute video

  74. Isabel Acuña

    Isabel Acuña4 年 前

  75. testpoi poute

    testpoi poute4 年 前

    I dont get it...wut

  76. InfectedContent

    InfectedContent4 年 前

    how is that dog not morbidly obese? eating pizza, nachos, fries..

  77. Joseph Falcon

    Joseph Falcon4 年 前

    I saw this and I loved it

  78. Ice Bear

    Ice Bear4 年 前

    Awesome short

  79. Rodimus Rider

    Rodimus Rider4 年 前

    Cute but giving a dog that much junk food is not a good idea

  80. Madelyne Ray

    Madelyne Ray4 年 前

    Yay!! Boston Terrier!!

  81. Donnovin Frausto

    Donnovin Frausto4 年 前

    cute DOg !.

  82. klystron2010

    klystron20104 年 前

    Plot twist: The dog is actually the feast.

  83. cheeto addict

    cheeto addict2 年 前

    STOOOP 😂

  84. luke morrison

    luke morrison4 年 前

    @Lila Paige trust me i don't fell offended by the things people like you have to say. It doesn't even matter. Lol. It's funny when you say that you don't want offend anyone and yet you still insult them. How does that make you different from other. So immature!

  85. aaliyah page

    aaliyah page4 年 前

    +luke morrison You sound re... nevermind. I wouldn't want to offend everyone. But you get the idea.

  86. Sumiaty Sirait

    Sumiaty Sirait4 年 前


  87. luke morrison

    luke morrison4 年 前

    @CJ Wiley give her all the love she desreve.

  88. itsThatTime

    itsThatTime4 年 前

    You know what I think? The dog's going to die of food poisoning.

  89. T Allen

    T Allen4 年 前

    Shut up

  90. ikdekker

    ikdekker4 年 前

    rip off

  91. iiraq iraq

    iiraq iraq4 年 前


  92. iiraq iraq

    iiraq iraq4 年 前

    I'm so happy to have to v hi v com. Costs

  93. Courtney Aguilar

    Courtney Aguilar4 年 前

    The 🐶 looks soon cute!!!😄😃😁😄😀😊☺

  94. lame awesome person

    lame awesome person4 年 前

    @Courtney Aguilar *snorts* soon

  95. Courtney Aguilar

    Courtney Aguilar4 年 前

    So cute

  96. João Bosco Mariano mendonca

    João Bosco Mariano mendonca4 年 前

    Bom de+...

  97. Austin Stein

    Austin Stein4 年 前

    Pls don't sue me just like those old.movies

  98. Austin Stein

    Austin Stein4 年 前

    Disney kind as been going a little... downhill the old movies are epic but the New ones ehhhhhhhh

  99. معاذ الجابري

    معاذ الجابري4 年 前

  100. SHIT

    SHIT4 年 前

    Dogs can die from eating that kind of food :3

  101. Isabel Seisa

    Isabel Seisa4 年 前

    Ese perro si come mucha comida :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-) :-):-):-):-)