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  1. Jessica Lynn

    Jessica Lynn9 時間 前

    Lashay is so fake. She was smiling the whole time, loving the attention. She didn’t get treatment because she wants to be a sPecIAL snowflake who throws up all the time. She is making herself sick and probably actually has an ED. Otherwise why wouldn’t she take the chance to get better? Such an attention seeker.

  2. Anggi Pratama

    Anggi Pratama2 日 前

    Season 2 please!

  3. Irving BN

    Irving BN2 日 前

    Hello! Anybody knows how to participe? I have a rare case in my family. I write from Ecuador. Sorry for my english

  4. Leah Henny

    Leah Henny3 日 前

    Angel your dad is a goddamn asshole! Holy F your dad is so selfish and he literally YELLS at you like you chose this. “You don’t know how frustrating this is!” My jaw F-ing dropped. You are so strong for dealing with this illness and for dealing with your father, he is exceptionally T O X I C

  5. Gina Jade

    Gina Jade4 日 前

    Angel (first ep), I'm sorry your dad is a complete c**t! To be so arrogant about grandchildren and to ask the question "Do you know how frustrating this is for us?!" Are you kidding?! Shows no empathy or consideration in the circumstances. I kept hoping her Mum would step in and say something but it seems to me shes given up due to the backlash and abuse she probably receives from such a repulsive husband. I can only hope Angel and her family have found some happiness and some type of closer. If I had grandchildren, I'd make sure to keep distance from such negativity.

  6. AvgJane19

    AvgJane195 日 前

    One word, especially for the woman for the first episode: A D O P T I O N

  7. skarlita19

    skarlita195 日 前

    I am amazed on how negligent, careless, inhumane is USA medicine... 9 years and not finding the diagnose? Crazy !!! Cuba, Mexico and lots of "third" world countries healthcare is FREE... and in USA is unaffordable... so sad for americans and people that live here... like me hehe... that is why We do medical tourism to Mexico... and healthcare there is SO GOOD, doctors really, truly care about their patients and look for answers. I even have their cell phones to tell them any medical doubt... is a HUGE difference.

  8. Joel Grey

    Joel Grey6 日 前

    It is amazing what can be accomplished if people around the world could unite! The girl that was treated in Italy, and the family that found hope for a family in Denmark were uplifting. There is hope for earthlings to survive if we can just get past the hate.

  9. Free Spirit With Nature

    Free Spirit With Nature7 日 前

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  10. Su Su

    Su Su9 日 前

    Lashay may have leptospirosis

  11. Su Su

    Su Su10 日 前

    Sadie There is a neurologist pediatric neurologist that these kinds of seizures can be stopped sometimes with b6 try your B vitamins biotin B7 b1 B3 definitely is essential and totally harmless. neurologist that was speaking in autism one conference it was a male black neurologist said child was supposed to get the same operation as Sadie but believe it or not she simply had a vitamin deficiency of the b vitamins

  12. Tomas Kuli

    Tomas Kuli12 日 前

    I subscribe to the NYT because I loved the science and medical articles and read them all the time until they limited free articles. . How did I missed her column. I used to watch the show Medical Mysteries show and could guess 80 percent them.

  13. Betsy Kesteloot

    Betsy Kesteloot12 日 前

    Hi I'm Betsy Kesteloot. My daughter and I need help get a right diagnosis. At the age 16 and being 17 I was diagnosis with lupus. Now I'm 46 yrs. old l got mg disease, and I just got diagnosis with hyperparathyroidism. Blood test is all over the place. My daughter name is Chyenne Kesteloot she going through a lot. With my daughter Dr.'s here in Las Cruces, NM don't want to do test. Dr.'s here think it just mental health. Please we need help. My special left town Friday. My daughter does better the meds. that they give her. Please help us. My poor daughter was born with I'll paterns. My daughter is 23 yrs. old now. She started getting I'll in 2015.

  14. Akanksha Upadhyay Mishra Yaari

    Akanksha Upadhyay Mishra Yaari13 日 前

    Loved it.....Dr.Lysa is such an inspiration......

  15. Awesome Keys

    Awesome Keys13 日 前

    the first story at the end is so annoying that even people online has called several times it is CPT2, how can no doctor in the entire America has no diagnosis for her? And it has to led the Italy doctors to do their job? feels like a fake story....poor girl has to suffer 10 years while she can simply manage her diet and control the pain.

  16. Alexander Wolf

    Alexander Wolf14 日 前

    The first episode is riveting, but I can’t believe how terrible angel’s parents are with their attitudes towards her. She is such a trooper with incredible strength to go about her day to day, especially considering how unhelpful and rude her parents are about her search for answers. Insufferable indeed!

  17. minimal miss

    minimal miss14 日 前

    It really highlight the importance of getting universal healthcare coverage in America. The episodes that I have seen, its sad how the families have to go into debt.

  18. pleiades

    pleiades15 日 前

    Food is thy medicine.

  19. MrPathorock

    MrPathorock17 日 前

    Too dramatic.

  20. Pamela Bartock

    Pamela Bartock17 日 前

    This series inspired me to write my MCAT, what got me was knowing Dr. Sander's lost her mother, and that moment when she realized that she could do better, no words because I lost my mother to cancer and have always felt that way. I did nursing school because I never believed I could be doctor until I finally reached the pinnacle of my career as a nurse and realized I want to do more to help ease other people's pain in this world. Dr. Sander's you are truly inspiring, to say the least!

  21. Hooveswrinkles Fivelittletwinkles

    Hooveswrinkles Fivelittletwinkles17 日 前

    Well how do you get on the show?

  22. Stephen Ray

    Stephen Ray20 日 前

    Saw the first episode, it's pretty good. Seems only 7 episodes up for now. I wish they'd say how many episodes it's supposed to be and how often is out.

  23. Tomas Kuli

    Tomas Kuli12 日 前

    It's Netflix. You can binge them all.

  24. Deo volente

    Deo volente20 日 前

    Dr. Sanders is transforming the way we approach medical diagnosis. The use of social media to solve difficult cases and help so many people is nothing short of revolutionary. She was thinking way outside the box. This awesome Netflix series highlights her genius!

  25. Niecy Love

    Niecy Love21 日 前

    Just started this show I'm loving this show

  26. Chocolatepizza

    Chocolatepizza21 日 前

    Wth is wrong with the father of the girl of episode 1? My goodness, such an ass!

  27. BillieRibot

    BillieRibot22 日 前

    Been watching this show... Ep 02... OMG Could not stop crying like a mad woman. That child is soooo amazing. Hope you are doing good brave Sadie! Blessings to the family from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  28. amy shackleton

    amy shackleton22 日 前

    Absolutely amazing series. I am looking forward to watching more

  29. Maria Isabel Astorga Caro

    Maria Isabel Astorga Caro22 日 前

    T1,Episodio 5... Quedé con una gran sensación de estar frente a un caso del "síndrome de munchausen por poder"... Aunque en realidad creo que madre he hija lo padecen🤔. Por otra parte me encantó la serie!

  30. mpjbattye

    mpjbattye23 日 前

    why is there only 7 episodes? more please!

  31. Salvatore Escoti

    Salvatore Escoti23 日 前

    In Italy noone has to pay for Hospitalisation. Like the UK, Italy has a National Health service that is fully paid by Taxes! The italian Constitution demands an equal and free Healthcare for all its residents! Even tourists dont pay for >Hospital care. Nevertheless, when you visit your Family doctors or you have a bloodwork made outside of the hospital you have to pay for this. Not everything is for free Italy. And of course there are private doctors and practitioner which you have to pay completely out of your pocket.

  32. Joel Grey

    Joel Grey6 日 前

    Much better than America. If you don't have healthcare and your child gets injured - sew it up with a needle and thread from the sewing box.

  33. Salvatore Escoti

    Salvatore Escoti15 日 前

    @Chris Paul are there any states that provide an universal healthcare system for its residents. Does a state have the right to implement its own, distinct healthcare system?

  34. Chris Paul

    Chris Paul15 日 前

    Much better than America. Here we have "networks". For most, you don't get to choose which network you're in because your employer picks your insurance carrier for you. (You can then choose which plan - high deductible or low deductible) If you accidentally get a test done outside of the network, then you pull full cost. We're hoping that we can eliminate networks and just have one universal network covered by one universal insurance carrier. Then anyone can choose any doctor they'd like - actually freedom of choice.

  35. Rytis Gervickas

    Rytis Gervickas24 日 前

    Fuck american health care system,if you are seriously ill and not a millionaire you are basically screwed. The fact that USA dosent have a universal health care system is a disgrace!

  36. Omar Elizalde

    Omar Elizalde24 日 前

    The father in the first episode is an asshole. He's more worried about having grandchildren than his own daughter pain and health. Makes me mad.

  37. Saskia00142

    Saskia001427 日 前

    @Free Spirit With Nature sending you love!

  38. Free Spirit With Nature

    Free Spirit With Nature7 日 前

    Saskia00142 I hear you , unfortunately I had an incredibly close relationship with my children. Your right , certainly our problems our our own , however children hear @ see things sometimes were not even aware of ,until they choose to communicate,or act it out . I feel for these people, both sides. Every situation is so unique. 🙏. When I tried , not to share , ones wants and needs were completely different than the others . Communication is definitely key, and when I chose not to share , it really upset them,at the time unfortunately,they were hearing other things that weren’t real , so yes it’s a responsibility we all must take seriously,as a parent,and to see that what one child responds to ,isn’t necessarily ,what the other wants or needs . It was hard to watch for me . Life is hard sometimes, but I keep seeing that glass half full. He definitely shouldn’t have reacted that way . I’m not trying to justify that, that was tough to watch. I wish every child ,could truly know ,their parents problems are not theirs. However if you need to talk ,we’re here for them . Not everyone I know would agree with me , but I see how children internalize pain.

  39. Saskia00142

    Saskia001428 日 前

    @Free Spirit With Nature still, watch or read Shefali Tsabary... it may be understandable, but still not right. I am a mother of four and I try very hard not to put things on my children that are actually my problems. Going to your parents for support and having them put their own worries on you on top of your own burden, is not right, however understandable. As a parent, we have the duty to express our worries about our children to other people than our children. You feel lost as a child if you confide in your parents and look for support and all they basically tell you is they are suffering because of you. You dont want your parents to suffer so you feel twice as bad. A good parent tries not to let that suffering be shown. ❤🙏

  40. Free Spirit With Nature

    Free Spirit With Nature8 日 前

    When it’s your child,it’s a whole different ballgame. He’s expressing years @ years of complete and utter pain , possibly coming close to believing it’s his last time,they’ll see her ,omg , imagining the horror, of her possible death , blaming himself , struggling to pay bills , to feeling so incredibly helpless. He doesn’t mean too . They say we take our anger out on those we love the most. I thought this at first too , until I stopped and realized that I too am sick ,@ how badly its affected my own grown children. So I think it’s super easy to judge , but to come so close to losing your child, huge bills , losing marriage,home , it’s to much , as everyone goes through those financial struggles,but the debts , and she’s trying to become a nurse , men @ his age were never taught to communicate,let alone,be understanding. It’s a desperation,no one else can understand,unless you come close to bargaining with God’ To no avail. I say we forgive , he’s blamed himself as a possible carrier for yrs . Extremely difficult to even try to understand his pain . We must always have eyes that see the best, a mind that forgets-the worst , a heart that forgives, @ a soul that never loses faith. I never imagined that my children carried burdens like they do . My husband left me , I lost everything, and I had no one other than my children,and I had just had my twins die , my 31 yr old brother die in my arms of bone cancer, my dad was murdered , and my papa signed a DNR ,he thought was paddles , @ so I had to watch him starve to death ,because he had a mild stroke and understood everything,he would eat for me , but because of a piece of paper,omg ,we must all learn to choose our battles wisely. God Bless Everyone Suffering , it’s only God’s job to judge , not ours . So try to forgive, this pain has destroyed him too . He knows nothing else about how to deal with this horrendous experience. God Help Us All To Find forgiveness and compassion.

  41. Emma Knightley

    Emma Knightley24 日 前

    Here's my problem with it: as the Massachusetts Fellow and others diagnosed Angel right directly, she needn't have travelled to Italy at all, I'm pretty sure they could have tested her for CPT II in Nevada, or California. Cheaper than a trip to Italy I think, but I guess Netflix (aka I) paid fot the trip... Anyways, it was needlessly dragged out.

  42. AvgJane19

    AvgJane195 日 前

    Paying for a trip to Italy < more US hospital bills

  43. Tomas Kuli

    Tomas Kuli12 日 前

    She's had this for 9 years. Why would she trust them now. Only now they started figuring it out? Remember, those weren't her actual doctors. Some of them were even lay people

  44. George Maldonado

    George Maldonado25 日 前

    Wow. America we need to get our health system up to date. The world is leaving us behind.

  45. Will Jacobs

    Will Jacobs25 日 前

    Shameless reality TV garbage puffed up with the NY Times name. All but insults the doctors in the cities the patients are from and calls them incompetent. Kids on message boards knew what was wrong with the patients in minutes, you're telling me trained doctors in a big city wouldn't know? LOL. Anyone with a brain would be able to suss out that the patients are pretending not to know what their problem is to appear on the show. You would think the average person interested in a show like this would be intelligent enough to ask questions about the show's premise, but here we are... If you're a fan of America's Got Talent, the Walking Dead and other lowbrow shows, this might be for you, but I'm gonna pass. This is one of the worst shows I've ever seen. Take away the NY Times name and the show would be an utter joke.

  46. Tomas Kuli

    Tomas Kuli12 日 前

    Did you watch it? Nope. So shutup already. Watch it, then critique. A wall of text over a show you never watched. I think all the doctors would have to be in on the scam, don't you think? Because, of course, they are going to consult with them as well right on camera. Who'd risk their medical license? Didn't think of that, did you? Because you. never. watched. the show. (I notice you're up on all lowbrow shows.) Everyone's a critic - even dumbasses.

  47. goodbye facial-hair

    goodbye facial-hair25 日 前

    Anyone with mysterious symptoms and can't be diagnosed by Doctors. You must reach out to a Tech company based in London called Black Swan. Tell them your symptoms and they will analyse blogs and posts on the internet to find other people discussing similar symptoms. They will then shortlist conditions that you have never been tested for previously. You'll then be able to be diagnosed and get the right medication and hopefully recover. Doctors will soon be obsolete. Tech companies are the future.

  48. Joe Bloggs

    Joe Bloggs25 日 前

    That moment when Americans discover that most of the rest of the developed countries have public sector healthcare, and there is no out-of-pocket expense for most illnesses

  49. Tomas Kuli

    Tomas Kuli12 日 前

    Yes and idiots were convinced it's socialism.

  50. Pre destinated

    Pre destinated26 日 前

    Americans need to rethink their health care system. Greets from Germany

  51. Tumxlr Coffeee

    Tumxlr Coffeee5 日 前

    Um wow im american and i agree with you Idk why they have bad healthcare I aviod the topics soo o

  52. Ignazio Affanni

    Ignazio Affanni12 日 前

    And from Italy.

  53. Ipso Facto

    Ipso Facto23 日 前

    Perhaps we need to re-evaluate our perceptions toward illnesses and aging. Perhaps if we had a higher regard for the principle of humanitarianism within, at the very least, our own country then we could aim for a utilitarian view on healthcare that wont be so polarized.

  54. Rosie Barajas

    Rosie Barajas26 日 前

    In the field of Sonography and this is right up my alley. Humanity, problem solving and medicine coming together making amazing things happen!

  55. Emma Lia

    Emma Lia26 日 前

    Angels dad is a piece of shit. If you watch the first episode he makes it all about him. If it’s hereditary she wont have kids for their well being. But hes mad because he doesnt get grand children? You are such a scum

  56. sio eati

    sio eati26 日 前

    Is there anyone who find the mother of matt horrible and childish? When he needs her she vanish but when she heard there is a camera she acted like she cared and shove just next to him just like that? Couldn't handle her son and being so ignorant and causing him more stress I think she was the reason for his stress 100% If he don't see her he will be fine Since his ma is allways trying to tip top gis tongue on what to say or what NOT to do Shitty mom of the year honestly

  57. pom fur

    pom fur26 日 前

    Best Diagnosis: Vape Chef

  58. Andy Franklin

    Andy Franklin26 日 前

    Funny how you pick these people for their "rare diseases" but somehow every single one of them is either in an interracial marriage or has a child who is in one or is a lesbian. Seems like they have some sort of agenda...

  59. Blue kid

    Blue kid26 日 前

    The first girl is epileptic

  60. Summer Quinn

    Summer Quinn26 日 前

    Lisa you are a gladiator! I love your show! Love your perseverance to search for the root cause wherever that may lead. It is sheer joy to see these individuals finally find the answers they need, I’m either crying or smiling with them through their journey. Well done!! 👏👏

  61. Kim Chaffee Photos

    Kim Chaffee Photos27 日 前

    Has Angel Parker seen a neurologist? I was thinking maybe she has myoclonic dystonia or another form of dystonia. The treatment can be Botox injections, deep brain stimulation or medical marijuana. It can be in inherited disease.

  62. Arthur B. Jammin’

    Arthur B. Jammin’27 日 前

    Leshay’s Mother is a mysterious illness.

  63. Kiara Tallent

    Kiara Tallent5 日 前

    Munchhausen by Proxy** Syndrome

  64. Kiara Tallent

    Kiara Tallent5 日 前

    @Emelia Medina That mom made my skin CRAWL! The entire episode was so frustrating and unsettling.

  65. Kiara Tallent

    Kiara Tallent5 日 前

    @Omar Aviles Look up Munchhausen Syndrome..

  66. Omar Aviles

    Omar Aviles12 日 前

    Lashay was the one deciding not to take the treatment though

  67. Emelia Medina

    Emelia Medina18 日 前

    What the hell was wrong with that mother?

  68. Right the Wrong

    Right the Wrong27 日 前

    Yes!!! Absolutely.. SEASON 2!! We want more...!

  69. Right the Wrong

    Right the Wrong27 日 前

    I really am grateful for a show like this..! It helps SO many people.The empowered Woman that was thoughful enough and had foresight to do this is genius! This is a better way to move information and seek help rather than facebook and Instagram. So, bravo to you!! Oh, Captain! My Captain... Sidenote: The show with the young man whom had heart issues (heart stopping). I was so worried about him... Still am. However.... However...! I thought he was so callus when he was speaking to his Mother.. Kid, I don't care if your Mother has issues. I'd have issues as well, if I had a sickly Son, whom could die at any moment. I am a Mother and I worry about my 19 year old Son. Even when I know he's safe. You could've been a little less self-important and allowed your Mom to be apart of helping you. Who knows... By doing so, you could've saved "two" people. Yes, people aren't perfect.. Neither are Parents. But, just the same as you reaching out, thinking you still deserve a chance at something different.. Something new and better... I'm sure your Mother deserves the same. Another thing you should think about young man... Is. Here you are on a superbly nationally televised show. Where "caring" people from all walks of life are taking time out of there busy days or "issues", as you bluntly said it to your Mother. To basically help you live... Respect that! I do pray your afforded another chance at making the right decision when dealing with others, whom are also dealing with The Human Condition. And that's my two cents... Love to all of you! Chris

  70. Yoncé

    Yoncé27 日 前

    The father in the first episode is insufferable.

  71. Annette Nahulak

    Annette Nahulak6 日 前

    Yoncé -right?!?!-the dad was too full of himself to empathize with his daughter-all he cared about his own selfish desires to have grandchildren--give it a break Pops!

  72. Ipso Facto

    Ipso Facto23 日 前

    I have a very rare genetic ilness. 40 years ago the medical institution couldn't addrees it: The gov didnt consider it a threat to the population. After years that changed. Now I'm in "text books". I have been in her shoes. I had an experimental craniotomy. 31 years later, I'm still here. However, as a wiser person now I can empathize for the father: He certainly has his character flaws and prejudices. But, I noticed tension between he and his wife. He resents the fact that she won't acknowledge the genetic inheritance and also blames her for it. But, what mother want's to be responsible for their child's possible demise. He also feels cheated, he wants granchildren. He want's his family back. No one plans for this. It's difficult to be the family in town, county, possibly state with the illness thats unknown. It's not normal and our country places an extremely high value on normalcy. And, we fear the unknown the most. Her father is mortified. The mother at core is torn apart. I feel for these people. I've been here. I'm still here. Our society has not equipped us with the tools to deal with this trauma. Don't blame him. There's another side to this as well. She is now a key player in supporting the fundamental building blocks of medical science. It is nothing less than bittersweet but priceless.

  73. missanna208802

    missanna20880223 日 前

    Oh my god, right? I can't believe how well-adjusted she is having a dad like that. And the mormon girl's mom made me think of Munchausen by-proxy. There is some serious issue there, and I hope that kid gets out from under her mom's control before it kills her. It is totally fine and normal for a mother to want to know exactly what meds her kid is on and to make suggestions, but the consensus from all the docs is that the port is really really dangerous and the suggested therapy is extremely conservative (like physical therapy), and it is not normal for a 17 year old who is taking the meds to not know what they are. I wish the new york doc would say, "Can I make an appointment for you?" In cases like that because there is this whole compliance thing that goes on there that pushes several psychological buttons that will make a person more likely to get the treatment. i also think the lady with paralysis on one side...i think it is something like tourettes. If you watch the faces she makes (with the good half) and the fact that she can lift both eyebrows and even pull in both corners of the mouth when half her face is supposed to be paralyzed, her eyes blink together..compare that to someone who has half-paralyis from bell's palsy or a stroke and it is very, very, very different. There is quite a charmer on youtube with bell's palsy showing this and he has the most wonderful attitude about it. He's just amazing..anyway, he shows the progression of his facial paralysis to and from paralyzed. I don't know why we don't get to see the fmri of people like this. FMRI's would be soo interesting to see in a lot of these cases.

  74. Lotus Flower Bomb

    Lotus Flower Bomb25 日 前

    He drove me nuts but I'm hoping it was just out of concern for his daughter.

  75. pearl white

    pearl white27 日 前

    Thank you netflix!

  76. iraqidolphin1

    iraqidolphin127 日 前

    1 in 6 people have a rare disease and 80% of them are due to a genetic cause. Whole genome sequencing is coming down in price and can make a difference in getting a diagnosis.

  77. Evergreen Van Buren

    Evergreen Van Buren28 日 前

    Just watched the first episode and the patient's father is very triggering.

  78. Right the Wrong

    Right the Wrong9 日 前

    @Emily Washington ... Lol... You know the saying... "It takes all kinds to make this world go around."

  79. Emily Washington

    Emily Washington9 日 前

    Right the Wrong lol what?

  80. Right the Wrong

    Right the Wrong27 日 前

    Yeah... But the world has potatoes and then it had potato's.. We all need to be here to make up this beautiful world we call earth.

  81. Tyler

    Tyler28 日 前


  82. jerramy

    jerramy28 日 前

    Great series! Truly unique approach to diagnosis thinking outside the box. One thing I noticed again and again with these unfortunate people suffering for years going from doctor to doctor and hospital to hospital trying to alleviate their suffering is that they spent huge amounts of money and ended up hopelessly in debt. I firmly believe that doctors and hospitals provide a service just like anyone else, and that is to give a diagnosis and treatment. If they can't even give a diagnosis, and the patient leaves in the same condition they came, where is the service? Why must they be charged so much to be told they cannot be treated because of medical ignorance/incompetence or whatever reason? Something just does not ring fair about that to me.

  83. Ms. Sturry

    Ms. Sturry28 日 前

    So, where does one go to post our symptoms? I think doctors can't find out the real diagnosis so they label it autoimmune... since 1999. I was told I had an autoimmune disease that is causing my body to reject my eyes. It's called uveitis...but there isn't a cure? What ever this really is, I feel like it is causing problems thru out my body. Also, because of all he meds hey hit me with in the beginning, I feel it caused my heart problems, heart attacks (3). Weight gain, leg and hip problems.

  84. Fox in the Snow

    Fox in the Snow26 日 前

    uveitis is a symptom of many different disorders including many different autoimmune disorders and genetic disorders like Marfan syndrome. Google cause of uveitis and read about all the disorders that come up and see if any match your symptoms then find a doctor that diagnoses the disorders the ones that seem most likely to be what you have.

  85. Ms. Sturry

    Ms. Sturry28 日 前

    I truly need help

  86. Sophie R.

    Sophie R.28 日 前

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  87. sharon maupin

    sharon maupin28 日 前

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  88. can can

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