Dave Chappelle's Son Meets Kevin Hart | Netflix Is A Joke

Dave Chappelle took his son backstage to meet Kevin Hart and Kevin gave them a gift for whenever Dave is upset.
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  1. Mithilesh S

    Mithilesh S3 時間 前

    There is a reason Kevin Hart called Dave the greatest comedian of all time.

  2. 2007zodiac

    2007zodiac5 時間 前

    The Kevin-Harte show is SHIT!!!!!!

  3. Jonathan Goncalves

    Jonathan Goncalves13 時間 前

    i love how he gives kevin props while he’s still alive. two goats 🐐

  4. D543_42

    D543_4214 時間 前


  5. J

    J16 時間 前


  6. Nipsey2020 Nip

    Nipsey2020 Nip16 時間 前


  7. maaz 69

    maaz 6917 時間 前

    "if you're daddy ever get you mad, put that on" ☠️☠️ Kevin cold for that one 😂😂

  8. Nicholas Jurado

    Nicholas Jurado20 時間 前

    I lost it at “I was furious” 😭😂😂😂

  9. David Hoyles

    David Hoyles日 前

    this is fkn GOLD!!! 👌🏼 dave n kev need to do a tour together where they just get on stage and talk shit to each other 😜😂

  10. Max Ellis

    Max Ellis日 前

    I'm watching this after I just watched the JRE clip with Kevin Hart talking to Joe about how Dave is the GOAT. It's so funny to see how everyone always thinks the other person is better.

  11. The Professor

    The Professor日 前

    Legend ❤️❤️❤️😂😂

  12. Gina Jones

    Gina Jones日 前

    Sounds like me and my man. "No you shut tf up" 😂😂😂

  13. Paul Evans

    Paul Evans日 前

    Never knew who this guy was until the media was telling everyone how bad he was. I'm so glad they didn't like him.

  14. Jon Jon

    Jon Jon日 前

    Sorry, what did he say at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="47">0:47</a> pls? Really can't make it out...

  15. Jon Jon

    Jon Jon15 時間 前

    Suavecita thx!

  16. Suavecita

    Suavecita15 時間 前

    I was furious

  17. Akshay Yelmelwar

    Akshay Yelmelwar日 前

    "Oh, that was some cold shit"

  18. Zohar Uzuki

    Zohar Uzuki日 前

    Oh the most overrated comedian of all time how about that

  19. the Oubouchou's

    the Oubouchou's日 前

    David is the GOAT.

  20. Kode 11

    Kode 11日 前

    Go listen to Kevin hart talk about Dave

  21. logan nichols

    logan nichols日 前

    There are two types of wealth. Money and notoriety. With money you can buy stuff. With notoriety people will probably just give you stuff. Chappelle had notoriety, but due to his humility would never use it.

  22. Herman Forex

    Herman Forex日 前

    I love him and Kevins relationship these two guys do nothing but speak highly of each other every chance they get

  23. KingSalomon _

    KingSalomon _日 前

    The beginning of this joke reminds me of an Eddy Murphie joke

  24. surething42

    surething42日 前

    I was having a shitty Monday... watch Dave Chappelle tell jokes... it’s a new day

  25. Mariusz Chwałek

    Mariusz Chwałek日 前

    Check what Kevin Hart said about Dave Chappelle in J.Rogan podcast

  26. Roger Roberts jr.

    Roger Roberts jr.日 前

    This was really a good act .I love it .haha I like all the comedy you bring out legendary !!!!

  27. Mmanuel Yeboah

    Mmanuel Yeboah2 日 前

    I was giggling the whole time til I heard the jzay and Beyoncé shout the fuck up part That last line has me scream laughing 😂

  28. Eccentric Lullaby

    Eccentric Lullaby2 日 前

    Hilarious! 😂😂😂

  29. Eccentric Lullaby

    Eccentric Lullaby2 日 前

    Hilarious 😂😂😂

  30. oaa2288

    oaa22882 日 前

    This story is very interesting once you put it in the larger context of Dave being the guy who CHOSE to walk away from Hart levels of fame. He could have had this, but backed away from the machine. But at the same time Hart respects Dave because he is outside the system and free. Two points in life, two celebrities and two choices. Deep shit

  31. Brandon Hyson

    Brandon Hyson2 日 前

    Greatest comedian that ever lived

  32. Malicious Conduct

    Malicious Conduct2 日 前

    I would definitely be willing to pay more for a Chappelle show than one of Hart's.

  33. James Edward

    James Edward2 日 前

    Let’s all be real Dave is going down as the GOAT of comedy. The one comedian to truly do it his way.

  34. Emma Hill

    Emma Hill2 日 前

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  35. David John

    David John2 日 前

    Imagine sitting next to Dave chapel at a Kevin heart special 😶

  36. Jones 8

    Jones 82 日 前

    Lol he is too funny!!!

  37. Francis Song

    Francis Song2 日 前

    A true expert at his craft

  38. Bobby Omega DaRealKingPen

    Bobby Omega DaRealKingPen2 日 前

    Try it 🤷🏾‍♂ share.cshcrates.co/BobbyOdafukngenius

  39. Green Mango

    Green Mango2 日 前

    Dave is a legend end doesnt sel out fore money. That why he is nmr 1 Kevin’s is anoying to be honest.

  40. Jaden B

    Jaden B2 日 前

    Couldn’t stop rapping All Me once he started😂😂🔥

  41. Rob Hinyngr

    Rob Hinyngr2 日 前

    He says this about Kevin but listen to Kevin on Joe Rogans podcast. He calls him the goat

  42. conservativehawk

    conservativehawk2 日 前

    I love this man so much! He's the GOAT! I am sure Kevin Hart appreciated the shoutout from the best!

  43. Nolan Nalon

    Nolan Nalon2 日 前

    I like both of them. But Dave is a legend.

  44. Swexit? Yes please!

    Swexit? Yes please!2 日 前

    One from the goat league Mr Dave Chappelle💪

  45. mournivalof4

    mournivalof43 日 前

    Wu Tang !

  46. C Bart23

    C Bart233 日 前

    Dave is a living legend.

  47. Space Monkey

    Space Monkey3 日 前

    It's so damn funny because Keven looks up to Dave

  48. Charles Sykes

    Charles Sykes3 日 前

    Jay-z: 1 billion dollars Beyonce: 400 million dollars Jay-z > Beyonce

  49. Chris Ness

    Chris Ness3 日 前

    funniest man on the planet

  50. Marcio Filho

    Marcio Filho3 日 前

    Já vi esse vídeo umas 4x e ainda segue sendo engraçado pra caralho!! Hahahahahahaa Chapelle é de fato um dos maiores comediantes da história!

  51. Thomas Beers

    Thomas Beers3 日 前

    You have to pay to save videos? To watch with no wifi? Yeah fuck you youtube. Ypu conseritive piece of shit. Im done with youtube. Fuck this hell hole of fake people.

  52. E. Elle

    E. Elle3 日 前

    It’s not ...........never mind.

  53. EricksEnd63

    EricksEnd633 日 前

    I feel like that's a different Chappelle man real talk...

  54. Ikram Hussain

    Ikram Hussain3 日 前

    “No...YOU shut the fuck up” 😂

  55. Francis Banda

    Francis Banda3 日 前

    Beyoncé money- No you shut the fuck up..

  56. Artem Onias

    Artem Onias3 日 前

    Would love to see Kevin Hart's reaction to this

  57. Quinton Mccoy

    Quinton Mccoy3 日 前

    "Quiet please money at best" lmao

  58. James Tipton

    James Tipton3 日 前

    Greatest comedian of all time. Hands down. Better than Pryor, Carlin, Murphy, all those dudes.

  59. brabak 68

    brabak 683 日 前

    da fukn GOAT.

  60. esteban moreno

    esteban moreno3 日 前

    there is one white dude in the front row who just doesnt know whats going on lol he doesnt even laughs he justs stares lmao

  61. Tim D Nchantr

    Tim D Nchantr3 日 前

    "They were all pushing past me, nobody recognized me, I was like 'this show sucks!" XD

  62. # Edumalafaia

    # Edumalafaia16 時間 前

    Even I, a regular brazilian guy, recognize this legend.

  63. gphillimo

    gphillimo3 日 前

    Dave could've gotten those tickets for free

  64. xnny -

    xnny -4 日 前

    u know dave is funny when he can emulate someone elses joke and make it better

  65. Lev P

    Lev P4 日 前

    I got “quiet please money” at best...😂😅

  66. APeZ_CBo 85

    APeZ_CBo 854 日 前

    I was furious...🤣🤣🤣😂

  67. Datman

    Datman4 日 前

    Damn that *hard r* in the subtitles 😂

  68. shizukagozen777

    shizukagozen7774 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="264">4:24</a> I cried, OMG :'D

  69. theburners32141

    theburners321414 日 前

    Na Dave, Hart is cool but you are the GOAT my man. Living legend.

  70. Jason Gooden

    Jason Gooden4 日 前

    always funny, always Chappelle.

  71. Liam

    Liam4 日 前

    Beyonce got "No... YOU STFU" 😂😂😂

  72. east side

    east side4 日 前

    Hey Chappelle I wonder if you Kevin Hart Beyonce all your lizard friends I was just wondering when you guys are in the Lake of Fire begging for Jesus Christ my Lord to give you a drop of water on your lizard tongues I only wish there was a TV in heaven to where we can watch all you lizards begging for a drop of water LOL LOL LOL that's the true comedy

  73. john dough

    john dough日 前

    east side ....... what the F...???

  74. zzz zzz

    zzz zzz4 日 前

    I dont know who this guy is bit its not dave chappelle dosnt look the same hes voice is difrent fuck..isnt even funnny this is not him 100%

  75. Vans 1990

    Vans 19904 日 前

    Best comic in the business. 🙌

  76. Andre Cooper

    Andre Cooper4 日 前

    Stop the rioting, Do a peaceful armed protest! Trust me, if you really want to burn a city down then wait for (1 ) legally armed minority with an open carry permit be killed. Stop being scared.

  77. Danny Sage

    Danny Sage4 日 前

    Hey, guys. Just don’t forget Dave chapels stoke jokes from Owen Benjamin

  78. EdBoy

    EdBoy4 日 前

    Them closed captions tho

  79. Timothy Cormier

    Timothy Cormier4 日 前

    Pfstt.... if Dave got. Quite down please money,at best. Fuck, that means I got “Yes dear” money, if I’m lucky 😁😁

  80. Louise Scott

    Louise Scott4 日 前

    shorturl.ca/lovesex62hnympho එය කර ඇත ගෙන ඉතා අනපේක්ෂිත

  81. Hollywood FLOSS1

    Hollywood FLOSS14 日 前

    Lmaoooo goat comedian

  82. yahia_90

    yahia_904 日 前

    I think the untold that dave find Kevin overrated

  83. WPO Wolfpack International

    WPO Wolfpack International4 日 前


  84. Cryptonian

    Cryptonian4 日 前

    Dave is a god amongst mortals