Craftsman 19-Piece 3/8" Universal Socket Set on Motorz

Chris Duke from Motorz TV demonstrates the Craftsman 19-Piece 3/8" Universal Socket Set


  1. Francis Robson

    Francis Robsonヶ月 前

    *These work kind of like a pipe wrench but you don't have to adjust it like a pipe wrench where it is fairly automatic andఠఠ>**れ ** adjustment in that when you move the handle it tightens kind of like a strap wrench but much stronger and more powerful. This is not to be a replacement for socket wrenches or other wrenches that are made for a particular operation. These are for the different and weird things that are almost impossible to get off any other way. It's sort of like, anything that you would need pliers or maybe a pipe wrench for this might work for. It's sort of the extra tool that isn't used that often but you are sure glad you have when you need it. There are three different sizes so you can work just about anything you need to. I find the small one useful for under sinks doing Plumbing Etc*

  2. OOO

    OOO8 ヶ月 前

    Chinese junk.

  3. Billy Fogle

    Billy Fogle3 年 前

    The problem I found with this set is there is no 12 MM socket a 11 or 13 do not work for this size , You can get a 12 MM in quarter inch drive 1/2 inch drive deep well and wrenches but not 3/8 shallow drive , Can someone please explain this reasoning ????

  4. Chase Lesser

    Chase Lesser6 年 前

    @peanut, Yeah the ratchet was so heavy it almost ripped my hands off. Im just messing with you. I actually bought this for inverted Torx, and it does work great, I also use it (once) in low profile areas, My engine bay is VERY tight, I had like an 1in 1/2 . clearance. Ratchet+socket= 1in 1/4. Its sort of a specialty tool, you rarely need it, but when you do, you use it with a grin on your face.