Cozz | Cozz & Effect TRAILER

The debut project from Dreamville artist Cozz.
Cozz & Effect Available on iTunes 10/3 and in stores 10/27.
Visit for more information.


  1. MGang TV

    MGang TV年 前

    Fun fact for you people Pac-Man had it all figured out eat, avoid suckers and move on to the next level lol

  2. Daniel Frazier

    Daniel Frazier5 年 前

    This man is crazy bro!!!! i fucks with him heavy!!!!


    JUSTIN XX5 年 前

    one of tha best mixtapes of 2014....Dreamville making big moves

  4. Piccolo

    Piccolo5 年 前

    its a shame this dude doesnt get alot of attention out there. he's dope !

  5. sham2mar

    sham2mar5 年 前

    Album was dope but felt incomplete I don't know.

  6. Erick Contreras

    Erick Contreras5 年 前

    Same :/

  7. Levi Vonk

    Levi Vonk5 年 前

    Does anyone know the name of the song in this video?

  8. Levi Vonk

    Levi Vonk5 年 前

    Thanks dude.

  9. sham2mar

    sham2mar5 年 前

    Knock Tha Hustle

  10. TheLettermanJacket

    TheLettermanJacket5 年 前

    Yo J Cole/Dreamville fans, I'm also an artist out of Fayetteville, NC, but the reason Cole isn't looking there is because everyone does trap. If you wanna add a new artist to your tunes, just lend me your ears for a song or two. Peace!

  11. Trueethyself

    Trueethyself5 年 前

    Wow beautiful

  12. Dub Snac

    Dub Snac5 年 前

    Can someone please make a torrent of this project and put it on piratebay so I can hear it first than buy it

  13. Miguel Alonso

    Miguel Alonso5 年 前

    If you are a J.Cole fan you would know that he dislikes wack ass rappers like Migos, who btw he dissed at the end of "Bitchez ft Omen & Bas", now with this being said, I personally dont think J.Cole wouldnt sign someone who is wack and also from what I've heard Cozz is a lyricist, as Cole is, so we know all where Cozz is going... To the toop!!! Lol Dreamville season has started!!!!!!

  14. Black Excellence Productions

    Black Excellence Productions5 年 前

    He's cheesy as fuck. How many rappers have already made videos with dice games and forties perpetrating that street shit? I feel like he's gonna get dropped. He's playing the same position thats already played out

  15. Tramell Sunderland

    Tramell Sunderland4 年 前

    Dude its showing what he is coming from and it basically shows what the album would be about!

  16. Talen Ted

    Talen Ted5 年 前

    i think hes just showing that hes real...this is life on the block when nobody wanna hire you, when niggas is sellin drugs t get by etc..he just paintin the picture


    AWOL4LIFE5 年 前

    lookin forward to it hella dope

  18. Cam 816

    Cam 8165 年 前

    We'll see

  19. Jeremy Diesel

    Jeremy Diesel5 年 前

    Cozz N Effect !!!!!!! Nigga

  20. Bryant721

    Bryant7215 年 前

    I TRUST the Dreamville stamp, BUT I don't know if I'm ready to drop money on the homie Cozz just yet. Last Winter was easily one of the top albums this year, but I'm still not 100% convinced with Cozz.

  21. Anthony F.

    Anthony F.5 年 前

    Hell yea. Sick

  22. Bryant721

    Bryant7215 年 前

    Yup! LOVE it. Cozz is the truth. Can't believe I doubted the kid.

  23. Anthony F.

    Anthony F.5 年 前

    You heard Cozz & Effect yet bro?

  24. Justin Dixon

    Justin Dixon5 年 前

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

  25. Black Excellence Productions

    Black Excellence Productions5 年 前

    Last Winter was fucking amazing. The production was flawless and Bas really stepped up to the plate

  26. Erik E

    Erik E5 年 前


  27. philip1229

    philip12295 年 前


  28. ArmyGuns89

    ArmyGuns895 年 前

    Hell yeah! Can't wait.

  29. AEOM18

    AEOM185 年 前

    My nigga got talent, remember him performing at D&AD in LA back in July. Real Westcoast artist.

  30. Godwin Affa

    Godwin Affa5 年 前

    Shit I've been waiting on him to drop the mixtape, so I'm just happy its finally being released this Friday

  31. Jaen

    Jaen5 年 前

    Hell yeahh!!!

  32. dj0987100

    dj09871005 年 前